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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dictator Assad getting a taste of his own medicine

If we are learning anything from watching the political turmoil in and around the Middle East and North Africa, it is that if you live by the sword you will die by the sword.  Syria is next in the line of totalitarian states in the region that will succumb to its people's desire to be rid of tyranny.  I only hope these countries don't just trade on tyrant for another.  HERE is the latest article on a ambush of Syrian troops by "rebels" where a number on people on both sides were killed.

One of the most telling lines in the article to me was this one,

"Syria blames what it says are foreign-backed armed groups for the ongoing protests against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad."

So why would I say that?  Assad allowed "foreign" fighters safe passage across his country and over his borders to Iraq and of course denied it whenever the west confronted him about it.  Many American boys and girls were killed by the scum he allowed through his country.  We of course know he allowed them to use his country as a sanctuary too.  Now his policies are biting him on the ass and like all dictators not long for the planet, he blames "foreigners" for his demise.

Like Saddam Hussein, Assad belongs to a minority tribe, the Alawi who maintain the power they possess through violence and fear.  Those kinds of governments don't last because the regular people of a country, want to be free.  George W. Bush, for all his perceived faults (mostly pointed out by sour grape liberal democrats) called it right when he said in speech after speech that a basic desire of humans was to be free.  He was pooh-poohed of course by the left but we can all see he was right.  We heard that maybe some people liked to be in a totalitarian country.  Maybe these "rubes" didn't understand freedom.  Maybe these "hayseeds" didn't want to be burdened by democratic responsibilities.  They weren't smart enough to be free.  We heard all the excuses to slam the Bush doctrine of freedom by the left.

Syrian men and women have risen up and want to throw Assad out.  They apparently would like a taste of freedom.  Assad is murdering his own people in great numbers yet they are still rebelling!  The rebellion has crossed a new threshold now with an armed presence and Assad has to be concerned since the people can now fire back.  He has murdered freely knowing he had all the guns.  Well, he thinks he has all the guns.  Qaddafi thought the same thing and look were that scumbag is.  Hiding!  So, there will be an escalation in Syria as this article shows the rebels will now be shooting back

Assad needs to look in the mirror for his countries problems.  Hold elections and see if the people want him.  But he won't.  Like most dictators and oppressive governments,  especially in the Arab world, revenge is sweet and necessary.  These dictators will be removed and hopefully the people will regain their countries and practice what many of their citizens have given their lives for, freedom.

What I find so interesting about the American liberals and their party, the democrats, regarding the uprisings in the Middle East is their silence.  When they are silent on Assad, Qaddafi and the rest, they give away their total hypocrisy on the geo-political scene (they only seem to hate Israel).  They complain when Bush went into Afghanistan and Iraq yet are silent when the people of these other countries want and do fight to be free (unless it is Hezbollah murdering Israelis).  I shake my head in wonder that a liberal even thinks. (if it were Palestinians the left would be screaming against Israel)

So, in the end, Assad will be gone and hopefully our country and others of freedom can assist them to install a government which lets the people experience what we have.  Of course, we have to defeat the liberals too but we do it at the ballot box, not in the streets with guns.

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