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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gasoline is $2.40 at Sam's Club in Roseville today.

Murdered Policemen! Race hustlers have gone into hiding

The terrible murder of two New York City police officers has shook the nation.  A deranged black man, a Muslim apparently by faith, did this heinous act.  The two officers were eating their lunch in their parked vehicle as this scumbag sneaked up behind them and shot them to death.  I just finished watching two press conferences on this horrible act.

Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos
The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, a committed leftist, a man who spent a lot of years doing "community agitation" had a earlier press conference that I missed.  I did see aftermath of his PC though.  As he exited the area, the police officers there turned their backs to him as he passed them in the hallway (watch Youtube of it here).  It appears de Blasio's trashing of the police after the death of Mr. Eric Garner, has created a huge divide.  But the killer of the policemen, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, did not murder a white policeman, he murdered policemen of other races.  Since the killer said this was a revenge killing for white policemen killing black men, (then he murdered himself in the subway), how can it be?  How can this killer get revenge for murdering men of "color"?  So, the hustlers like Al Sharpton go into hiding.  Speechless, seeking help to make  a public statement on this terrible act.  What a guy.

I see another Muslim murdering the infidel in all this.  He was not a Christian or a Buddhist.  He was a Muslim.  He murdered innocent men who just happened to be wearing a uniform, the uniform of those who protect the rest of us.  So this to me is not revenge for the killing of Michael Brown or Mr. Garner.  It was another Muslim extremist killer at work.  According to the Police press conference the killer was known as a violent person and was estranged from his sisters and other family members. (he also shot his girlfriend in Baltimore).  But he was a Muslim and they seem to kill fairly often and against people who don't see it coming.

We should all pray for the souls of the two officers ( I do for them all) and I hope the families  they leave behind receive all the help they need.  I am personally sending a donation to the NYPD Widows and Orphans Fund.  I hope you do as well.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Planet Earth, the only place we know life exists, let us not squander the privilege
Happy Birthday to the Savior
I have always been thankful that I am alive and that I know I am alive.  Nowhere else in our universe is that a fact known to man.  So everyday that I  wake up and look out the window, still alive and feeling pretty good, I thank the creator.  He has given us all a unique and precious gift.  LIFE!  And of course a brain.  This is a wonderful time of the yearly orbit of this blue marble around the sun.  It is when our creator's son came to earth in the form of a little child.  Born in a manger and showered with gifts from the Three Kings.

I know there is tragedy and death around the planet so I am no Pollyanna who thinks there is nothing bad.  But I am a hopeful man who thinks perhaps humans can someday stop the madness of murder and mayhem.  If they only listened and practiced the message brought here by Jesus!  But they don't.  America is probably the last best place for humans to get it right.  But as we see, some humans can't accept success, even here.

How many times have we heard other people's say we who are born in America have won the lottery?  For them America is that "shining light on the hill" they want to come take part in.  America though, has had to fight off the evils of human being that wish to destroy the place.  That is never an easy task and the evil never gives up.  For many years our country has been the savior of people looking for a better life.  We have done our best to accommodate these people but for some reason many here are doing their best to wreck the country.

I believe the evil needs to be confronted at every turn.  We need to make sure everyone is educated in the truth, not just the secular truth, but also the "faith" truth.  When people are educated they tend to be less violent against others.  They tend to understand the limitations of hegemony over others and their lands.  Unfortunately though, our educational system has been denying our people all the truth.  Over time this has led to discontent and fear.  If only those people would reject evil and embrace the wonders of America.  Equal opportunity exists.  Each person has the brains and the ability to recognize what is best for them.  Our country has embedded the opportunity into laws.  All one needs to do is exercise their smarts to make a better life for themselves.  But as we have seen, evil has wormed its way into much of the laws and made many people forget their own abilities.

Laws of success are now replaced with laws of grievance.  Rather than look in the mirror at the real boss, people practicing grievance see a victim.  Rather than telling themselves that the person is a few steps from success through hard work, they see only blame.  I hurts my heart that that is so.  I wish everyone, no matter what race, color and gender, all the success and fruits of their labor and dreams.  That is the message we should all try and live for in America.

America is truly a land of opportunity for spread one's wings.  We just have to reign in the evil and get back on the track of success.  A positive outlook and the simple emotion of hope must be restored.  I am sure that those that read this may disagree but as a person who really started out 50 years ago with not too much, I can attest that a good attitude and hard work will take you a long way.  Stop the blame game, take personal responsibility and do a few other important and basic things and you will be a true success.  I would suggest you start with your heart this next week.  Start believing that you are a special being.  After all, there will never ever be another you in the history of the universe.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pelline's Headline Error this week!

This was a screen shot sent to me and I could hardly believe my eyes.  The man who claims perfection in editing has made an error!  So I guess it can happen to anyone.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Get ready for the "bend over and grab your ankles" for 2015! And other rants!

Seven billion people.  Wow!  The planet has that many bodies and brains and still the place is a mess.  Not only is the planet going to have another complete orbit around the sun, it,  in many places has returned to the "Dark Ages".  I am no soothsayer but I do pay attention to what is going on around ths little blue marble.  I also am a history fan and it looks like we are repeating a lot of it.

Here we live in a country like no other ever existing on the planet and half of the people here have their heads up their hienies!  Rather than taking the time to actually "live" and enjoy this special place and this special time, we have "intelligent" people who can't see the proverbial "forest for the trees"!  These smart people cannot find anything to be happy about (they don't even like Christmas!) and they constantly complain about everything.  No silver linings exist for them.  Having only come out of the caves or off the savannah a few thousand years ago, these people who complain don't get it.

We are subject to the negativity these people muster every day.  American liberals, and now their bosom buddies the democrats, must have a disconnect in their noggins.  They are now so PC they have to try and force their will on things such as religion, Christmas, police protection and education.  We see a Smith College Provost woman apologizing to the students of her school for saying "all life is important"!  She was bombarded by PC students and others for changing "black lives matter" or some such statement.  I mean, come on.  Of course black lives matter.  All lives matter (well except for jihadists).  But bowing to PC the "smart woman" apologizes.

Of course we have the black and white race hustlers keeping the heat on about the shootings and deaths of minority men by the police.  As we all mourn the loss of life, we must also not allow these hustlers to make up their own facts and disregard the responsibility of the men who lost their lives.  Facts are not on the side of the race hustlers.  The facts are on the side of the police or in the case of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman.  In the case of the man who died of a heart attack after being taken down by the "cigarette" police (sent there by the  liberal Mayor of New York City), the facts must include the victims actions prior to the incident but disregarded by the hustlers.

Hundreds of young black men and many other innocent civilians killed by young men are at an epidemic level.  I have listened to many interviews of blacks on this issue and they refuse to accept their own personal responsibility in these murders.  They still blame the "white man" for slavery as the culprit to try and deflect the reality.  The gangs fighting for "turf" and sales areas for their drugs are the reason.  Very simple. The other "fact" is the demise of the "black family" over the years.  LBJ and the democrats passed laws in the 60's that sped up the destruction of the family.  They replaced DAD with Uncle Sam.  So a couple of generations of a dad-less family have brought us all this violence in places like Chicago.  Liberals refuse to see this truth though and they double down with more "apologies" for this sociopath behavior of the criminal element.

As far as I can see, "no fault" divorce, abortion on demand (and paid by our taxes) and enablers of bad behaviour at all levels of government and society have made this mess.  Personal responsibility, consequences for bad actions, sanctions for criminal behavior, no respect for elders and instant gratification have led to many of the problems.  I see the lack of respect for teachers and other "first" responders in our society.  Lawyers are now attached to the hips of grievance seeking parents and employees.  We spend hundreds of billions of our hard earned dollars in America fighting each other in court!  Who makes the money?  You know who!  So perhaps a good look in the mirror would help?

Our country has become so paranoid about "equal outcomes" that we have almost destroyed the concept of personal responsibility and of "capitalism".  Those two concepts have propelled our country into the stratosphere of success in the history of the planet.  But it has also allowed people of bad intentions  to freely spread their hate and disinformation to those people who don't really pay attention.

I blame the PC police for the demise of our education system and the ability to debate any issue.  Our colleges were supposed to be the place off limits to limits on things like debates and discussion.  They have been morphed by the PC police into "gulags" in my opinion.  Can't talk about things that may be unpleasant apparently.  Hell we have women accusing male frat houses of gang rapes, (Duke LaCrosse players and now UVA) without a hesitation by the PC press to get the truth before posting the stories!  When confronted with the lies  we see these smart PC people say, "well, the story may be false but the narrative is true".  Say what?  So not even the destruction of lives by lies and innuendo soften the hearts of these PC police.  Remember all the "child care molestation" convictions of the 1980's?  Most were fabricated stories and many innocent people went to prison or committed suicide because the PC police were in charge.  All emotion and contrived "facts" to fit the "narrative".

Now we are debating a piece of trash report from US Senator Dianne Feinstein and her democrat committee.  This report was put together by democrats and not one person was interviewed in the 6,000 pages!  Not one CIA employee was brought in to testify!  All the report's info came from emails and other forms.  No testimony.  Of course it is simply a democrat slap at the CIA because of some hurt feelings by a couple of self important Senators.  Never mind that 3,000 people were murdered by Jihadists and the country was expecting another attack.  I guess DiFi would rather see a drone blowup someone rather than a little "sleep deprivation" done to a terrorist.  My goodness, does she even see the ridiculousness of her words?  Thanks goodness former Vice President Dick Cheney is out setting the record straight.  Along with Jose Rodriguez, a former CIA interrogator. (California has not been served well by Feinstein or Boxer). (Catellus and Boxer's bile)

So somehow the PC police make some kind of moral equivalency between a Jihadist murdering people and America feeding Ensure to a prisoner. (oh that's right, we must call them detainees).  And we are letting the "free press" get away with stories that do not even question these PC lies.  I guess until we force the PC professors teaching our young people these PC terms we can expect more.  But thanks to blogs and other internet outlets we are fighting back.

Today the price of crude oil on the free market is under $60 dollars a barrel.  It has dropped from over $100 just last summer.  I do not have the answer why but it is a refreshing sight.  Regular Americans, poor and middle class, may now have a few bucks more in their pockets.  Well at least every state except California.  We will see this drop in prices evaporate on January 1, 2015 when the state will add huge taxes to our gallon of gas (tthanks Steven Frisch and SBC of Truckee).  PC police at work.  People like me fought this kind of phony baloney science of "global warming" but we lost.  Now the poor and middle class will once again take a huge hit in their wallets for a LIE!  The money will go into some fund and then be redistributed through a "bank" of "carbon credits".  Who knows who will get your money.  Probably the cronies of those elected to the state legislature (democrats).  So I predict it will not be long that people wake up and start a initiative to remove this "global warming" lie from the laws of California.

So 2015 will hopefully come about.  Since our enemies around the planet (and liberal democrats in America) really don't like America, we can expect more and more disorder.  I pray every day that people will see the error of their opinions on hating this special place called America.  I do wish all of you out there peace.  But being a realist and fighting the scourge of PC here and around the planet, I am cautioly optimistic.