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Saturday, September 13, 2014

America's drug use out of control? What do you think?

I guess it was a long time ago that the only "medications" in my folks medicine cabinet were aspirin and cod liver oil.  Along with maybe some cough lozenges and Epsom salts, we seemed to make it through life without a lot of pharma.  Over my life of, so far, 64 years, I have seen the exponential increase in the number of vials in the medicine cabinets.  We are bombarded on every TV channel to try a new drug.  We are instructed to ask our doctors for this new prostrate medicine, erectile dysfunction tablet and a myriad of other malady solutions.  Yes, we are the "drug" culture so is it any wonder we have a problem with "drugs"?

I recall discussing the drug culture issues many years ago and noticing the term was a mixed bag of understanding.  We had "Drugstores" on every corner of America so the term "drug" became  nothing more than a generic term to everyone.  When the hardcore drugs came into our culture like a whirlwind, the term did not have the impact it should have had.  The "war on drugs" was softened because people were already convinced the term was soft.  As time passed and the hardcore drug culture of marijuana, heroin and cocaine took hold of so many lives in America, we slowly realized there was a big problem.  When meth and crack arrived things got even worse.  Addiction to these mind altering substances was rampant and still is today.

Americans want these substances because apparently "real life" is not good enough.  Alcohol was the main mind altering substance over the millennia with a few natural items discovered by indigenous people on the planet.  But now we see what happens when "chemistry" is used and a plethora of mind altering substances, a cornucopia of pleasure chemicals, are available.  As a person whose only addiction has been women in my life, I do not understand why people have to put that crap in their bodies to have a good time.

Humans have sex and food and sometimes conversation to pass the time in a pleasurable way.  Why toss into the body something that could be a time bomb of personal destruction?  Art Linkletter's daughter jumped off a building to her death after ingesting a substance when I was a kid.  That one act caused m to pledge never to ingest that crap.  I have been a good boy.  Of course, anything in moderation usually will not hurt you but can we say that about meth?  Cocaine? Heroin? Crack?  Of course not.  None of those substances are in your best interest.  Except perhaps to ease your cancer pain when you are on your way out of this life.  I don't have a problem with that.  But many Americans seem to want to be in an altered state most of the time.

The use of illicit drugs causes death.  Death by their use, and death to many growing and transporting and selling the poisons.  Looks at the streets of America for that truth.  Just as "Prohibition" created a boon to the crooks and made murder and mayhem  a daily occurrence in the country, these other substances have now replaced Schnapps and Bourbon as the reason for death by gun, knife and bomb.  Mexicans at the common border are being killed by the thousands so American addicts can get "high".  If there was no market for these poisons, if Americans had the courage to say "NO", then these people south of our border and the ones in South America and places like Afghanistan would have to start growing potatoes rather than coca, poppies and marijuana. 

But it seems America has a large number of spineless addicted wimps who have no self control.  Anything goes.  That is probably the cost of their personal freedoms we all expect in a free country.  Sure, we are individuals and we can darn well put into our own bodies what we want, right?  If we want to get high and experience "nirvana" on the planet then who can keep us from that?  But, as I learned from my folks and the other people I had a lot of respect for in my life, with that freedom to shove that poison into my brain, I also have some "responsibilities">

The reason we have responsibilities and should practice those is simple.  It is the "Golden Rule".  Do unto others as you would have them d unto you.  That is not necessarily a religious comment.  It seems like common sense to me.  If you want to do a destructive behaviour to your own brain and body, fine, just don't impact me.  Hell, that argument was used to force motorcycle riders to wear helmets and to force cigarette smokers 25 feet from the outside doors of buildings.  That was done by the same leftwingers that want unabashed rights to smoke marijuana, drop acid and shoot heroin and crack.  So what gives?

In my opinion we have become a "too lenient" society with acts that undermine the culture and the country.  The values that cement a country into longevity on a planet known for short stays of people and institutions, we have to get some things straight about where we want America to be going.  Illicit drug use consumes hundreds of billions of dollars and costs America more than money as well.  It means crimes galore which causes the country to spend more on police and courts and prisons.  We have to realize that there is a bigger reason than just allowing a person to get high than their "right" to do so.  If we want to stay a country we have to fix this mess.

So, there are a few things we can do.  If we want to legalize all these illicit substances, perhaps that would get the crime out of it.  Perhaps not.  Cigarettes are legal but the politicians have taxed them so high that a "black market" now exists just as one did for alcohol in the 20's and 30's.  So maybe that could be curtailed if there was no tax?  Or maybe just a small fee to place a warning label on the MJ pack?  Or like the Netherlands, have some "shops" everyone over 18 can go to and smoke and shoot up? I think we see how that has worked out in Europe though.  It hasn't.

Then we have the other side of the coin and that is law enforcement.  As a people we can decide if a substance is good or bad and legal or illegal.  We can then place penalties  on the use of those things we say are bad.  Over time America has tried to "understand" the reasons of addiction and in that quest, the society has allowed for the removal of individual responsibility and shame from the use of bad drugs..  We decided to "treat" these people and not hold them to their  own failure to deal with addiction.  We have tried to let them off the hook by claiming addiction is "genetic" and not really their fault.

So we see how that has worked in California haven't we.  We have "diversion" programs for those arrested selling, using and growing or cooking illegal substances.  The recidivism rate is huge though.  These people can go rob, steal and murder to get their drug of choice and we try to "understand" them.  I have decided this is a failed policy.  In this "free" country, these people need to be held to the highest standards of compliance and accept their punishment for their part in the "drug culture".  We need to toss these people into the prisons and throw away the key if they are selling to minors.  If they cause a death they should be taken off the planet. (same for child molesters).  We need to ensure they cannot get back on the streets to do their dirty business.  Chicago sees hundreds of murders every year because the gangs there are fighting for control of the illicit drug markets.  Maybe if the bad guys were off the streets the regular hardworking folks there could experience a calm, wonderful life?

When Nancy Reagan did the "Just Say No" to drugs she was laughed at by the liberals and the criminals of America.  But in my view, Americans have the choice to do exactly that.  Say no.  Experience the beauty of the planet without being addicted to a substance that changes that green tree into a dragon trying to eat you.  Start saying no to drugs and take up art, help our community clean up its streets and empty lots.  Gain some personal pride in yourself and your neighborhoods.  Get an education and help your community to become a safer place.  My goodness all you smokers, injectors and snorters, get a grip!  Life is too precious to live in an altered state while you have all this wonderment surrounding you.  Remember, we are the only place in the universe we know has life and that we have the ability to know that.

Monday, September 1, 2014

British PM David Cameron's Response to Terrorism this morning

I listened to the statement by the British PM this morning on how his country will deal with this worldwide threat.  He discussed Russia, ISIL and Israel specifically.  Then Cameron delved in to the laws that need to be tweaked in order to deal with the homegrown British subjects who have traveled to fight with ISIL in the Middle East.

It is said the scumbag that murdered the journalist last week was a British subject from Pakistan possibly.  His speaking voice and mannerisms apparently gave him away.  Cameron said this morning the laws are going to be tweaked around the edges to deal with these homegrown jihadies.  Stripping them of their passports and other ways to control them in Britain and their re-entry from abroad will be discussed and debated.  Most of these changes seem to be "bi-partisan"

Also, there was discussion about the Israeli response to the HAMAS terrorist missiles and what should be done.  It seems the leftist Labour Party supports condemnation of Israeli responses while the Conservative party supports, for the most part, Israeli counter strikes.  Same as we have here in America!  Overall there seems to b no solutions to the "war" there as the Hamas thugs are just a "terrorist" organization in charge of a "country".  Same as ISIL in Iraq/Syria.  Unless the Palestinian people throw out the Hamas thugs from their government there will never be any peace.  Many will die.  As a side note.  The discussion from the Palestinian supporters focuses on the deaths of children and innocents without mentioning that Hamas uses them as shields. Or that Hamas fires their missiles from schools and hospitals.  Why is that?

Putin and Russia got a lot of airtime too.  But, like America, there is no desire to even supply arms to the Ukrainians.  Sanctions on all things Russia holds dear seems to be the way the west wants to deal with Putin.  Now that Putin actually said "don't mess with a nuke country" or something like that, we see what a megalomaniac and thug he really is. (as if we didn't already). No one wants a war except Putin I guess.  He will push and push just like Hitler and other tyrants have done throughput history.  Until there is a realization that you cannot reason with these people the, the timid west will get what he wants. Maybe a fellow with an umbrella, tipped with a poison?  At a dinner party?

Then Cameron dealt a lot with ISIL throughout the questioning period of the Parliament's meeting.  There is a great desire from both right and left to supply the Kurds with weapons and to help the Iraqi government's military to fight the scourge of these terrorists.  Cameron, like Bush and Obama, made it clear once again that not all Muslims are terrorists and are a peaceful bunch.  Yeah right.  Since the British and other European countries have allowed a huge influx of Muslims into their lands, I suppose they don't want to "rile" them.  What a mistake they made.  Of course America is, or was, a different place.  We expected immigrants to go into the melting pot and become Americans.  It worked in the past but now with "political correctness" run amok, each immigrant group keeps their language and their ghettos so they don't have to mix.  We are going to see the folly of having put voter ballots in many languages come home to roost.  It ill not be a pretty thing.

So, Cameron is walking a tightrope again and of course he praised his support for the airstrikes by America against the terrorist ISIL scum.  I hope the world can somehow come together to stymie these thugs and other tyrants who use the threat of nukes.  If not, the planet will descend into utter chaos and all the great intentions of peace loving people will mean nothing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pelline is at it again, political hypocrisy galore!

I was directed to the Pelline blog as a friend said he was endorsing the candidacy of a recent arrival, Jim Firth, for City Council.  I was curious since Pelline rails against any hint of an endorsement by conservatives, Republicans or PAC's of a righty candidate.  How could the man be that phony I thought.  Well, he does his endorsements in the usual weaselly media way by omission.  Omission of the opponents endorsements and the placement of those he favors.  I have seen this many times.  It must be a class taught in those "liberal arts" colleges that churn out all those like-minded liberal media types.

Of course Pelline can do whatever he wants and endorse whomever he wants and I do too.  But I try not to be so delusional as he appears when it comes to "standards" in reporting such things as endorsements of candidates..  We on the right get an earful by the fellow for simply being conservative.  We have some standards that we consider very important and try our best to be ethical and consistent.  Even when no one is looking.  But Pelline has no standards that appear to be fair and balanced in his "reporting".  Usually he is trashing the people on the right and doing so for every "transgression" from what he considers "fair".  Remember the MILLER campaign sign on a private building that also had a tenant called the Chamber of Commerce?  My goodness you would think it gave Pelline hemorrhoids!  Now he criticizes the "casino" night put together for a fundraiser in Grass Valley.

Most of the time we in the community concerned about the important issues just blow by the little things like endorsements because they actually can cut both ways and we know it.  We are concerned that people like Pelline actually harm the reputation of our communities by sitting in the weeds full of nothingness he likes.  He criticizes everyone except those he likes and they always appear to be liberals.  He tosses in  a Nate Beason once in a while to show us all how "purple" he is but we know it is not really heartfelt.  He is more comfortable praising the likes of Reinette Senum and Steve Frisch, both lefty rent seekers in our county.

YUBANET, a local "news" type blog that is considered lefty is constantly cited as are the Sacramento Bee and the SF Chronicle.  All lefty publications.  When he uses something from the right side of media it is usually for criticism and ridicule.  So when we see a story with criticism of a Firth or other liberal we all know what the scoop is.  Pelline is simply a political hypocrite and all his frothing at the mouth about endorsements of local candidates is hot air.  In our county it was the democrats who started the endorsements years ago yet Pelline never says anything negative about them.  They endorse and they bring in PAC money for local democrats and not a peep from Pelline.

When I was the Chairman of the Nevada County Republican Central Committee (1995-99), we had to meet the democrats endorsements with our own or be outplayed.  So we started endorsing as well. Over time our efforts were much more successful since the people we were endorsing actually were qualified to lead.  The democrats usually endorse people like Firth, Martin and Conklin and we see what that usually brings our county.  More government, less freedom and anti property rights and the people reject that most of the time.  Sure, some of the liberals make a term but by the end of their first term the people figure out they were fooled and boot them.  Of course there are always exceptions but for the most part a endorsement by the local democrats is a political death knell.  Opposite for conservatives.

So with a couple of months left till election day, we will see a fawning story and comments from Pelline and his ilk for all that is lefty.  Fortunately for the community, most have figured him and his philosophy out and reject it.  As shown by the low numbers of readers of his blog it appears to me he is whistling in the wind.  Keep whistling Pelline and try to stay in tune.

Monday, August 25, 2014

America? I almost don't recognize it.

Are we all tired of the negativity?  Where does the negativity come from?  Why are we allowing the negative people so much airtime?  Is America a distant memory?  How did we get to this place?  These are a few of the questions I have and as I get around chatting with others, they too are asking these questions.

Pollyanna?  Where did she go?  America was a place people wanted to come and spread their wings.  Those that lived in the country could try just about anything (legally) to see what new idea, invention or theory could become a new lifestyle or paradigm.  The world was in motion and Americans were in the lead, showing the rest of the earth's people the shining light of progress for humans.  Then over time things started to change.  We have become the leaders in things  I don't think anyone had a clue about forty years ago.  More laws, more regulations, greater interference by government at all levels.  The government now takes more of out money than we "get" to keep.

In my view, we allowed these changes over time because we were giving the benefit of the doubt to those we elected to guide us.  We allowed these things to happen because our press and our education systems have been polluted by those with agenda's anathema to freedom.  Populated by those radicals from the 60's.  The left is patient because usually their lifestyles are paid for by others while conservatives are out creating the work, the jobs and the money.  Conservatives were not paying attention because they were making America a wonderful place for people and things.  Out of the cave and into the light.  "Progressives" are far from that way of life. They want to control others in some megalomaniac way.  Every human foible needs to be controlled and allowed only if they say it should be so.  The left has ratcheted down human freedoms so much that every American breaks some law as soon as the arise from the bed in the morning.

We are all looking over our shoulders because we are not sure who is watching or listening.  Even when you say the right thing the left has now made it uncertain what the definition of "right and wrong" are.  President Clinton gave language and definitions  a real blow (no pun intended) when he said it depends on what the definition of IS is.  And the definition of what SEX is.  He led the way for a oral revolution and I don't mean a talking one.  But that is what has happened.  George Orwell knew that the meaning of words was important.  We have seen the manipulation of the meanings of words on a daily basis most of my life.  "Gay Nineties"!  What does that mean now?  Revenue enhancements, investments and "we have to pay for" cuts in government spending?  Multiply these a hundred or thousand times and it is no wonder we are so confused. Profit is bad, business is bad, capital;ism is bad.  Unions are good, poverty is good, sitting home on paid leave is good. Productivity is bad, on and on.

Last year at the federal level we saw 80,000 pages entered into the Federal Register and become law.  This along with legitimately passed laws by the Congress, signed by the President,  ratchet Americans freedoms down more and more (ObamaCare anyone?).  Then we have the State laws and local laws.  Special Districts, Fire Departments, Mosquito Districts and Water purveyors.  Yikes!  Of course they always tell us it is for our own good and the safety of the "people".  But is it?  Then it seems to me that with each new rule or law the government creates a new constituency that has to be fed.  Then when we try to change it all hell breaks loose.  They vote, right? The ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act signed into law by President George H.W. Bush (he has a disabled daughter I think I recall) became a huge multi trillion dollar expense on all parts of American life.  It allows a person to sue and get damages from a business or other entity for non compliance.  The unintended consequences of that law came alive in that attorneys in wheel chairs have extorted millions just in California  and caused businesses to close and people to lose their jobs.  But hey, good intentions pave the road the hell right?

We need to take a breather in America.  We need a moratorium on new laws and regulations.  We need to review those on the books for veracity.  We need to weigh these "good intentions" with the Constitution and we need make sure their intent is to increase freedom.  We need to force the Legislators to read and sign off they did so on every bill.  No regulations are allowed unless the Legislature reads and signs off on them.  We are drowning as a country and the wheels of freedom and creativity are grinding to a halt.

Previously in my analysis of American ingenuity I was always encouraged by the people's ability to adjust.  I mean when a law is passed and regulations was imposed, creative people could figure out how to make things work.  But now that is less and less likely.  All these rules have stymied people at all levels.  Hell, little kids have to get permits to sell lemonade!  So let us take a couple of years and give the people of America a break.  We want the government to protect us from the bad guys but I don't need them to force me to put a certain light bulb in the socket.  Let's get back to what made this country a special and unique place.  FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT OVERREACH!.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black American tells it like it is on Ferguson, Missouri fiasco

Six minutes and 18 seconds of this fellow saying what scared ass white people can't or won't say about any issues regarding a minority.  He is tired of waiting for the "change" and he wants his fellow blacks to get going.  Over fifty years and they are still marching and whining about the police and slavery.  Good for him.  Of course he will be trashed by the Jesse and Al charlatans as a "Uncle Tom" and end up forced to shut up like Bill Cosby was forced to do.  I am sure I will be called names by the liberals for posting this and agreeing with him.  Too bad. Thanks Bonnie!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ferguson mess a excellent example of irresponsible reporting and blame

Things are still a mess in the Missouri suburb and it will probably get worse before it gets better.  Reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin incident this incident has become a travesty.  Not only was a young man killed, but the circumstances are muddy and the police there have mismanaged the information in my opinion. 

HERE is the latest info adding to the murkiness.  Apparently there are two eye witnesses from different POV's that say the same thing.  Mr. Brown was rushing towards the policeman rather than the reported "hand up" in surrender.  As I have said before in the Trayvon Martin case, we should all wait for the facts before we pop off with opinions.  Unfortunately this is not human nature in the issues regarding "race" relations.  Too many people too anxious to show how "white" America is racist against everyone else.  Well, maybe not.  Maybe the issue of race is not existent, maybe just the issue of criminal behavior.

White liberals, those lily white saps who are so consumed by racial guilt from 1860 are always prepared.  They look to exploit every opportunity to tell us all how racist we are whenever there is a incident such as this one in Ferguson.  But wait.  What about all those killings by racial groups against white people?  What about blacks killing blacks?  The liberals and the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson turn a blind eye on "same" race killing because in my view there is no money in it.  Their cynical race baiting to gain notoriety is shameless.  They are not Gandhi.  They really are simply race hustlers and opportunists to keep the pot boiling in hate.

What I don't understand is why the lamestream media allows themselves to be a tool for this disinformation and hate.  We all need the facts and we need the investigations to be done before we throw stones.  I am sorry that Mr. Brown was killed but why is that a reason for his fellow black Americans to riot and burn their own stores?  Now their is an attempt to keep that from happening by a police presence greater than before.  People in these communities need to have their local leaders step up and help calm the situation down. 

Al Sharpton and the other race hustlers need to stay away from these volatile places until calm returns.  The streets of Chicago demand their presence to get the black men killing black men reduced.  Go to those place Al and Jessee.  Help those people. 

So I will wait until the facts are released and analyzed so that I will hopefully have a better idea of what happened.  There is enough blame to go around and in the end, we should all push for the truth and justice.