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Sunday, March 19, 2017

LaMalfa Townhall notes and other ramblings

Doug LaMalfa taking questions after the meeting
Ready to Listen!
Well well, it was quite a day.  I volunteered to help set up the room for the Townhall and along with about twenty others, we did!  It took about an hour altogether and it looked great.  There were about 540 chairs and that filled about half the space.  So the rest of the space was standing room only.  After the setup was done we had about two hours left before the Townhall was to begin.  So I got to chat with some old friends and made some new ones.  I wore a red shirt, blue jeans and had my Trump theme hat.  Red, white and blue!  I looked forward to the meeting as truly these are what makes America great.  And different than other forms of government and representation. 

David Reade, a old friend and CEO  for Senator Neilson
From time to time I walked own to the entrance to the building and each time the line was longer of those awaiting entry.  Impressive!  And as we all know the people attending the Townhall were well schooled and had their playbook strategy for the day.  We know this because they printed it out and many of us read their playbook.  And we have seen it in other Townhalls across the country.  Today's Sacramento Bee has a couple of articles on this.  Reading them it is clear they have the same plans.  Marcos Breton, a Bee Trump hating "opinionator" was all over the Townhalls and highlighted the haters with glee in his writings.  He was so excited that some 61 year old Grandma from Placer County was helping organize the disruptions.  She was mad as McClintock said there were "anarchist's" at his Townhall an she took offense.  But the article failed to mention McClintock's overwhelming victory margins in his district, so one would be uninformed by Breton.  Of course the "haters" like Breton are so transparent he makes our claim of "fake news" real every time he yaps.  The leftwing Bee would never allow a "nice" story on a Republican and has shown its bias against McClintock all his political life.

The room ended up very full and most of those people were the contrived and schooled leftwingers.  They came prepared with "Agree" and Disagree" 8.5 by 11 color papers.  And some others had premade their favorite talking point paper as well.  Some dressed as walking signs like we see at football games.  Everyone was taking pictures and the press had a long side table.  Today the Union has a very accurate article on the meeting.  But when Mr. LaMalfa took the stage and announced that we would say the Pledge of Allegiance, the liberals booed.  But they calmed down for a moment and we said the Pledge without interruption.  They also booed the invocation done by a woman of faith.

Then it began with one side of the room reserved for comments only and the other for questions.  The liberals were all about getting free stuff and they want higher taxes and more government controls.  Of course when LaMalfa answered he was screamed at by these lovelies.  A couple of them did try to shame those screamers by asking them about their manners.  Did not work though.  I would say there were 1200 people there and they certainly outnumbered us.  This is the reverse of 2010 when the Tea Party came to meetings, both Republican and democrat, and voiced their displeasure with the national debt and ObamaCare.  Republicans usually are not attending a meeting like this since the Representative is their party.  So nothing unusual to me about that difference in numbers.

Busy Place
A couple sitting right behind me was there for the Republican viewpoints.  They were dressed in red, white and blue and were not afraid to make known their support of LaMalfa and the Republican agenda.  I was proud of their courage.  Luckily for the audience, LaMalfa is very smart and knows how to deal with loudmouths and anti-free speech liberals.  He was nice but firm.  If you want to hear the answer you must quiet down and listen.  But most of his answers were drowned out by shouting nincompoops.  Sheriff deputies were there to keep the peace and it worked.  No one threw a chair (we ziptied them together) and no one rushed the stage and threw a punch.  Thank you Sheriff Royal and deputies!  All in all LaMalfa held on to his beliefs and that did not sit well with those wanting free stuff.  ObamaCare is imploding yet these fans of that mess could care less.  They want to double down actually.  One person said she got $200,000 in medical care for her illness but failed to thank the taxpayers for that! 

I have been reading about other Townhalls across America (page 9A) and we see the pattern of the left.  They have their strategy and it really is not about our "free speech" but theirs.  Screaming, yelling and chanting really doesn't work when real problems need solving.  But the liberal media loves these people and you will see more of them in evry day's papers and news.  Not the same for the right however.  You would think Trump is illegitimate and should be tossed out of office.  The press write stories like today in the Bee by Food Rhee page E1.  He gleefully trashes Trump as going to be impeached or found treasonous for some Russian plots.  I read it and thought to myself, no wonder business people don't run for office.  These stupid journalists like Rhee see a successful person as one who must give up all they have done in their life so idiots like Rhee can feel better about some conflict of interest possibility?

Sadly, Rhee is a prime example of why alternative sources for news has come to be.  We cannot stomach these losers in the media trashing the people that are successful.  What has an idiot like Rhee done for America?  Nothing.  But it gave him a megaphone to be an ass.  And there are too many of them.  America rebelled against these people and their disrespect for us in the middle and on the right.  And many of the regular folks, hard working folks, on the democrat side  also voted for Trump.  Americans with a brain are going to the right.  We are sick of the left picking our pockets and then dispensing our money to things like "climate change" and transgender bathrooms.  Trump's budget proposals are a step in the right direction to regain sanity in American budgeting.  We can have a good environment and good jobs and proceed on to the future.  But the left thinks it  is a zero sum game.  If you allow people to control their lives you must be for pollution and worse.

America is truly divided. We have to really become aware of that or risk our demise.  We could lose the place in one generation.  Today, Venezuela, that socialist nirvana, has started arresting "bakers" of bread.  Why?  Because they were not using the government wheat flour.  And they were baking things people wanted such as croissants and donuts.  Not allowed in that country.  And that is what it will always come too.  These people that want free stuff don't get it.  And when their ox is gored, watch out, they will all become Republicans.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More Trump Derangement Syndrome drivel

 Reading the Hillary Hodge column today (February 28, 2017) finally put me over the top. What I have observed for many years is the leftist/extremists of America are missing reality. Things like a true American culture, personal responsibility and a willingness to get along with others rather than just themselves. It is all over the country at every level of life. Even in our little bucolic county in the foothills we must read this whining of liberal extremists. And all this while they tell us they want to just “get along” and “bring us together”. Actions speak louder than words. If it is not their way, then you all need to hit the highway. The recent election of Thomas Perez as Democrat National Chairman and his sidekick Keith Ellison ( a Muslim anti-Semite) as vice chair are the best examples of division. These two will not rest until they have taken everything from the hard-working Americans they say they care about. They want bigger government. More regulations and higher taxes. They propose even more stringent rules on you and your body (ObamaCare does that). They are going to pick your pockets while smiling in your face. But wait! Americans just rejected them, didn’t we? Yes, we did. These democrats were booted from power at all levels of government in America. Their candidate, the “shoo-in” Hillary Clinton, lost democrat bastions in the Midwest and “rustbelt” states. She could not even connect with her own ilk. Trump did and he secured the necessary Electoral College votes and won the Presidency. The shock has been so great the democrat’s heads are still spinning. They blame other things for their monumental defeat yet won’t look in the mirror for the real reasons. Their ideology is bankrupt and not a philosophy or governing strategy for our free market capitalistic country. Trump’s message of freedom, success and personal responsibility resonated with enough people to gain him the brass ring. He is smaller government. I too was a builder and I think I can relate to him better than most. When you are forced into the bureaucracy and have thousands of rules to follow with penalties if you don’t, you gain some insight others don’t have. And America has been out of control in the regulation mode for too long. Trump wants to protect the things the people want protected but get rid of or shrink the superfluous items we don’t need. He wants to lower taxes and regulations as he knows this will spur growth and jobs. Unshackle the people from “mother” government. Be free to dream and see if those dreams can manifest into success. But the Hillary Hodge types and the DNC want none of that. They want to control you. They want to take your money. They want to penalize and jail you if you don’t agree. You are to shut up and do what they say or else. They run people off campuses that want to exercise free speech. They want to jail you if you have a different view of the hoax of “climate change” caused by man. Just look in any lunchroom in America and you will see posters from all kinds of Alphabet agencies telling you who you can hire, what you can say, what research you can do and what you must pay. And those posters require you to be their collection agency for the people’s taxes. Without pay! The democrats are shell shocked and now they are lashing out at the victors. Trump did not even get a day to celebrate as democrats boycotted the inauguration and a liberal woman’s march took place in Washington DC the next day. These people are now screaming at Republican members of Congress in Townhalls across America. I hope the Congressmen and women stand up to these bullies. And it appears many of these protestors are paid to scream. Now that doesn’t seem very “organic” does it? Hilary Hodge and her pals are what I consider the extremists in sheep’s clothing. They tell us they want us to come together but they really don’t. Action speaks louder and we all see it. The bottom line is we on the right won, we have majorities and we got them through hard work and a great message to hard working Americans. You can keep you Hollywood princes and mouthpieces and we will take the plumbers and welders and hotel maids. And take a pill for that TDS please.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Rants and Rolls February 24, 2017, America Divided

We are being inundated with all kinds of news coming from the lamestream media that is truly suspect and biased against anything conservative.  I see them overplaying any words Trump says, even in humor, as some sort of Armageddon speech.  Every utterance he makes sends the media types into apoplexy.  The one from the other day I thought was truly twisted by the media was his utterance that the DHS was using "military style" tactics to get the bad hombres out of America.  The media actually thought he meant he was using the military!  When I heard him I new he meant the style of the activities, not the real military.  But that is what we have to deal with.

Today I read the democrats in our State Senate booted a Vietnamese female Senator from the chamber as she wanted to get her opinion on Tom Hayden on the record.  Now she is a refugee who came here via "boat" at five years old in 1981.  She is a  anti-communist and a Republican.  She said how can you be honoring Hayden who was in the Communist North Vietnam camp?  She was told to shut up and when she kept on the DeLeon character had her escorted out.  Of course the media tried to compare her to Elizabeth Warren being told she was breaking the rules of the US Senate (Rule 19) and was simply asked to "sit down".  She was not booted.  So you see the media cannot help itself.  Any democrat is protected, any Republican is excoriated.
 Locally here in Nevada County and surrounding counties we see a democrat extremist set of people protesting our Congressmen and other entities.  I have heard they are paid people and are bused in.  This is also going on across the country but only to Republicans.  No democrats get protested for anything by these paid people. and George Soros, even money tied to the Clinton's is said to be in the mix.  So far the Republicans these "protestors" are trying to intimidate are holding their own.  Just let these people cry and scream and make asses out of themselves.  The limited coverage by fair-minded media shows the ridiculousness of these paid people.

I recall the Tea Party folks attended many meetings years ago and were there to protest ObamaCare and over spending.  They were generally courteous and respectful.  I attended a McClintock town hall back then and the democrats showed up to try and intimidate.  They set up a "gauntlet" in front of the Vet's Building.  We all had to walk through it and listen to the loud mouths spewing vulgarisms.  And they left a mess on the sidewalk after they finally left.  That is what they do.  Look at the mess these "protesters" in North Dakota left after being booted from Federal lands.  They were supposedly protesting the possible contamination of the Missouri River by a pipeline taking oil from that state down to Illinois.  Of course the water issue was a "straw man" argument.  It was really about oil and "carbon footprints".  The darling of the radical eco nuts.  And they left a mess.  Crap everywhere.  How were these people raised for goodness sakes?

Just like the Occupy Wall Street radicals, those encamped in North Dakota were pigs.  Crapping all over the land they said they cared about.  Trash, feces and detritus everywhere.  All concerned about the environment they said.  As long as someone else cleaned it up apparently.  The Tea Party people always left their areas cleaner than when they showed up.  The Woman's Liberal March the day after the Trump inauguration was the same.  Trash everywhere.  To me this basic disregard for others property is one of the major difference between them and us.

I have watched some of the CPAC speakers in Baltimore the last couple of days.  It is so nice to hear common sense and respectful people.  Then I turned the channel to listen to the people running for the DNC Chair.  What a group of losers!  And nasty and unAmerican.  But all of them have given me hope that the democrats will pick the one that will convince fence sitter to come over to the party of reality.  We Republicans will benefit by the democrats radical picks.  As we have seen over the last six years, Obama has helped convince millions of Americans that he represented a party devoid of common sense and patriotism.  We have gained 1200 elected officials across the land.  Gained many legislatures and governorships.  Only in California where the state has turned into what some call the "People's Republic" of California.  Meaning socialist/communist, have we failed.

Locally in Nevada County, the voter registration totals show a neck in neck of R's and D's.  The D's are slightly ahead as they were successful in registering D's during the dustup on Measure W.  But to hear the democrats here you would think they are ahead in a massive way.  But only 1500 voters and they have 37%.  But the democrats think they can emulate the success of the Tea Party by organizing which I think is fine.  But they can't succeed.  They are too radical for Nevada County and the nation.

America gets this back and forth every election cycle but in my view I think the democrats have gone too far.  Their tactics are turning off the "silent majority" that helped elect Trump.  And moderate democrats. With every riot, every violent protest and every act of disrespect for the country, they make more Republicans.  Trump is all about jobs and the economy.  He wants the country to rebound from the neglect shown by Obama and the left over the last eight years.  We will see him succeed.  Americans are truly sick of these negative types trashing the country, their fellow citizens and the lands they say they care about.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Media and status quo hard to overcome

America sent a businessman and his help to Washington DC to make some changes.  You would think he is the "devil" incarnate when you listen to them.  The media and the status quo people, both parties and the bureaucracy have become unhinged.  The attacks on Trump and his people are nasty and mean.  And the constant barrage of media accusations needs to be countered.

I watched the Spicer presser yesterday in the White House.  Of course, all the media questions were about General Flynn's resignation.  Even though it was explained by Spicer many times over, the press did not seem to "get it".  I did.  There was no "breaking" of the law in Flynn talking to counterparts as the incoming NSA leader.  It was his mistake to "lie" about it to VP Pence,  Thereby breaking trust.  He had to go.  But when the press thinks they have something to do with this kind of thing they grab and hold like a "barnyard" dog and continue.

I read a New York Times article yesterday about all this and as usual all the accusers were "anonymous" and asked to be unnamed.  So these papers use unnamed sources to make the most serious accusations and we readers are supposed to believe them?  Nope.  I see "anonymous" and I stop reading and toss the article.  Whether it is a newspaper or TV or radio.  They destroy good people with anonymous accusations.  If the "news" sources can't name people then it is not true in my view.  And the people making the claims are no better than a third grade little girl tattling on her classmates.  Besides our Constitution says we have the right to confront our accusers. 

Trump  has a few other problems.  He has to clean out the Obama people and those that are not loyal to him.  They are leaking all kinds of things, even private phone calls.  These leaks are hurting America.  People need to be certain their private musing stay private.  I hope he cleans these traitors to his agenda out of the place.  Maybe a few need some jail time too.  Even some Republicans are on the Never Trump Train and are hurting the country under the guise of getting the "truth" about Russia and Trump.

Now we are not at war with Russia are we?  Nope.  And they have enough nuclear warheads to destroy the planet.  It seems to me that Flynn was doing the necessary things to stay in the loop as Trump's team was transitioning into power.  The left was touting the "Logan Act" which says a citizen cannot talk about things with foreign governments if there are issues or some other thing.  This was never used for Obama people when they did the same thing.  So Flynn was doing his job as far as I am concerned.  And all legal as the White HouseCounsel advised.  His problem was lying to Pence.

The Status Quo is really strong as we see the jaws of it clamping down on change.  Trillions of dollars are at risk.  Where that money goes and to whom is at stake.  POWER IS NOT RELINQUISHED EASILY AND THE DC FEDERAL SYSTEM IS SCREAMING AND CLAWING.  tRUMP NEEDS TO STAY THE COURSE.

I learned many years ago the hard way about a very important thing.  You must get out in front of the media and your critics about identifying yourself to the public.  DEFINE YOURSELF!  If you let the media do it you get what we are seeing today.  Trump needs to take back the initiative of his agenda and let the press stew in their own juices.  Don't get trapped by the press take them on and move on.  Spicer should simply give a one word answer and move on to the Trump agenda. 

The American press is no better than TMZ and they love the drama and turmoil.  So don't let them highjack the message.  And to you "estabklishment" Republicans.  SHUT UP!  It has been three weeks and you all just can't keep your mouths from flapping.  We who voted and campaigned for Trump and his agenda want you to get on board and try to fix trhe place.  But you children can't help yourselves.  Trump is tough but he needs to stay focused and disregard all the yapping class and proceed.  All these attempts to undermine him are falling on deaf ears of those that support him.