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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Priest's Beautiful Singing Surprise for a wedding!

And you thought a man of GOD could not sing.  Well! HERE is the link to this wonderful Youtube video.  This Priest was officiating a wedding this month.  If there is a dry eye left after you listen and watch this then you are not human.   Enjoy.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bloggers and Journalists, yes, very different. Union Publisher Hemig makes his case.

I have yet to meet this new publisher of our Union Newspaper but he seems to me to be an OK guy.  I have not heard any bad stuff about him except in one local  radical lefty blog.  So I have kept a low profile about the paper and the staff at the Union so far.  I usually don't complain about the paper and I have both a subscription to the hard copy and the Internet.  I believe we have to support our local paper so we don't see them go the way of "Newsweek" and other publications.

Today Mr. Hemig did a "opinion" piece of the difference between "bloggers" and "journalists".  HERE is the article. I have to admit I thought it was a pretty defensive piece and he was making the case for his profession fairly well.  But, having been on the front page many times in my past life as a County Supervisor and Founder and CEO of CABPRO, I would debate some of his points.  I know he has only been here a short while so we cannot hold his feet to the fire yet about the "fairness" of the reporting.  Or the veracity of articles.  But hell, I have an opinion!

Hemig made some blanket statements about bloggers that seemed to me fairly accurate.  Sure we start our blogs because we want to bloviate our personal opinions out into the ether.  Most of us are very opinionated.  We are not afraid to speak our minds and most of us are man enough to take the arrows of criticism.  But some are not.  I put up with many personal attacks from Union personnel when I was a County Supervisor then CABPRO rep.  Most of the time I was never given a chance to defend myself and when I sent "press releases" to clarify a story the paper would never run them.  So, I had to take it and I did.  Eventually, editors who could care less about telling the truth about me were given their walking papers and went to do their personal dirty business in other poor communities.  Too bad for them.

When I had a radio show at KNCO for four years we had call ins and of course, the community being what it is politically, I had many spirited discussions with liberals.  I found that they were not as willing to listen or to debate and were always trying to shut me up and get me booted. (just like they did to Rush) I found this strange since liberals always tell us they are so "enlightened" and should always support "free speech" no matter what.  Well, just another liberal lie.  Here in our community we have seen the rise of blogs of which mine is one. We did it out of necessity some say.

A few local blog sites are what I would call "unwilling" to debate.  They usually moderate those that disagree.  They boot contra points of view.  I too moderate but only people using derogatory personal languor.  I do allow parody and sarcasm though.  The piece by Hemig of the Union gave me a bit of pause.  I understand he says they are fair and try to get other viewpoints and perhaps he truly believes that.  But, like my blog, I see the Union picks and chooses their stories and does the obligatory articles from AP to make the space get filled. Of course they have a daily paper with many stories and I just post one or two a week so just on its face, filling the pages of the paper is difficult.  But still, I read articles on things like "global warming" and "SYRCL" positions and others that never have the other side asked for their input.  AP has come to be called AP Obama because they are so biased and when they do an article I sometimes get really upset about their bias.  The Union should get other input on many of the articles.

But we all know there is a local fellow, a person who was once a Editor at the paper, who has a big chip on his shoulder since he was shown the door a few years ago.  That blogger thinks he is a "purple", nonaligned non partisan and tells us that all that all the time.  But he isn't and we all know it.  It would be like me telling people on am a liberal when they all know I am a conservative.  Anyway, that blogger can't shake the fact that he was shown the door and we have read his relentless diatribes against the Union, Jeff Ackerman (former publisher) and the others in charge.  On and on this fellow drones about the paper and the people there.  I have run into a few folks that worked there when this blogger was there and all are happy he was shown the door.  Attitude and respect.  If you have both in the "good" column, you can survive in a small town.  If you treat all here as this blogger fellow does, you become disliked, and bitter.

Hemig must be getting sick of this blogger guy but my advice is simple.  Don't  read him, read the "Ladies Home Journal" instead.  (besides he has just a few viewers) Why give any time to a hapless bitter wise-ass?  So, don't  fret Hemig, as one person who had to read all about myself for so many years, mostly all in the negative, I can tell you don't let anyone occupy any space in your noggin.  Especially if it is a negative person.  Daffodils and strawberry milkshakes man.  Toughen up.  Bloggers like me thrive on storytelling.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Democrat politicl wannabee hates the Tea Party, FOX News and calls FOX personnel "trash" watch Greta rip him a new one!

This guy is a great example of a democrat liar sack of "dog poo".  Listen to the whole interview and if you still want to vote for this democrat fool, then God help the country.  This was posted on a website I have just discovered.  It is at
All you local libs like Frisch, Pelline and MichaelA are no better than this fool in the video.  Thanks for your candor!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nevada rancher treated worse than Islamic Terrorists

What has America come to?  I am shocked and dismayed that our federal government would act no better than a lawless rogue regime that would be better fit in Zimbabwe.  My goodness, tasering fellow citizens?  Snipers on the surrounding ridges, scopes trained on women and children?  Stealing a man's cattle and property without due process?  Turtles protected by an onerous law called the Endangered Species Act?  How did it come to this in the outback of America? (Coming soon to you everywhere)

HERE is a article on from today and thank goodness for FOX News and Sean Hannitty.  They exposed this rotten episode of government power and were relentless in following the story.  If FOX had not done the story, it is unlikely the Lamestream Media would.  They love Obama so much it would be apostasy for them to portray these incidents in a bad light.  Can't make the Administration look bad.  I lived this kind of "non-exposure" from the press many years ago.  Usually these "Sagebrush Rebellion" stories are never reported.  Well, unless the Fed kills men women and children as they did in Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Even then the press was so lazy they bought the feds line that those little infants burned to death at Waco were a threat.

There have been many outrages perpetrated by the Feds under different laws.  These laws in the beginning were somewhat fair and were meant to protect things like the environment (same for CEQA in California).  But not now.  After the "Delhi Sand Fly" fiasco in Riverside County, we all got to see how far this ludicrous interpretation by bureaucrats has taken our country.  Wetlands are now a three foot ditch on a property, wholly within the borders of one state, yet a property owner must get a "404" permit (or worse) and pay an extortion to the Feds for disturbing the ditch.  I was told I had to pay $150,000 for disturbing a total of 1/3 acres of ditch!  (This is a prima facia abuse of the Commerce Clause)

What we see is a disregard for the Constitution of our country by the very people who take an oath to uphold it.  We see the results of Lawmakers passing laws and telling the bureaucrats to fill in the blanks with the regulations.  We see the misuse of our "public" lands and the utter stupidity of managing them.  Forest fires galore, no use of the natural resources on these lands which keep America strong and less dependent (from extortion) on other countries.  Treating people with vested rights to occupy and use lands historically created before these stupid regulations. 

Environmental groups that get tax dollars to come up with ways to throw us all off the public lands must end (maybe it would if they were conservatie).  And they are so-called "non-profits!".  Just look locally in California at the "suction dredging" issue to see the damage these "eco" grant sucking pigs accomplish.  But hey, unless we have our legislators stop handing out the goodies you will see more and more of this.

There used to be a lot of groups that banded together years ago that came to be called the "Wiseuse Movement".  It was composed of people (and groups)  who utilized the "public" lands under leases or contracts and who also recreated on them.  I attended a couple of the conventions in Sparks twenty years ago.  I listened then to the stories of people wrongly prosecuted for grazing or mining or timber harvesting.  And the non renewal for generational homes and inholders.  They were from all over the Western States.  We all banded together to get our message out that all Americans rights were in jeopardy if the government could do what they were doing unfettered.  We see the results of the Legislators and Executives across America not caring.  Why isn't Congress cutting the money off to the BLM, ESA, Army Corp Divisions and the rest of the alphabet agencies?  How is it there is no justice?  Well, if a little American property owner fights, he gets to take on a government system with a unlimited pocketbook! Any takers?

The Congress must do something.  The State Legislature must do something.  When we hear the old liberal cry about the execution of "one innocent man by the government then all should go free", (or something like that) where are they here?  Of course, they do not believe in property rights until they are affected so it is unlikely they would appear and march with the ranchers in Nevada (bring Mumia there and see what happens).  But, when there is no justice for little people like the Nevada ranchers, the miners, the horseback riders and the mountain bikers, maybe someone other than FOX will pay attention.

America needs to return to sanity regarding who is really the government.  We must set up a process for regular American to fight the overreach of the government agencies without bankrupting those people.  Due process means something but there is none if the government can stretch their rules indefinitely.  Bureaucrats sit behind the desks and get paid.  The rancher has to raise and sell his cattle to survive or he fails.  It is unbalanced.  Perhaps the bureaucrats making these rules and allegations should be held personally liable.  Maybe if they have the "dog in the fight" personally we would see a lot less abuse of Americans.

If the BLM wants to help America, send those well armed agents over to Afghanistan to protect the people we want to be like us.  But apparently the Afghans have more rights to use land than Americans. Opium growers anyone?

Lastly,  I have researched the paperwork and contracts used to admit California into the Union in 1850.  I cannot seem to find the Federal Government's legal right to California lands.  If anyone has a copy of that please send it to me.  Otherwise, the independent Republic of California was screwed out of millions of their own lands.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Liberals and democrats are all the same. Jeff Pelline, man what a piece of work, a true hypocrite and "bad ol' boy"!!

We all recognize intolerance don't we?  Well Mr. Pelline apparently does not
I did a post on the people I consider the new fascists in our country, the homosexual activist community.  They are shoving their lifestyle and sexuality down everyone's throats and we are just supposed to accept It according to Mr. Pelline. All of us, a huge majority here in America, just has to accept his view and his style of telling us.  We must agree and be quiet.  Sorry Charlie! The following is from Mr. Pelline's own mouth on his blog. (

"jeffpelline says:
Todd Juvinall, once a county supervisor supposedly charged with leading all of us, not just his like-minded friends, has had enough of the “hoimosexual” (sic) activists!
This is a market-driven issue, not a First Amendment issue. The Union’s subscribers include the aging, highly conservative demographic (Todd and George Rebane), so it caters to them with homophobic editorials like this. What would prompt you to write such a letter for publication in the local newspaper? Our family will never subscribe, because we live and work in the 21st century with a wide diversity of people. We’ve moved onto other issues and would rather discuss those. And our son is being raised to accept the LGBT community, so he probably won’t subscribe either. It will be irrelevant content. I happily recall how Obama’s children influenced his stance on same-sex marriage:"

When I returned from being away (I left my computer at home), there were some comments from bloggers on the topic and they were including mention of a couple of kids by some local people.  I got a number of emails from Mr. Pelline chewing me out and demanding I remove those comments.  I was under the impression that kids were off limits (that is actually my policy) and I removed those comments and asked the people to stop that.  Then I was told Mr. Pelline had actually made the above comment on his blog and included his kid.  Pelline actually called the Sheriff !  Well, no law was broken but etiquette demands I do the right thing and I did.  Today I was told about Mr. Pelline's comments on his own son and now I am pretty pissed at the hypocrite.

So there you have it.  Pelline tells the world he is teaching his son and mentions him on his own blog and chastises others for doing the same thing.  Liberals always do this don't they?  Yep.  Anyway, I would have removed the comments anyway and now that I read Pelline's comment and then his "thanks" to the Sheriff, (for dramatic inpact I suppose and/or imtimidation), we can all rest easier.  But this just cements my view of the person we all call the FUE (former Union Editor) as the hypocrite we have come to know.  Thank you Jeff Ackerman for getting this fellow out of the newsroom of our prized and cherished Union Newspaper.  We are sooo grateful.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Homosexual activists are the new fascists?

The Union newspaper published a "Voices" opinion piece on the issue of homosexuality and marriage and I must admit, Mr. Pohorsky has made his point very clear.  He must be a very religious man and his reading of the Scripture has educated him in his opposition to two men being married and having sexual relations.  Same for women.

HERE is the opinion piece.

I consider myself as a Christian but I try not to wear my religion on my sleeve.  I am not one to proselytize and I think I am too much a sinner to tell others what to do.  But I do have some standards that are fairly unshakable.  One of them is "marriage" is only allowed between a man and a woman.  So there.  That is my opinion and I am firmly in that camp.  I do not think that position makes me "intolerant" however.  I have always tried to discuss these kinds of issues and sometimes I win my points and sometimes I don't.  What I have discovered in real life about these things though is it is so volatile that people will do acts which are not acceptable in a fair society to get their way. (violence, intimidation etc.)

The "politically correct" crowd that has taken over the discourse in America are now the subject of mainstream Americans outrage at their tactics.  Americans are inherently a fair people now and when they are faced with these issues they usually keep their opinions to themselves so the "peace" is maintained.  However, our country has a "victim" mentality fostered by a bunch of activists for a issue dejour, name your poison. These  activists pus hard to propel their agendas into the hearts and homes of America but now they have started to overreach and are starting to create a backlash.

The backlash I see is the inherent hypocrisy of these people.  They are telling the rest of us that now that they have bludgeoned us into submission they now have become that which they said we were.  They are whiny, intolerant fascists (we never were).  No opinion allowed unless they approve them.  The homosexual activists have reached the "tipping point" of acceptance.  The fellow from Mozilla, Mr. Eich,  is the latest example of the homosexual lobby's intolerance to varying opinions.  Seventeen states have "homosexual" marriage "rights" now.  Many of those rights are established by judicial "fiat" and not by vote of the people or a Legislature.  (I call it the tyranny of the black robes) In California and now some other states, the "Judge" tossed out the votes of the people and established a "right".  These "tossing out" of the people's voice has angered many people. Term limits for Federal Judges is in order.

So here in our little neck of the woods we have some folks who our local newspaper has allowed to print their objections to homosexual marriage and related "rights".  This gets the minority supporters of the theft of the "traditional" definition of marriage all upset.  They even do the favorite tactic of the fascists by stating that opponents voices should not be heard and must be stifled!  Now I ask, what are they afraid of?  Why can't a contra opinion be voiced?  Why can't the local paper publish a contra opinion?  It would be like me asking the Union to forbid fat people from posting a comment on eating.  33 states still require marriage to be between a man and a woman.  Seems the polls I see are still supporting Mr. Pohorsky's position.  Why would a local blogger state that position should be disallowed or voiced?

I supported Prop 8 here in California and am proud of my victorious vote.  I, along with a huge majority of black voters, opposed homosexual marriage.  When I see a argument trying to equate homosexual marriage with the black civil rights movement I just shake my head.  How can the struggle to gain the rights a black person was entitled to under the Constitution have to do with two men or women having sex?  How did the issue become political?  Because they knew it would eventually get into the courts and the "Judges" would overturn the will of the people.  It has proven out they were correct.

So unlike the hypocrite liberals who want to stifle speech they don't like, I and most of those on the "right" urge more speech.  All opinions should be heard.  Then the adults of our country, using their own brains and ability to reason, can decide what they want to believe and support.  Don't pay attention to those who want to stifle your opinions or the right to express them in any format, even the local paper.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Illegal immigration in the USA. Could we see the same results as Ukraine and others?

What a mess.  Russia, led by the dictator Putin, is in my view trying to remake the empire of Russia and once again become a world power.  He has stumbled on a way to do this without war or bloodshed.  He is "protecting" ethnic Russians in surrounding countries.

During the reign of the communists from 1918 to to 1991 and beginning with Stalin, Russians were moved into lands conquered by the Red Army.   The army forcibly moved people from their homelands.  Siberia was a favorite spot for relocation.  So as a policy, Stalin knew it would be a calmer safer place in a country if the majority was Russian.  (Even though Stalin was from Georgia).  He, to my knowledge did not transform his home country.  So Stalin murdered and starved and relocated people he then replaced with Russian ethnics.  Today we see the ultimate end result of the policies from 70 to 80 years ago.

Ukraine, as many other countries in the old empire, have a number of areas that butt up against Russian territory.  Those areas in Ukraine, the Baltic countries and Belarus, have a population of Russians living there.  In Ukraine we saw the Russians annex Crimea last month.  Putin said all he wanted to do was protect the Russian population.  As we see, he has sent in his troops after a spate of unrest.  He said the Russians in Crimea asked him to come protect them.  How could he say no?  Now it is happening today in the rest of the eastern border areas of Ukraine.  In my view this is what could happen here in America.

Our country has allowed millions of people to immigrate here, mostly illegal. We as a people have seen our government do very little to stem the tide of these millions.  Personally, I was not too worried about this until our government started changing the laws to accommodate the illegal immigrants.  What I mean is they passed laws or judicial fiats to allow the legal residents of the country to pay billions to house, educate and feed these folks.  Once the message was out there was little downside,  our country was overrun by illegal immigrants.  They proceeded to take the jobs the Americans would not do according to the left and the press.

I have no problem with a person coming to America to work if they are legal.  I have a problem when they come illegally and stay and are off the radar of responsibility to this country and its tenets and laws.  Having attended a "swearing in" of a friend from Russia many years ago, I saw the pride and connection she had to her new country.  She knew the Constitution better than me.  She became an American that day (and a successful businesswoman).  In her physical body and her mind, she gave up the old country for this place.  When this does not happen we see the results as we do in Ukraine.

In America illegal immigrants have legal rights but apparently no responsibilities to actually become an America.  The left has said we will represent you in the legal sense if you desire to stay tethered to your home country.  No need to swear allegiance here.  We will take care of you and we will make it possible for you to become a "legal" person here.  Without all that pledging to the country or its rules and regulations.  Heck we will even give you a discount on higher eduction over the natives!  So, without the proper assimilation into the American Way we seem to have a schism.  Hyphenated Americans are untouchable for assimilation into "American" and if you criticize that lack of connection you are now guilty of "hate" or whatever dejour criticism is on the table today.

The problem with that approach to open borders and no accountability to the documents and institutions of America can now be seen in the countries Russia has its eyes on.  Stalin knew at some point when a country became majority Russian through his policies of deportation, he could march in a take the place without firing a shot.  Putin is now implementing this.  Another region in Ukraine has asked Putin to come protect them today.  I am sure he will agree.

America needs to pay attention to this.  We cannot have immigration reform if the results are that people do not become true Americans.  They must not only be here in body but also in soul.  We need to ensure that people that want to be here morph in to true Americans.  They have to have the allegiance or at some point all these hyphenated people will be lost to the truth of the greatness and hope America really is about.  We do not want people's allegiance to befor  another country simply because the issue of trust is so important.  How do we know if someone will support this country if the have not made the step to align themselves with America?  One only needs to remember The Major Hassan murders at Fort Hood to see what  could happen if a person holds another country/relogion over this one.

If we want America to be strong and last into the ages we must require people to become "real" Americans.  Get rid of the hyphens in our day to day language. Study and require allegiance to America (and capitalism).  You can still celebrate your country's special days of course, but when it comes to America, you must tell us all and practice daily, the allegiance and love this country deserves. If we don't you can call us Ukraine!