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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Democrats Pelosi and Schumer are destroying the fabric of civility in America

I watched Nancy Pelosi this morning and as usual, she trashed Trump and the Republicans.  Her rhetoric is the mainstream of the left.  Namecalling, personal attacks, shaming, and shouting.  Nothing is too ridiculous for them to say in their attempts to denigrate the conservatives and their policies.  Here is her Presser this morning.

Now the left is attacking Trump's cabinet members in restaurants and follows them to their homes.  This is the left's best they can do.  Violence and the threat of it taught and practiced daily.  The Mussolini tactics from the 1920's. It is my opinion the American people have had enough of these "leaders" disrespect for the President and for his voters.  All their disrespect will bite them on the ass and that will be in November as we all vote.  A message will be sent.  The American people will spank you and make you a long-term backbencher if you don't shape up.

This week the left did their best to tar the Republican and Trump as not caring about little kids.  The phony-baloney"kids in cages" was actually from Obama's era.  Yet they tossed it out and claimed it was current.  Of course, the fake news media doubled down and never did their "due diligence" to expose the truth.  So Trump said OK, we will have a zero tolerance policy and we'll keep the kids with the adults.  Oh my, he outsmarted the mealy-mouth democrats.  They are now screaming on the House floor that Trump is still abusing the kids.  Why is that?  Because the democrats want to have "catch and release" so these illegals can melt into America.  They will never come back for their legal hearings so they become people "in the shadows" as the left likes to say.

We all know what the democrats are trying to do, don't we?  They want to flood America with new democrat voters.  Get so many in with open borders then legalize them and get them into voter booths.  This is really committing nationcide.  A mass of people with a different culture, never assimilating means the demise of America.  I suspect any other country would resist the destruction of their country from mass migration.  We see that in Europe today as the people are electing men and women opposed to immigration en masse by others.  Italy, Hungary, Greece, and others are now waking up to the possibility their countries will become something in memory only.

America is a bit different though.  We got here 400 years ago and over that time we accepted others from every country.  All who came wanted to be Americans and speak the language and accept the culture.  But now we see the democrats could care less about all that.  Anyone can come here and they don't even need to do so legally.  The left could care less about us and our culture.  They try and make us feel guilty if we resist the transformation into some other culture and language.  Well, they finally have resistance from us and we are not feeling guilty.  We are fighting fo America, its freedoms, values and culture.  The democrats are going to see their total rejection in November and from now on.  Americans are fed up with being called names by these self-proclaimed arbiters of life.  Democrats are making a huge error in defending illegal people coming here.  And they are going to see we want a country we can be proud of and not some "wild west" town without laws and rules.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Fake News is real and not ethical or moral

I read a couple of newspapers every day as well as internet news sources.  I also watch some TV shows and I do my best to watch and read both sides, or all sides of an issue.  I have concluded that we are all subject to the media as a dishonest institution.   I watch something live such as a press conference by Trump or someone else and then sees the subsequent reporting as well as opinions.  These people did not see the same thing or heard the same thing that I did.

It is systematic.  The media, for the most part, has always done the misinformation routine with Republicans and conservatives.  They take whatever is said and twist it.  Yesterday I saw a news conference by the leading democrats in Congress speaking on the Inspector General's Report on the Hillary investigation. These democrats were 180 degrees off the truth.  They took the report and tried to make it a Trump/Republican issue.  Even though Obama and his administration were the culprits.  And of course, the media just does their stenography.  But we who have a brain and keep track and read these things know the truth.  And every time the media and the left do their lying, we get a greater divide.  The truth should be the truth.  But ever since Bill Clinton said "it depends on what the definition of is is" the country has gone downhill in the media.

The IG report is all about politics and even the dumbest person can see and read that.  If you have paid attention over the last couple of years you know all this "Russia" thing is made up from whole cloth.  Not one indictment for "collusion" after the Mueller team has spent $20 million bucks.  The best they have is a couple of people indicted for acts many years before they were in the Trump campaign.  But the media reports that fact as if it is the Trump campaign.  Totally dishonest.  And Mueller indicts 13 Russian companies for interfering in the election.  And he knows they will not respond.  But wait, one did and is fighting back.  That has made Mueller crazy!  And the Russians are said to have allegedly spent $100,000 in FaceBook ads during the election!  Oh my goodness.  In a two BILLION dollar campaign, that $100,000 had an effect to sway the election?  And those ads were played after the election!

But the Fake News media plays this ridiculous fact as if it actually did sway the election!  I don't like any outside money coming into our system but please, we have common sense and know the money did nothing to sway anything at all.  Looking back I recall the Obama campaign was the beneficiary of about $250 MILLION in donations that were never tracked. No investigation there.  And then we have the Clinton Foundation that spent 90% of the donations on their private pay and travel and lifestyle.  No media scrutiny or investigation at all.  And yesterday a partisan AG in New York is suing the Trump Foundation for some ridiculous allegations.  Trump and his family got ZERO money from the non-profit and 100% went to charity.  So the media won't tell you that on a daily basis.

EPA's Pruitt is also under a daily attack.  And who is the attacker?  The eco's.  And they have billions of dollars at stake as Pruitt is bringing common sense and fairness back into the EPA.  The eco's see their donations and grants at risk.  Grants in the billions have made their way into the coffers of these liars and extremists.  Pruitt is scaring them to death.  So they attack and attack and have even got a couple of weak-kneed Republicans to get on board.  The left has tried to get Ben Carson tossed as well.  They beat him every day about some furniture in his office.  That tells me the same thing.  Grants to these leftwing partisans might be at risk so they have to get Carson out.  And the fake news keeps on posting it.

I saw this very same strategy here in Nevada County in the late 80's.  The city council of Grass Valley wanted to fire a police chief and the local press was not happy.  And they press became the cheerleaders and were on the council every day.  They fanned the flames of a recall and were successful.  Later it was shown the council was correct but the press would have none of it.  Withholding the facts is at every level.  FAKE NEWS.

We now have many sources for news and the lock of the AlphaBet networks has been broken.  But they still do a lot of damage and have made Americans suspicious of them.  It is a sad time for the truth in America.  Last week the Trump team had a great victory in Singapore with North Korea.  The fake news that not long ago said Trump was a "warmonger" was faced with a Trump that  is a "peacemaker".  But the press could not bring themselves to acknowledge.  So they lost more credibility with many Americans.  Why they can't simply report the facts rather than inserting their bias is beyond me.  I guess we need to boot out these professors that are teaching these people and get non-partisan people in their place.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Election system a flop

Having been involved in many elections in Nevada County over the years I have to say this June 5, 2018 election was the worst.  A total flop as far as I can see.  When Bruce Bolinger was the Elections official we had similar issues but at least we got the thing wrapped by Thursday after election day.  Sometimes counting the AV's took a while longer but this fiasco is over the top.  And the good people of Nevada County returned the protagonist to the fiasco to his post.  Go figure.

It would seem to me the "experiment" taught us all something.  Maybe the old ways were not so bad.  The Election offices of the five counties in this experiment appear to have the same problems.  Thousands of ballots still need to be counted!  And when these counties agreed to this strategy they had the wherewithal to ask for a bunch of "extra" money to implement it.  Well, what a waste of money.  I say if you have all this advance notice to a "date certain" why the hell did you not have an additional 100 people ready to count?  We all knew June 5, 2018, was the day!  Yet here we are waiting for 13,500 or more ballots to be counted.

I think Mr. Diaz should take the blame.  He got his extra money for this but maybe it was spent on things other than counting.  Maybe the money could have been spent on polling places and temp employees on election day.  Seemed to have worked for a couple of hundred years.  And did anyone talk to Oregon officials to get their system?  Seems they have mail only elections and they appear to work.  Or maybe they just hide things better.

Elections are the reason we should do and spend whatever it takes to get the job done in a timely and orderly fashion.  No more chincing.  Spare a welfare check or two and spend the money on the Franchise!  So please get the results done ASAP as there are many people waiting nervously for the results.  To me, the totals should have been available election night.  I recall Bolinger was a slowpoke in 1988 when I won by 49 votes but it was 5AM the next morning before it was done.  That was great compared to the mess today.

I say we need to return to the paper ballot, election polling places and maybe even a purple finger.  Hell, we could not even see who voted from the precinct lists that were always posted on the walls of the polling places!  That was a handy help on a "GOTV" strategy utilized by most candidates.  It was just not the same and not as fun doing this "mail" voting.  AV's should be only for those unable to physically get t the polls.  Whether from infirmities or travel conflicts.  I want my "I Voted" sticker just like the old days.  Of course, the old days were just two years ago.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Election day plus one

Lots of things to digest.  Statewide it looks like the Democrats (Pelosi) targeting of their seven Republican congressional districts is a flop.  One place they may pick up is Darrel Issa's district where he retired this go-around. Otherwise, we saw a good turnout of R's and not much from the D's.  John Cox will go against Newsome and that will be quite the battle.  Hopefully, Trump will come to visit and do some rallies for Cox.  Nancy Pelosi won big of course in her gerrymandered district and some of the other democrat districts show the numerous illegal immigrants were in play. 

Locally we saw Dan Miller win and retain his District Three seat on the BOS.  Thank goodness.  Hillary Hodge is totally unqualified to lead the post.  The people saw that and rejected her.  Diaz won re-election to the Clerk-Recorder even though this election program seems to be a real cluster-f***.  Hopefully, we will go back to voting in a booth at a local place and use paper ballots. But Diaz got an overwhelming victory so hats off to him.

It looks to me there is no "blue wave" on the horizon.  In fact I think there is a "red wave" coming and the democrats will be relegated nationally to back-benchers for a while.  California is a tough place though.  But I look forward to the lawsuits coming challenging redistricting and fairness.  How can the democrats have 44% of the registered voters and have 68% of the seats?  We will see.

Nationally I see the House and Senate retained and then some real progress for America and the working class.  Trump has changed things in politics and in my view it is good for the country.