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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reminded me of Planet of the Apes 1969

North Korea is a wasteland for the most part.  It leftwing dictator Kim Jong Un, grandson of the founder of this mess likes to erect statues of himself and his relatives.  When I saw this picture I thought this was from that movie with Charlton Heston.  Where the great ape founder of Apeland had a statue of himself. What do you think?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

California is now Venezuela

Ghost of Hugo Chavez is running our state
One party with a "super majority" running the state proves the old adage "absolute power corrupts absolutely".  I recall in Congress when the democrats had both the House and Senate and Obama in the White House..  They cajoled and bribed fellow democrats that were not on board their push for ObamaCare and the 800 billion dollar stimulus (bribes for unions).  Every crooked way to gain that 60th vote in the Senate to approve ObamaCare was done.   And they got it done without one Republican.  And we all saw that was the goal, who needs the other party when you can do it on your own?

We see the results of the left keeping anyone with a contrary point of view from being part of the solution.  And now that the Republicans are in the same position we see they did not learn that lesson or practice it to the extent the democrats did.  Republicans want to be viewed by the "press" as fair.  So they add democrats to all the committees and listen to them in committees rail against the Republicans.  I watch this stuff on CSPAN and see the democrats practicing their hate and obfuscation at every turn.  And they are the minority!  But of course the press is them so they know all their hate-filled speeches will be printed and passed around  America.

And where did the national democrats learn all this?  From California of course.  We used to pride ourselves here as the leader in innovation, science and many new and exciting things of life.  But the greatest export as practiced here is how to gain so much power you can do anything you want.  Republicans used to have a voice in running the state.  But over the last twenty years we see the exodus of many people and business most of them Republicans (Nevada is benefiting greatly).  The state has just smothered people and those that could leave, left.  All back-filled by what we call takers.  California legislators have decided that things like transgenderism is more important than potholes.  Those kids under the dome in Sacramento are obsessed with social issues and the stripping of power from "white" males.  But in their zeal to do that, they forgot the basics of their responsibilities.

Inmates are pouring out of the jails and prisons as these lovelies pass bills to diminish the sentences and the terms issued for their crimes.  So California's good citizens now see a rise in crime and violence.  The prison populations are smaller as they turn these convicts loose but what about the taxpayers?  I have never seen a analysis of the economic impacts of criminal's thefts and violence.  How much damage do these people create in the populace?  How much impact when they murder a taxpayer?  Or destroy a business?  The politicians and their Judges think "overcrowding" is a civil rights issue.  I say you do the crime then do the  time.  But it is more important to the pinheads in charge of the state and the courts to protect the "rights" of those thieves and killers than you.  The world is upside down.  I say prepare the Farallon Islands for occupation and take all the violent criminals and drop them off there.  The rest can do their time in state.  Let those criminals on the islands fight it out.  Oh we will airdrop food and patrol the waters so they can't escape.  But wouldn't that be fair to us?

So rather than keep California as a First World Country/State, we see the place turning into a third world state.  The biggest example is litter.  We used to pride ourselves in keeping our outdoors as clean as the indoors.  But now we see the trash everywhere.  I have said for year if you don't instill the values of traditional America into those arriving here you will get what we see now.  And potholes, and dams that fail and forest fires burning down our beautiful lands.  But hey, the state is more concerned with which bathrooms are used by whom so we get this idiocy. 

All this because when one party or ideology with intent to lord over all gets that "super majority".  It is the same as a dictatorship but of the many.  All thinking the same.  And now California has exported this to other places.  It was quite evident that Obama and his minions practiced this tyranny when hey had the power.  Now we see the power in the hands of Republicans and they seem to be unaware of it.  When Jerry Brown was the AG of the state and refused to defend Prop 8 I new we were in deep tyranny.  That was then used as a example for the Feds under Obama to refuse to defend other things.  Like going after the Lois Lerner IRS scandals. 

Hopefully there will be a few moments where those in charge realize that they could be on the other side and making lifelong enemies is not that smart?  Probably not.  In order to pass the new five billion dollar a year road tax and increase in registration fees, the democrats were able to pick off one republican with bribes.  And the poor guy, the one democrat that refused to vote their way was punished with removal from committees and probably his office space.  Willie Brown used to punish fellow democrats with a office smaller than a closet if they did not vote with him. 

There you have it.  We have our own Hugo Chavez in Jerry Brown, and a state legislature of the same ilk.  They corrupt every phase of government even the Supreme Court.  When you have no ideological diversity you get this.  Look at the college campus 's of the country.  I went to Berkeley to take part in Free Speech" and watched as left-wing thugs sliced and diced and sprayed pepper spray in the faces of people simply wanting to speak their piece.  And we saw the police ordered to stand down.  Stand down?  As we tried to speak the police let the thugs trash us.  All because the democrats are in charge of the city.

California is a mess but it can be fixed i the people say enough!  And if we get competent people in charge with vigor and energy and a good strategy for making our state what it once was. Alas I have little hope for that.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Half of America has lost its mind!

Everyday I read the local newspaper and on the weekends the Sacramento Bee.  I watch numerous TV News shows, local and national and cable.  I am a news junkie I guess.  One thing I have tried to be most of my life is fair.  But there is no fairness in the mass media of our country.  The reporters and pundits (with a few exceptions) are trained and indoctrinated in "liberal" colleges by liberal professors.  They are inculcated with the mantra, left/democrats are good, right/conservatives/republicans are bad.  And all my life I have had to read listen to that mantra. 

With the election of Trump and the capture of Congress by the Republicans we get a daily dose of this liberal mass hysteria.  All negative.  If Trump presented puppies to disabled children he would be accused of failing to supply the money for their upkeep.  It is almost hilarious if it wasn't so sad.  And to make it worse, the media is now pushing what we all have come to know as "fake news".  Long ago I learned the hard way about how to read articles in the newspapers.  Anything reported was always slanted.  The democrats would get above the fold on the front page with the Republicans responses on the back and the last paragraph.  That would go for anything considered "good" for a Republican.  Enhance the left and diminish the right.

Last Sunday's SacBee had almost ten articles of negativity on Trump.  They are obsessed. Today in the local paper the article on Trump's alleged disclosure of "classified" information to the Russian Ambassador in the Oval office has consumed the media.  GUILTY they say.  Even thought the other Americans in the room say it never happened.  So they beat up Trump and make terrible accusations against him.  And what about the term "alleged"?  The media always use it for criminals caught red-handed for murder and mayhem.  Yet they don't use it for these outrageous accusations they create for Trump.  Why is that?

For over ten years we all got to read and see the media slobbering love all over Obama.  Worse than a dog licking your face, the media was so in the tank for him I figured he must be paying them off.  Nothing Obama did or lied about that was negative was reported more than once or twice.  They protected him at all costs.  And then this last election we all got to read the collusion between the media and Hillary Clinton.  The media even allowed her access to questions before debates.  And we saw Obama hire many of the lamestream reporters for his administration.  All colluding to push fake news and their agenda of liberalism on the people.

Yet other than the coastal states and a couple more, the American people said no to them and their favoritism for the left.  Americans voted for Trump and the Congress to be Republican.  But this only inflamed the media and they doubled down on their hatred.  Is it any wonder Trump hates them?  And we Americans who believe in fairness hate them as well.  All we ask is fairness yet the press can't even do that simple thing.  Worse though is the media's opinion of us.  We are all "rubes" who don't know what we are doing.  No matter the press members could not hold a hammer or know which end of a shovel to use.  Or have they ever really had a job?  Yet they all have this bias and show it against the very citizens of America that make the country work.

The press is enhancing their differences with the rest of us and we are rejecting them.  Social media has supplanted them and it is getting worse for them everyday.  Most of the newspapers are going the way of the dodo bird.  The SacBee is thinner than my little local paper.  But rather than understand they are making half the potential readers mad with their liberal bias, they double down and ensure their own demise.  Where will the reporters go when the papers close?

The bias is also clear to all of us regarding how the media treats the dictatorship we have here in California.  Compare how they write articles about the one party of this state and you will see they treat the democrats with kid gloves.  California is a mess and the corruption is rampant and owned by the left.  Yet not much said or investigated by the lazy reporters.  I suggest you study the SacBee articles for just one week and see if you agree.

So half of America is just shortchanged by the press as all they want to do is Trump bashing and Republican bashing.  Americans are getting up to go to work, raise their kids and hope for a better life.  So why not report on those kind of things?  Good news is everywhere across the land.  Most of the people do the right things but listening to the media you would think otherwise.  Why not interview those of us with good things to say rather than the critics of everything?  If you think you will sell more papers with the negative then you must admit it is not working.  And we American of goodwill are sick of you liberals running the place into the ground.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Response to two Union propaganda columns today.

Marilyn Nyborg, a democrat, wrote a pretty piece on May 10 here in the Union. Her headline “Bring the best minds to the table” sounded great. And she discussed how proud she is with the “Indivisible Women’s” organization. Now I must ask, if you really think that way, you know, claiming “living room conversations” are necessary to get along, then why does your political party lie about every little thing? Remember when you wanted to know how come the Tea Party was only made of Republicans? And it was shown that was untrue yet you claim it still today. How many Republicans are in your organization? My guess none or very few.

Hard to have a in depth conversation about anything when all the members are of one ilk. And why do you speak of this now? Oh, Trump won and we have a Republican Congress, that is why. But how come you don’t have the same energy and desire about California governance? Your party has a super majority here. Your party just voted a five billion dollar a year tax increase and raised the registration fees on every motor vehicle. Seems to me if you wanted to have a conversation you might discuss that. But you don’t. Therefore, you are stuck in your ideology and are simply trying to get Republicans to feel guilty for their beliefs. My goodness California has had a democrat Assembly most of my 66 years and only one, 1996, did the Republicans have a majority. And only by one. So how come you never speak up about that disparity?

The reason is because you want it all. Total power over all of us that disagree with your socialist theories. Looking at California and the country we see what you are really all about. In my view Trump is a breath of fresh air. He is not a politician and that threatens you. He is kind of a loose cannon in comparison to the politics of the left. Makes me happy. The reason there are democrats and Republicans (and many other fringe groups) is because like the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”. That is shown to us every day. That is why people of the same pollical bent join their party. Why people of the same racial makeup live in the same places. Why rich and poor have their own places. It is human nature. I am sorry to say, I have no faith the democrats here and across the country are sincere. They are simply trying to be relevant.

Also the same day, a column by a Benjamin Avansino discussed us having “empathy” for each other in politics. Well sure, but how far does that get a bill that needs fifty one votes to pass? The issue in politics is victory for your ideas and your side. We all listen to each other and we do exhibit empathy, but it still boils down to a majority. All else is fruitless. Look again at California. Does anyone think the democrats care a whit about the feelings of the Republicans? Hardly. They have a super majority and do not need to show any empathy and they don’t. So we get a true “one sided” result. Socialist/communist. And now they have a bill to allow the hiring of communists in our state government. Do you think the protests of the Republicans matter? Nope.

Politics has been said to be war without bloodshed. I think the reason we have parties in America is because the “world views” are so different. Republicans are for smaller government, lower taxes, accountable bureaucrats and individual freedom. The democrats are the opposite. How do you square those differing views? By a majority vote. So at least the country has a slim majority of my party while these people have a super majority here in the state. Empathy? No, victory. You can have cordial discussions and refrain from yelling and rioting to get a victory. Unfortunately, we see that missing with the democrats. I challenge you to produce one riot by Republicans. All are from the left and that makes their discussion about “empathy” a hoax and disingenuous.

America has always been divided politically. The Revolution saw only 25% of the country in war, the rest were on the fence and not involved. That is the deal, make war with words and gain majorities. No bloodshed. And that is why we are such a great country.

Friday, May 5, 2017

H.R.1628 - American Health Care Act of 2017 Passes the House of Representatives 217-213

After a ObamaCare/DMV plastic surgery facelift!
Before ObamaCare/DMV facelift operation
A promise made for many years has now moved out of the House and on to the US Senate.  After 60 votes for repeal over the years, we now see the result of those promises.  Trump and the Republicans were toast as of a month ago.  They tried to ram a ridiculousObamaCare light bill through the House and it was stopped by the brave men and women of the Freedom Caucus.  Those Tea Party folks made the leadership rethink things and finally, we have something decent.

HERE is the bill and its text.

Now the Senate is expected to rip it apart and redo it.  And maybe it will pass their scrutiny.  Who knows?  Hopefully we the people will get some relief from this onerous ObamaCare mess.  But we see the screamers doing their best to make the age old democrat playbook work here.  "Oh it only helps the rich".  "Oh women and children will die".  And all the rest of the leftwing mumbo-jumbo.  The Republicans have got to resist peeing their pants in fear of this.  Get the government out of my insurance policy.  Let me decide what is best for me and the family.  All the others we help with block grants to states.  But leave our bodies and our health alone.

There are people who for some unknown reason think the healthcare and insurance of the people should be treated with DMV expertise and timing.  It has not worked.  ObamaCare is failing rapidly.  Over 1,000 counties in America have one provider.  In Iowa, it was just announced that 90 plus counties will have NO insurance providers.  So why would the democrats want to save this failed system?  And not one crossed the line to vote to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  All their yapping about "bi-partisanship" and crossing the aisle is now exposed as total BS.  They are uber partisans and unless it affects them all personally, not one will compromise. 

So here we go.  I say get out of the health insurance business altogether and let free markets reign.  For healthcare, we as a people try our best to help the old, poor and disabled and that will continue.  But to force the government into the decisions we should make with our doctors was never a good thing. (and the 25 plus lies Obama told us). And forcing the religious folks to obey rules that go against their beliefs was also never gaining traction, only resentment. And many more things that made ObamaCare a real drag on America.  For all the democrats yapping about the 24 million who will be affected, I say the other 300 million were shafted for them.  Now we are returning to sanity.  Thank you Republicans for finally having the balls to do the right thing.  American businesses can now hire people for 40 hours without your IRS coming down on them.  So American workers can return to one job and a decent wage rather than two or more part-time jobs and low wages.