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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black American tells it like it is on Ferguson, Missouri fiasco

Six minutes and 18 seconds of this fellow saying what scared ass white people can't or won't say about any issues regarding a minority.  He is tired of waiting for the "change" and he wants his fellow blacks to get going.  Over fifty years and they are still marching and whining about the police and slavery.  Good for him.  Of course he will be trashed by the Jesse and Al charlatans as a "Uncle Tom" and end up forced to shut up like Bill Cosby was forced to do.  I am sure I will be called names by the liberals for posting this and agreeing with him.  Too bad. Thanks Bonnie!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ferguson mess a excellent example of irresponsible reporting and blame

Things are still a mess in the Missouri suburb and it will probably get worse before it gets better.  Reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin incident this incident has become a travesty.  Not only was a young man killed, but the circumstances are muddy and the police there have mismanaged the information in my opinion. 

HERE is the latest info adding to the murkiness.  Apparently there are two eye witnesses from different POV's that say the same thing.  Mr. Brown was rushing towards the policeman rather than the reported "hand up" in surrender.  As I have said before in the Trayvon Martin case, we should all wait for the facts before we pop off with opinions.  Unfortunately this is not human nature in the issues regarding "race" relations.  Too many people too anxious to show how "white" America is racist against everyone else.  Well, maybe not.  Maybe the issue of race is not existent, maybe just the issue of criminal behavior.

White liberals, those lily white saps who are so consumed by racial guilt from 1860 are always prepared.  They look to exploit every opportunity to tell us all how racist we are whenever there is a incident such as this one in Ferguson.  But wait.  What about all those killings by racial groups against white people?  What about blacks killing blacks?  The liberals and the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson turn a blind eye on "same" race killing because in my view there is no money in it.  Their cynical race baiting to gain notoriety is shameless.  They are not Gandhi.  They really are simply race hustlers and opportunists to keep the pot boiling in hate.

What I don't understand is why the lamestream media allows themselves to be a tool for this disinformation and hate.  We all need the facts and we need the investigations to be done before we throw stones.  I am sorry that Mr. Brown was killed but why is that a reason for his fellow black Americans to riot and burn their own stores?  Now their is an attempt to keep that from happening by a police presence greater than before.  People in these communities need to have their local leaders step up and help calm the situation down. 

Al Sharpton and the other race hustlers need to stay away from these volatile places until calm returns.  The streets of Chicago demand their presence to get the black men killing black men reduced.  Go to those place Al and Jessee.  Help those people. 

So I will wait until the facts are released and analyzed so that I will hopefully have a better idea of what happened.  There is enough blame to go around and in the end, we should all push for the truth and justice.

Monday, August 11, 2014

D'Sousa vs Ayers at Dartmouth on C-SPAN Today

Dinesh D'Sousa
William Ayers, "former" terrorist

  HERE is the full two hours if you want to spend the time.  And you should.  I watched the last part and listened to the questions.  My goodness what have we allowed to be taught to our kids?  The questions were asked in all seriousness by the mind full of mush being "taught" or "educated" at the Ivy League school.  After listening to these young people's views I had to go take a shower to get rid of the crap they have spewed from their brains.  The professors who "teach" them should be denied tenure and then fired.

The debate was actually a good example of how screwed up America's education system has become.  Inviting a cop killer, a mad bomber of his own countrymen, Ayers.  Of course after his career as a mad bomber Weather Underground scumbag, he was given a degree and allowed to teach our country's kids.  Listen to how and what he says about America as a person of privilege.  Then listen to D'Sousa as an immigrant from Mumbai, India and now a very accomplished man here.  If you walk away from this "debate" and don't want to kick Ayers ass back to Cambodia, then you are not a real America patriot.  D'Sousa is very grateful to be an American and speaks nothing but praise of our country.

The questions by the "students" was varied and except for a couple of people (one older fellow took Ayers to task) the "students" did not much care for America and D'Sousa was their target.  They are taught to rip to shreds all that might be good and turn that into negative indictments on everything from the Founders to claiming we are imperialists and supporters of apartheid.  One Korean "student", from the South of course, excoriated the D'Sousa claim of American "exceptionalism" and that we are a truly good people.  She made me almost throw a rock at my TV.  Here she was being given an Ivy League "education" and she has no problem condemning the country.  I though to myself, you bitch, what about the 54,000 dead American boys that kept you from being overrun and now governed by a lunatic?  How could you even say what you are saying?  Then I said, OH!  She is in a free country with free speech and she can says these terrible things.  I think personally she should go back to Korea and try to enter the North.  Then after a few years bring her back to the debate circuit. 

Ayers was too much.  Here he was in the education "business", the "big" education business and all he could do was complain about big business.  My goodness, on a per capita basis, his job consumes hundreds of billions of our precious dollars every year and look what he turns out!  Imbeciles and ingrates!  But, I have to say there was not overwhelming applause for Ayers or D'Sousa because I truly think the audience was too young to truly understand what they were hearing from the dais.  People need to be out in the real world for a while to truly understand what America is really about.  They need to work and pay taxes, build a home (permits make one learn about over-regulation right away) and then they can sit down and listen.

I know two hours is a long time to listen but I suggest if you truly want to see why Bill Ayers is such a pig, watch and listen carefully. Remeber, Obama started his campaign for President in Ayers living room in Chicago.   D'Sousa, as usual is a truly amazing man with a great brain and a good heart.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is a "gun runners" Legislative Assistant a good fit for Grass Valley's City Council?

Do you all remember the phrase "lipstick on a pig"?  I think Obama used it too insult Sarah Palin back in the Presidential race of 2008 and it worked its way into the common vernacular.  I have read today's Union column by council wannabee Jim Firth and the phrase seems to fit really well for him.

HERE is the column in today's Union.

I think anyone who wants to run for any elective office has every right to do so in our great country.  So as far a Firth's attempt I have no problem if he tries.  But I and anyone else who disagrees with him has every right to try and defeat him if we believe he is unqualified.  I believe he is unqualified.  He is in my view a partisan hack.  He represents the local democrat party in their leadership and is apparently a retired union organizer/leader/activist.  Reading his writings I conclude he is a ultra liberal, perhaps even with "socialist" beliefs.  He represents political philosophies I have opposed all my life.  I am a free market capitalist conservative who likes  smaller government and less regulation and taxes.  Firth is 180 degrees off of my beliefs it appears.

Somehow he is trying to convince himself he is a "regular" citizen and that his trait of "regularity" is lacking on the present City Council.  He is delusional.  He is no more a "regular" citizen than I am.  I have an agenda and would suggest if he he says he doesn't he is a bald faced fibber.  Being a partisan hack, Firth will expose himself to the slings and arrows of us who know what a "activist" is all about (did he support Occupy Wall Street?).  I have taken my share from the left over the years and have placed my opinions and views out into the world for all to see.  I would expect the liberals to come after me if I ran for office again.  Well, Firth has told us all a  about himself and in my view he is not a good fit for the city council.

Firth says this in his column today

"Regular Grass Valley citizens need a voice on the city council."

It is my opinion he is not a "regular" citizen but a political activist from the left and anything but a regular citizen  He even claims to have been a Legislative Assistant to Leland Yee, the infamous alleged gun running State Senator from San Francisco (who claimed he was anti-firearms).  What Yee and Firth have in common is "big city and big government" views of running things.  Our little town doesn't need a "big government", "big city" philosophy in charge of anything.

HERE is a column Firth wrote back in 2013 on YubaNet.  If anyone thinks I am being too harsh about his activism for the ultra left read it closely.  We don't need a "partisan hack" running Grass Valley.  We need people that actually know something about the place.

HERE is a really good critique by local attorney Barry Pruett on his blog.  He says it better than I do about Firth.

Grass Valley is still a small town and I have been a Grass Valley guy all my life.  The citizens have always been very careful about electing good people with good small town values to the council.  You voters will soundly reject this fellow Firth when you read all about him and mostly from his own writings.

Friday, August 1, 2014

What is a "good ol' boy" asks Hemig of the Union today?

The Union Publisher Jim Hemig, a recent arrival to this area has asked that question and then decided to research it.  HERE is the column.  He started off with Lowell Robinson, the native born man who grew up on a ranch here in Nevada County.  He started with the right man.  In the local loony left corner of our county, for instance in Jeff Pelline's brain, Robinson must be "bad" because of the fortune of his birth and his success in business.

Of course the recent liberal arrivals like Pelline and his apparent best friend Jim Firth, a democrat activist,  think there is a derogatory meaning to the term. They use it as a pejorative.  I use it as a honorable title.  I liked Keoni Allen's response to their view.  Use the converse, "bad, young, girl"!  Too funny.  Then Hemig told us the Grass Valley City Council was fairly evenly split over the last few elections with left and right, newcomers and older timers residents.  Firth is mad because so far he has run twice for City Council and was resounding rejected by the voters.  I guess he is a bitter, poor loser.  Pelline apparently has never tried to run and he too was rejected by the Union as its Editor?  He comes across to all of us  as bitter and vengeful. Especially towards "good ol' boys".

So what about that view that a "good ol' boy" is something to avoid?  First, how does a person like Lowell Robinson become something bad to these liberal loons?  He used to be the second largest privet employer here after Grass Valley Group (where are they now?).  But the business of tree falling was squashed by the "new young boys/girls" here.  They sue and contest every timber harvest, burn salvage etc.and convinced the leftwing US Forest Service to pretty much quash harvesting in the national forests (read spotted owl and their management plan).  So his employee numbers went way down and were replaced by teet sucking eco non profits that bring nothing but grief to the county, state and country.  Our County has the highest per capita number of non-profits except for Washington DC I am told.

So Lowell Robinson, who supplied many jobs through his risk taking and who supplied millions in wages to the community was squished out of his profession (at least through historical average) and it was done by the newcomers.  He still gives back in spades to the county and its people though.  What do all these eco non-profits give back?  Zip, zero, nada. What does Pelline give to the community?  What does Firth give to the community?

But let me return to the term.  I was born and raised here as my mom and dad came here in 1945 after the war ended.  By that luck I am considered a "good ol' boy" and now that I am 64, the critics on the left call us "old white men, good ol' boys".  Too funny.  For me, I was never political until the recently arrived liberals tried to shut down the county in 1978.  They came, they saw, and they almost conquered in 1978.  I became active out of survival.  These newcomers though, over time, have wrecked the county.  They have destroyed the jobs, good paying ones, and replaced them with some low pay service and tourist type jobs.

Once a man could make enough here to raise his family and have a home and some  money left over for other things.  We had a traditional family values county.  After the liberals got here we see young people fleeing to greener job pastures.  We see people living three or four to a home because rents are so high.  No new homes here, can't have that.  Can't have a say in your own home to build.  But hey, the liberals are happy.  The population has increased about 10,000 people in twenty plus years!  Mostly old people as the young families have fled (check school enrollment numbers).  So we have a bunch of lowly paid service people commuting up from low cost Yuba County and taking care of the old fart liberals.  What a victory for the left eh?

The "good ol' boys" over the years did their best to get the county some economy other than old folks homes and K-Mart but these newcomers would have none of it.  So in my opinion the "bad ol' boys/girls" won the war.  Now a simple business of almost any kind is wrecked by these people from being born.  A well paid mining operation is trashed and delayed and forced to go away.  The laws passed by these liberals at all levels of government have wrecked the County, the State and the country.  I would say the "good ol' boys" have been relegated to the dustbin.  The left has destroyed the doers and replaced them with the Pelline's and Firths.  God help us.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Democrats are power mad and liars, par excellence!

Since I re-injured myself I have been a little sedentary at home.  So I read and watch news (and Charlie Sheen's 2 1/2 Men).  I also watch the sausage making of Congress and other issues the CSPAN channels cover.  All in all I have concluded that the biggest danger to our country is the democrat party and its minions.  There is no lie small enough these charlatans will not tell.  There is no hypocrisy small enough for them to not practice.  That goes all the way up the Chief.

Liar cartoons, Liar cartoon, funny, Liar picture, Liar pictures, Liar image, Liar images, Liar illustration, Liar illustrationsI just listened to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter on the House floor.  She blamed the Republicans for just about anything she could dredge up.  From the "Highway Trust Fund" to the Republicans voting to rid the country of the cancer of ObamaCare.  She then cited some polls (unknown) that said the American people were happy as clams with the ObamaCare law!  Of course she claimed that all is well with it and she even said it was saving the taxpayers beau coup money!  How can that be I ask?

It shows me that she and her clan have no common sense.  They think we will not check out her information sources I guess.  Common sense tells me that a law that claimed it would drop policy amounts $2,500 a year cover those 40 million people (the democrat's number and currently 7.5 million claimed covered) and take 700 billion dollars from Medicare would be a cost savings!  (and 83% are subsidized by taxpayers!) My goodness we did not just fall off the turnip trick Ms. Slaughter.  Besides were you not the only party that voted in the "law"?  Were not the democrats in the Senate bribed to gain the 60th vote?  Yes, not one Republican vote to pass the monstrosity.  All the input to fix the flaws of our health care system were not  allowed if presented by the Republicans.  In my view, the government should butt out of requiring any "free market" company from having to cover anything. That would lower the costs tremendously.

But if you listen toi these liberal hacks running our government they are now for things they have always been against regarding the economy and spending of tax money.  When she started talking about how she and her pals are against over spending I can only laugh.  If the country was concern ed, well mainly the democrats, we would not spend more than is received from all those hardworking people of any income level in America.  But I know the truth since I pay attention.  Most Americans don't anymore.  Hell they don't even vote!  So, this inaction by the voters is transferred into lawlessness by government agencies all the way up to the President.  Obama said he will act if Congress doesn't.  He has a "pen and a phone" and will use Executive Orders to get his way.  Well, even the stupidest person who knows a little bit about our Constitution knows we have three "co-equal" branches with equal power.  The President is the Executive who takes the oath (I took it too), to faithfully administer the laws.

But Obama has decided he does not have to live by his oath.  The news today is that he may use that "pen" to grant amnesty to millions of illegals.  How are the other two co-equal branches supposed to deal with that?  Obama and his pals think that could force Republicans to impeach him, thereby inflaming the democrat voters to turn out in November.  If he is contemplating that move does that not show everyone his disregard to the oath?  All those unions who lemmingly do as they are told will be on the unemployment lines if their President accomplishes his dirty work.  Flooding the country with low wage earners, off the book earners, and entitlement seekers is going to result in the destruction of jobs and  the democrat party.

When we see the results of a out of control, stupid EPA, EEOC, Department of Labor and IRS (among all of them)  we see a massive shift to a Executive branch of utter corruption.  We see them spend billions to favored companies of scam like Solyndra and others, we have a huge problem.   When we see Elijah Cummings of Maryland defend viciously,  Obama's lawlessness on the House Committee on Oversight, (Darrell Issa the Chairman is a hero!) we see the utter corruption of the system. Why would a Congressman give up his Constitutional power to the other branch?  I am astonished but there are some reasons.  I have listened to him as he went after Tea Party organizations and defended the IRS in their persecution of them. But to me he is ineligible to serve because he gave his co-equal status over to the Executive.  That is a breech of his oath and the true meaning of the American system.  He needs to resign.

Unfortunately for the rest of the country there are few people that will speak out against this "power grab" because they have fear.  Fear the liberal press will claim they are racist. (this fear does not exist with minority slander)  So they allow this usurpation of power to continue.  There are a few who speak out, like Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama and Congressman Trey Gowdy form South Carolina.  I am proud of Congressmen Tom McClintock and Doug LaMalfa for also speaking up.  But now we see the only alternative to "impeachment" is a lawsuit.  Speaker John Boehner is asking the courts to restore the co-equal government and reign in the President's power grab.  I support the lawsuit since I can't seem to come up with anything that will force a lawless man back into the fold.  Of course the press, those lame streamers, say the Republicans want to impeach Obama even though there is not one saying so.  More lousy and lying from those who are supposed to oversee the truth.

All in all, America will survive all this and I think the liberal/democrats are overreaching to the point they will become a asterisk in the politics of America.  They are doing great damage and I hope enough people turn out to boot them from office. We need common sense returned to the governance of our country.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obama is detached from reality and is a spoiled man-child

President Barack Obama plays pool at Wynkoop Brewing Co. with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, rear, on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
Washington Times Photo

I shake my head in disbelief almost on a daily basis regarding the lack of leadership and balls shown by President Obama.  The latest outrage is his "visit" to Texas.  He spent most of his time, paid for by the taxpayers of course, doing nothing but goofing off and fundraising for his crony capitalist friends.  This is nothing new of course, and many of us said this was really what the man was all about back in the 2008 race for the office. (voting "present" all the time) The lamestream media still props this sorry excuse for a President up and a pox on all of them.  There are a few outlets that get the truth out to the people and my hat's off to them.  Of course they are awaiting audits from Lois Lerner's minions at the IRS.  And the EPA and the EEOC will be knocking on their doors too.

There is a manufactured humanitarian "crisis" at our borders and Obama refused to go take a "up-close" and personal looksee.   The closest he got was a short "closed door" meeting with Governor Rick Perry.  Perry (HERE and HERE) later said he did not understand much of what Obama was yapping about.  But hey, the man met with the enemy and though Perry did not make the mistake of hugging him, all of America could see the dodge.  This influx of illegals can be tied directly to Obama;s Executive Order to allow those illegally here but under 18 to stay and begin the process of staying permanently.  Using a Bush era law designed to deal with pedophiles, the kids of south of our border saw one of those "unintended" consequences of a law and flooded here.  Another reason to force the Congress to read a bill before signing off I guess.

So back in January the feds were looking for some cheap buses to move some expected kidlets around America after they arrived across the Rio Grande.  We are all trying to find out how Obama knew this was coming.  But like Benghazi, it is all Bush's fault.  So we have a President and a sycophant butt kissing media denying America the information we expect under our Constitution.  We get a pool playing, beer drinking foray into Texas to get some dollars for nuts like Sheila Jackson Lee etal, and nothing for the good people of Texas except a thumbed nose and an Italian salute!

While Obama is giving the country the finger and making speeches whining about the Republicans in the House (never a word about the prostitute Harry Reid in the Senate), these little munchkins are being bused all around the country.  They are spreading their illnesses everywhere!  And we taxpayers are paying for it all.  Obama wants three billion in emergency funds to house feed and give these kidlets lawyers!  Hell, it would cost maybe ten million to gather them up, take them to the airports and send them home.  We could give each one five thousand bucks as well.  That would be way cheaper!  Then the worried parents could get back ten to one their investments with the coyotes who escorted these kidlets across Mexico!  Great return of the dollar eh?

This is just one of the many acts of a man who has no clue on how to lead and protect his own country.  He mocks those that disagree and refuses to bend one iota in compromise.  Of course, the lamestreams say it is the Republicans who refuse to compromise therefore protecting their boy.  Our boys shrink into the fetal position when they get accused of "racism" if they argue for the truth against Obama.  But that didn't stop a woman of color down in the south of telling Obama what the truth is.
She was upset that the money Obama wants should be used for Americans.  What a thought eh?  America is in deep "middle class" trouble and all they get is a set of promises and "hash tags" to cure what ails.  But that is the mindset of a liberal like Obama.  Throw money at it, overwhelm it with more and your intentions get you a pass on the responsibility scale because you/he, cares!  He caused all this and now he wants us to bail him out while he excepts zero responsibility on both ends of the deal!  Of course Bush was reamed a new one by the same lamestream media on a daily basis about Katrina.  Even though he acted damn quick and secured billions for the rebuild.  But, he was not a liberal of course.  The reality is all this whining by Obama looks bad to Americans and it looks bad to the rest of the planet's people.  American Presidents were usually pretty good at leading and getting things done during a crisis.  Now we are stuck with a man-child (he is a true metro-sexual male) who takes no responsibility for anything unless it makes him look good.

America deserves better leadership and we need it right now.  The systemic corruption Obama has brought to the Executive Branch has to be curtailed.  All the things he stands for makes many Americans who voted for him very sorry they did.