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Monday, July 18, 2011

CBS Poll on Debt Ceiling is Ridiculously Slanted Left and Just Plain Bogus!

Here we go again with the lamestream media  polling so they can make the news glow for the favorites.  I heard about this poll on FOX's Bret Baier show (O'Reilly cited it too at 5 PM and Britt Hume ripped the poll apart) when) I got home and so I checked it out.  The poll was used as a stake in the heart for the Republicans because it was said Obama was winning the PR war.  The poll supposedly said 71% of the respondents loved Obama and hated Republicans! (a little hyperbole from me ) lol).  HERE is the link to the CBS News Poll, and I have a bridge n Arizona for sale if you actually believe their tripe.

So I always look at the sample from each voting group and then look to see if they are just citizens, voters, registered voters or likely voters.  All this makes a huge difference in percentages and I also look at the total sample.  I like a sample of likely voters, a percentage as per the national (in this case) breakdown of party's and where the samples were taken, urban, rural, etc.  This poll was crap,

The total sample was 810 people, nationwide. This is the only breakdown I could find in the two pages and there was nothing to tell us who the heck these people were or even if they are voters! Hume on FOX said it was adults only.

Total Respondents 810                Weighted        Unweighted
Total Republicans                            214            193 (24%)
Total Democrats                               272           282 (35%)
Total Independents                            324            335 (41%)

The CBS News article does say the two pages are the complete poll so I guess we have to take them at their word?  We have all seen the polls that 40% of Americans call themselves conservative so we can see the skewing in this bogus poll.    HERE is the article for all who want to read a propaganda piece from the left to the left.

So when American boots out the left from power as we did last November, and boot them big.  We are then supposed to stretch our  credulity and believe 51% of Republicans think their fellow leaders are not making their case and Obama is?  Amazing!  So read the ridiculous poll and get a laugh.  I only hope our leaders in Congress don't believe it and do something dumb. Once again we all get to see how the media is in the tank for Obama and the democrats.  Same ol' same ol'.



    The President will always have the last word on matters such as this. Young, dumb Rebub egomaniacs like Cantor need to take a few courses in The Art of Negotiation.

  2. What does your post have to do with the veracity of the poll?


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