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Friday, August 17, 2018

The Media is the biggest "snowflake"!

Image result for snowflake pictureNo one likes to be criticized especially when it is unfair.  And when the media is the source of the criticism really is a tough thing to take.  Having been an elected official and then a candidate and then a public figure, I have had my share of being attacked.  Attacked by others and the media.  It is not fun but I learned it was part of the job.  I had numerous stories in the local paper that were made from whole cloth and attempted to make me a target of derision.  Why would a local media do that?  Well, the media is made up of humans who have likes and dislikes and are emotional.

After a couple of truly fabricated articles, I got into a beef with the editors about their lies.  And they defended their lies and never apologized.  Not even a correction!  They are above reproach in their own minds.  Full of hubris.  And their targets all deserve what these lovelies dispense.  That is what they are taught in those "liberal arts" colleges by professors who think they are GOD's gift.  The truth be damned.  But these media types think whatever they say or write should just be accepted and never do they have to defend it.  Well, now we see they are no different about critics as their targets have been since the beginning of the ink and paper crowd.

Over 350 newspapers across America published articles demanding President Trump to stop telling the people they are "fake news" purveyors.  Snowflakes.  We Americans who stay informed know a lot of what these media types spew is fake news.  And it is tainted with their bias and emotions.  We see it.  We read it.  But the left does not.  They think being held accountable to their own standards is apostasy to the American experience.  I actually think it is the opposite.  Everyone needs to know their "boundaries" of telling the truth and lies.  The media has not learned that simple thing we are all taught at three years old.  Right and wrong.  Don't lie or exaggerate.  Tell the truth.

But the media can't hack it.  They are all worked up that they have been taken to task by the big bad wolf.  Donald Trump is giving back to them their own crap.  He is not telling them to stop printing or talking or writing.  He is simply saying to these spoiled brats, to tell the truth!  Stop the lies and be FAIR to all.  But they don't even understand that simple task.

I have watched and listened to Trump from the escalator to today.  I see how the media twist his words into unrecognizable sentences he never said or meant.  I see the media take his humor and twist it into a meaning never intended.  But we Americans with a brain see and hear what he says and what he means.  And the media simply drive more of us away as we see they try their best to divide us from Trump and our party.
 When you read an article on, for instance, a murder or some attack.  The media will not tell us what the color of the perpetrator is.  They won't tell us what the religion is.  They do if it is a white person and a Christian though.  I call that keeping the truth from the readers.  But they do this as they have decided what we should know.  Rather than report the facts.  And I recall the Associated Press decision to stop calling terrorist attacks terrorist attacks and Obama calling them human disruptions or some ridiculous description.  Orwell would recognize these things rather quickly.  And the LA Times forbidding anyone who says "climate change" is not what their "experts say it is from even being allowed to use the comment section of their paper.

I have had numerous attacks over the years and I have learned those attacks always get the top of the front page above the fold.  Any response is on the back page and the last paragraph.  That goes for most anything conservative.  Anything opposed to the environmental community gets the first para as well.  I ran a group called CABPRO that challenged many of the lies the eco groups spewed and saw first hand how the media begrudgingly gives us a para at the end of the article on the back page.  And look at the way the media describes those they try and belittle.  Eco-terrorists are doing the work of the good.  But a person opposing them is the villain.  They use all kinds of weasel words to describe and belittle those that hold a view different than theirs.

When we saw the victories of the eco's regarding the Northern Spotted Owl and the demise of the logging industry in the west, we saw the bias in every article.  Eco's good, loggers bad.  And when towns went ghost when all the jobs left we did not see the articles on the suicides and tragedies of those ruined by those eco "victories".  Later we saw that what we were saying about the owls was true, no articles demanding the truth from the media and the eco's.  All a bunch of brainwashing.

So President Trump calls the media out and they can't hack it.  They still have the free press.  And people like me will still fight for the free press and defend it with my life.  But we want the "free" press to start being truthful and keep their bias under wraps.  My guess is they will not.  And so we get to hear Trump tell them to shape up and it keeps us happy who have been consistently attacked by the biased media.  90% of these press lovelies voted for democrats.  How are we to believe their feelings are hurt when one of their targets fights back?  I say BRAVO!  Keep them on the edge, just like they do with us on the right.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Live each day as if it is your last one.

Daryl and Me on the right.
I traveled to Alabama last week and returned last Tuesday.  My trip was to see my friend soince1972,  Daryl O'Barr.  I lived in Palm Springs from 1971-1976.  I left Grass Valley looking for a better life.  I went there with my wife and infant daughter.  Shortly after arrival, I got a job at the Ramada Inn as a front desk clerk.  My wife worked in the restaurant at the Ramada.  I was 21 and she was 20.

During  Easter Vacation of 1972 the town would fill up with revelers and if you did not have a reservation you would be out of luck to get a room.  That is the time my acquaintance started with Daryl.  He was a Marine, back from Vietnam and stationed at 29 Palms in the high desert north of Palm Springs.  He showed up at the counter looking for a room.  We had none so I did my best to find him one in town.  Unsuccessful, I said I was sorry and he said thanks.  Then I thought why not see if the wife would let him come to our place and sleep on the couch?  Mary said sure and that is how our friendship began.

 I went to visit him a few times over the years and he came here.  We kept in contact regularly.  Then about a year ago he said he was getting sick and needed tests.  Being a vet he went to the VA in Birmingham for a physical and after a bunch of tests he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I knew it was bad.  My dad passed away from that terrible disease back in 1982.  Dad made it to 62 and the disease ravaged him.  Dad weighed about 100 pounds when he went to heaven.

So some time passed and Daryl and I decided I should come to see him and so I did.  Daryl picked me up at the airport and he looked like a walking skeleton.  His 67 years looked ninety.  He has hope though and I encouraged him to do whatever he could to beat this disease.  He said he signed up for the new VA care allowing vets to seek out private doctors if they could not get help at their VA Hospital.  We drove down to  Pensacola, Florida to the VA there so he could arrange a private setup.

The week was tough on Daryl as he has no muscles and is fatigued by simply walking to the bathroom.  I did my best to keep a positive attitude while I was there but having need through this with Dad I was in my heart being a realist. Even Dad had hope until the end and I expect that is a human characteristic.  It is so difficult to stay positive as the body and mind get ravaged and I was grateful Daryl was as positive about surviving this cancer.  I reaffirmed my desire to live each day as if it were my last which keeps me positive.

 Anyone out there who has their health and wishes they were dead should rethink all that.  We have the gift of life GOD gives us all and we should not ever take it for granted.  We are all GOD's creatures and are the only living things we know of in the universe.  And we know we are alive so don't squander that gift.  The man is so talented as well.  He plays the piano, trumpet, and guitar.  He sings opera and has an amazing voice.  How one man can have all that talent is not fair.  Since I can't hold a tune. Daryl is a true believer and he knows he will be with GOD when he moves on.  God bless him!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Trump Deserves Respect

Reading Brian Hamilton’s article on President Trump in today’s Union got my blood boiling. Hamilton complains that Trump should have done this or that when he held the Press Conference with Putin on Monday. Trump is more or less a Putin puppet and should have told him off right there at the podium. Russia meddled in our election and Trump should have told him to stop it. Don’t ever do it again. And Trump dissed his own Intel Community findings released just days before. How could Trump do this? Oh my goodness, this is just terrible Hamilton believes.

I disagree. After I watched the Presser I cam away with a completely different impression. Trump had just come from his NATO meeting where he chastised them for not paying their “fair share” they had agreed to. All the 29 members had said in a contract/treaty they would pay 2% of their GDP into funding for NATO. Over the years that never happened. Even though previous Presidents chastised them, the NATO members failed to pay their amounts due. So he wants them to pay. To me that was common sense and it was not dissing the members at all. Pay what you agreed to pay. And reimburse us, the Americans, for paying the lion’s share over the years. Just like any debt collector or bank lender would do to the Union Newspaper.

So he goes to Helsinki and meets for two and a half hours with Putin. He has some help and a interpreter as does Putin. They talk about a lot of things of mutual interest. And remember Putin has along with America, 90% of the worlds nuclear weapons. We should have a decent relationship with a country that could fry us shouldn’t we? Of course. The issues of nuclear proliferation, Syria’s civil war, Iran and many other items were discussed. All these things are important. And America, under Trump has tightened all the economic sanctions it can against Putin. Why? Because he took over the Crimea and has more or less taken Eastern Ukraine. Trump kept the sanctions to keep the pressure on Putin to get out.

Trump and Putin have a joint press conference in Helsinki right after their meeting. And Trump of course, gets the standard questions about Russian meddling in the election. All done in Obama’s Administration The “never-Trumpers” and the media and democrats wanted Trump to walk over and slap Putin in the face I guess. Instead Trump said he was told again by Putin that the Russians did not “meddle” and Trump was supposed to walk over and slap him again I guess. Trump did not condemn Putin’s statement. Instead he mentioned “where is the server”? And of course, we know Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Russians while she was Secretary of State. She signed off on 25% of America’s uranium to a Russian business. And then received 145 million dollars into her “Foundation”. And her husband got a $500,000 paycheck for a speaking engagement in Moscow. Trump got nothing. And we know the Intel Community and the FBI leaders under Obama did their best to defeat Trump as seem in the emails of Peter Strozk and Lisa Page and their boss. So Trump might be a bit suspicious of the intel people. I would be.

So the people that hate Trump are on the lookout for anything they can turn into a complaint. Even some democrats called the speech “treasonous” for goodness sake. I say they have lost their minds and need to shut up. The old “differences stay on the beach of America” when the President is overseas only applys to a democrat apparently. Trump is in charge of our Foreign Policy as written in our Constitution. Yet even Brian Hamilton in little old Grass Valley thinks he knows more what should be done than our President.

I say the critics need to step back and put a lid on it. They are undermining the President and that is a signal to our enemies we should be very careful about. America under Trump is prospering and the economy and other major issues are moving forward. Trump was elected because in my view the democrats and the SWAMP of Washington DC politicians and sycophants were driving America into the ground. Trump is turning that around and the common man and woman of the country are gaining the benefits of this.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dinesh DE'Souz defines fascism and racism this year, Guess who is the culprit?

Democrats defend Strzok in Shameful Exhibition of Lawlessness

Image result for peter strzok
FBI Agent Peter Strozk
Most Americans did not watch the hearing this last week where Peter Strzok, a FBI Gman,  testified.  If you paid attention to the news about this man you might come to the conclusion he was a biased person against Trump.  Thousands of text messages demeaning Trump and his voters spewed forth from this man.  He was once a trusted member of our treasured FBI.  Now he is nothing more than a partisan hack with a terrible physical presence.  His body language and smirking and angry responses to questions he said he could not answer were beyond the pale.

How the FBI can keep the American people in the dark about this travesty of a man and his babe paramour, Lisa Page, an attorney in the FBI, is beyond my comprehension.  Ever notice that a bureaucrat picks and chooses to answer a question using the phony "ongoing investigation" get out of responsibility card?  Strzok had numerous lawyers behind him at the hearing.  We Americans are paying tor them.  They are withholding the truth from us.  I say fire Strzok and all those lawyers and any other employee of the people for insubordination.  Clean them out.  We require answers not excuses.

Strzok claimed he was not biased against Trump and that he was unaffected in his investigation of his favored candidate, Hillary Clinton.  We now know he exonerated her in writing was before he even interviewed her.  He allowed her electronic devices to be "cleansed" and smashed with a hammer after the Clinton people removed the chips.  Hey where are those chips?  Strzok is not believable at all.  But he smirked his way through the hearing and made it clear he is unfit to be an FBI agent or a street sweeper for the people.

The most shameful aspect to me, however, was the democrats on the committee.  They interfered in the proceedings by whing, interrupting and accusing the majority with what they called a "witch-hunt".  Aren't these the same lovelies that criticize Trump for using that term in this fiasco they call the Mueller collision investigation?  Of course, it is, the left are hypocrites to a huge degree and the American people see them for the scum they have become.  And to make things even worse, the democrats tried to divert the committee to "immigration" and the separation of kids from the illegal adult parents at the border.  That did not fly at all.  Chairman Goodlatte did a good job is running the hearing as the democrats constantly cried and whined about it.

The defense of this man Strzok by the democrats was quite the eye-opener.  Not long ago he was hated by these idiots but now it is their hate of Trump that as made them change course and love this slime Strzok.  If anyone thought the democrats had any ethics or morality, this exhibition they put on this week should change their mind.  I think the left is self-destructing. So let's get out of their way.

The democrats are now the radical; left.  They want open borders, higher taxes, ban the Second Amendment and now they want to get rid of ICE, the immigration agency that gets the criminals.  The democrats are all about lawlessness and they favor illegals over their own American constituents.  It makes no sense.  Unless they are looking for future voters if they can achieve their dream of Amnesty.

We do have a great divide in America and it was all there to see this week.  We must not allow these people called democrats to gain power as they will destroy our country in favor f their love of illegal people.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Democrats are self destructing, I say get out of their way and let them!

I first started paying attention to politics in 1964 when I became the kid supporting Goldwater for President.  It was a lonely time.  The rest of the kids did not have a clue the election was happening and at 14 I was perhaps the only one who did.  But paying attention exposed me to the politics of the democrats at the time and they were lying sacks of excrement then as well.  The ad LBJ and his pal's bought and put out about the little girl and the A-bomb was my first exposure to the depths of depravity the left goes too to win.

I took a sabbatical for many years as I got married and had a family.  I was a low (326) lottery number in the draft so I stayed home and worked and raised my kid.  I started my own business and later worked for others running a 109 unit hotel in Palm Springs.  It was there I started seeing the results of "laws" and regulations passed in California and DC.  I saw how hamstrung the government made trying to succeed here.  But I still did not get directly involved until I had my own business here in Nevada County in 1978.  The democrat/socialists got a couple of initiatives on the ballot.  Those were to limit building permits to 100 per year and some other crap.  We in the building and Chamber and Real Estate fought them and we kicked their ass on election day.  I was now really aware of the plans of the left.

Listening to them at forums and in the paper, the left was all about hyperbole and scare tactics.  Anyone against them wanted Roseville here.  Funny they are still sating that 40 years later.  Anyway, there is no lie they won't tell and no baby they won't try to scare.  And that attitude went national and we see it every day on TV and in the newspapers.  These democrats are unhinged!  It seems to me they are so misguided they could become tools in the fascist's armies.  I say fascist because they do their best to shut up the opposition.  They use violence and intimidation to achieve their goals.  They want to be the boss.  They want the rest of us to shut up and obey.  And if we don't they will destroy us.

Tell me how any American can refuse to see the value of national borders?  What kind of brain says it is OK to allow open borders and anyone who wants to come in can.  Is that not a really extreme position?  Of course but the democrats are making it their platform.  And now they want to get rid of  ICE the agency that gets those felons and killer and human traffickers.  How is that even close to rational thought?  Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal alien who had been deported five times.  He was released in San Francisco without letting ICE be notified.  Now Kate is in the ground and this illegal alien was acquitted by a jury of SF liberals!  How is that right?  And why would they want this killer on the street?  It is irrational and apparently now mainstream in the democrat party and media.

The left's intimidation tactics even go to exposing people who signed petitions and donated to groups and people when those things were not legal to expose.  The left says "privacy" is so important that Roe v Wade is their privacy mantra.  Yet if you disagree with them they will expose your private thoughts and emails and musing and force you from your job.  Like they did with the Mozilla Chairman.  They tried the same thing with Chick-fil-a and many others.  Now we see them trying to oust a Vice Mayor in Dixon California for saying, GASP!  "fairies" when describing homosexuals.  He wants a "normal person month" to honor normal people.  But the democrats and fascists want him out.  No free speech for that guy.  Of course, these fascists use terms much nastier and do disgusting things to each other while marching in their parades, but that is OK.  Sorry their behaviour is not "normal" and it is disgusting.

Lately, we have seen the democrats "resist" and exhibit over the top slander and violence against people with a opposing views.  They do their damnedest to shut down opposing speech.  I personal saw this in Berkeley twice last year.  Anyone who does not follow their PC mantra is exposed to their hate and violence and it is not pretty.  Locally in our little county I was subjected to that kind of behaviuor at the Rally for the Border a couple of Saturday's ago.  A little shrimp loudmouth liberal got in my face and started yelling.  Of course, he was all about NO Borders and he wanted the illegals to not be treated like the two million incarcerated felons in America.  Those people get the kids removed for safety and care when they get the jail cell.  Anyway, the loudmouths try to spread their lies about the issue and we who have the truth try to counter them.  Obama era policies parted kids from their illegal entry parents and they were put in cages.  These lying democrats want to make you believe it was Trump's policies.  And they screamed in our faces to try to shout down the truth.

That is what they do.  If you try to straighten them out with the truth they double down on their lies.  And don't even try to suggest that Obama did this first.  Oh my.  You then are a racist and a bigot.  As we all see this kind of unhinged response from the left we must take pride that we did not allow them to win the election.  And we must keep up the fight to make sure they never get in charge of even the dog catcher position.  I really think many of them are mentally ill.  They want their way and probably always did when they pressured mom and dad when they were growing up.

Life is tough enough without these loons stealing all our stuff, our money and our country.  Don't back down from them.  That is their stock and trade.,  Intimidation and guilt trips.  Don't fall for it.  Stay tough and true and do the right thing.  America needs you to stay that course.