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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri and justice in America

There it is right there for all the world to see.  Our Grand Jury system.  After three months of investigation, after only the prosecutor giving input, after the GJ interviewed all the "eye witnesses"  they could find, after all the hype, the GJ issued its "no bill" yesterday.  That means no indictment.

HERE is one media wrap of the night. If you Google there are hundreds more.

Back when this all transpired in Ferguson the race hustlers and many others claimed this was  a murder of a black man, 18 year old Michael Brown.  I listened to the DA, Robert P. McCulloch,  read the findings and it took about a half hour.  He then took questions for about the same amount of time.  I was impressed at the professionalism of the DA, a democrat, and I could see this whole episode was a tough one for him.  Of course the race hustlers had tried to get him booted from the investigation since his father, a policeman, was murdered by a black man when he was young.  To his credit the DA stood up to those bullies and refused to step aside.  His demeanor as a public servant and law enforcement officer was a fine example of the "good" people who serve us.

After the decision last night we got to see the thugs run wild in Ferguson, burning and looting their own neighbors.  Amazing!  Even with a call for calm by the Brown family, many could not resit looting the gin and whiskey from the liquor store where Michael Brown stole the cigars and pushed the little counter person the day of his death.  Irony! 

I recall asking people who said the cop should hang for "murder" that they should wait.  The facts were all over the place.  Eyewitnesses reported numerous scenarios and most were blacks who were on the street that day.  Mr. Brown is dead.  That is a sad thing of course and I grieve with his parents.  However, Michael Brown was shown to be the responsible party for attacking the policeman by reaching into the car and trying to grab his weapon.  When Mr. Brown charged the cop after having hit the cop in the face, he sealed his fate.  The cop feared for his life and unloaded his weapon at Brown, killing him.

The race hustlers try to convince others that this is a common occurrence across America.  That is a lie.  It is in fact very uncommon and as far as I know the people that attack cops are from every racial background and those that are killed in the cops self defense are also from every race and background.  We try to make sure in America that a cop who discharges his weapon is held to a very high standard.  They represent the state and we civilians must have confidence they are not shooting people for any other reasons.  That is what came out of this circumstance.

Since the pleas of the Brown family have gone unheeded by the thugs who like to practice violence, we can expect more of it.  In my opinion, this episode should motivate people to change things in a peaceful way.  People in Ferguson should run for office and then implement those changes.  They can make a concerted effort to get a good education and then get hired as policemen and other law enforcement positions.  That is the American way.  The race hustlers will keep agitating those that are prone to take the violent way but that to me is a short lived way to solve the problem. 

President Obama came on shortly after the completion of the DA's report for the GJ.  I was hopeful he would have a short encouraging speech and call for a calm response.  He kind of did but then he went off like a soda rocket into a history lesson on American injustice.  I was actually yelling at him.  My neighbors probably thought someone was in great pain!  Anyway, he should have said a few words and then went back to bed, but he could not resit dinking America.  My goodness, the man is on the edge I guess.  Here was a man given all the privileges of our great country and all he can do is trash it.  I was disgusted.  He could have said positive things about the system but he has to bring in his Saul Alinsky training to agitate those who are easily agitated.  I blame some of the rioting on him.

So maybe out of this episode of tragedy, Americans of good faith will come together and say we need to stop, count to ten and then talk.  In Chicago, murders of young black men by other young black men are out of control.  Obama should go do some "community organizing" in the streets of that city and urge his fellow Americans to stop the violence.  But he won't.  It is a shame he is so shallow.

Chuck Schumer is a delusional democrat Senator! I am so happy!

Wow!  I just finished watching Schumer give a speech to the National Press Club this morning.  He had quite a long screed on how he and the democrats will be taking back the reins of government in 2016 and be in charge for a generation!  On and on he droned.  It reminded me of Brezhnev addressing to Politburo or Castro making one of famous multi hour addresses.  It was so "out there" that when he finished, not one person in the audience applauded him!

Chuck Schumer, a delusional man!
As I listened to him I thought to myself, "this guy is from a different planet"!  He spoke about how his party was going to grow the government because that is what America wants.  He wants bigger and more intrusive government programs to "help" the middle class!  I could not believe it but by the time he was done I was cheering him profusely!  Yes!  What Americans want is bigger government and they proved that by electing a huge Republican majority just two weeks ago!  Sorry, I could not resist that.

So he is the third in line for the democrats in the Senate, they reelected Harry Reid as their leader this last week and Dick Durbin as number two as well.  The democrats are in denial!  As I listened to Schumer tell the people who write the news how great the democrats are for the middle class I could see the wheels turning in the press members heads as they heard this delusional man.  My goodness they must be thinking, this fellow was in charge for eight years and the country is in deep crapola economically yet he is telling us, the smartest people we know, that things are rosy!  Anyway, I could see that Schumer actually believes what he was saying and I am very very happy he does.

After he finished to no applause he took some questions from these gatekeepers of the truth.  Of course not one said "hey Chuck, you just had your ass handed to you by the voters, analyze that for us please"?  He then would not allow a questioner to even finish their softball questions as he cut them off rudely.  I honestly feel sad for the State of New York that they would give this man 40 years of elected office.  My goodness, he is the poster child for what is truly wrong with these liberals full of hubris.  He is not a nice man and he was talking to his fan club!

So to me I could not be more pleased that he is looking at the world as he does.  He has misread the mandate of November 4, 2014 and we are lucky he has.  If his views are embraced by his party, we will be in charge of the country for a long long time.  Oh, and most of his address and answers to questions comprised of Republican bashing.  I laughed my butt off as he complained about the state of America and tried to make it the R's fault.  Go Chuck!

Friday, November 21, 2014

America Transformed by Obama?

Last night we all got to hear President Obama shred our Constitution to implement his own political strategy to obtain millions of new democrat voters.  He of course used his training as a "community organizer" and Saul Alinsky student to do tjhis.  All you saps who have waited and played by the countries rules were thrown under the bus.  You saps, you idiots, you trusting legal path immigrants!  Why hell, just come across the border and you are now assured no one will come after you and send you beck.  What a bunch of fools!

Of course all Americans are immigrants.  Even the "native peoples" came from elsewhere a few thousand years ago.  The history of the planet has been the movements of people from here to there.  But in America we had laws based on a Constitution that we all swear allegiance to.  That document implements the certainty of laws over men.  But Obama has decided to chuck that and become "king"!

Sure past Presidents, along with Congress, made laws to deal with immigrants in a reasonable fashion and the numbers were usually small. (Coolidge and Congress actually cutoff immigration that lasted for forty years!) Obama has leveraged the "good will" of those smaller acts into a massive "amnesty" for people who disregarded the laws.  In my view Obama should be impeached for his lawlessness.  What really upset me though was his wagging his finger at Americans and telling us what a great guy he was for his "feelings" for all these millions of people.  Sorry Obama, I don't feel bad about my beliefs that we are a country of laws as you appear to be.  I feel bad for the millions of poor Americans that will see their wages driven lower, that is if they can even find a job.  I feel bad that the 17 trillion of debt will destroy the country as we add even more to it to "spread the wealth".  All this "good intentions" has intended consequences.

America is a kind and generous nation and has been a stable country because we all shared the compact that our Constitution was the glue holding us together.  I don't care where you come from as long as you respect our rules.  But now, you have sent the message that the rules are flexible and if one man decides to change them then you are OK with that.  You have sent a terrible message about the country.  We are the last best hope of mankind and now you have opened the door to destruction on the most basic compact we have with each other.

The Congress should immediately send this action the US Supreme Court for a Constitutional review.  Why debate it as a political act then it can be simply determined by the Constitutional arbiters of the constitutionality of an act.  I would think the Congress has "standing" since they are a co-equal branch.  So we will see if there is any stomach to uphold the law or uphold the emotions of the act.

If  the lamestream press does not uphold their duty to tell the truth then they will become a dinosaur as we all abandon them and replace them.  God help America.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Democrats and their Lamestream Media stenographers refuse to concede their wipeout November 4, 2014!

I always believed that to be a democrat you had to be a mentally challenged human.  The  proof lately is their acceptance of their monumental defeat on election day.  I have been watching and reading the responses of democrats as well as their mouthpieces in the national and regional media.  You would never know they just had their asses handed to them by the American voters!

Yesterday I watched Nancy Pelosi and her gang of dolts give their press conference to the stenographers of the media and I could hardly believe what I was hearing.  She and her numskulls yakked on and on about their "agenda" and how those wascally Republicans should listen and implement it.  I thought ro myself, "have these people returned to 2006"?  They think they are in charge!  I think the American voters told them simply to "shut up and sit down, the grownups are now in charge"!  But listening to Pelosi, democrat from district 12, San Francisco, you would think she was still Speaker of the House!

Pelosi is in a gerrymandered district where 80% of the voters are her party.  She doesn't know there was a sea change in DC I guess.  Since she wins by huge margins I think she is mentally isolated from reality.  She is also so irritating to me.  When speaking she uses extreme hand gestures to make her points and they are so distracting!  I think the woman is truly odd when you look at her face.  She seems to be somewhere else.  But her party re-elected her as their BOSS in the House so it appears the rest of the democrats have to be mentally challenged as well.  It looks to me that democrats are the URBAN party almost exclusively, and the Republicans are everywhere else.

The outcome of the election has also been disregarded by President Obama.  Instead of taking his whooping and trying to "bury the hatchet" like any realist would do, he has decide to tell the American people "screw you".  He is so full of himself, but all I see is an "empty suit".  He whines and complains and threatens veto's and denigrates the R's and other conservative groups.  He does not know how to actually sit down and meet in the middle.  Even though he and the lamestreams say they want that to take place, they both have no clue how to do it.  They also protect each other from justifiable criticism's about "bi-partisanship" so nothing gets done.  The left simply continues to "poison" the well.

Yesterday the democrats in the US Senate defeated the Keystone X-L Pipeline on a 59-41 vote.  Of course, the democrats perpetrate a fraud on the people because they could have gotten one more to gain the 60 (all R's voted YES) needed to proceed to the President's desk.  Hell, didn't Mary Landrieu sell her soul to get the 60th vote for ObamaCare?  So it was just a phony baloney act by the democrats to look like they, well at least one short of the required vote, cared about jobs and energy.  The democrats just don't get it.  They got whooped good yet still could not pass a bill their eco freak pals and other libs hated.  We see, well the American people see, why their is dysfunction in DC.

This morning I watched Harry Reid speak as the Majority Leader of the Senate.  His whole gig was, blame the Republicans!  I shook my head to clear out the cobwebs of sleep because I was watching another democrat loon act like nothing happened.  He blamed the R's for the lack of voting on the floor!  He did not know that we all know he has held over 300 House passed bills in limbo?  Of course he does, but the demoncrats never take responsibility for anything they do that exposes them as the obstructionist  party leaders they are.  Fortunately for us all, the other "media" outlets allow us to get unfiltered information about the democrat shenanigans and we all said, "ENOUGH"!  So they are now going to be sitting on the back bench where they sent the R's all these years.

So I see that the democrat party is in denial still and perhaps they may never recover.  Obama and the House and Senate D's will become a passing fancy if they don't accept reality.  America gave the R's over 67% od all the state legislatures, 60% of the governors and many more down ticket posts.  Even in California, the voters took away the "super-majority" of the D's in the legislature.  Unfortunately the D's did change the laws on initiatives which will make it harder to place them on the ballot.  They will be headed the way of the national D's if they keep denying the people their rights.

Bottom line to me is this.  If Obama and the D's don't start governing the people will send them into political oblivion and probably then in purgatory they can contemplate their belly buttons.  I am so proud of the people of America for tossing the lib/dems out and putting grownups in charge.  Maybe now we can get America moving back to greatness.

Friday, November 14, 2014

No Wimps allowed! Republicans should not misread why they got a mandate

Within minutes of the final tallies of votes across America, the usual democrat suspects were on the friendly media of America claiming victory!  I said to myself "are these people that mentally ill?"  The mandate handed to the Republicans was clear to me.  The democrats though, smart liars that they are, tried to hijack what their defeat meant.  They and their lapdog media decided the people wanted the R's to work with the D's and Obama to meet in the middle.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

NO Wimps allowed Republicans, you better hear us!
Obama was crowing the next day that if the R's wanted to get on his bus he would consider it!  What a ego!  He and his party were handed a total rebuke by America.  The message was STOP!  Stop the madness of PC, stop the madness of a proposed amnesty.  Stop the deficit spending.  Stop the lies of ObamaCare.  Stop the left's agenda!  Pretty damn clear to everyone but not to the true liberal believers. 

Pelosi is now saying she never knew anything about Gruber.  HERE in her own words is the exposure of her lies.  The Obama White House says they never knew about Gruber.  HERE is the exposure of that lie.  These democrats are simply trying to lie their way out of the mess they created and technology is not on their side.  The truth is willing out!  If the Republican leaders don't understand these people are self destructing then they too are not too bright.  The American voters said HEY!  Stop the liberal agenda, take some time to right the ship and then proceed with American values and policies.  Individual freedom and capitalism, free markets and less regulation! Pretty simple.

Apparently there is a fear among the R's leadership in the US Senate about a "government shutdown"!  I say that is unfounded.  The media last year did their best to convince the American people the R's were responsible for a supposed shutdown (I never felt it) and specifically the Tea Party guy, Ted Cruz, was the main culprit.  Well, in my assessment of the November vote the people were actually in agreement!  They said we are OK with Cruz and the R's slowing down the leftist attempts to "transform" America.  Senator McConnell needs to stay the course of opposition to all these democrat policies and fiasco's.

The R's will never win over the mainstream media.  They need to have faith that those of us across America can fill the void of sip[port lacking for them by the lamestreams.  The alphabets and their lackey's are not as powerful anymore.  Thousands of us, as well as talk radio, FOX and online magazines like the "Daily Caller" are carrying the water of information in America.  We showed that even with all the favorable stories about the democrats and the unfavorable on R's this go around, the lame-stream's have failed. 

If the R's withhold the funds to implement these terrible unAmerican acts by Obama and the democrats then they are doing their job as the Constitution states.  Stop the money to all these things.  Stop the money to all those lefty and liberal NGO's.  Stop the money except to those that are truly needy.  My goodness Republicans, stop the madness!  Don't be chicken.  Don't allow those in the liberal lamestream media to get into your noggins and influence you to be meek.  Be bold, get the country back on track and believe me, you will energize millions of people to re-involve.  If you want to convince Americans that there is a difference between the R's and the D's then let your balls drop and become men, not wimp ass boys.  Maybe listen to the women elected as R's as they seem to be braver than the men.  Just do it!