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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Trump is winning

Every single day, 24/7 drones the media attacks on Trump.  Always screeching his imminent demise by impeachment, quitting or indictment by Mueller.  Yet it seems every time the left is smug with their opinions of doom, President Trump is still there.  I think the democrats and their propaganda wing of media are actually the one's on the edge of mentally imploding.  We will get to see them get even more worked up as the democrats take power in the House.  But maybe we will see the Senate do what they were created to do.  Calm the fires those "hotheads of the house" spew.

It seems the glee for which the democrats show may be very premature.  All their tricks are not working.  Trump has experienced these things as a developer in New York State.  If you have ever developed anything needing a Planning Commission or above vote, you know what I mean.  That is about the only time some weak-kneed appointed or elected officials ever get a chance to show the "big guy" their power.  You want that skyscraper?  Get on your knees pal and show me your butt crack.

Trump has learned that after a while you don't want to be that butt crack showing wimp and he developed the balls to confront and defeat those people that would drive America back into the cave.  He showed that today in a televised meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.  He wants money to build the wall to protect America.  They don't.  And he took them to school and we all gor ro watch them babble and squirm as Trump verbally smacked them.  It was great!  However, I do blame Paul Ryan and others for not getting this done way before now.  Too much graft probably.  And for some reason, the National Chamber of Commerce is behind a lot of this.

So we will see if the Republicans can get it done in the next two weeks or flop.  I truly think the R's lost all those seats because they did not take care of the wall.  Wouldn't that be rich?  And they are my party but I don't forgive their rejection of the Trump campaign promise.  If they had funded the wall, I think they would have kept the House.

And of course we see all these Mueller shenanigans as Special Counsel.  I protest this as to me it is extra-Constitutional and should be deemed unconstitutional by the SCOTUS.  Where is the creation of this "super-God" in our Founding Documents?  Not there.  But we see this last week the spewing of indictments and sentencing documents that make me want to puke.  Manifort in solitary?  Hell serial killers are not in solitary.  But I have no respect for Manifort as a cheater and he does deserve jail time but Solitary?  Then there is Cohen, Trump lawyer, and fixer as he is called.  He paid a porn star and another hot babe money and then got reimbursed from the private money of Trump.  All to keep a lid on an embarrassing sexploit and perfectly legal to do.  Hell, these women signed nondisclosures yet went public.  Now we see Stormie Daniels has to pay Trump $300,000 in attorney's fees for her breaking her word.

And the other babe did not get money directly as I read this.  Her biography was purchased by a newspaper then tossed in the round file.  Nothing illegal there either.  But the talking heads and the lefty media have already tossed Trump into the clink.  But there is no crime.  The facts and the truth seem to be unimportant to these lovelies of the left.  That is one major reason I cannot believe what they spew anymore.  Whether it is "global warming" or Trump's women.  All the same.  Lies that Joseph Goebbels could not imagine would work. In the end, though it is our fault in America for allowing the left to take over our schools, media, Hollywood, and higher education.  The old socialist hippies of the '60s are in charge and they have dumbed down the populace.  They rewrote our history and promoted socialist governance and made all that "normal".

Trump is winning thought and we who supported him and still do see it.  He has made the left nuts because what used to work for them to rid the place of a pesky Republican no longer works with Trump.  He takes it in stride and fights back.  Sure it is not pretty but ask yourself, what would you do if attacked like he is.  Most would fold.  He is fighting back and the left attack machine can't understand why the man is still there.  Hopefully, Trump will outlast these chumps and socialist of the left and Make America Great Again.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

George H W Bush 1924-2018. Rest in peace Mr. President.

A true hero and public servant.  He flew 56 missions in WW@ as the youngest Naval Avaitorin the service. See his WIKI HERE.
He and Barbara's wedding day

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Many heroes in Camp Fire and what did we learn?

The Sacramento Bee had an extensive article on the Camp Fire (see pictures here) today and I must say it was well done.  Many stores of common folks helping each other to survive.  Over 80 people have been found deceased with over 600 still missing.  One of those missing is my mothers ex-boyfriend of many years.  He is 93 and there is no word from him.  He was living in Magalia.

The thing that jumped out at me about this fire is how fast it traveled.  The people interviewed had paid little attention to it as it was many miles away and they were used to these fires being dealt with rapidly.  Then they turned around and there it was, burning through their subdivisions and trailer parks in a heartbeat.  Many people put themselves in harm's way to help and save others.  Along with the cops and firemen, it made me tear up a bit to read about these unsung heroes.

What really stands out about the fire and its progress is the speed.  The area had done "fire plans" for evacuations but for fires traveling much slower.  The speed caught all the folks off guard.  The Paradise area had a four zone plan but it was overwhelmed by the speed and intensity of this fire.  Fed by high winds it was an inferno no one could outrun.  Individuals that survived have harrowing tales and it is amazing that more people were not burned alive.

What happens in most tragedies like this fire are the acts of common people helping when no others can be there.  Humans are so brave in these things.  Placing themselves at personal peril to save others is a true act of "Godliness" in my view.  I am not sure I could do it but hopefully, I won't ever have to try.  The closest I ever came to something like this was helping a unconscious bike rider in the middle of a road years ago.  Other than trying not to be run over I was not in peril like these heroes dodging the fires.

It appears that all the planning for these types of situations may not be enough to save people.  It is other folks that step up when the plans fail.  Though Paradise had three exits from town the evac still bogged down and became a mess.  I am not sure that any town or area as populated as Paradise can ever have a fool-proof plan but we sure see it being tried.  The fact that people try and keep their property free of fuels that feed a fire is a real plus.  But when a 50 MPH winds is cooking through, I don't think that matters much at all.  Watching some of the YOUTUBE videos taken as people were escaping the town showed all kinds of building going up and many were not that close together or had brush or trees nearby.  It seems that the heat of the fire combusts without fire!

I am sure we all need to reassess our communities now that Paradise has been turned into ash.  What have we learned?  What do we take from all this to make our communities safer from fire?  There are many questions and many answers to come.  But in the end, when these terrible things happen the people step up to help each other and that is what makes Americans a great people.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Check the link of the missing in the CAMP FIRE

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Post 2018 General Election Musings

What a crazy year for politics and elections.  And the final votes for some races are still in doubt today!  We have seen the President travel all over the country speaking at huge rallies of supporters to jinn up excitement to vote for Republicans.  We have seen the endless lambasting the President by the media and democrats.  Of course, no lie about the President or Republicans is unprintable in the media, TV and newspapers.  The internet was full of so much disinformation that it lost most of its credibility.  And we saw the platforms for Google, Facebook and others used for phony ads that were skewed to the democrats and against the Republicans.  And they all predicted a huge "blue wave" meaning they were going to wipe out the Republicans at all levels of the government across the land.

Well, it was not a "blue wave" but a mixed bag.  Even in my little county in California we experienced a mixed bag.  Some democrats some Republicans won offices here.  Many winner were DTS registration.  Declined to state.  Most of the non-partisan offices were won by DTS.  And the democrats have about 2,000 more registered voters now so for some reason they are claiming the county is now solid blue.  Not in my view. HERE are the Nevada County result as of November 13, 2018.  It is truly a mixed result by those party candidates.

The State of California is a horse of a different color.  The democrats have wiped out the Republicans and now have super-majorities in the legislature and they hold all state wide offices except one. HERE is the link to the Secretary of State where you can click on any office for the results.  It is not a pretty one for the Republicans.  In my opinion I see the flight of families and Republicans to other states that better reflect their values.  All those that backfill those losses are immigrants and democrats.  Many here for the free stuff.  And a lot of sanctuary for illegals.  With same day voter registration and lack of oversight I might suggest a few million votes are not legal.  But with democrats in control at all levels of the vote counting we will never get the truth.

And we saw a full court press by the democrats to take out all the 13 Congressional seats held by Republicans.  And they almost did it.  They got millions of dollars of "dark money" and huge donations from the likes of Michael Bloomberg to defeat the Republicans. HERE is the "OPEN Secrets" website queued to California races for Congress.  Click on each one and see the huge amount of money the "unknown" candidates of the democrats raised and spent.  In District Four held by Tom McClintock he was outraise almost two to one.  Millions were tossed against him.  If any person thought the left was truly outraged by "Citizen's United" decision by the Supreme Court, the real results are show the democrats benefitted and used it the most.  True hypocrisy.

But the flood of hundreds of millions of dollars does show it works.  A few exceptions exist from the November election.  A Senate candidate in Texas, O'Rouke, spent over 70 million dollars, twice as much as Ted Cruz, and he lost.  But in California we see the democrats took out three or four Congressional candidate incumbents with a two or three to one dollar advantage.  So what was learned?  The Republicans will start raising a gazillion dollars for the next cycle.  And up and up it goes.  Sort of like some of those old "Star Trek" episodes.  The dagger in the heart of the Republicans though was the retirement of over forty members.  Open seats are tough to win when you are outspent three to one.  Even here in District One, Incumbent Doug LaMalfa was outraised by a unknown "phony" farmer from Chico.  But he won the District by a pretty decent margin.

Across America we are seeing that close races are stolen from Republicans as ballots for democrats show up way after the election night.  Some are found in closets and car trunks.  Look at Florida where 88,000 ballots magically showed up in South State and most were for democrats.  Arizona saw the Republican win on election night but all those ballots found after and during the following week came in for the democrat.  They found a eighty thousand vote turnaround.  But how is this allowed?  The left says "count every vote".  Sure I agree but they must be legal!  The left floods people on election day to vote a "provisional" ballot and somehow those are tossed into the legal ballots so they can never be viewed as they are required under law.  That seems to be the strategy in democrat counties in South Florida.

Overall the democrats took 38 new seats in the House pf Representatives and lost two maybe three in the Senate.  So we have a divided Congress.  Of course this works for me as the Senate will be doing the "advice and consent" on all Constitutional appointments.  Judges and Cabinet members and many down the line will be done and the majority of extremists in the House can do nothing.  We lost seven Governors but retain a 2 state lead with 25 to 23.  We maintained a huge advantage in state house where we have 62 chambers to 37 for the democrats.  Those are good numbers for the redistricting in 2020.  Though I would have loved to see the Republicans maintain their majorities it appears that the flood of a billion dollars really worked for the democrats.  Next time the Republicans better be prepared to meet the challenge or the country could become the mess that is California and New York.