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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore, a liberal/democrat incubation machine, Obama is a disgrace as well

Freddie Gray, a black man who died in police custody in Baltimore, Maryland was laid to rest yesterday.  Soon after, the people protesting his death were cast aside by thugs and riots, looting and destruction took their place.  Many days of peaceful protest got squandered yesterday.  I support the peaceful protests these concerned people exhibited over the demise of Mr. Gray.  What I can't understand is the thuggery in a democrat city run by democrats for many years. (It is represented by Elijah Cummings a black democrat Congressman who screwed over a Texas woman with the IRS)

After I heard with my own ears the black democrat woman Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake,  state in a press conference that the protesters needed "space to destroy" I knew things would escalate and get really ugly.  Why would a Mayor say that?  My goodness, is she a "community organizer"?  Obama today held a joint press conference with Japanese President Abe and he took many minutes to give us all his Professorial SIX POINTS on the Baltimore rioting.

Then I listen to the apologists on the TV shows and in print for all this rioting and I seem to now understand this a bit better.  It seems no matter what is done to try and solve these issues of inner city troubles, it cannot be solved because there is no pressure to do so.  Sure slavery was a terrible thing (I and my ancestors never owned another human) and it is a blight on the country's past, but this is 2015 and 150 years past the Civil War for goodness sakes.  It is time to stop the whining and finger pointing, roll up the sleeves and start improving lives.  This country gives every single person a free education.  mainly paid for by the property taxes of people who own land and other kinds of property.  Why not get that High School diploma?

I mean come on, it is "free", all we ask is please show up and get your education!  But the people I hear complaining about how terrible the place is never are asked why the hell did you drop out of a free education system?  This goes for all people and not just one race.  But when we see blacks, mostly thugs of a high school age, with their hoodies placed over their heads burning and rioting a city, we have to ask.  "Why not stay in school, graduate then get a good job"?  Never asked is it?  So we see these young men stealing a package of condoms or toilet paper like it was some victory over the tiger on a hunt.  Jeeze!

What I see mostly from the race baiters and haters is one set of excuses after the other for this bad behaviour.  These hustlers tell us, "we need more money" to solve these issues.  Say what?  These young men are wearing Air Jordans, watching their flat screens and doing social media on their $899 I-Phones.  They have a full stomach and decent clothes.  So where is the poverty being exhibited?  It is all about the liberal mindset and their policies passed and implemented over the last fifty years.

It is on display in these riots and their aftermath.  When President Obama dissed the police and claims this happens all the time across America how is that helpful? (Untruthful too)  Obama has no solutions as shown by his statements today.  After almost seven years as the most powerful man in America, where are his ideas to help the minority families and the young men full of rage and anger?  Nowhere to be found.  Rather than dissing the police all the time, perhaps some "tough love" from a black man?  I know the blacks in America expected good things to come when they overwhelmingly (95%) put Obama in office.  What did they get?  Julia and a free cell phone with a few prepaid minutes.

The country can move forward to success but the people, all people of all races, need to reject the hustlers and apologists for bad behavior and laziness.  Only then will all American be able to experience the success they can achieve if they would just redirect that negative finger pointing into the positive.  Obama has failed to lead and we see the results. More cities may be at risk and if we don't see a better response from the Mayors and Governors, we have a lot of fires to put out.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nevada City politicians are non serious (as a lib would say)

I was reading the article by George Boardman in the Union Newspaper this morning and I am in agreement with his view on Nevada City and their Fire Department issues.  I live in the Consolidated District (Formerly 49er) up on Banner Mountain.  We pay a fee on our taxes to help fund the District.  I am sure there are mutual response MOU's and rightly so.  We are all in the same forest.  But the issue of Consolidated and Grass Valley carrying the load for Nevada City is truly amazing.

HERE is the Boardman article today.

My experience in political decision making is quite simple.  The job of governance means you provide for the safety of the people first then the rest follows if there is any money left.  So police and fire are at the top in my opinion.  Nevada City politicians don't seem to have that urgency in the protection of their citizens it appears.  With the purchase of "Sugar Loaf" mountain above the city, we see the priorities of the town.  Sure the acreage is undeveloped now but over time it will be a recreation area needing protection.  That costs money but we see this one act as the town's priority for its limited money.

We see empty store fronts in the tourist town and we see a turnover of businesses that is very troubling.  Long ago Nevada City decided to be a tourist destination and it implemented a General Plan and Zoning ordinance that discourages business and innovation in my view.  Later,  the town leaders convinced the County that anything proposed within their "sphere of influence" be ordained by them and that policy (1.15 ) is contained within the County's General Plan.  If you want to paint your house, put in new windows or cut down a tree on your own property you are required to beg the city for permission and pay a fee for the privilege.

Many people like this amount of control and so it goes.  But for those wishing to visit (and spend their money and go home) the streets of the City are sometimes a real problem.  Homeless people sleeping in doorways, defecating in them too, trashing the streets and bothering the tourists doe not seem like a real good strategy for the City.  People smoking marijuana yet rousted for smoking a tobacco cigarette seems over the top.  Taxing the business owners on top of their property taxes and the sales tax they generate seems onerous to me.  My goodness, the business owners are risking their money to try and make a business survive in the town and are taxed again!

So the town does not want to pay for their share of the fire protection involving Consolidated and Grass Valley eh?  It looks to me like they need to prioritize their money.  Keep the fire and police funded properly and the potholes fixed.  Stop passing laws that keep a B and B from opening and other businesses as well.  If you want to survive as a viable town you better get your act together or you may have to de-charter.  If you want the Courthouse to stay within the City limits you better ensure decent fire protection.  Overall, you must "get real" about these things or become nonviable.

Thanks to the Union Newspaper for getting this story out.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy, who knew?

The last couple of weeks has been filled with disclosure after disclosure about the Clinton's and their pushing the ethical and legal boundaries of our country and it's laws.  Of course most of us who pay attention to this kind of thing and/or politics in general, know there are rules.  Sometimes these rules allow certain things to take place but if a person is cautious about how things "look" then they are best left alone.  Apparently this does not compute for Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Recent polls are showing a fast leakage of Clinton adherents from the column of "Trust" in her.  She is also losing ground to those wascally Republicans vying for the same office.  Clinton looks to me like she is a government official who sold her position for money and influence.  Sure, she thinks she and her hubby covered their butts with their "Foundation" but the appearance of impropriety and illegality is so strong I believe she will have to bow out.  Better to quit then be thrashed in the election by some upstart whippersnapper like Rubio, Cruz or Walker.

The things that the Clinton's learned in law school were not one's to be proud of apparently.  It looks to me they learned how to fib and obfuscate and to make huge sums of money by selling their positions to the folks seeking favors.  From the "sale" of the Lincoln Bedroom while they were in the Whitehorse, to the Whitewater land scams, and even to the "blue dress", these two Clintons have shown America the worst side of trust.  Sure, during the reign of William in the nineties he had a balance in governance supplied by the Newt Republicans and things worked out pretty good for America.  But left unfettered I think these Clintons are immoral and unethical when it comes to money.

The latest is the "uranium" deal that involves Canadians and Russians and all this while Hillary was the Secretary of  State.  Now it looks like their "Foundation" has received millions of dollars for their "help" and the winner is, wait for it, Vlad Putin!  He and his country are where America needs to go to secure uranium in some form for the nuclear industry!  Some estimates are that 145 million bucks got into the  Clinton "Foundation"!

The sad thing is maybe American democrat voters don't really care.  They hate the Republicans so much and are so stupid most of the time they will still vote for this woman.  My goodness what does that say?  Not much for smarts in my view.  And if that is not enough, Hillary claimed they were dead broke when they left the Whitehouse in January 2001 (along with the silverware) and scared for their future!  Oh please, she and Bill turned their "Foundation" into a billion dollar cash cow and one only needs to look at their travel bill for the last few years paid by the "Foundation".  70 million bucks!  Jeeze, and she is out there telling all who will hear (while Bill gets $500,000 per speech) that she is just "one of us" regular joes and janes.

The phoniness of this woman and her hubby is breathtaking.  But their is hope.  The press, the main-streamers anyway, that is even more far left then the Clinton's is apparently a little skeptical.  They would prefer a more liberal candidate, like Elizabeth Warren. So maybe the truth will out?

The thing that bothers me the most is the woman is vying for the highest office in the land which means she should have the highest standards and ethics of all us regular folks.  But she does not.  My goodness, though Jimmy Carter was a terrible President at least he had very high ethical and moral standards and I do not recall a "scandal" regarding money or access with him.  I think Clinton needs a primary battle at the very least and if the democrats want even a small chance of victory in 2016 they better get one going.  Otherwise, the democrat brand as pushed by the Clinton antics will wreck their party for decades.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton is the past, let's work for the future. Come on Media, be fair to the young guys!

America can do better.  I am still an optimist about our country but it is getting harder to be that way every day.  America has always been a forward looking country with a little bump every once in a while.  For my tastes, we need some younger people in charge.  Hell, we boomers are forcing them to pay for our largess so in my opinion they should be given more to say about things.  The Presidential race coming up is great opportunity for we oldies to turn things over to the young whipper-snappers.

We have been subjected to Clinton for years.  She is like a tick you pick up on a hike and can't get it out and off your body.  My goodness, can't America see how vacuous this woman is?  I sure hope so.  Recently the SNL did a skit where she was exposed for that vacuous mind.  It was a hoot!  I am sad for the democrat party (well maybe not so much) for their stable of candidates for the highest office.  Oops, well, one candidate.  Didn't we learn not to put all our eggs in one basket?  But the Clinton candidacy is theirs and they will be living and dying with it politically speaking.

The advantage Clinton has though is immense regarding the media exposure.  It could also backfire on her (hope springs) .  The "main stream media" is bound and determined to support her just as those biased jerks did with Obama.  In his case they were slobbering fools but they did their jobs.  (their noses are still implanted in his butt).  They never told the American people all about Obama to this day.  Fortunately Clinton is a well known candidate.

We all lived through the nineties listening to the premier wordsmith of the day, her hubby Bill.  We got to hear from him everyday for eight years.  He and Hillary were great at parsing words and sentences and giving new definitions for them.  What I learned is these two people are really odd.  Bill has a sexual problem and apparently Hillary just went along.  She actually defensed him each time he was caught.  The feminist community though never did their usual destruction on either one since they were for abortion.  I always knew the feminists were a crock and all that Clinton Presidency they proved it to America.

Clinton needs to bow out.  She has old ideas and failed policies and most Americans know it.  My how amazing it is the media even told us how she ate a chicken burrito the other day.  Apparently Bloomberg News found out the millionaire, Hillary Clinton, did not leave a tip for those working class slobs at the restaurant.  Typical.  She is trying to make everyone forget her past and she trying to "remake" herself as just one of us.  The media should be outraged!  But they are only outraged if a conservative woman runs for office.  Just recall Sarah Palin's relentless pummeling by the media and the comics.  She actually was an executive of a state and a college grad.  Oh, but the colleges she attended were not "Ivy League" so the press called her dumb.

Hillary Clinton is the wrong person for the current century.  She is old politics, she is not trustworthy and she is full of herself.  She knows the media will protect her though so she just blows off the truth and like her hubby Bill, she just makes things up.  I for one want to have her tell us all about Monica Lewinsky.  Why would she not stop Bill from abusing the young intern?  I want to know how she made $100,000 from a $1,000 investment in "cattle futures" in one year.  I want to know why our Ambassador under her watch was murdered and why she did not send help.  I want to see my emails on her server.  She committed felonies in my view and that makes her ineligible to be my President.

But, unfortunately, like the slobbering press kissing Obama, she will get no scrutiny from the MSM.  She is the first woman to run for President and a democrat.  She will be coddled and pampered and her feet will never be held to the fire of truth.  We all saw the Palin reporting and it was always negative.  We will see the same if Carli Fiorina runs.  She is a Republican and we all know the press is 90 percent lefty and she will get pummeled even though she is also a woman.  I find the press a shameful estate of America.  If they do not give Clinton the same treatment as they do a man, then the press is truly a massive hypocritical estate.  All my adult years the press says women are equal and should be treated the same as males.  You know, equal pay etc.  So now we will all get to see the lie of that.  The press will and is treating Hillary as a little flower or a fluffy kitty.  If the press would give the Republican men the same free time, I will eat a bug.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

TAX DAY! Here's looking at you!

All the reasons the Republicans fought against ObamaCare and lost will come home to roost now.  All those Americans that said they would get free health care will now see their refunds swiped by the Lois Lerner-less IRS.  All I can say to you that support this monstrosity brought to you by the democrats is WE TOLD YOU SO!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Barred Owls murdered by the State and Federal "Experts"

Who would have thought thew State and Federal agencies would stoop so low as to murder one species of owl to "save" another?  I mean if the Barred Owl likes to eat the Northern Spotted Owl, why is that a concern to humans?  When I read the article in today's Union Newspaper, Page A7, I almost fell out of my LazyBoy!

Barred Owl
Northern Spotted Owl
I have a few gripes against George H.W. Bush when he was President.  The ADA is one and fact he knuckled under to the eco nuts on the Northern Spotted Owl was the other.  A once vibrant industry in the Northwest was wrecked by the instituting of the bad science on these little owls.  Even in today's article the government still says the owl only lives in the "old growth" forests.  The big lie.  Those little critters have been found in all kinds of habitats.  But the myth was created to stop logging and weak kneed politicians fell into line and killed logging.

I remember all those little communities that were wiped out when the logging was curtailed.  Many people committed suicide because their lives were so upset.  But along came the Federal "saviors" and said to some of the devastated areas, "come, sign up for our "retraining" programs and welfare"  We turned towns into welfare destinations and the most important agencies were now Social Services.  They made slaves out of thousands of people.  But golly, those experts from the state and feds saved that little owl.  But even though the owl is a cousin, genetically speaking, of other owls numerous in the west, the sacrifice of the humans to "save it" was "worth it"!  Well maybe not.

The lies told about this little owl are too numerous to list here but they are many.  For me, I was doing my best at the time in the early 90's to brings some common sense to the issue.  But as usual, the government would have none of it and all the "legal" was weighted to the eco extremists.  Over the course of the years the timber used in California and most of the USA was from Canada.  So our construction industries used foreign wood to build our homes while we have a great renewable resource right here.  Many hundreds of billions of dollars were sent north to Canada where their "rules" were much different.  I bet they laughed their asses off on the way to the bank!

Delhi Sand Fly
Fairy shrimp in a puddle
But common sense has no place on these listings of "endangered species".  I recall the Delhi Sand Fly in Riverside County a few years back that forced the County to move a proposed hospital (costing millions) to accommodate a fly!  I mean, are those people still in charge of listings?  Then we have the Sage Hen in the mid section of America and there was the little fairy shrimp in puddles in "vernal pools" in our central valley.  There is so much insanity on these listings but one thing is clear to me.  These are all about the hate of capitalism and freedom and not much about the critters.  The critters are simply the convenient tool we have created in America to feel good about ourselves.  The ESA abuse is so widespread that soon America will be under the thumb of the "green storm troopers" of the environmental movement.  The "Commerce Clause" of our Constitution has been so abused to enable every little puddle of water, every little critter and plant to receive billions of our tax dollars that we must be really good people?

The pendulum hopefully will swing back towards common sense in the not to distant future.  If not, then we will see a new form of government called "environmentalism" and enforced by green storm troopers.  Your land is really not yours it appears and if you fight them for your rights they have the full force and checkbook of our "people's government" to destroy you.  The Northern Spotted Owl fiasco must be defeated or as the eco nuts say, "it is a canary" in the mine to alert us against the fascists.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Federal Judge denies Obama a STAY on his amnesty Executive Order

HALT!  No STAY says Federal Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas.  You Feds lied to me and I will keep the status quo until we straighten this out.  Lied?  Yes, it appears Obama's people were trying to pull a fast one and got caught.

HERE is the article.

Homeland Security simply proceeded with the "Amnesty" after the Judge had put it on hold.  I think the Judge is really PO'd!  What this shows is the lawlessness exhibited  by Obama and his minions.  I guess our "Constitutional law professor" President really doesn't care much for the courts. I have had my criticism of the courts over the years but overall, we have to let the legal issues be worked through the system.  It supplies a form of stability and keeps tyrants in check.  In this case we see how the Executive branch thumbs its nose at the process America has in place.  Whoever made the decision to proceed against the "Order" of the Judge should be fired.  But as we have seen with the IRS scandal, Benghazi murders and Hillary "coverup" (that 3AM call?) and many more, the Executives feel immune. The EPA is now a "king" department too.

This is very dangerous for America.  When there is no accountability for bureaucratic criminal behavior, we then have a dictatorship.  I hope this Judge in Texas keeps the heat on since we don't need another 5 plus million democrat voters.  And that is what it is all about.  Padding the books for the democrats.