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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japanese Heros at Fukushima

There are an estimated 50 to 180 Japanese nuclear workers who have refused to evacuate because they want to stay and bring the plants under control.  HERE is the story. These brave souls deserve our praise and prayers.  What would it be like if heroic folks like these men did not place their very lives on the line? 
Please, everyone, pray for them and their safety and success.

My recollection is there were men who died doing the same work when Chernobyl blew up.  I am never surprised but surely very grateful that GOD put these kinds of people on the planet.


  1. Very brave indeed.

    Sadly, it probably would not have been necessary if Obama had demonstrated "executive" leadership.

    He and his team should have immediately taken massive preparations to assist Japan (effectively the World)in the early stages.

    Instead he took a passive role...which allowed him time to post his bracket picks for March Madness...and to play golf....all while millions of Japanese are suffering.

    --John Galt

  2. Actually I don't pin this on Obama. I do pin the lack of timely response on him for Libya, Iran and even Egypt. The Japanese are a closed society except for their consumer goods exports. They are a proud people and in this case it is not a good thing. The tragedy of the quake and Tsunami are hard to predict.

  3. To be clear, it's not the accident I pin on Obama, but the lack of leadership and anticipation.

    We should be a World Leader.

    We should have been closer at hand and on the ready.

    Any nuclear incident can affect the world. This wasn't issolated in Japan. That radiation is blowing across USA. Fortunately, it's only a minute amount now. But if it does get worse, the agricultural machine that feeds the world could be affected.

    The consequence of a complete melt down are too significant for the USA to just assume that Japan can handle it themselves.
    --John Galt


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