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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Nancylee Juvinall, 1929-2019. We love you mom!

Nancylee Juvinall age 89 passed on to heaven on February 17, 2019.  Mom was born on March 9, 1929 in Los Angeles/Long Beach, California.  She was a orphan adopted by Emily Olney and raised in Southern California.  She had three brothers, Jim(died 1998) , George (died in WW2) and Bill (Sandi).She graduated from Venice High School in 1947 then moved to the Grass Valley area soon after.  Her mother Emily (died 1966) and Emily’s husband George Head (died 1970 age 86) had a forty-acre ranch at the end of Sontag Road off of You Bet road.  One day while walking down the road she was spotted by Orford Juvinall who owned a ranch at the beginning of the road (owned now by Ms. Silver).  Dad said he saw this beautiful brunette and it was love at first sight.  They married in 1949 and started a family soon thereafter.  Six children came out of that union.  Cheryl, Todd, Loana, Valerie, Gaylord and Lillian. Mom loved the outdoors and was a fan of Yosemite where she camped out numerous times as a child and a mother.

Mom and Dad were travelers and they belonged to the Good Sam’s Club and traveled around the continent for many years until Dad’s death in 1982.  Mom decided she still wanted to travel and so, hauling the fifth wheel she did.  Cabo San Lucas was her favorite spot and she went back and forth many times.  She drove the Chevy truck and hauled that trailer by herself.  She was known as a very friendly person and it took only a few minutes for her to gain new friends.  And that was wherever she traveled.

In her early life she desired to become a journalist and she was a good and prolific writer.  Her penmanship was exquisite and we all looked forward to her letters about her travels.  She worked in a bakery in her youth and in Grass Valley she worked the holidays at Tess’s Gift Shop on Mill Street.  She and dad loved to square dance and go to the movies.  When they went to the movies, we waited up for them for the candy they would bring us.  Always fun.  Mom would take us all to the rivers in the area as she loved to swim.  We all were taught to swim early on.  Wonderful days on the Yuba in Washington, Jones Bar and Bridgeport back in the 1950’s!

She was a good cook and seamstress and made us all sweaters for many years.  She won many blue ribbons at the Fair for her knitting skills.  She was a 4-H mom in the 1950’s in Peardale and taught her daughters sewing and knitting.  Growing up she took piano/accordion, and tap and ballet dance lessons. We had an organ that she played for many years.

Nancylee leaves her  six children and seven grandchildren and one great-great.  Tracy Furtado, Tony Juvinall, Trevor Juvinall, Christy Beck, Alix Aragon, Jacob Meech, Sam Gillis, Megan Dalett, Jenna Casto, Kate, Aidan Beck, Preston Early,Austin Early, Ella Juvinall and little Wyatt.

Mom is now reunited with the love of her life and heaven is in a joyous mood as they are dancing together, sharing a glass of wine and fishing for a dorado.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Blackface is the next #metoo! What is this all about?

Looks like the democrats have stepped in to the pooh again and they can't seem to scrape it off of their shoes.  Blackface was prevalent for many years on this country and some now are judging the use of shoe polixh on a face as a unforgivable transgression.  Others think you should be ostracized and run out of town for using a color on your skin.  What do you think?

The use of white people as props for other races was prevalent in the past.  Especially in Vaudeville and Hollywood.  They called song and dance people that wore black on their bodies "minstrels".  And it was all over the country and even in Paris and other continental countries.  My personal opinion is it is simply a acting gig and should not be taken seriously as "racist".
Al Jolson early 20th century singer

Hollywood used white people, Katherine Hepburn, to play Chinese in The Good Earth.  Al Jolson used black face for his famous song Mammy!  Now we see these acts as something differnet with a contemporary meaning that was not in it's original meaning.  So we have to debate it.  Today we saw that "The View" nutcase, Joy Behar, was in blackface.  Jimmy Kimmela nd others in current day Hollywood have done it.  Mostly for humor.  The Wayan brothers, black comedians, did a movie where they became white chicks!  Tootsie had Dustin Hoffman become a female and Robin Williams was "Mrs Doubfire.   Were these wrong or just funny?

Judy Garland
It seems to me we are taking things way to seriously in America and many have lost their sense of humor.  Comedians are avoiding college campuses as they see their humor is berated by students who have hostile intentions on them.  A nation of 320 million should just lighten up.  We need to be able to tell jokes and show humor or we will all become the "wicked witch of the west".  And we don't want to do that.  HERE is Judy Garland as a young singer in blackface and it is funny.  That was 1938 and I don't think we say she was a racist do we?  But if we insist on judging past actions with today's rules we will not be very happy.  That is why people tear down statues and try to paint our Founders with todays values.  Sorry, we must not let these things happen.

Personally after listening and watching all the yappers on this issue I say I really don't care.  People mock and make fun of each other all the time and this is one of those ways.  As long as it is not personal, I don't see why there is a problem.  I understand that Hollywood and the TV movies try to get those minority actors to play their own ethnicity now and that is fine.  But those acts from the past should just be shrugged off and let's move on.

Northum in Virginia though should resign and not because he may have been in blackface.  I have changed my mind about that.  He should resign for lying about it.  And for his infanticide position on babies.  

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Virginia Governor, a Typical Democrat in Power

I watched this poor excuse for a politician today.  He held a news conference to now deny he is in this picture.  This picture is HIS page from his college yearbook.  Yesterday he said it was him.  And he apologized.  Just like all the current democrats are doing for their past indiscretions.  They all think that will make the owie better.  Anyway, this hypocrite running Virginia beat a man, Ed Gillespie for the seat.  And this fellow had commercials calling Gillespie a "racist".  So most black women in the state voted for Northham.  Somehow no one did the usual opposition research on Northam to find this crap.  Totally racist and disgusting.  But now, today, he says it is not him in either outfit and someone must have photo shopped his page into the yearbook!

The man is not believeable and his body language said to me LIAR, LIAR pants on fire.  So I tweeted a few times that this fellow should resign.  And even a few national democrats have asked him to step down.  But he says NOPE!  Well I have done some re-thinking and think he should not resign.  If he did, memories of his racist transgressions would fade and people might not remember to NOT vote for a democrat hypocrite.  So I say stay.  Let us use you everyday as the democrat liar and hypocrite we know you are.  And it will rub off on the rest of you that don't denounce him.  So far the people running for democrat president have not spoken up.  Maybe they will since some are black.

All I can say to Ed Gillespie is you are one dumbass politician.  Your race with the idiot that won was close.  And if you had that picture we would be calling you Governor.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Once Trusted, the FBI is now no better than the East German Stasi

Time to stop the circus.  America is under a cloud as our once very trusted FBI has become a rogue organization of government power.  All these millions of dollars spent by the Special Counsel of Mueller have brought nothing to the fore.  Only a bunch of Russians and of course they won't be coming here anytime soon.  Americans indicted would never have been so if they were not Trump acquaintances.  The "witch hunt" is real and many lives are disrupted and bankrupted with this phony baloney investigation.

I suggest the investigation be stopped and all the people involved sent home.  Nothing to see here.  But what Mueller is doing has been done in numerous movies over the years.  Can't find the principal being investigated guilty of anything?  Then smear him/her with allegations and distractions.  Mueller is a disgrace and his tactics belong in the old KGB and Statsi Secret police of the now gone East German Communist state.

The problem I see is the government secret police are trying to find a crime where none exists.  So they do all these socalled "process" crime indictments.  They quiz people over and over and if you don't say the same thing they charge you with perjury or lying to to the FBI.  This is "show trial" crap that banana republics are known for.  America is better than this and that is why this "investigation" must end now.  It is making American justice no better than a dictatorship.

I recall listening to Candidate Trump say in a humorous statement, "Hey Russia, if you find the emails contact the press".  That is what started this witch hunt.  All based on a humorous comment.

Americans of good will are fed up with all this crap and the Attorney General needs to end it now.  I can tell you it will go on forever and it is being done to discredit Trump and cause him top lose in 2020 or to resign.  If the left thinks these things being done to Trump won't happen to them they are crazy.  All Americans need to say STOP!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ronil Singh, an American hero

We have a mess in California and most of the rest of the country.  Half of our population has somehow conflated illegal aliens with legal immigrants.  I understand why the left has done this.  It makes it a softer view of those that sneak into the country and confuses the less than bright Americans of the left.  This must end and I suggest the schools of America start teaching what the words "legal" and "Illegal" mean.  This morning the service for Officer Singh is on only one station/network, FOX.  The others could not be bothered to honor this "legal" immigrant.  Instead, we are inundated with stories about the illegals and how they are being treated by this country.

In fact an article in the SacBee today failed to mention the status of the killer of Officer Singh as the thrice deported illegal alien he is.  The author of the article waited until well into the story to have President Trump tell the readers the killer was illegal.  Journalistic malpractice but sneaky enough that most people would not figure out the bias.  Thousands of police officers and others are at this moment paying their respects to this brave man.  Officer Singh leaves a wife and five-month-old son.   The Police Chief of Newman, California announced the service dog will be given to them.

In another story in the Bee the State announced it still doesn't know how many illegal aliens voted in the last election.  How can that be?  If the Russian were manipulating the voter rolls why would they enable all those illegals to cast votes?  Hell, maybe the democrats did that.  California has an estimated 4 million illegals and we see how that has turned the state into a democrat stronghold for the foreseeable future.  The working and middle-class folks are leaving and all these illegal are coming in to fill the vacuum.  A ready source of democrat voters.  And we see the results.  Homeless people everywhere.  Trash and feces everywhere.  The people coming here are not driven by the "puritan" lifestyles of order and clean society and environment.  And the democrat politicians seem to care less about the state becoming a big trash pile and an outdoor toilet.  More important to have "transgenderism" and bathrooms for people confused if they are a man or a woman or something else.

Officer Singh was a policeman.  He was someone well respected and liked by all that knew him.  He was murdered by someone that was not supposed to be in America.  Yet today, the democrat party will not help their own country curtail the illegals from entering here by approving money for a "wall".  Somehow these lovelies of the left try to convince us that a "wall" does not work.  Say what?  We see the help all around us.  It is common sense.  But don't believe your lying eyes the left and the democrats tell us.  They say walls don't work.  Yet most of them live inside a wall and they even lock their doors on their houses.  I guess this is all political.  Deny a victory for the President and make those looney tune voters of the left happy.  Maybe we need a mental illness check on all democrat voters.  Seems they are committing a felony of stupidity to me.

The Supreme Court is taking up two "gerrymandering" case in this upcoming session.  One from North Carolina and one from Maryland.  In my opinion, the courts have nothing to say about the drawing of districts as that is spoken to directly in the Constitution as a State Legislatures duty.  But of course, everything is sued and placed into the court system.  And the tyranny of the black robes, the unelected member of the government, are supposedly the final arbiters of everything.  Well not in my opinion.  We need to take back the courts and have ironclad rules about what can be adjudicated.  And if a precedent was as important as we here Senators say it is in confirmation hearings for Judges, then how come it is not used in court cases today?  Hell, every case cannot be that different from previous ones.  But it seems no matter how many times a case is heard it will be back again.  That is ridiculous.

America is divided because the left has lost its mind.  The right is filled with millions of people like me that simply want to be left alone.  Yet the governments at every level are not listening.  California alone passed over 1,000 new laws in 2018!  Every one to ratchet down our rights and make more work for their fellow attorneys.  Jerry Brown signed over 17,000 laws as governor over his sixteen years.  Is the state better off?  Is your life better?  I say sunset every law if they prove to not work.  But that won't happen.  So even the laws that should work in this state don't as the Legislature has made our state a "sanctuary state".  And that is all you need to know about the murder of Officer Singh.