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Monday, September 5, 2011

California Voter Insanity

Long term malaise is in place in California and according to this Bloomberg article, we will not see any headway in employment until the last half of the decade!  Women hit hardest seems to be the theme.  Yet these same women vote democrat and they love Obama!  These facts seem to be unshakable in our once Golden State.  HERE is the underlying 38 page study in the Bloomberg article where the deductions are contained and it isn't hard to understand.

How is it the voters don't make any changes here?  The State is bankrupt and many local jurisdictions are too.  We seem to be rearranging the proverbial deck chairs on the Titanic. The California Budget Project website is chock full of analysis on the California budget and a host of other issues. Read them and weep Californians. The CPB is a self described non-partisan group with the best intentions to help the lower and middle class in the economy.  The following is their self description.

Core Principles
Four core principles guide the work of the CBP:

Independence: The CBP provides fact-based, nonpartisan analyses of state fiscal and tax policies and their implications for all Californians, especially low- and middle-income residents.

Fairness and Equity: The CBP’s work is grounded in the fundamental belief that government should work to improve the lives of the people it serves. The CBP maintains a deep commitment to ensuring that public policies and programs respond effectively to the needs and interests of lower-income individuals, families, and communities throughout California.

Integrity: The CBP conducts its work with the highest level of intellectual honesty, accuracy, and objectivity in order to effectively inform state fiscal, tax, and other public policies.

Empowerment: The CBP provides accessible, usable, and timely information on state fiscal, tax, and related public policies in order to expand civic engagement in policy debates.

I place this in the story to head off the lefts inevitable claim the group is biased.  But I am sure they will do it anyway. But I digress.  California is in the middle of a train wreck created and maintained by the democrat hegemony of the last 50 years.  The democrats have held the legislature the whole time except for 1995.  I have worked a lot of volunteer hours over the last twenty five years to at least help maintain Republicans in our legislative districts of Nevada County.  We have had very good representatives, and still today we are represented by good, common sense people at most levels of government.  Nevada City though has been a lost cause for conservatives for at least 40 years. 

The budget of our state is a mess.  Yet the politicians in the playground under the Capitol dome (except the republicans of course) pass more and more job killing legislation on an almost daily basis.  Surprising (not!), the last time things were this bad in California regarding jobs and the low number of employed was, GASP!, 1976!  Just who was the Governor then?  Oh, that's right, the same one we have now.  The democrats have been immensely stupid twice!  California is their victim.  Jobs are moving out, over-regulation is stifling new business from even considering starting and the Bay Bridge is over 4 billion dollars (with steel from China!)!  We are in deep trouble but it is from a self inflicted wound and the wound is infected and we are near death, economically speaking.

The takers have gained the asylum and the makers are fleeing.  You can't even park on the highway to go down and enjoy the Yuba River.  We have enough money to tow people's cars yet none from an obscure stretch of the county but none for job creation or regulation review and removal.  The voters on the left may have the votes (yes they do) to maintain their power here but soon the only people they will be regulating are the tow truck drivers on highway 49.  All the makers will be outta here.

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