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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Erosion Tickets at Greenhorn?

I was talking to my son tonight and we were chatting about my blog and some of the topics.  Somehow we got on to the Greenhorn Creek where he and his friends used to motorcycle and four wheel.  As some of you may recall, this area had historically been used by locals for recreation.  It was out in the sticks and the road there was not to good.  Well, people started moving n around the area, and you guessed it, started complaining to the authorities.

Over time their complaints forced the government to start paying attention to this remote rec area and wouldn't you know it, they decided to do a environmental report a couple of years ago.  Of course there are always scofflaws who leave their trash or fire their weapons after seven PM.  My son said he and his friends would have cleanup days to retrieve the trash and try and keep it clean.  Well, I said, look, when the government does one of these reports or environmental documents, it means they are just gathering reasons to shut it down to the public.  Well, that is what happened.  The BLM shut it down to only what it decided it wanted the area to be.  So all those peple that used to use it now have to travel out of the county to Nevada to find comparable recreational  opportunities.  Real "green" right?

Well, getting back to my son and I discussing this.  He said he and a friend traveled down to Greenhorn to drive around and when they got there they saw a Sheriff and what he thought was a Forest Service cop.  My son watched as people did what they always did with their four wheel drives, they drove up the slopes of the berms by the creek.  Well, as soon as the tires slipped and kicked some dust, guess what?  The Sheriff and the FS cop tapped on the window and issued a EROSION TICKET!  I was flabbergasted.  Are you sure, I asked him?  Yep. Well, if this isn't a prime example of government run amok, I don't know what is.

I had warned him last year this would happen.  Whenever there is a study, the outcome is assured.  The government just tries to fool us.  So, a once bustling area for locals to play has been shut down.  These people now must travel many miles for comparable sites and the taxpayers who own the lands can't use them.  What is happening to our public lands? I will do some more research to verify.



    There are solutions.....

  2. This is a recreation area or was before the BLM shut it down (even I and my sisters used it fifty years ago). It was used by four wheel drives, motorcycles, horses and many other forms of fun. I would say your handbook would not be a help. Perhaps now though since no one is allowed there, the government could use your handbook. Even though this is a riverbed.


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