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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obama is detached from reality and is a spoiled man-child

President Barack Obama plays pool at Wynkoop Brewing Co. with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, rear, on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
Washington Times Photo

I shake my head in disbelief almost on a daily basis regarding the lack of leadership and balls shown by President Obama.  The latest outrage is his "visit" to Texas.  He spent most of his time, paid for by the taxpayers of course, doing nothing but goofing off and fundraising for his crony capitalist friends.  This is nothing new of course, and many of us said this was really what the man was all about back in the 2008 race for the office. (voting "present" all the time) The lamestream media still props this sorry excuse for a President up and a pox on all of them.  There are a few outlets that get the truth out to the people and my hat's off to them.  Of course they are awaiting audits from Lois Lerner's minions at the IRS.  And the EPA and the EEOC will be knocking on their doors too.

There is a manufactured humanitarian "crisis" at our borders and Obama refused to go take a "up-close" and personal looksee.   The closest he got was a short "closed door" meeting with Governor Rick Perry.  Perry (HERE and HERE) later said he did not understand much of what Obama was yapping about.  But hey, the man met with the enemy and though Perry did not make the mistake of hugging him, all of America could see the dodge.  This influx of illegals can be tied directly to Obama;s Executive Order to allow those illegally here but under 18 to stay and begin the process of staying permanently.  Using a Bush era law designed to deal with pedophiles, the kids of south of our border saw one of those "unintended" consequences of a law and flooded here.  Another reason to force the Congress to read a bill before signing off I guess.

So back in January the feds were looking for some cheap buses to move some expected kidlets around America after they arrived across the Rio Grande.  We are all trying to find out how Obama knew this was coming.  But like Benghazi, it is all Bush's fault.  So we have a President and a sycophant butt kissing media denying America the information we expect under our Constitution.  We get a pool playing, beer drinking foray into Texas to get some dollars for nuts like Sheila Jackson Lee etal, and nothing for the good people of Texas except a thumbed nose and an Italian salute!

While Obama is giving the country the finger and making speeches whining about the Republicans in the House (never a word about the prostitute Harry Reid in the Senate), these little munchkins are being bused all around the country.  They are spreading their illnesses everywhere!  And we taxpayers are paying for it all.  Obama wants three billion in emergency funds to house feed and give these kidlets lawyers!  Hell, it would cost maybe ten million to gather them up, take them to the airports and send them home.  We could give each one five thousand bucks as well.  That would be way cheaper!  Then the worried parents could get back ten to one their investments with the coyotes who escorted these kidlets across Mexico!  Great return of the dollar eh?

This is just one of the many acts of a man who has no clue on how to lead and protect his own country.  He mocks those that disagree and refuses to bend one iota in compromise.  Of course, the lamestreams say it is the Republicans who refuse to compromise therefore protecting their boy.  Our boys shrink into the fetal position when they get accused of "racism" if they argue for the truth against Obama.  But that didn't stop a woman of color down in the south of telling Obama what the truth is.
She was upset that the money Obama wants should be used for Americans.  What a thought eh?  America is in deep "middle class" trouble and all they get is a set of promises and "hash tags" to cure what ails.  But that is the mindset of a liberal like Obama.  Throw money at it, overwhelm it with more and your intentions get you a pass on the responsibility scale because you/he, cares!  He caused all this and now he wants us to bail him out while he excepts zero responsibility on both ends of the deal!  Of course Bush was reamed a new one by the same lamestream media on a daily basis about Katrina.  Even though he acted damn quick and secured billions for the rebuild.  But, he was not a liberal of course.  The reality is all this whining by Obama looks bad to Americans and it looks bad to the rest of the planet's people.  American Presidents were usually pretty good at leading and getting things done during a crisis.  Now we are stuck with a man-child (he is a true metro-sexual male) who takes no responsibility for anything unless it makes him look good.

America deserves better leadership and we need it right now.  The systemic corruption Obama has brought to the Executive Branch has to be curtailed.  All the things he stands for makes many Americans who voted for him very sorry they did.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Gary Oldman apologizes for Playboy interview. Why?

The 12 craziest slams in Gary Oldman’s Playboy interviewPC (political correctness) is once again on display.  The famous actor spoke his mind about a host of topics and apparently offended a few  PC "mafia" groups dejour. HERE are the 12 topics and jis responses to the interviewer (I just look at the pictures) and I must say, if these things can't be spoken by anyone, the we are truly screwed.

What I don't understand about PC Nazi's is  how fast they go after anyone who says something they don't like and force the person to get down on their knees and beg forgiveness.  Oldman spoke his mind and now he is asking, begging, forgiveness on every venue he can put himself.   He  defended Mel Gibson's drunken rant when he was arrested a few years ago.  I don't condone what was said by Gibson but my goodness he was a drunken fool at the time.  Everyone says stupid things while intoxicated.  We all say things we normally would not because the alcohol loosens up the brain.  So what?

Oldman usually plays parts that portray him as a mean person, a person we don't take home to meet the family.  That appears to be fine because it makes the PC crowd money I suppose.  Those investors in the movies I mean.  But speak your mind in real life and they want to run you out of the business and even out of town!  America needs to lighten up.  Free speech is sometimes not to pretty.  Look at the local left in our community and you can see how creative they are calling people names.  The left seems to be able to call the two "unprotected" groups, white males and Christians, anything they want and there is no blowback like Oldman and Gibson get.

So the liberals/left/democrats can make all kinds of sitcoms, movies and other forms of "entertainment" and call the two unprotected groups whatever they want and the special interest PC "mafia's"  never raise a finger or a lawsuit threat.  The ACLU is quiet.  The race and gender hustlers though are busy busy.  I reviewed the 12, so-called,  hot opinions of Oldman and though I may disagree with them they do not meet the outrageous test for banning them or the man who said them.  Perhaps the "protected" groups in America (and elsewhere  (Canada, UK) should lighten up and shut up.  If someone makes a fool of themselves then that says they are simply human.  I have heard much worse out of the mouths of liberals here locally and across the land then Oldman's comments.  But, he apologized under pressure so all is good (just like Elliot Spitzer, Weiner, etal) .  Another person intimated into silence.  My what a boring world the PC crowd is crerating.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Immigrants here illegally must do the right thing

Headed Home, Sorry.

Lots about this in the press the last few days.  It appears the Federal government operatives knew back in January of this year that a flood of illegal immigrant children would be crossing over the border later.  Now it is later and here we go.  Exploiting a loophole ion some 2002 law that says illegal immigrant children from non-contiguous countries must be held rather than sent back with 48 hours. (plus Obama's Executive Order on kids of illegal residents)

So now that the left has overused the "children" of real Americans to sell every program known to man, they now have a whole new mantra.  Children of the world are now being used to sell their communism/liberalism. We American's are now being "guilted" into a forced compassion to take care of these kids.  Well, I think I am compassionate.  I agree we should feed them, provide security and then buy them a one way ticket back to their home country. Escorted of course.

I am amazed at the creativity the left in America has for shenanigans to get their way.  Importing these little kids is their laytest and I must say, who on earth would have ever thought of this except some creative, devious, devilish  libcoms?  I mean the 2002 law was a way to simply recognize that little kids from a non-contiguous country could not practically be sent back with 48 hours.  So a little more time was required to process them.  No one I know could have thought that practical action would mean staying forever more!  Now the Feds are trying to disburse these kids to people claiming to be their relatives and they are all over America.  Get them disbursed so it becomes impossible to find them.  What a scam.

America is in need of some courage to tell those that believe we can survive "open borders" to go to hell.  In my opinion, if we want these kids to be loved and taken care of we need to reunite them with their blood relatives in their home countries.  That is true "family values".  So, we gather these munchkins, put them on a plane and send them back.  I bet they want to be with their mom and dad.  These are little people without opinions who just want their parents love and attention.  Let's be truly compassionate and reunite them!

We see though that someone in the government knew this would take place.  They even rented buses in advance, many months ago, to transport these kids all around the country.  We need to find out who these people are and toss them into jail and throw away the keys.  They are "fifth columnist" who have the destruction of our country as their goal. 

Back in the 1920's and 30's Joseph Stalin decided on a way to secure the future of the USSR by subterfuge of great creativity.  Rather than simply murder everyone in a country he invaded he decided to ship Russian there to live.  He did this for many years and all those who lived there and resisted he shipped to Siberia!  Over time he was proven out.  Look at the Ukraine today!  The Crimea and Eastern Ukraine have a majority of Russians.  Same with some Baltic countries and others.  Why not move millions of people from south of our border into America and eventually gain control?

It really seems to me that this could be a plausible way to redistribute America's wealth to others.  Why would we want millions of people who don't assimilate into our American culture?  Why would we want multiple languages?  Uneducated people without ties to the basic premise of America, you know, the LAW, not men, rule.  Why would we allow the liberals and their sycophant press make us feel guilty?  I don't.  I love all people but we have to live by the rules of the country.  My goodness, it is anarchy if we don't.  Most Latinos who are here legally agree with me.  But the politicians are afraid of how the leftwing press will portray them so they don't really speak their minds.  Look what they did to Tancrdo of Colorado. 

So, we have to show solidarity to the people of Murrietta in Southern California and any others who are standing up t this mass lawbreaking by Obama and his minions.  It will come to things people don't want.  We don't need millions of people bringing in diseases we had eradicated.  We don't need more on the "freebie rolls" of government handouts.  We need to stop this insanity or end up like the Crimea and the Baltics.  America will become a distant thought if we do not ask of those wanting to come here to do it right.  If you are here illegally, go home and apply for entry through the legal process.  Obama, secure the border and keep us safe.  We don't want ISIS type messes here.

Muslim woman apologist is taken to school regarding "peaceful Muslims"


I was sent this link to a panel on Benghazi murders and this amazing woman on the panel spoke what most Americans think.  If you come away from this explanation without standing up a applauding then you are not a rational person and I suspect not a true American patriot.  No PC in this two and half minutes, only truth and a rational view of the world of radical Muslims and their "religion of peace".

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Democrats apoplectic about SCOTUS decisions! And other rants

My goodness, the left has once again gone to their playbook and resurrected their phony "war on women" to complain about this weeks Hobby Lobby decision.  Of course the SCOTUS was simply deciding a William Jefferson Clinton signed law but you would never know that.  It is a fundraising tool today as reported by the press.  Nothing about the veracity of enforcing a Clinton law. 

I have not forgiven Chief Justice John Roberts for his manipulation of the Constitution to find ObamaCare legal.  He used the "tax" provision of the document not the "freedom" parts.  He was wrong and it will eventually be booted as UnAmerican.  But Hobby Lobby and the others who are opposed to abortion simply used the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, signed by Clinton and unanimously voted on by the Congress.  Oops, now the left denies it. 

What this decision means to me though is maybe there is a glimmer of hope that individual freedoms are important.  If we allow the contrived legal theory that came into being using the "police powers" of government to prevail, we will never be free.  The use of the "police powers" and then the "Commerce Clause" has allowed the encroachment of government into our lives at all levels and all ages.  The power of government has grown because the use of "emotions" prevailed for so long as the measure of "right and wrong".  Logic and truth were overlooked.  Get people's emotions going and you can accomplish any deed, even dastardly ones, and make them the "law".  It has been used by politicians since the beginning of time and made into a science by politicians on the left.  Hobby Lobby executives have rights to run aspects of their company that their religious beliefs control.  Hell, how can the government get involved anyway in my view?  The government used the "police powers" they somehow gave them selves to do so.

So, no matter how you want to run your life or your company you must deal with all this interference from the government.  Go look at the lunch rooms in any business.  Placards and slogans everywhere.  Mandatory postings of a employees rights.  Nothing about their duties though.  So if you get pissed at the boss, go to the lunch room wall, get the number and call the EEOC and all the other alphabet soup agencies and stand back.  Pretty soon the agencies will demand so much you will have no job after they satisfy your complaints.  Hell, a business of a certain size in  America  can't even close their doors without government's permission!

So once in a while we get a decision from above that holds back the juggernaut of government but only for a while.  We pay bureaucrats to sit behind desks to come up with ways around any common sense decision made by rational people.  They come up with more and complex regulations and ways to tax.  We pay them to do this!  Are we stupid?  Yes!  Until we get rid of the Civil Service and government Unions we will never fix the problems.  But for a few minutes, Hobby:Lobby and some others get to run their business as they desire.  But, I bet within a short time, the liberals and the bureaucracy will be back in charge.

Government control is the goal of the liberal/democrat.  If they want to use your money to implement their agendas then who are you to get in the way?  Sure, you make the money, take all the risks and pay the taxes, but that is all you get.  We will tell you what to do, where your money goes and if you resist we will send in the IRS, EPA and all the rest.  No, we need some major overhauls of the basics here in America.  I heard the European Union has a chronic 12% unemployment rate.  Is that what we want?  I say no but in order to get the country going we need a "government holiday" in rules and regulations.  Get out of the way and let the freedom and creativity of our people prevail.  Of course we keep the cops to ensure the bad guys don't take our stuff and our lives, but all the rest I say get out of the way!

Cut the tax rates to nothing for a few years.  No capital gains.  No death tax.  No laws that are not read and signed off and then voted on by our "Representatives". (No Federal Register entries)  No excise taxes and fees placed on our telephones, cell phones, TV's and vehicle tickets.  No red light cameras. Sheesh!  Ever look at your cable and cell phone bolls?  No internet taxes.  Get out!  All those billions and trillions will be spent much better by those that earn it.  Hell the middle class has been wrecked by all this government and democrat interference.  You want a middle class?  Let them keep their money.  Pretty simple.

So there I go again.  Another rant.  Shrink the government down, get them out of everything except law enforcement.  Watch the place go gangbusters overnight.  The rest of the world will thank us.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Democrat Party, the lawless breed, bad for America, pay attention!

It seems as if every day we get a new edict of lawlessness from the democrat party and its leaders in the US Senate and the President.  For a country unique in the planet's history regarding the rule of law not of men, it seems we have digressed back into a "kingdom" rather than the representative Republic I though we were.  I have never seen so much disregard for the rules by the rule makers than Barack Hussein Obama and Harry Reid.   Now we see the rest of the liberal sheeple fall into line to take the last step over the "freedom" cliff.

Today we see Nancy Pelosi, the woman two deaths from the Presidency just a few years ago, traipsing down to the border (not the restaurant) to say hello to her future constituents and voters.  She wants to make happy with all the little chillin tossed across the Mexican border by the Mexican officials.  It looks like most of these chillin are from Central America and their parents could give a rat's ass about their safety.  How did these little munchins make it the hundreds and hundreds of miles through the drug lord infested hinterlands of our southern neighbor?  Hell they can't drive, they are mostly little tiny kids and they had no money.  Yet they made it here and came across our border to become "refugees"?  Who helped them?

We Americans are pretty forgiving people, well at least the conservatives are.  Liberal carry lifelong grudges and they never pass up an opportunity to get even when they are shown to be wrong or exposed as idiots.  We on the right know we make mistakes and then shake it off and move on to bigger and better things.  But ever since we conservatives started the alternative media outlets so we could at least here our point if view, the left has done their best to stifle the contra we tell.  But over the last few tears we have seen America turn center-right and this was the last straw for the liberal/democrat party comrades.  When they had to debate their ideas they found out quickly that they lose with the people.  What to do?  They became "lawbreakers" to get their way. (Use the FCC to squelch dissent as well or give up our internet hegemonic ownership)

 I first saw this in California when Attorney General Jerry Brown chose not to defend Prop 8 in court.  Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger also was to blame, but it was Brown who broke the law and the trust of the people on that issue.  The consequence for lawlessness though was nothing.  The press never challenged him because they are in Jerry's undies, kissing his ass.  They are simpatico so why would we expect criticism?

When I saw that Prop 8 non defense strategy, I knew it would spread across the land and be picked up by liberals everywhere.  If there are no consequences to breaking the law or not enforcing it, why not?  The press, with few exceptions nationally, is lefty.  These liberals are their friends.  Hell they marry into each others family and the incest for each other is evident in every story they write.  How could they press a challenge to their own sister and brother when they are married to them?

When I saw the "sanctuary" city BS going on here in San Francisco and elsewhere I knew we were in for a long ride.  Then Obama picked up the idea and made America a "sanctuary" country!  Not enforcing immigration rules, allowing illegals to stay, paying the bills of these illegals with debtor American dollars by the billions.  I saw Obama and the liberals sue Arizona and win for goodness sakes!  Then the poor border states, California included, get stuck with taking care of these people from across the planet.  Our kids and our people sacrifice through higher taxes the subsidy of these future democrats.  But Pelosi will go greet them.  She will charge the taxpayers for hr travel and staff to greet these little ones.  She won't ask how they got here of course.  All she sees is future yes boxes on ballots for the left.  Shameless.

Of course this lawlessness goes right down the line into all the federal executive departments and America is now close to becoming a "banana republic" just like Panama was in the years past.  King Obama will issue more edicts and his minions in charge of the IRS, EPA and all the rest will do their dirty work.  Americans will however get to a point of non compliance when they feel all this law breaking personally.  When the "carbon tax" is foisted on us and our electric bills, gasoline purchases and heating oil bills skyrocket.  When the tomato costs five bucks and the steak twenty.  But like all smart tyrants Obama and his lackeys, dressed in suits and shiny shoes, not drab olive colored fatigues and jack boots, start sending Americans to the "camps" for reeducation, they will be mostly compliant.  Why?  Because no one would ever expect those things to happen in this country of free men and women.  Why, it just isn't possible that that could be. 

One only needs to read history to see the possibilities.  My only hope is that when the dissidents/skeptics  are rounded up and put into the camps for reeducation (oops, that is our public schools, sorry) that they are gentle.  Hopefully they won't be the Khmer Rouge, Mao's minions, or Stalin's pals.  Those people murdered 100 million of their own citizens.  The ones that would not comply or agree to be reeducated.  When Eric Holder comes for your guns, when the EPA comes and takes your property, when the military sans the "Posse comitatus" occupies your home under "martial law", then maybe everyone will start paying attention.  Hopefully before all those things happen.

I am still an optimist about the American people and their spirit of freedom and individual importance.  I am only pointing out that the demise of our country under these "mini-tyrants" can either be the beginning of the end or the beginning of the beginning of a renewed sense of American exceptionalism.  Protect it or be relegated to the dustbin like every other government that came before and failed.  Fight for your personal importance and that of this great country.  Lawlessness by our public servants is unacceptable.  Speak up, fight back, don't be a sheeple.  Liberals./democrats are liars and untrustworthy at best. Long live the Republic!