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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is Nevada County moving left? Not much if any.

There is a bit of glee from the liberals of our county that it is becoming a lefty bastion.  See Jim Firth's article in today's Union, HERE.  Well maybe, maybe not.  Historically it was a conservative county and most elected officials are on the right or were democrats leaning right.  Small towns built on natural resources were probably mostly Republican.  But ever since the mid 90's California has swung left and is now a true liberal bastion of foolishness.  Working families and many small businesses have adiosed the state for greener pastures.  All back filled by welfare and government paid lazy asses.  Lazy asses of working age, not retirees.  Those retirees paid their SSN and Medicare over their lives and are now getting it back.

Nevada County is headed the same way according to the liberal activist/extremist Jim Firth.  Young families are outta here.  Schools are closing and there is talk of one high school closing.  Our county has received many lefty's from the big cities and it appears this migration has worked to a degree for their ideology.  Or has it?  Looking at the November 8, 2016 national election I see mixed signals of who gets the prize of the people of our county.  I won election in 1984 over a leftwinger from Nevada City.  I was told it was impossible for a contractor  to beat the eco friendly, beloved person who cared for all those little creatures.  Well I did and for a while , maybe the first four years, I had to deal with a lot of big mouth liberals claiming I was this or  that.  Of course they used vile namecalling all that time as well.  But I beat their asses and did it again in 1988.  What a sweet victory!

But immigration into Nevada County has continued.  Business folks and families left, natural resource extraction was stifled and our leaders, not Grass Valley though, were too afraid to confront the left and the county has gone stagnant.  Sure the job rates are low as we see "caregivers" commune in from Yuba County and elsewhere and back fill the jobs abandoned for lack of interest or over-regulation.  Like timber, mining and  ag.  Oh except marijuana of course.  Look at the turnover in the county for businesses.  A lot of the problems are caused by inactive officials regarding housing.  No place to live and high rental costs if you do find one.  No new housing and no attempts to remedy that at all.  So people commute in to take care of our old folks on fixed incomes and the transplants from the big city.  They sold their 60 year old 1200 square foot home which they bought for 35 thousand dollars.  They got 1.5 million!  So moved to our county and others.  Luck of the draw?

Now I don't begrudge them at all.  I do however see their attempts to keep this county from progressing.  Can't have a new business or a housing project.  Can't build a sewer line or a water line.  No new dams and therefore jobs of a good wage.  Just some sort of serenity I guess.  Looking around I have watched our county become just like Lassen or Plumas  counties.  More government jobs than regular private sector jobs.  How many taxpayers does it take to pay the salary and benefits of one government worker?

I do lament sometimes this transformation into a government majority county.  Ever try to get a permit?  Build a house and be the recipient of of local and state regulations on that residence on your own property?  And then when you pay all those fees and move in you get to pay the king your yearly tax on it.  Robin Hood, come back! (I  believe property taxes are immoral)  So yes we are morphing a bit left and that made me go check out the results from the last election.  I wanted to see how far left and vote results are a good indicator sometimes.

Let's start with the Presidential vote.  Hillary Clinton won a "plurality" of 48.4% to Trumps 43.1%.  Clinton's victory total was 14% lower than the rest of the state total.  Looks like maybe we are not that lefty?  We reelected Congressman LaMalfa, Assemblyman Dahle, State Senator Gaines all are Republicans. 

Below please review the results for the Propositions.  The first four totals and percentages in a row are the county of Nevada.  The balance of the row is State results. HERE is the source if you want to go straight to the Secretary of State. It looks like a mixed bag of results to me.  But it also looks a bit conservative to me as well.

51 K-12 and Community College Facilities 21,871 41.8% 30,509 58.2% 7,306,627 55.0% 5,978,874 45.0%

52 Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program 35,954 69.6% 15,702 30.4% 9,205,633 70.1% 3,919,475 29.9%

53 Voter Approval of Revenue Bonds 27,308 53.4% 23,847 46.6% 6,332,621 49.3% 6,517,637 50.7%

54 Legislative Procedure Requirements 34,338 67.2% 16,783 32.8% 8,391,237 65.3% 4,454,928 34.7%

55 Tax Extension for Education and Healthcare 30,401 58.2% 21,837 41.8% 8,375,106 63.2% 4,876,355 36.8%

56 Cigarette Tax 29,807 55.6% 23,758 44.4% 8,757,028 64.4% 4,837,933 35.6%

57 Criminal Sentences & Juvenile Crime Proceedings 31,634 60.4% 20,778 39.6% 8,566,820 64.4% 4,738,544 35.6%

58 English Proficiency. Multilingual Education. 34,837 66.6% 17,446 33.4% 9,741,211 73.4% 3,521,293 26.6%

59 Corporate Political Spending Advisory Question 27,392 54.5% 22,888 45.5% 6,683,755 53.2% 5,879,410 46.8%

60 Adult Film Condom Requirements 16,788 33.0% 34,076 67.0% 6,004,265 46.2% 6,984,343 53.8%

61 State Prescription Drug Purchase Standards 22,634 43.8% 29,035 56.2% 6,084,998 46.7% 6,954,016 53.3%

62 Repeal of Death Penalty 23,098 44.0% 29,384 56.0% 6,209,937 46.9% 7,037,776 53.1%

63 Firearms and Ammunition Sales 25,478 47.9% 27,747 52.1% 8,464,358 63.2% 4,936,063 36.8%

64 Marijuana Legalization 28,483 52.8% 25,436 47.2% 7,772,725 57.1% 5,851,456 42.9%

65 Carryout Bag Charges 23,118 44.1% 29,303 55.9% 6,060,053 46.0% 7,112,157 54.0%

66 Death Penalty Procedure Time Limits 26,579 53.2% 23,353 46.8% 6,464,924 51.1% 6,184,705 48.9%

67 Ban on Single-use Plastic Bags 28,945 54.5% 24,129 45.5% 7,053,497 53.3% 6,186,518 46.7% The 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I think I will gloat!

Here I sit a couple of weeks after the election and I am still a bit numb from the results.  But numb in a good way.  Nationally my party kicked democrats from power.  Across America we made them a regional party.  Republicans have a nice majority in the US House, a two vote margin in the US Senate and the PRESIDENCY!  With Trump making the picks to the US Supreme Court, the “right” may see a impact long after Trump leaves.  Sweet!

Other than New Mexico and Colorado in the middle of America, most of the country went for Trump.  And that is the beauty of the Electoral College.  If it was missing, California, New York and Texas would always win the Presidency.  With the EC in place, the Founders let small states have a place in deciding the President.  It sure worked this time.  If California was not included in the popular vote, Trump would have won by a couple of million votes.  Unfortunately, our state has gone dark as the left has succeeded in taking it over.

My fear was the country would go dark too.  But the middle class, those forgotten people by the democrats and Obama, rose up and said “no more”.  Of course we had 18 months of back and forth in the election cycle and if you were like me, it could not end soon enough.  I am all in for the United Kingdom’s five week election cycle.  Maybe we could fix that?  So Clinton and her allies and her billion dollars could not defeat the “change” candidate.  She was all about keeping the failed Obama policies in place and trying to save his “legacy”.  Well adios partner!

Obama was a nice man and he sure could speak well, but his policies were oil to the water of our country.  All those federal attempts to take over our state’s rights, the EPA especially, and our police departments were just too much for the folks.  His “Justice” department has taken over 25 local police departments to enforce their view of “rights”.  Well, when the police are being attacked across America and killed, I would suggest he should have his AG go after the thugs.  Americans thought that too.  As a result of Obama’s overreach since his election in 2008, the Republicans now control over twenty four chambers of government in the states.  That is Legislature and Executive.  Over 1000 legislators nationwide went from left to right.  I think that is a huge message.  Here is a great place to see the results.

California and New York are now the “outliers” regarding politics.  And those two states may get a wakeup call when they confront a Trump Administration.  I was quite surprised though at the angst and gnashing of teeth by the left in the country.  Wailing that somehow there will be a diminution of their rights under our Constitution was laughable.  We are a nation of laws and if anyone overreaches I would be a person in line to fight that.  But these “snowflakes” as they are now called want their safe spaces to escape to when they hear words that scare them.  What have we done to them?  And the professors and those so-called educated folks with a college degree seem to be unable to cope as well.

I am looking forward to some changes in America.  We need to overhaul the “civil service” and treat them just like those in private industry.  Public Unions should be banned.  Loser pays in a court case.  This is a biggee as in my opinion American productivity and success are so negatively impacted by frivolous lawsuits.  The “elite” of America should be held to the same standards as you and me.  And they politicians should be required to live under the same laws as us.

We on the right did not riot when we lost the Presidency in 2008 and 2012.  We did not need safe spaces.  We bucked up and moved on.  We organized over the years to take back the posts of power.  The Tea Party was on of the biggest winners in all this.  All those veterans and little old ladies did a heck of a job didn’t they?

So let’s get America back on track.  Jobs, business and security for our people no matter who they are or where they live.  America is such a great place.  Thanks goodness.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

JFK was assassinated on this day in 1963. I was 13.

It was a terrible day.  I recall it well.  A assembly was called and we all heard about this terrible thing.  The teachers were crying and the country was stunned.  I watched the funeral procession on the day of his burial.  It was very traumatic for all.  God Bless his soul and those of his children.  For those that don't recall or were never taught about this man.  Go read this.
He was born three years before my dad and we were all quite upset those dark days.  Burn in hell Lee Harvey Oswald.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Liberals need to listen to this.

Sacramento Bee's FORUM section filled with scaredy cats today

I had abandoned the Bee many years ago as I got sick and tired of their liberal BS and lousy reporting.  But about a year ago they contacted me about a "hot" deal for Sundays.  Well I thought to myself, "why not?"  I can read the liberals crap and see if if anything has changed in their minds.  Well, of course they are still all the same.  Nothing to see here.  But I am fascinated with how they think, or don't.  Their world is far different than mine.  Today I read some of the most ridiculous things from liberals it cracked me up. HERE is one.

The Bee even has a article on how Trump's victory will affect tourism!  But the most telling is how the left criticizes and accuses the right of all these terrible things in life.  They use racist talk to accuse us of racism.  And all these calamities are just because white people don't like another group.  One article by a ACLU gal from Northern California was the epitome of scare mongering.  And how she and the ACLU will protect us from those awful Republicans.  Of course the list of protections she fantasizes about doing were never done in the Obama Administration.  Nothing done against his illegal policies.  Not one thing.  But I guess that is simply what liberals do.

HERE is a screed from a black woman who took a taxi and had a drink at a local bar and gained insight into Trump voter regret.  You cannot make this stuff up.  A couple of people makes a tidal wave opinion to a liberal.  Amazing! This is the best the Bee can come up with? 

HERE is a liberal who decries the positions of Republicans in 2008 for stating they will fight back on Obama's policies to go socialist.  This dope just got apoplectic those people were not jumping on board the Obama train and tells us how terrible they are.  Now he is all in to do the same thing he decried to Trump!  These people are schizophrenic at best.

These articles in the Bee reflect the mania from the left quite well.  No common sense, emoting all over the place for the smallest reasons.  They claim ownership of all the compassion there is.  They say we on the right are all those terrible things they make up in their heads.  For goodness sake.  Democrats started the KKK!  It took Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.  Democrats tried to defeat it. 500,000 men died to free the blacks from the democrats in the Civil War!  Hillary Clinton gave a warm eulogy for KKK guy Robert Byrd.  Bill Clinton's mentor was a racist!  Republicans have been accused of the things the democrats actually do!

These whiny little lefties are in need of their "safe spaces" as the world is really a tough place.  They have decided that the military is unnecessary at the levels that keep the barbarians at the gates.  They think there should not be a border so 600 million people could move here just from our hemisphere!  They profess equal outcomes and disregard the facts that we are for equal opportunities.  They are all in for government telling them what toilet paper to use.  The Obama Administration did not understand that Americans, for the most part those on the center and right are all about freedom from overbearing regulations on their lives.  It took a bombastic developer to shred PC and tell the country what it is all about.  And he won!

So since this is America, you liberals go do what you do for the remainder of the Trump term.  Whine and complain.  Drag everyone in to court and keep those trial lawyers busy.  It seems like America takes a step forward and you liberals drive it back four steps.  I say live with it.  We did for eight years of Obama policies and now it is your turn.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Big Moon gives Liberals the Finger! New Moom, New America!

Only one of these every so many years.  A beautiful thing.  Liberals are trying to convince people it is a "omen" of bad.  I say it is a "omen" of good.  A new day in America.  This last week was almost too much good stuff.  New President of my liking.  I helped in time and money and it worked!  Kept our Republicans in office at the state level and Congress.  Only lost two US Senate seats and six House seats in a remarkable set of coat tails by Trump.  And he is now starting his appointments and the liberals are crapping their pants.  Like Obama said to the the assembled Republicans shortly after his election in 2009.  "Elections have consequences, I won"  And then he went about doing what he wanted.  And we can really thank him for all that overreach.   ObamaCare, EPA destruction of coal and oil, Pipelines and other energy issues will regain common sense.  Support for cops and justice for the perps.  Trump will appoint women and pay them equally.  He will not be PC. All those liberal news people will just have to get used to it.  I would like to see him dress them down at every news conference.  Take that smug look off their faces.

Yes it is a new moon and a new America coming up.  Dump all the things that are holding back our people and make America great again.  YAY!!!