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Friday, July 3, 2015

Have a Happy Fourth of July, don't let liberals put a damper on your celebration!

When a murdering scumbag killed those nine people in a South Carolina church America was outraged.  I too am outraged.  When the murderer posed with a Confederate Battle Flag, I never thought the issue of the murders would be diverted to the flag and away from the murders.  I was wrong of course, the left in America had a new "tragedy" to exploit.  So rather than discuss the issues of mental illness and underlying issues with deranged people, the left decided to go after a flag.

Now we are one day from the National Holiday celebrating the birth of America and the left is going after Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.  Both Founders had slaves and were from the South in the colonial days.  So, we see where the left goes don't we?  America is not worthy because its Founders were imperfect in the eyes of people judging them from today's liberal standards.

The problem with a liberal view of the country is their perspective is only relevant in their lifetime.  I say they are no better than the Taliban and ISIL scum who blow up history to show how today is supposed to be.  The only thing the Taliban and ISIL scum agree on about history is their "Prophet".  That man from 650 AD!  They want to use that date as the beginning and the end of their history!  So American liberals are doing the same thing.  Blow up those icons of history.  Next the liberals and democrats will be dismantling the Washington Monument, or maybe renaming it.  They will rename it  Fidel or Vladimir.  Or maybe a woman?  Next is our currency.  Oops, that is now in the works.

What is the difference between the Taliban and ISIL regarding historical artifacts?  Not much.  Sadly, other American business and institutions give in to the propaganda of the icon rather than actually doing something that will make a difference.  If there was no monuments or icons would we know anything about the past?  Hell, the left even rewrites our history books to deny the full scope of our country's life.

America is actually reaching a "tipping point" about the overreach of political correctness.  This attack on the white majority by white liberals and their allies in the illegal immigrant railroad will enrage people enough to force reality back into the culture.  The mainstream media is in need of cleansing as well.  We  see the outrage that fair, alternative news sources like FOX and talk radio force them to make corrections. These liberal graduates of liberal arts colleges taught by liberal/commie professors have polluted the minds of our countrymen.  We have to keep up the fight and meet these liars about our country at every turn.  America is too valuable to leave its legacy up to these liberal usurpers.

So I say go forth and celebrate our country and all the wonderful things it brings to the citizens and the world.  Millions want to come here and to me when people vote with their feet like that, you know that is the truth.  Don't listen to liberals,.  Mock them.  Get them fired from our schools and colleges for cause.  No more indoctrination by these tenured scholars of liberal hate.  Return America to the land of opportunity with your positive outlook.  Don't let the liberal usurpers and fifth columnists make you change your beliefs.  Celebrate America's greatness.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

America destabilizing? Who wins with that?

Things happen very fast in real life and it is hard to keep up sometimes. We see technological changes on a daily basis, we see cultural changes in lifestyles and things like music and clothing happen almost as quickly.  What I never thought I would see is a destabilization of the underlying country like I am seeing these days.

America is as one President said years ago, "one generation" from destruction.  I have watched in my lifetime the rise of America to greatness in the nations and now headed for the dustbin.  This great experiment of individual freedom, protected by law and understood and supported by most people, is under a barrage of attacks.  Customs and culture shared as a American life are now derided and mocked.  Whether it is traditional family life, religious beliefs, the "Golden Rule" or respect for others believing in American exceptional ism, America is under siege.

I say this with a heavy heart.  When I was born in 1950, my father and his generation had been out of the war against fascism for only five years.  America was settling down into its normal life.  {People were living a calm and peaceful existence.  The 50's were for the most part a decade where Americans became the leaders of the world.  President Eisenhower governed over an America on the rise to greatness.  Sure there were things that had to be resolved such as getting rid of segregation for the 10% of Americans who were black.  And Eisenhower did.  But for the most part people led their lives in a calm, traditional way and there was peace.

Unfortunately, the children of those brave men and women who fought and defeated fascism, took things for granted and became "agitated".  That is, the one's in colleges.  Professors had always been liberal but now it appeared they were also agitators.  They polluted the minds and beliefs of people and most were, in my opinion, closet socialists or communists.  The students were their tools.  Those young people who should have been learning how to spell and do math were being taught how to protest.  Free Speech in Berkeley, California, led by Mario Savio, was the initial protest that I became aware of. Savio of course became a "professor" later and went on to pollute more minds.

So America started to have problems almost exponentially after the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963.  I think his murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a Soviet trained assassin.  Lyndon Baines Johnson then became our President and he certainly had a agenda.  He wanted "civil rights" to be his legacy and to gain them for all he pushed the "Civil Rights Act" and the Voting Rights Act".  Along with the "Great Society" LBJ changed the country for good.  Now there was nothing to stop all people from voting and nothing to stop millions of people getting on the public dole.  The American family was now given the tools of destruction.

My generation, the "baby boomers" were divided into two parts.  The college activists and everybody else.  The everybody else group was much larger than the "activists" but the press made it seem the activists were huge.  Most boomers were just hard working people  living regular lives.  That was not "interesting enough" for the press.  Looking back at the news stories on the Alphabet TV stations, I don't recall a story about the auto mechanic or farmer.  It was a nightly story of the scofflaws at some college or others blowing up some police station.  The die was cast as they say.  Normal Americans were tossed aside for the "if it bleeds it leads" of the liberal press.

The press has always been opposed to anything or anyone "conservative".  Starting with the defeat of Richard Nixon and the press' disinterest in reporting the 100,000 dead Chicago voters that put Kennedy over the top, to the LBJ allegation that Barry Goldwater would "nuke" the planet into oblivion, the press has been shameless. The  Vietnam War, started by Kennedy and LBJ set off the activists of America and led to the election of Nixon, a Republican, in 1968.  It took him and his successor seven more years to end what the democrats started.  During LBJ's tenure, we also saw the riots of blacks across America in the cities.  We saw Watts in Los Angeles burn.

Along with Detroit and many other cities I was perplexed at these riots.  America had passed the "Civil Rights Act" and the "Voting Rights Act" to heal the wounds of slavery and the  "Separate but equal" ruling of the US Supreme Court in the "Plessy v Ferguson", 1896 case. Yet the blacks were rioting and burning down their own houses!  It made no sense.  That apparently has not changed as we see the results of their actions in Ferguson, Missouri (ironic RE: Plessy?) and Baltimore, Maryland.  Baltimore is majority black and run by black elected officials.

Boomers that were the hippies and leftwing activists during the 1960's and early 1970's were smart enough to know they could never make it into the free capitalist society of America.  They decided to become the elected officials and teachers and professors of our young.  Over time they succeeded.  One only needs to see the size and scope of their input into the culture to see the terrible seeds of the demise of America.  These people were the liberals, the communists and the anarchists.  William Ayers and Bernardine Rae  Dorn were just two of these anarchists that became teachers and professors.  Polluting the minds of our you without regard for the truth.  I blame their bosses more though for hiring them.  How is it possible our education system would have these extremists in the classrooms?  So these types were inculcated in every important part of American government, education and jurisprudence.

Over the years these "fifth columnists" of hate and anarchy have undermined the country and it traditions and values.  The word "fairness" has replaced "hard work" and "determination" by the individual.  They are teaching "fairness" and its definition is "take from the doers and give to the non-doers".  If you succeed it must not be your abilities.  If you fail it is because those that succeed took you stuff.  They hardly teach history now.  One thing remains the same however.  The education system is filled with American detractors who are teaching our kids to hate the place. 

Now we see lately the same Supreme Court that ruled in 1896 that "separate but equal" was Constitutional is making and creating laws from whole cloth.   In spite of their role in the very Constitution they swore to uphold.  Undermining the the country from the bench once more.  Is it any wonder there is little respect for the courts and the system?  These actions and the role of political activists on the left serve no one.  They undermine the very fabric of laws, of the system of respect for the individual and the victory over the fascists in the 1940's.  We have to take back the education of our young from these usurpers.  Textbooks need to discuss the good as well as the bad.  The colleges must be returned to a place where free speech is applauded and encouraged rather than banned for "political correctness". 

Lastly but not least, capitalism needs to be taught from the first grade to graduation from college.  It is the greatest force for good ever conceived from an economic perspective (of course nothing is perfect).  I one doubts that, look at the other "isms" in history and if you cannot accept the truth of the freedoms brought by capitalism and a free government of individuals, then I say GOD help you.  If you want all to be slaves on the planet, toss our country and its Constitution and culture into the trash.  America is the last best hope for the freedom of the individual.  If it fails the planet will return to darkness.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Marriage means anything we want it to mean now. SCOTUS GODS say so.

I actually think we have lost our collective minds in America.  But, as a "free" country, I suppose we will remain on this course until we are no more.  SCOTUS has now became our GOD for the secularists.  What they say is now gospel and all must bow to their greatness and wisdom. State's rights are a thing of the past.  The Ninth and Tenth Amendments mean nothing and the NINE are now more important than our elected Congress people.  What an amazing outcome lately for America.  Next, OKing amnesty for all people of the planet earth who want  to come here. They will find that "right" in the Constitution.  Just like they found the rights of people to own slaves.  Yep, now all Americans are the slaves of SCOTUS!  Long live the Scrotum, errr, SCOTUS!

Confederate Battle Flags are what?

Now this picture confused me.  It came off of Facebook.

This was the text from the picture.  You decide what you want.  Freedom of Speech lives! 

"The Confederate Battle Flag represents racism.... I don't think so. I for one know the history and I'm from the North and married to an Alabama girl for the last 36 years. The red, white and blue stand for the same as our US flag. Red= valor, blue= justice and white for purity. The stars are the 13 original colonies. Not far from ours today. The difference lies in the interpretation. First it was never a state flag. It was designed as a battle flag for the southern states. The X is the main difference. It represents the south wanting out of the Union after the northern aggression to push their laws on the south. It was the succession movement which is what lead to the civil war. It never had or represented race or racism, slavery or even white supremacy that some believe it did. Simply their wanting to leave the union... Please do your own research. People need to actually read a history book! Something that teachers do not teach and politicians with hidden agendas continue to destroy historic documents so they can pass their agendas. Which is continuing to enslave the people by taking away our ability to be free people. What I mean by that, they use our tax dollars to live like royalty, They love big government because they can hide from accountability. Meanwhile they do everything possible to keep us from gaining financial security. IRS, Taxes, USDA, FDA, EPA, and every government agency is like a leech and sucking every dollar out of our wallets. You want to abolish something- get rid of the government control that is in our lives. They are not allowing the people to be free. Stop voting for these politicians that vote for their buddies and making themselves millionaires while screwing the people.

We need people for the people. We need to stop allowing these people to live off our hard work."

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Germans recruited to ISIL? Really?

I have a Sunday only subscription to the Sacramento Bee.  They were running a special and I decided to try it again.  I had canceled my subscription many years ago because I got sick and tired of their liberal bias in the news articles and on the Opinion pages.  I thought I'd try again but lo and behold nothing has changed.

Matthew Schofield
Today on page 15A there was a article by McClatchy Foreign Staff reporter, Matthew Schofield, titled, Islamic State recruits vulnerable Germans.  It caught me eye since I was unaware there were Germans headed to the mid-east who wanted to fight for the head choppers.  I thought how is this possible?  We can't even get the Germans to confront Putin of Russia or defend themselves from Greece!  The country and its people have gone very soft since they were the scourge of the planet 70 years ago. 

So I read the article and it became clear to me that real Germans, the white ones, were not those "Germans" that were headed to the ISIL camps to learn how to blow themselves to smithereens along with innocent children.  But to really find out this fact, that the people headed out were "immigrants" from other countries, such as Turkey or other Islamic countries, one has to search and analyze.  Just as these reporters do here in American articles, you just can't find out the nationality of people other than "white" in these stories.

There are teasers in the article though.  Mosque is in there.  Immigrant is there (but from where?) and some other coded words.  But never anything directly stating the ISIL warriors  are really transplants from other countries and non-white.  There is even the same accusation that "Briton's" are headed to ISIL.  No mention these are Islamic transplants.  Why the press does this deception has troubled me greatly over the years.  There are millions of people from the Islamic countries in Europe and America.  Yet, you would never know they are the ones populating the "foreign fighter" ranks of ISIL.  The deception is they are "Anglos".

Whenever there is an article or news story in America about a criminal act, the press has rules to not call out the race of the perp.  But if the perp is white, no problem at all about identifying his/her race.  Isn't it relevant to know the race of a criminal?  How do the police notify others on a BOLO?  We have allowed political correctness to overtake common sense in the pursuit of criminals!  Are we that stupid?  Apparently so.

I was reminded of this PC reporting "rule" while looking for the race (and ethnicity) on some heinous crimes including "gang rape" of young girls.  In some of the articles, the reporter uses words like "man" and similar terms rather than alerting us to the truth.  In those cases I read, the perps were Mexicans!  Not one mention they were, or the fact they were illegal aliens!  This PC puts all law abiding people at risk if they cannot be told the truth.

So there we have it.  Another PC reporter fails to mention the true identity of the perps and leaves the impression they are really "German" or "British".  There are very few if any "white" Europeans fighting for ISIL.  That is just not something taught in the schools of Germany or Great Britain.  It is taught in Islamic schools though and preached in the Mosques.  Can you imagine a Pastor here in America preaching "suicide bombing" to his flock?

I would hope that our "press" would get off the PC wagon and start telling the people the truth.  Report the facts, don't withhold facts because you don't want to hurt some suicide bombers feelings, or his family members.  No wonder print media and the Alphabet networks are headed to the dustbin.  MSNBC is now the PC frontrunner in TV as is the New York Times in paper.