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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Local democrats are chickens! Or cows! LOL!

 In my 65 years I have seen some really sneaky things done and said by local democrat party.  I have to say they are more untrustworthy than ever.  From President Obama’s Executive actions to the locals parroting “climate change” and defending infanticide.

Democrats never tell the truth!
It seems they have organized the “extremist club” and they must have a “handbook” leading them.  The locals on the Democrat Central Committee are afraid to tell you they are on the committee or even a paid activist.  Why is that?  Is that in the “handbook”?  If you say extremist liberal things the people may not connect you to the democrat party if you don’t tell them?  So that is what they do.

Lately we have seen a full court press by the local democrats to convince people “climate change” is caused by humans.  After all my research it appears to be a hoax.  Just another liberal extremist power grab to control you.  If you can control the “carbon atoms” of a person then you have won the ultimate political power.  If you doubt me look at California government today.  The politicians have passed many laws, new energy taxes and empowered many regulatory agencies to keep track of you and your power usage.  Your  “carbon” use.  Your “carbon footprint”  They have even created a new currency, a new money!  Carbon credits! 

Extremist paid democrats are now trying to convince everyone the planet is at risk from “climate change” caused by humans, so hey!  Turn over the rest of your lives to the government, we know best they say.  Well, not so fast.  Even though we see these scare mongering democrats writing letter after letter to the press, we conservatives have been fighting the hoax these extremist democrats are peddling.  I have been telling the folks for twenty plus years the hoax of “man-made global warming” is all about politics, not about science.  And it appears I was correct.  Why would we have a country of freedoms and then just give those freedoms up for this hoax?

Power and money is the answer.  Some estimates are the “industry” of the climate hoax has transferred 1.4 trillion dollars of your money to the pockets of the hoaxers!  That money should have been spent on real problems here in America.  But as we see the thousands of “non-profits” that have sprung up to divvy the “free money” we see the reasons for hoax.  Power and money, wielded by the extremist democrats.  If we let them these extremists will be metering your wells, they already meter your electricity and gas through PG and E smart meters.  What’s next?

It is my experience that when someone tries to alert the people of some of these power grabs the democrats open their Saul Alinsky playbook (Rules for Radicals) and go about trying to destroy the messenger.  We see that right now with the Planned Parenthood (PP) issues. 

While the democrats tell everyone the videos taken of police arrests by a person with a telephone camera are to be absolutely believed, the video’s of the meetings with PP officials are to be dismissed. Don’t believe your lying eyes you fools!  Watching the Congressional hearings on PP, the democrats on the committee actually attacked the Republican Chairman for asking the PP CEO, a woman, what her salary is?  They called the Chairman a misogynist!  The PP CEO makes $530,000 plus benefits every year!  Taxpayer money!  But the Alinsky democrats wanted to change the subject.  That is their strategy.  The democrats think you all are stupid and will follow them anywhere.  I hope you don’t fall for their slimy tactics and follow them over the cliff.

The Presidential season is now being forced upon our country and we all have to listen to the yapping of those TV “talking heads”.  They tell us what we actually saw and heard right before they go on the air.  I personally have experience listening to politicians. I know what they said.  I also know the difference between horse pucky and the truth.  But democrats don’t think you can discern the “truth” without their talking points.  The local democrats get their daily “talking points” from their masters in Washington DC.  Then they spew forth! I try to not have a “knee jerk reaction” to anything anymore.  A little research and reading should be part of any belief system.  But those extremist local and national democrats think you are all just lemmings.  Don’t be a lemming!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Homeless? Some are and maybe some aren't.

When I was a little guy the people that were "homeless" in those days were called "hobos".  Here in Grass Valley we hardly had anyone we kids could see who were hobos.  Of course my family was a nuclear family, six kids, hardworking Dad and Mom and we kids never thought anything about our "station" in the community.  We grew up with a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food in our stomachs.  We grew up mainly is the forested areas where Pop built our houses.  Mom and my older sister ran the household and we always had clean clothes and we made our own school lunches.

Luckily for us, not one of us has been homeless including all my cousins.  In those days the people we called "retards" were usually odd people that were placed in mental hospitals or "sanatoriums.  Hobos were people moving on and mostly males.  So around town those that were called "retards" were few and far between.  There were no "camps" that I recall and the police and sheriff took those hobos to the county line, free of charge for the drive.  Was this a cruel thing to do?  Looking back I would say no.

Over the years the hobos and the mentally ill (once called retards) were recognized as a regular citizen with all the regular citizen's Constitutional rights.  It may have been the ACLU or a like minded entity that fought for that and they won.  Then I recall that people in these mental hospitals and sanatoriums were now able to exercise their "rights" and the reaction across America was to "free" them and close the places housing them.  I really did not pay that much attention to all this then as I was raising my own family and working.  Social issues were not on my front burner. 

So over the years, America and all the government levels down to local were forced to change how they dealt with the mentally ill.  Those people living "outside" became a real issue for mostly local government.  Americans have been trying to help these people through caring people and organizations like churches and others.  Government has tried to help with "services" and food and temporary shelters.  We have that right here in Nevada County.  But it seems that all this help is for some reason not working very good.  Why is that?  The local Union Newspaper has a story about the homeless everyday.  The homeless population seems to be growing.  And it seems the problems associated with the homeless are growing as well.  Camps, crimes, sanitation, drugs, addiction  and littering issues seem to fill our local police blotter everyday.

Could the issue of "homelessness" be overblown?  When Ronald Reagan was President it seemed the press was attacking him daily for the homeless people and writing he must do something now!  They said Reagan was a hard hearted man who did not care about their plight.  Even though he spent millions of taxpayer dollars addressing the issues he was constantly attacked by the media.  (this was a eye opener for me then as to the bias)  Even though this money to aid these people was spread all across the country things did not seem to change.  Even though thousands of "non-profits" sprung up across the land to "help" these people nothing seemed to get better.  And of course after Clinton was elected the media forgot about those homeless people. Same with Obama.

Here we are in 2015 dealing with the same issues.  We build shelters, we spend millions for food and other help.  We spend a lot of law enforcement money to find and arrest and house the criminal element of this group.  Nothing changes we are told, we are supposed to all feel guilty about the level of help the citizens and taxpayers "donate".  Nothing changes.  Could it be there is a huge number of these people that like to live "outside"?  Anyone ask them?

We do our best to help our fellow Americans but maybe there is a part of humanity that does not want that help? If people are unable to care for themselves what are we to do?  What is the old saying?  "You can lead a horse to water but you can;t make him drink".  We can offer thousands of programs and meals and money but without truly understanding the roots of what we perceive as the problem then how do you help to fix it? Do these people share in their own circumstance?  Maybe the "authorities" need to do a census of these folks.  Interview them.  Get their personal input to these questions.  Then when we know the real issues perhaps we can craft solutions.  What I see is a lot of people and money trying to be good Samaritans without perhaps understanding there might not be a problem?  If people want to live outdoors and they have free will, how is it we think that is a problem?

If we can't get over the fact people may not want our help then sure, to be safe, we could build a community shelter somewhere in the county that would hopefully not be contentious.  If people want to use it then they must agree to certain rules, sort of a contract.  Like a guest register at a hotel.  They have free will but like every other citizen they must follow some rules for their own well being and others trying to help.  That would be a caring thing right?  Maybe some want to be a part of regular society but need help to do that.  Maybe not too.  So, rather than just feeling guilty, spending money that may not be helping and allowing some to play the system, let's apply our compassion in different ways.  My guess the "homeless" have as many different views about their condition as we "home" folks do.  So go out there and do a intricate detailed survey of them and let's solve this.  But remember, these people have free will and therefore must also exercise personal responsibility.

Oh, and I read today that a Federal Judge said that hundreds of mentally ill illegal aliens must be returned to the USA because their hearings were flawed.  This Federal Judge is a prime example of ow this country is headed to the grave.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Demoncrats are on their way to the politcal dustbin! Thanks for your service John Boehner!
John Boehner, Moi, Doug LaMalfa
What we see with the democrats is what the Founders warned us about.  A monolithic one party hegemony.  When the democrats were in charge, they could care less about the Republicans since they had the numbers to disregard them.  No interior squabbles and the results are ObamaCare and many other ill fated bills passed by only democrats.  They are what I call the "dictatorship" of the vapid left.  They are all on the same train, headed to what they hope is more power (and Black Sea dacha's).  They never compromise and with their lamestream press support and really good Goebbels's propaganda machines, they stay relevant and one step from destroying America.

Republicans have many factions and that is a good thing.  If there is a good and open debate we hear the ideas and can make a informed decision.  Getting those factions to agree is tough.  And it should be so.  If it was easy we would all be wearing Mao suits.

So the liberals continue telling us what we should do to stay in power which on its face is totally absurd.  They are telling us what they fear.  So when we read their helpful ideas on how to maintain power for Republicans, I always take the reverse of their advice.  Of course there are Gruberized R's but thank goodness most don't fall for the ridiculous  leftist help.

The NYT,  DailyKos and Politico etal hate the right.  So it matters not who our candidate is they will always trash that person.  If the Pope was running as a R they would burn him at the stake.  Carly Fiorina is a strong and accomplished woman.  When I see an attack from the "jon" I know he is afraid of a strong female.  He is a misogynist and deserves no sympathy.  My guess is his mommy failed to buy the bubblegum in the checkout line and he has become a woman hater. 

But, if there is a flop as a leader, it is all the candidates on the democrat side.  Hillary is a liar and as we see today, withheld emails on Libya from the FBI.  Felonies all.  Bernie is running for commissar and someone should tell him that he is running in the wrong country and the wrong time.  His time was 1948.  O'Malley is a clown who ran Baltimore into the ground.  That Chafee fellow from Rhode Island is a clown as well.  No accomplishments and a smirky face you can't trust.  He is a turncoat you know.  All democrats are clowns and their supporters are as well.

John Boehner is retiring and that is good.  I have my picture with him and Doug LaMalfa on my table.  He was trying to herd cats and was able to do it for five years.  Pelosi only did it for four years and America kicked her sorry ass out.  Life goes on and America will go as long as we don't give the reins of power back to the democrats.  So let's try some new and younger leadership in the House  and the Senate as well.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Return the US Senate to a 51 vote majority! Today!

Is Mitch giving us the finger(s)!
We have a dam bottling up progress in our Congress.  It is called a "filibuster".  I don't think it was envisioned by the Founders in regards to legislation.  Sure some 2/3rds votes are required for treaties and a couple of other things.  Veto overrides and the like, but in my view not for budgets and laws.  Why do we allow a minority to hold the country hostage?

My understanding is the House, the body closest to the American people, has passed around five hundred bills over the last few years.  Most trying to help on the job and economy fronts.  Then the bill moves to the Senate.  And their they "die".  Now I can understand Harry Reid killing the bills when he was Majority Leader, but not now with Mitch McConnell. It just seems to me Mitch and the rest are just too timid to be in charge.  Even though the American people worked really hard to get them back in charge it appears it makes no difference.

The "nuclear option" as the politicians call it should be invoked.  It was a concoction of the Senate by "rule".  So change the rule.  Of course it makes the Senators more transparent in their votes as they would be forced to actually vote on the measures.  Rather than fighting to get to sixty votes and when failing to do so use that as a reason, we might see some help for the people! 

But that takes guts.  At least Harry Reid, the man I so despise, tossed the "rule" for judges.  Come on Mitch, just get rid of that "rule" and get America back on track.  No more excuses.  You have the power.  Use it.

HERE is a simple law proposed and passed this summer by the House.  It is common sense and deals with Forestry and other land issues.  Now  in the Senate "roundfile" apparently.  With all the fires and the locking up of the nations resources by federal laws and policies, you would think this would be easy to pass.  But the Senate allows the "Leader" to stop and bottle up anything and then blame the 60 votes! We have 54 Republicans in charge.  Or are they really?  Is this just some "club"?  How come this is not front and center on the pages of every newspaper and TV program?  America is stuck in neutral.  Mitch can get us into gear if he and those we sent to the Senate would only exercises the power we gave them

HERE is the contact for Mitch McConnell.  Use it.  Tell them to get off their ass and help the country.