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Monday, May 18, 2020

Don't be a leftwing lemming!!

Like most humans and animals, we avoid death as best we can.  We all hope it won't hurt when our time is up.  It is built into our DNA to survive and do our best to avoid something no one ever came back from.  Well except for Jesus Christ anyway.  So we stay away from things that might kill us and so far the human race has been the best at that avoidance.  There are seven-plus billion of us on this planet.  If only one-tenth of one percent die every day that number would be what seven million?  That is a lot of people to turn into ash or bury in the ground.  And we all grieve for the people we know and hold dear.  That is a lot of grieving.

The planet has seen many "pandemics" and lesser "epidemics" since the beginning of time.  But the planet has had only one "baby boomer" group and they sure don't want to die.  Heck, they don't even want to get old.  But until some scientist unlocks the DNA strand that causes old age, we will all get old and die.  And we die from many things and a lot of the reasons are self-destructive.  Alcohol and drugs, overeating, and obesity.  People take risks all the time.  Some jump off of tall buildings or mountainsides.  Some climb rock faces without a rope.  William Tell shot an apple off his son's head with a bow and arrow!  And of course, we have seen throughout time the genocide perpetrated on others less powerful.  Genghis Khan killed millions and stacked their heads at the city gates.  No quarter given the people he conquered unless they pledged their lives to him.  And there have been many tyrants with armies.

In World War Two a hundred million died at the hands of fascists and communists.  It took the bravery of people not afraid to defend freedom to defeat those tyrants.  All the while humans warred on each other, little bacteria and viruses killed more millions.  The Panama Canal would never have been built if General Walter Reed had not eradicated the breeding grounds of the mosquito carrying the virus.  Millions died from bubonic plague in Europe until they figured out that rats carrying fleas were the vectors.  And of course, polio and many other diseases were cured as humans created vaccines.

Billions of we humans have come and gone and the course of history has changed many times because of disease and war.  And we are still here!  But now we see a different point of view from humans afraid to meet their maker.  I am not crazy about croaking either, but I have hope that my faith will keep me strong and less afraid of death than if I had none.  Heck, I could go out to the store for milk and get run over by some drunk or careless driver.  We sit in a weapon of two tons when we drive and a small deviation of our attention can lead to a disaster.  Many Americans die in terrible vehicle crashes.  But today we have this virus from Wuhan China and it has made the planet's people so afraid they cower in their homes.  And tyrants we call Governors are exploiting the virus claiming it is so bad they must be obeyed as if they are mom or dad.

The virus has been exploited by the left for political purposes as well.  We see the democrats passage of a three trillion-dollar bill and it contains every leftwing "wish" to turn America into a socialist country.  It will die a justified death in the Senate but imagine if the Senate was democrat and we had a democrat as President!  My goodness, these tyrants tell us "never let a crisis go to waste" and we see it up close now.  Why these people want to take the virus and use it to control us is something I cannot fathom.  But it is true.  There are people in high places that want to control you and me.  They cannot stand it.  We are free and don't want to be told what to do by C minus students.  I call them that do, lemmings.  They can't seem to proceed in life without being ordered.  I am not like that.  I am an adult and am a cautious man.  I know how to survive and so do most others.  We are careful and look out for others.  The lemmings don't.  They can and do accept being told how to lead their lives and do so without question.  They even criticize those that lead their lives through their own common sense and hard work.

We see the left criticize those Americans that want to open their businesses.  These business owners closed to do their part to slow and eradicate the virus.  But the tyrants have changed the "goalposts" and now these business owners say FOUL!  And so they are rebelling against the tyrants and trying to reopen. These tyrants think that "dry beach sand" needs to be avoided!  Only step on the wet sand.  And that is if they allow people on the beaches!  The virus lasts a few seconds in the sunshine and fresh air.  But the tyrants don't want to lose their power.  So unless you obey you face arrest or loss of your license.

So be reasonable but in America, we can disobey just as we have been schooled by our Constitution.  Remember civil disobedience was faith by the left when they were not as hypocritical as they are today.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Way past time to return to our "normal" lives

I shake my head in disbelief on the fumbling of our state and states by numbskulled Governors.  We have allowed some disease "specialists" to scare the hell out of everyone here and around the world regarding the Wuhan/China virus.  Sure it is infectious and I am terribly sad for the lives this scourge has taken. But my goodness we need to move along.  The recovery rate is as good as the common flu which takes many lives every year.  I have never had a flu shot because they don't really work for many of us.  I think we who survive these diseases keep the gene pool in better shape.  I have recovered a couple of times from the flu and that has made my body resist these attacks.  Hopefully, I will survive this virus if I get it but who knows?

Americans have survived a lot of terrible things and we are better as a people for our stamina and resistance.  Humans are under attack from these kinds of viruses all the time.  I call the results of these pandemics and epidemics a "culling" of the herd.  And we humans do get a herd immunity too.  In the animal kingdom, other than we humans, those creatures don't last too long anyway.  If you think about it, and watch those nature programs on TV you will know what I mean.  Our little pets, dogs , cats, birds and fish, make it maybe twenty years at best.  We get to see up to 100!  And that is a great increase since the beginning of the last century as medicines and sanitation practices were implemented.  Today there are many countries whose people die really early because they have not yet started what we Americans created.  Penicillin started it and then the eradication of diseases spread by mosquitoes and flies spread across the planet.  Yet a disease like malaria kills millions in Africa and other warmer regions.  Why?  DDT was banned after the propaganda book "SILENT SPRING" by Rachel Carson was published.

So here we are, hiding in our homes, many forced by unconstitutional edicts by power-mad Governors and bureaucrats.  And the country is going down the crapper as the unemployed numbers head over 30 million.  It seems to be common sense is missing in these elected people across the land.  Sure we might save some people from the virus but what about those that will die from not getting their cancer surgery?  Or all those overdoses from fentanyl and other opiates?  Drugs and alcohol ravaged the country prior to this virus and no governor closed his state.  We are lucky to be here anyway.  What are the odds of our creation and staying power?  Humans have survived somehow and as in the creature world, it is and always has been, the survival of the fittest.  Big fish eat the little fish. So to speak.

I watch every day the pronouncements of disease experts and am amazed they cannot see the other issues that have arisen from this virus.  If we don't take the risk of getting our country going and the people back to work, we risk revolution.  All this power-mad stuff coming from the Governors is so risky to our way of life I would have thought some would see it and move their states back to normal. A couple of them have and the results seem to play out fine.  Florida and Georgis have seen a fall in infections after they reopened.  Wisconsin's Supreme Court today overthrew that state's Governor's overreach on their shutdown.  We will see more of this as people across America want to get their lives back on track.  We don't want handouts we want to work.  Americans are seeing the downside of the power of rogue elected officials who disregard our laws and Constitution.

It was President Reagan that said "we are only one generation away from our demise" if we fail to keep these officials in line.  And it appears to me that is what is going on.  These governors are testing the waters to see how far they can push their power.  Americans must defeat these people and replace them with people that follow the law.  We all are expected to follow the law yet these officials seem to make up their edicts on whims of "security".  Emotionally they know humans respond to that so they push, push, push.  Now we see them arresting people for walking on the beach or fishing or wanting to reopen their businesses.  I say rebel and make them look like the ogres they are.  All they are doing is so unAmerican to my sensibilities it just has to be challenged and stopped.  Sure people will die, that is something that happens thousands of times a day from many things.  And that is a sad thing.  I lost my mother and younger brother last year and I miss them greatly.  But that is life and they had good ones for the most part.  My demise will come and so will yours.  But if we want America to survive as a great country, full of freedom and individual rights, we must reject these lockdowns and boot the officials that put them in place.

The bottom line is America likes to work likes to play and likes their rights.  Those that stand in the way of that will pay a heavy price.  Take back our country from these tyrants NOW!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

This virus and the democrats are undermining America!

These two fiddled while Trump saved America
Why would I say something like that you may ask?  Well, all my life I was told and raised and informed that Americans were tough cookies and could deal with just about anything.  Asteroids, wars and pestilence were nothing to Americans.  We would fight like tigers to maintain our lives and country.  And we always have.  But today I am shocked at the response to this virus.

Almost without exception, the governors of the states have locked down their people.  Stay home and wash your hands and face.  When you go outside stay six feet apart.  If you are sick I say yes, stay home and respect others' right to not breathe your cough.  And the hysterical reporting and daily totals of infections and death numbers.  Where is the recovery numbers?  And how come we never see this when the common cold or flu is running rampant?  Looking st the totals it appears this "pandemic" is no more radical than the common flu.  Millions get the flu every year and many thousands here die.  I have been lucky I guess.  I have never had a flu shot.  And perhaps my immune system is tough and I don't contract the flu.  Or maybe I am just lucky.

American politicians have locked down the greatest economy in the history of the planet and trampled our rights under our Constitution in the process.  This is ridiculous.  And millions are now unemployed!  We have to get these restrictions lifted and tossed into the trash.  This is not the America I know.  We risk, we challenge, we fix things and make life better.  This virus has made the leaders of America afraid.  They nuance every speech or dialog with "every life is precious".  Yes, that is so but they are so afraid of being called cold and calloused by the media (especially since this is an election year) that to me they sound like wussies.  Did the pioneers crossing the desert risk everything to get to California?  Yes, and many died trying.  And now California and its Governor are afraid of their own shadows.

America is much better than this.  We can walk and chew gum at the same time.  It is difficult to look at death but remember we all go sometime.  And our country has the best healthcare on planet earth.  We save a lot of people from death and I am one of them.  Of course, no one really wants to exit but it will happen.  America conquered polio and measles and many other illnesses that ravaged mankind for millennia.  This virus is not statistically worse than many other viruses we have faced.  And why is it called Covid19?  It is the Chinese Wuhan virus and we should never forget it.  Many of these crazy viruses come from China.  Hell, they eat all kinds of crazy exotic animals and even little Rover and Kitty!  They have five times the population as we do so they say they can lose a few million and not be concerned.  Communists never care much about murdering their own. Ponder me this.  China and Wuhan started this mess and it seems to have never spread to the rest of China outside Wuhan.  Did they create a vaccine?  Do they have therapies?  Why did the rest of the planet seem to be unable to stop the spread when the Chinese did?

And it seems to me we learned some hard lessons about the "supply chains" didn't we?  Why the heck are most medicines and antibiotics made exclusively in China?  My guess.  No lawyers.  We need to heed President Trump whose drumbeat of America First should be realized as a truth.  Mocked by the left and the fake news media for saying we should have these essential things made in America, Trump was spot on.  When a journalist needs some amoxicillin and can't get it from China do you think the idiot will change his mind?  Probably not.  The hatred and TDS of fake news is amazing. But hey, if those lice croak in need of things they dissed, who am I to judge?  And it also would be wise to tell the Commies we are not going to pay back the debt they bought.

The most ridiculous ads by the democrats lately accusing Trump of being late to the game is amazing as well. While Nancy Pelosi was sitting on the "impeachment articles for over a month and Chuck Schumer was trying to foist the "hoax" trial on America Trump was busy stopping Chinese travelers from coming to infect America.  So please save us the democrat rework of history since we all lived through the time.  Can't fool any of us but apparently, you can fool stupid democrat lemmings.  Today a poll came out saying 60% of democrats blame Trump for the virus and not the Chinese!  That is a typical brain dead democrat response to the truth.  These people must live on a different planet.

We get the benefit of daily briefings by the task force headed by Vice President Pence.  Trump gives a presser as well and if you miss these you really are missing some good fun.  The fake news asks the stupidest questions.  And they treat Trump with disrespect.  But he smacks them back and that is just fine with me.  Why are these idiots of the press asking about things they have no experience with?  My goodness, they come out of a party time college into a press room without the benefit of real-world knowledge.  And it shows when they start their carping. The press in America are morons at best and dangerous as well.  They are truly spreading propaganda.  Lately, they have been spreading Chinese talking points.

Nancy Pelosi has been hoarding premium ice cream in her Napa mansion.  Is that legal?  How many poor people could or should she feed with the money she spends on that ice cream?  Let them eat cake!  She and the horde of moronic democrats in Congress seem to be totally out of touch with the working people of America.  Democrats held up relief measures to try and force election day fiasco like "ballot harvesting" and more.  They did get some pork to some of their pals while the Republicans were trying to help working Americans.  Those actions by the democrats cause me to ask for their mass resignations. 

All in all, I give President Trump an A for his handling of this mess China and the democrats have caused.  If you think not then start paying attention.  Make sure you vote to toss the sorry ass democrats out in November and get some true Americans to replace them.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Democrats and their Fake News Mouthpieces are unAmerican

What is happening with the opposition party and the mainstream media?   If anyone had a doubt about the allegiance to America by these lovelies the last week proves they are not on board the America train. Trump and our military took out an avowed terrorist with a drone strike in Baghdad last week.  The scumbag had a pal from another terrorist group with him in the car.  They are now enjoying 72 raisins in Islam heaven.  President Obama had designated Qasim Sulemani as a terrorist many years ago.  The man became a General in Iran and carried his killing ways all over the middle east and even in his own country.  He was a legal and perfect target since we are at war with terrorism.  Yet his demise at the hands of America is called a "assassination" by the left here.  The media tried to make us feel sorry for the guy.  Calling him "revered" in his country and much more.  They failed to tell you about his crimes.  Only FOX News told us the truth.

 I was infuriated about the fake news reports and the democrats support for this evil.  But that seems to be the way it is when Donald Trump acts.  The left and the media would attack Trump is he cured cancer.  They all have Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  No matter what he does they trash it.  America is on a roll economically yet the left cries that things are terrible.  And the media dutifully reports the lies as if they are true.  Facts don't matter to them when they are reporting on Trump.  Half the country has given up on the media.  When faced with their lies the media never apologize and then they double down.  Yet we can actually get the truth from other areas of information and we do.  Newspapers and media companies like CNN are going broke as people say no more lies!

This Sulemani dude was the inventor of an IED that could penetrate the armor of our vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The military estimates over 600 boys were killed and many more maimed by those explosive devices.  Yet not a word about that from the lamestream fake news media.  Except for FOX.  Why would the media withhold these facts?  Trump hate.  It truly is a sad day for our country when we expect the truth from those given First Amendment Protection to do so.  Hopefully, these liars in the media will seek help for their TDS and retire to find a suitable job for their education levels.  Maybe a sewer plant operator? Or a garbage collector?  That might be a better fit for these creatures.

Now we see the media do their stenographic help for Nancy Pelosi and AOC etal regarding impeachment.  In my opinion, the articles she has failed to send to the Senate are unConstitutional.  Neither have any of the four reasons stated in the founding document.  I suggest they go to the SCOTUS and see if they agree before we get to listen to any more democrats fantasies about the Trump phone call.  But it probably won't happen that way.  At least Senate President McCoonnel did not let Pelosi call the shots.    It appears to me the nation is rejecting the House Democrats attempt at a COUP again.  Maybe we can regain the HOUSE in November and bring sanity back to the p[eople's house.