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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, Soul Sisters in liberal hypocrisy!

These two women attacked Trump yesterday as a soulless creep for talking about buying foreclosed homes back in 2007.  Clinton dissed him in a speech and then she had Warren do the same.    Of course the whole housing bubble was created by mortgages the poor could not pay back.  All put together by William Clinton and Barney Frank.  Sub-prime anyone?

HERE is a YAHOO article on Warren regarding her making a fortune off of foreclosures and house "flipping".  Can you say HYPOCRITE?
Elizabeth Warren, AKA Hypocrite!

Trump now calls this woman from the Northeast "Pocahontas"  If you recall she claimed she was a Indian since she had high cheekbones.  She used that claim to get special treatment and grants to attend high end colleges.  Affirmative action for a phony Indian apparently.  Yet the people of Massachusetts still put this liar into office!  Remember she was the person that created the phrase, "you didn't build that" regarding the business world.  She is a avowed socialist!

So here we go, these liberal liars and hypocrites are out telling everyone they are against those evil rich people when they themselves are rich.  And they got rich doing the same things they accuse others of doing.  Others must not flip houses.  Others must not accept "big money" in politics.  Others must tell the truth.  Other must not abuse "non-profits" for personal gain.  Those others are just get reamed by these liberal women (and Bernie Sanders).  Yet they are guilty as hell if there is guilt to be found.

Personally I could care less if Warren flipped houses.  But she  threw little old ladies out of their homes to make a profit. Where is that "bleeding heart" for the poor and helpless? She seems to make that a lifelong strategy to get rich it appears to me.  So if I were Warren and Hillary, I would shut my mouths and apologize to all those they screwed over on the house foreclosures.  But of course they think the mainstream media will carry their water and protect them.  We can see a little actual reporting though as even the Huffington Post and Boston Newspapers do stories on them.  Even the MSM can't seem to stomach these liars for booting out old women from their homes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Donald Trump and his Republican bona-fides 1988!

Bonnie McGuire sent this link and if you watch this video you will see Trump today is not different from his 1988 ideology!  Check out his hair and Larry King's as well.  LOL!

Duane Strawser or Heidi Hall?

 I saw this letter to the Editor in today's Union and decided it was worth reprinting here (see bottom).  I have no room in my life for people like Jeff Pelline and his few readers who are  spreading their "big city politics" here in Nevada County.  Maybe they can get away with lying about people there, but we have a small county and word gets around.  Pelline does his best to impugn people.  He calls those he disagrees with "good ol' boys", podunkers, and more.  Now he is attacking the people that donate to his opposition in ideology.  My goodness he must be lonely.

Heidi Hall has extremist views.  She is a bureaucrat for the State.  A manager for the California Department of Water Resources.   She was soundly defeated in her run for Congress.  Her minions attacked Doug LaMalfa relentlessly with innuendo and lies during that race.  Fortunately the people of the county and District saw the ploy and re-elected a good man.  Hall has received donations from the extremists sitting on the Democratic Central Committee.  Those people are truly out of touch with their county residents.  But they and their other extremist leftist's give freely to Hall in the hopes of electing a fellow traveler.

I have never met Hall or Strawser.  Reading the information on them both I would say Strawser is the best fit for the district.  He is more in tune with the local issues and has served this community well with his volunteering and serving as a Councilman. Hall tries to convince voters she is for business growth and property rights and small farms supporter.  Mom and apple pie stuff.  Words are cheap.  Where is the beef?  

I recall all that was pushed by a woman running for District 4 years ago.  I knew that person was not telling the truth yet she got elected.  Well, the true colors were exposed and she was booted in the next election as it was proven she was a extreme lefty, anti-property rights and regulation supporter.  I am afraid I see the same thing with Hall.

One must actually be in a business and sign the front of a check to convince me they are sincere in their views.  Put your money where your mouth is kind of candidate.  Strawser seems to be that person.  Small businessman and active in city endeavors.  Hall does not appear to have that experience.  Read those Candidate Statements in the sample ballot please.  Hall's does not resonate at all.

So, Hall equals a government employed bureaucrat involved in water regulations.  A person enmeshed with rules and enforcement of government on people.

Strawser is  involved in small business and city government as a elected person.

I'll go with the small businessman.

 Here is the Letter from today's Union Newspaper.

"An objection to Duane Strawser is that some of his backers supported the Tea Party. This information, gleaned from a left-leaning blogger, viciously implied there is some corruption going on and some incestuous relationship between Americans for Good Government and the Tea Party.
There doesn’t seem to be any objection to the Democratic Women (not exactly an agenda-free organization) making a large contribution to Heidi Hall. Perhaps some of her other contributions should be scrutinized as well.
Why are the Heidi Hall supporters attacking Duane Strawser, a moderate, decline-to-state citizen of Nevada County who has the best interests of the county in mind? The same guy who put out thousands of his own dollars to insure the high profile bicycle races came through our county knowing it would bring money into our local economy. He did it without any guarantee of repayment.
Duane has been a business owner in Nevada City for years, donating his time, money and unlimited energy. After meeting Duane, it is apparent he is running for supervisor because he cares about our county. He wants to use his expertise from being on many Nevada County boards and commissions to make sure the county uses its resources wisely.
He stepped in and offered an alternative to the left-leaning and very ambitious Heidi Hall who has set her sights on the board of supervisors after being soundly defeated in her previous congressional race.
Suzie James
Nevada City"

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rants and Rolls of the day, May 19, 2016

This Measure W rancor is reminding me of the "good ol' days" of our county landuse wars.  Everyone at each other throats with their predictions and concerns.  Of course the eco-left won those wars back in the 1990's and early 2000's.  We get to see the results everyday in their victory.  No housing for anyone but their pals the "rich" and regulations up the wazoo with a huge General Plan full of policies turned into zoning ordinances.  Now those same landuse winners are crying the blues that those same ordinances and regulations are impacting their marijuana grows.  Irony!

The left also was extremely vocal about population increases and towards the end of the landuse wars, they were successful in "capping" the total population of Nevada County at some number like 155,000 souls.  The rancor they created about that war was so loud and nasty the Supervisors finally gave in and accepted it.  But as we have seen, the very policies the left wanted and got has caused our little county to go backwards in population.  When I left the Board in January 1993 the county had about 90,000 folks.  It now has something like 98,000 after 24 years and is headed for less.

Of course there are those that like the fact we have stayed at the number of residents.  I get that.  But the actual results are there is nothing for young families here.  Unless you want to have a service job for all of us old farts, there is not much else.  Schools are closing and no new houses for the poorly paid service people.  Hell, we can't even build a grocery store in Commercial Zoning at the entrance to Alta Sierra!  Those ninnies protesting would rather drive to Auburn then have a properly zoned business to shop at nearby!  Can anyone say "spoiled"?  And because the owner of that store wants to have two others in western Nevada County, somehow the Legal Beagles force them to do some environmental document!  That is a first for me.  Three separate properties not even close and a eco doc requirement all at the same time!

So look around and you won't see too many new homes or businesses.  Who wants to go through the maze of government BS and the yapping of the "neighbors"?  Oh there are some banks where all of the "rich" transferees from elsewhere put their money and I appreciate that.  But for our economy here we now have mostly government jobs and employment.  This happened to most of the rural counties of California and the western United States.  Any wonder why our County Budget is mostly "transfer" payments from federal agencies? Now 40%  or so deficit dollars!

State of California  nuttiness goes on every day as well.  Hundreds of new laws and thousands of new regulations foisted on us by a leftwing legislature and Governor.  President Reagan said it right.  If anything in the land "moves" tax it!  Even thought the people of the State voted a initiative to keep the kids under the dome in Sacramento from taxing and feeing us on a really creative level every day, they still do it!  Because the idiots still get elected!  No consequences for their breaking the law.  Well except they want us tho vote in a initiative to stop the pay of felonious fellow State Senators.  They can't even do that themselves.  What a bunch of wimps. All democrats!

Look at the "bullet train" fiasco!  Billions in dollars projected for a train from somewhere to nowhere.  Yet Governor Brown wants to raise taxes on gasoline to repair roads and bridges for car drivers!  His mismanagement of our billions we pay him to get Caltrans  off their asses and get the job done is supercilious.  But there are no consequences for waste fraud and abuse for this mismanagement.  They just keep getting elected by idiots. 

I once took my aging mother to Coulterville , a little town on the southern end of Highway 49.  She went to a one room school house there in 1940 or so.  Many grades were taught there at the same time.  Yet somehow she learned and became a successful adult.  Now the one room has morphed into a billion dollars in a Los Angeles School housing the same number of students as our local Nevada Union High School.  How did this happen?  We must have no one watching our money I guess.  No consequences for this means we will get more and more.

Locally there is a Measure W on marijuana on the ballot and it is getting many people hot under the collar.  I am inundated with flyers.  I even get attacked by trolls on other web blogs with the nastiest comments you can imagine.  And I have not publicly declared my position!  People assume I must be for it because of my property rights positions.  Others say I am against it because of my opposition to drugs.  It is so interesting the assumptions others make and I am enjoying keeping them off course.

Then the Nevada City initiative to keep people from doing the AirBnB rentals cracks me up.  Here we go again.  If it moves, tax it.  If we find out it is allowing people to make some money and help them pay their mortgage, regulate it.  Nevada City is a microcosm of what we call a "people's republic of".  They want tourists to come and spend their money but cannot even leave those that actually rent a room to the tourist, alone.  They will make it impossible to get those tourist dollars and once again they are their own worst enemies.

Federally, we sure have got a President that loves those "executive orders" to implement his attempts to "fundamentally change" America.  We need some sort of "peace" in our own country.  Everyday the rules and regulations contrived by bureaucrats and politicians inundate us.  Now the President issues a order to all businesses they must pay overtime to management personnel.  Where in the Federal Constitution does it say he can do that?  Nowhere of course.  He is lawless and thinks he has the right to get into the contract between a employer and employee.  And the left wonders why jobs are moving to other countries.  I think they are really disconnected from reality.  Cause and affect.  Even I understand that.  But the pointy heads in charge never look at that.

Lastly.  If we do not change the way "civil service" is done, and unions in government, we will never fix the place.  All those rules they foist on us should be forced down their throats as well.  And if we don't fix the rules to get rid of people not carrying their own weight in government we will dumb down it all.  Schools included.

On the positive side of things.  Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are sure stirring it up.  Bernie wants to double down on Obama overreach and Trump wants to get the government out of the PC business.  I am going for Trump.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Is she a troll?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wings of Freedom Tour, go see the planes that saved the world

The Collings Foundation will be doing the tour with WW2 aircraft this year.  They are going to be all over the state of California.  HERE is the link to the Foundation.If you like these vintage aircraft you should go and see them.  A few years ago another tour visited the Lincoln Airport and I took my sons to see a  B-17 and other ships.  It was fantastic.

The tour will be at McClellan on June 3-5 and cost $12.  HERE is their full state schedule.