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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do Journalists actually have a degree?

Watching and listening to the talking heads and the "journalists" everyday can really try one's soul.  I am ashamed of these people.  We spent good money to train them.  They put themselves into huge student debt to get a "education" from a liberal arts college.  They prize themselves as the smartest among us.  Dedicated to getting the "news" out to the great unwashed.  Yet to me these people are just dumb.

Image result for media bias cartoonThey have a bias against anyone on the right.  Yet claim they are "fair".  They think we don't see their bias, that alone is delusional on their part.  I think it is a mental disorder.  Just today listening to the radio, the ABC News cited a Quinnipiac Poll that says Hillary is up 10 points.  So I sent them a comment on their comment section asking if they could balance that poll with say, the USC/LAtimes poll that says it is a one point difference.  But even in this one, five second, report on the election you can see the bias.  I expect no response.  But if I get one these talking heads always have a obfuscated way out of the claim they are biased.  Delusional.

Hillary Clinton has not had a press conference since last December.  Trump is on the air all the time.  He has huge crowds at his daily rallies.  My goodness, he is really in good shape for that grind.  And of course these huge rallies love what he says and cheer wildly.  Yet the media won't show you the crowd.  Why is that?  Clinton gets a couple of hundred paid attendees to her rallies while Trump gets thousands of volunteers.  The media refuses to pull back the camera so we can see the crowd.  They are scared I guess.  And this shows a form of bias we all see.  Yet they refuse to see the bias.  Has to be a mental disorder.  Is that inculcated into their psyche in liberal arts college?

Clinton has sold, through bribery, the America Secretary of State position.  Bribery!  Over half the non-government requests for access to her as the Secretary of State were donors to her private "foundation".  Bribery!  And her basement private server email system was undoubtedly hacked and our nations secrets exposed to our enemies.  And the press blows it off.  A Republican would have been hounded out of office if he/she committed the same thing.  But of course the media loves Clinton so no followup.  Thanks to the AP for the latest and Hillary is now dissing them. Watching Lemon on CNN the other night I watched him hound relentlessly Kelly Anne Conway, Trump's new CEO.  Lemon was pushing hard to try and get her to answer a question he wanted answered.  I yelled at him, well at the TV.  I yelled "how come you don't do that to a democrat?"

Hillary is releasing some of the worst scummy attacks on Trump.  She supports the blacks being on their democrat plantations.  Tell us Hillary, what have you and your party of the KKK  done for the blacks in our inner cities?  Hell, maybe your ilk has distributed the weapons they are killing each other with?  Just like Obama's "Fast and Furious" weapons sent to drug lords on Mexico?  But why are the minorities worse off today under a black President and before that with the First Black President, Bill Clinton?  Because you really only want their votes and could care less about the people murdered everyday.  Why are you not holding a press conference in the areas of Chicago where all those murders take place?  Are you chicken?  Your mouthpieces say Trump should go into the democrat ghettos to address those folks.  Why haven't you?

Bur none of this really matters to the press.  Their bias protects Clinton and the plantation democrats, the founders of the KKK.  They parse every word Trump says and not Clinton's.  They just take her press releases as GOD and Trump's as round file fodder.  So as time goes by and the election gets closer, maybe enough Americans will see the ridiculous words of the media and their talking heads and votes for change.  Success for all Americans, not just rich democrats and hedge fund managers.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Douglas Keachie, Nevada County's New Censor!

 He is going to delete three or four posts that I did on his "free speech" Nevada Coutny Vents closed FaceBook Group.  He can't hack it that his posters there are so nasty and vile and my little ditty set them off.  Anyway, local censorship is alive and well with Keachie.  And I have always been nice to him.

It is fascinating to me that so many people are ready to puke their lives out on these pages. I supplied a bit of info here but for the most part I try and not post every little poo poo I do every day. I posted a critique om people who swear profusely in common conversations on the FB pages and I created a storm of hate from them. The women were the worst though. Calling me all kinds of names, vile and disgusting. I like to respond but not in kind. Sometimes I copy/pasted their own words back to them for a critique. I would ask them please can you show these words to your kids and see if they approve? Crickets or denials. These people must have a screw loose. What has happened to the discourse in America? We are the only species with language and yet these people may only use a few words to get through the day. Words that mean bodily functions and activities.
Of course I have used that kind of language, when I hit my thumb with a hammer or stubbed my toe. But I never used it to demean another person and a person I did not know. I think that is called "nice". But the potty mouths on the site calling itself "Nevada County Vents" is something to see. The people who took offense and started attacking me started to go after my family and my business. They would not discuss the post but they sure liked to cuss at me for asking. My experience in people doing that is they are not very educated and they have issues with authority. "Don't tell me what to do" (even though I wasn't). And they would double down with the vile language as if they were 12 years old.
That is why I think the discourse in America has become very "coarse" and polarized. When people on these FB pages attack someone and they get "likes" for being childish and nasty, we have a real problem. Even Douglas Keachie who runs the Vents says it is worse to say someone is a potty mouth than it is to say they are putting a d*** in my mouth. I mean, the man is supposedly a grownup but he is stooping to a low bar. And of course these nasty people with their language are happy as clams to be viewed as lowlifes I guess. So maybe it isn't their fault? Our culture on the left does its best to let a mass murderer get a pass because his daddy was mean to him so maybe that is the deal with the potty mouths?
So a few of the potty mouths over there are trying to get me booted for pointing out that nasty/naughty speech is not a gateway to success. Maybe they will, but if they do you can see why speech, especially from a conservative, is under tremendous attack these days. Liberals just can't stand it when they get called on their hypocrisy.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump is a breath of fresh air.

I have not seen the angst about a political candidate as I have seen about Trump in my lifetime.  Sure the country has consistently elected "milquetoast" candidates and the political parties try and garner interest in them.  But it has been downhill across the land regarding turnout.  The American people think the two parties are the same.  Elect one and you get the other anyway.  It seems all we hear are complaints about the "vanilla" candidates.  These political parties are to blame for the crummy turnouts.  I have listened to people on the street and in the pages of newspapers and on TV bemoan the lack of excitement to voting.

OK, sure, so what happens when they get a candidate that is all they asked for?  Complaints about him.  I mean are some Americans that fickle?  Looks like it to me.  Trump has been a press wet dream.  He spouts off and they lap it up.  He did not spend much money during the primary season where he cleaned the clock on the status quo candidates.  He knows how to get the press excited enough to cover him 24/7 for free.  While the other primary candidates were spending lots of money, Trump just tossed you some bones he knew the press would scoop up.  Brilliant.

Now we see that the press and all those people who whined all the time about the "political class" were all liars.  Trump is not from the political class and is very unpredictable.  I believe that is his allure to voters.  The polls today show Trump trailing the status quo Clinton by three points on average.  I have shown that winners of the past were trailing even worse, way worse, nationally than Trump is today.  Why is he staying so close?  It is a good sign in my view. 

I think he says what is on his mind.  Of course that can be a problem in some cases but I think it helps him with the middle class.  The pinheads who think they are smarter than everyone else, liberals mostly, and college educated brainwashed students and professors, don't understand his allure.  PC is not in his brain and the left can't stand it.  It means he tells the people the truth and the truth about his opposition.  But since the opposition owns most of the media, that media is on the attack.  That media parses all his sentences and tries to fool Americans with a ropa-dope media approach to diminish Trump.

Last week was the latest example.  Trump spoke of the Second Amendment and how those who support it will \take care of Clinton.  She is for taking your guns and your ability of self-defense.  Along with neutering the police of America, she and the libs want you to live in fear without the right to take care of your own lives.  Anyway the media soon received a press release from the DNC that had claimed Trump was talking about violence to Hillary.  The press lackey's ran with it and have defended their attacks on Trump.  Of course he was referring to VOTING and not anything about violence.  But we see th dishonesty of the media don't we? And soon we saw a press statement from 2008 Hillary Clinton made regarding Obama and the assassination of Robert Kennedy.  Hmmm.  No outrage from the press then or a show of exposing her hypocrisy now. Oh, and so did Joe Biden.

Trump has said he was talking about voting but the media won't accept his own explanation of his own words. What press hubris and bias!  They never do that with a democrat and they protect Clinton and all liberals with ferocity.  Obama/Clinton have wrecked the economy and our foreign policy.  They double talk and use PC to confuse low information Americans.  Those that don't follow the political class as closely as we do.  And since over half of the country is now getting a government check, the democrats think you will just be a good lemming and follow them.  Hopefully Americans won't.

Trump does say some very interesting things and his filters are wide and open.  This is why I think he is a breath of fresh air.  Maybe a person who actually tells the truth and is not part of the status quo political class would be good for America.  After-all, the people who have been in charge all these years have put each of us into a $58,000 debt and left our roads, bridges and ports in disrepair.  Time for a plain talking man to be in charge of the Executive branch and it five million employees.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Senum's Dilemma, stay or go, or who gives a rat's ass?

Should I stay or should I go?  Humming that.  Well, it looks like things were dying down on the outrage created in her own words about the nations police.  Then this last week there was a couple of letters in the Union Newspaper.  One supporting Senum and one against her remaining on the City Council.  What a dilemma! 

Thanks to George Rebane for the picture
After Senum posted her screed against the nation's cops a firestorm of criticism overwhelmed her and the City.  Senum claimed the nation's police were no better than hired assassins and their targets are young black men.  All this scorn stemming from the Black Lives Matter movement.  I consider that movement as the Black version of the democrat KKK.  They were shouting out their desire to see police killed.  And when their wished were realized in Dallas with the murder of five cops by a black man, the door was opened wide.

After her screed was made public the local cops and some from other counties and cities issued threats to boycott her business and urged her to quit the Council.  Even Senum's own city police issued a request for her to resign.  I watched the public meeting where the Council wanted to pass a Resolution of Support for the police to balance out Senum's hate-filled screed against them.  I watched as many people spoke at the microphone and urged her to resign.  A few supported her but most were against her.  I said to myself, why should she resign?  She does represent a large number of people in Nevada City who hate the cops.  So is she not being a accurate representative of them?

Until I saw the latest letters I figured the storm had passed.  But there are hard feelings on both sides.  Senum's supporters seem to forget that it was her words that started the mess and spawned the responses.  The latest letter of support for Senum seemed to me unhinged. Similar to the ridiculous position of Jeff Pelline on his blog.    The other letter from a county resident urged her to quit.  It was a decent request and the writer seemed sober.  The outcome so far is one of silence by Senum.  When you create a shitstorm, you better be ready to take the blowback.  She has remained silent and that is probably the best response. I personally don't like boycotts either.  I think they are counterproductive. The local  liberals tried one against Rush Limbaugh a couple of years ago.  When Rush told the truth about Sandra Fluke (who is on the Board of some commie organization here in California and lauded by Pelline).  If Senum's tacos are good, more power to her.

But will those that wish her to resign forget?  Maybe, but not likely.  The brave men and women in law enforcement are the one's we see running towards the gunfire while the Senum's of the world are running the other way.  Of course I would be running the other way as well as I am no cop.  But I would be careful to keep my yap shut about those cops who protect me.  When the bad guys attack, who you gonna call?  I don't think I will be calling Senum.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trumps Helpers, Pay Attention

I know I am speaking to the choir here but we all need to stay strong. The media and that lying Hillary are really something. They are trying to smear little Melania on immigration and besmirch her reputation. I could care less if she posed naked. She is a beauty. And don't we all practice forgiveness when we are confronted with the truth? Sure we do. And all these liberals in the press and the big mouths on the talk shows have beaten us up all these years about how we should allow all those millions of illegals to stay. How we need to be compassionate to them. Let them come out of the shadows. Mainstream all of them. Overlook those that murder and rape. The media could care less about Kate Steinle. Now these same liberals are attack dogs on Melania. They remind me of a junkyard dog covered in ticks. The media is the tick. I say leave her alone you liberal hypocrites. Go back under your rock and get into rehab.
And tonight Trump is is in Green Bay where a favorite son, Aaron Rodgers lives and plays quarterback for the Packers. Trump is supposedly going to endorse Paul Ryan in his race to maintain his Congressional seat. I say, great! Trump and all those disaffected Republicans on the PC juice need to come together for the party and the country to defeat that liar Clinton. Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Listen up boys. You are coming across as sore losers and whiners. I faced worse here at the local levels for goodness sake. I think of liberals that way. Cry babies. You all and any other Republican in or out of office that are too childish to help the party, I say get out! Or just shut your mouths. We want team players. We want to win. If you want to lose and be babies, then go to the PandF party. We want winners. Trump is OK. He is not a typical politician. You all are and we will reject your sorry asses if you don't jump on the Trump train and start helping.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rants and Musings July 31, 2016

Pretty hot these days.  But hey it is summer!  I recall working the Republican Booth at the Fair in the 90's when it was so hot the power went out!  I think it was a Friday night.  That was hot.  Soon thereafter I think the California voters booted Gray Davis, the Governor of Incompetence royal.  But then the same voters put that idiot Arnold in charge.  What a State!

Now it seems the eco nuts are telling everyone that every climatic condition, whether hot or cold, is caused by man-made global warming.  And after watching some "man on the street" interviews about this subject, I concluded there are people so stupid about the subject they believe it hook, line and sinker.  More ice sheets or thickness?  Global warming.  More snow and cold in the Northeast?  Global warming.  Let's do "green" energy?  Make cars from mined materials and other fabricated from plastics and oil.  Yep, green.  And put all those solar panels on your roofs.  Made from mined materials and fabricated from plastics, as well as being subsidized by the taxpayers.  You cannot make this stupidity up.

Even in Nevada County we see some really dopey things.  The econuts won the battle of the "growth" wars back in the nineties.  Now they complain there is no housing.  Especially "affordable" housing.  And all the jobs here,  except a few are now in the government sectors and commuters to the city.  City and county, schools and healthcare, lots of government.  Free market jobs and the young people they would hire have fled to other states and counties.  Schools are closing and teachers are being laid off.  All a great victory for those "no-growth" econuts.  But grant money to pay these people running "non-profits" is everywhere.  Of course 40 cents of  each of those dollars are debt but who is paying attention?  And those non-profits are shutting sown the businesses that are actually free marketing.  Schizophrenic governance.

All across America we see the idiocy of attacking the police and making claims the cops are killing innocent people all the time.  The very people that are protecting us from anarchy and killers are now the targets of racist organizations like Black Lives Matter and the democrat party.  Police are held accountable by our justice system and we see bad ones tossed in the clink when they are prosecuted.  But when I see all those cops in Baltimore's AG witch hunt go free, I say perhaps we have a problem.  The Baltimore AG and Mayor are black.  The cops were almost all black.  The AG prosecuted them  for the death of Freddie Gray.  I feel bad for Gray, a lifetime criminal, but it appears the cops did not kill him.  These inner cities are mostly run by democrats.  And many by blacks.  Detroit, LA, NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, all are killing grounds.  As the Dallas police chief (who is black) said, the cops have been made to do things they should not be doing.  Babysitting, family conflicts and many other things a educated and responsible citizenry should be doing for themselves. Hell we supply a free education 1-12 and that is not enough?

The police chief said when inner city blacks birth 72% of their children without a daddy in the house, you have a big problem.  We see the results of the welfare state as composed by the democrat party.  The party of freebies.  Over a short period of time, these democrats through their laws have made the government the daddy instead of the real human daddy.  So we see unrivaled crime and murder in these inner cities and the cops are sent in to try and keep order.  In the democrat party minds of mush, the police are invaders.  So conflict becomes a problem when you have young men not respecting the commands of the police trying to protect their community.  And many are armed so the police are very careful.  So we get confrontations and sometimes they are deadly.  My advice, obey the commands and you get to o home, toes still above the ground.  Fight those commands and show a weapon, things go really bad.

But blaming the police is ridiculous.  If a 14 year old has a kid and there is no man in the house for her or her own father, this seems to be what society gets.  Real time experience in the lack of dads in the house and part of the raising of the kids.  Matter not what color or race.  And I believe the press, the lamestreams anyway, are complicit in this violence.  Rather than making these young men of violence get a roll model of success and goodness they get more thugs.  Bonnie and Clyde types are revered by the media.  Made into folk heroes.  Same for many blacks with Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.  Why not show the Ben Carson's and Thurgood Marshall's?  But that does not fit the narrative of the liberal media.  If it bleeds it leads I have been told. All PC all the time.

Race animosity has gotten much worse in America under Obama.  In my view he could have lived up to his words in the first run in 2008 and we would have a better country and less strife.  But instead he really did nothing to help.  He actually took sides.  He could have been extolling the virtues of life as a achiever in America as a black man who made it.  But he did not.  Even though I am not a fan of his, he could have used his own life as a example.  Use that "bully pulpit" to tell disaffected people that you can make it in America if you keep your nose lean and work hard.  Use the successful blacks and Hispanics as examples rather than Snoop Dpog and Tupac.  He should tell people that gangsta rap songs are crap and demean women.  But he never did.  A missed opportunity to bring America together.

Locally we see the government officials trying to control marijuana and its growing here in Nevada County.  Good luck.  People grow it, people want it and private property rights are in play as well.  I don't like it, never smoked it but I understand its allure.  I personally think the people that smoke it are mentally slow and not too successful in what I think is important.  Marijuana along with harder drugs are undermining the country and  I think it will lead to the downfall of America.  But how can we control something so prevalent?  I have no answers except to say, STOP USING DRUGS!  Enjoy the planet without a filter.  It is beautiful.  And be thankful you are alive on this little blue marble.  The only place that we know has life!  Stop wasting your brains.

Nationally I am amazed at how slippery Hillary Clinton is regarding getting caught and prosecuted.  I was saddened by the lack of concern the Delflector, FBI's Comey had with the personal email server she had in her basement.  But her intent was always to control her messaging so FOIA could not be used to see her shenanigans.  She even hired lawyers to go through her emails for disposal so she maintained a attorney client privilege.  So Comey said no intent on her part?  Seems the server and then the lawyers show all us rubes her intent.  But now we see the corruption even of our trusted FBI.  Efrem Zimbalist Jr. must be rolling over in his grave. 

The Democrat convention was pathetic.  Victim after victim testifying how bad America is.  And the press called Trump's speech the week before "dark".  You really get a taste of this divide between the left and the right and the lamestream media, the  apologist for everything lefty.  Today I read the press excoriating Trump for standing up for himself after the attacks of the Muslim fellow and his wife regarding Trump's proposal to vette people from terrorist countries or areas.  The press is outraged!  Yet where is the outrage from those liberal media lackeys to the mothers who testified about their murdered sons in Benghazi?  Nothing in their minds.  I feel very sorry for the parents of the soldier killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq.  However, their candidate voted for the war and Trump did not.  Where is the moral equivalence in that?  There is none.  No critical thinking by those boys and girls who "graduated form a Liberal Arts College.

Now we see the press carrying Hillary's water as she tries to return to the center of the political spectrum,.. They marvel at her attempt  to do this piece of political dishonesty.  She went so far left during the primary she met Ho Chi Minh.  Now the press let's her get away with this move to moderate.  Disgusting.  If a Republican (Trump) did this he would be called every name in the book from today till election day.  The press is not free anymore.  It is the vocal chords of the Democrat Party.  And where is the outrage for the DNC screwing over Bernie Sanders as exposed in their emails hacked and released by WikiLeaks?  The press spent more time and still does on Ted Cruz not endorsing Trump!  Pathetic.

In today's SacBee they did a article on a 78 year old Ecuadorian man who was sworn in as a citizen this last week.  He had been here thirty years, illegally.  His three kids got him the  ceremony so he could cast his  vote for,  wait now....Hillary Clinton!  So we get to see the plans the "amnesty" types like Clinton and Obama and the democrat party have in store don't we.  Millions of new democrat voters!  So this man was here illegally,  probably on taxpayers dollars for a living and now healthcare.  He decides to become a American to vote for Hillary!  You cannot make this stuff up!

And sadly, we see a hot air balloon hit some power lines in Texas and all 16 people in the basket are dead.  Joy turned to fear and I can only imagine what these poor people were feeling as they knew they were going to die.  I'll pray for them as I do for all those who pass that I know of and feel for.  God bless their souls.  Live each day as if it is your last.