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Monday, September 19, 2016

Muslims, Hmmm, how do we deal with this?

Murder and mayhem.  Where have we seen this before?  Oh, in almost all Muslim countries and now in ours.  How should we deal with this?  Should we allow more of them into America?  I mean, gosh, this is our house and don't we have the right to say who gets in?  Just like our own personal homes?  I understand that there on average are not that many killers from the Muslim faith, but it takes only a few to spoil the whole barrel.  And their house of worship seems to be their place of learning for this.  Can you imagine a Methodist Church being the hotbed of violent planning?

So we have a bloke stabbing people in Minnesota at the Great America Mall.  He asked people if they are Muslim and if not they get the steel.  After nine victims he was shot and killed and now he is on his way to the 72 raisins. Then we have the nut walking down the street in Linden, New Jersey carrying a gun.  As the cops pulled over to talk he opened fire.  A shootout followed, he was wounded.  Those terrible infidels put him on a gurney and took him to the hospital.  He is being cared for by the "non-burka" wearing nurse.  He must be so pissed.  Then the authorities found the bombs on the running course to honor the Marines.  And of course a bomb goes off in a Dumpster in New York City and wounds 29 Americans. 

What to do?  Of course the news folks are all aflutter wondering the affiliation of these goons. Must be ISIL or Al Queda?  Well, maybe not.  Maybe this is built in to their religion.  Maybe we should be more concerned these killers are not affiliated.  What if every single young Mohamed reads his holy book and says to himself, "kill the infidels"!  That is the problem I see here.  This Muslim religion and its adherents are built for this mayhem.  Their culture is not compatible with the west.  All those rapes in Germany and Sweden because the women were asking for it they say.  And you cannot print a picture of Mohamed!  What the hell is that?

So lets try something different.  Perhaps we should relocate these Muslim men to the inner city of Chicago.  You can wall it off and see what happens.  Since Obama could care less that hundreds of young black men are murdered there every year, perhaps these Muslim boys could calm it down.  Sort of a "face-off" strategy.  Of course all the good people in those areas would be allowed to leave and therefore stay out of the gunfire.  But there it is.  Black gangbangers who kill little kids in their driveby's versus the Muslims who want to chop off the heads of the infidels.  Pay per view!

Of course I am not serious but it appears to me there is no attempt to curtail either scenario.  Our government officials must want those young black men to murder each other.  Afterall, that saves the prison space and the Court costs.  Why would they allow this to continue?  Why not flood the inner cities with the police for a few months?  Dry up the drugs and save the lives of the innocents.  But they don't.  We know when it was tried ion New York City by Rudy Guliani that it worked.  But like most democrat run cities since then, the "rights" of the criminal are more important than the civilians. 

Now we will see a Muslim Lives Matter movement for these head choppers just like we have seen with the supporters of the thugs "sanctified" in Black Lives Matter.  Expect marches all over the country for the thugs.  We have seen it here in Nevada County where the white liberals are so guilt ridden they place supportive banners for the BLM.  But those white liberals moved to the "whitest" county in California.  Explain that!   So rather than these liberals moving to the inner cities to help the minority downtrodden folks, they move here.  From the sanctity of the three bedroom two bath home in the forest, these lovelies complain about racism.  You just cannot make this stuff up.

America has the right to allow who they want inside our borders.  We are so popular as a destination that 20 million people are here illegally.  Yet the liberals say we are so atrocious at race relations and the treatment of minorities.  Appears to me the minorities are not so convinced as to the treatment they will receive from all us "yokels".  Why move here if we are so crummy?  Because no matter how much the "white" liberal says America is crummy, only they believe it.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rants and Rolls, September 2016

Bias anyone?  I am so disgusted with the state of the Sacramento Bee about their leftwing tilt to every article I am amazed they can even sell one paper.  And the AP, Associated Press is no better.   I have a subscription to the Bee so I can be reminded of what happens when leftwing bias is in charge.  Every article throws a punch at the "right".   Today's paper is no different.  And even our little local newspaper, the Union, prints AP tripe on things like "climate change" and all from the point of view it is "settled".

A article by a Eric Lichtblau on page 8A today got me going about the bias these "journalists" claim is out of control.  Now remember we are a country of 320 million people.  The article says hate crimes against Muslims are up 78% this last year over year.  A total they say of 260!    And guess why?  Trump!  My goodness, I went to the FBI site and on its hate crimes page saw their stats. HERE is a article covering the stats.  If you are too lazy to look you will see 57% of all reported "hate" crimes are against Jews.  16% against Muslims.  So how come this obsession with the Muslims?  Afterall they have about the same population numbers in our country.  Because the reporter is pushing a false agenda.  He also says remember all those rash of crimes after September 11, 3001 against Muslims?  No I don't.  President Bush held a news conference to ask Americans not to retaliate and we did not.  But the truth is a stranger to the "reporter" who wrote this tripe.

And to bring Trump into the article is outrageous.  Just another Hillary Clinton supporter.  Did she not vote for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Trump was building skyscrapers at the time Hillary was making her speech for the war.  My goodness, just journalistic mal-practice.  Trump never said all of any group were to be discriminated against anyway.  He said we need better screening, vetting if you prefer, of people coming from regions where terrorists are living.

Hey it looks like Americans and especially Californians are cooling in their love of EV's!  There is a surge of sales for SUV's as the people make their pocketbook decisions.  With only a few charging stations in the state, people are bailing on the "environment" of the EV and buying the gasoline engine powered vehicle.  VROOM VROOM, over the silence of electricity.  I think the people are getting the knowledge that EV's are really not that friendly anyway.  I recall a comparison between a Prius and a Hummer done about ten years ago.  We saw the start to finish of each vehicle.  From the mining of the minerals, through its lifespan using fuel all the way to disposal.  The Hummer was cheaper and less a problem for the environment.  But did you read that?  Probably not.

So the Sierra Club sent one of its "divisions" out to ten states to find out why the dropoff in sales.  HERE is the study and its results. What a pretty study.  I bet it cost a lot of money.  And it tells us the EV mandates of Governor Brown and his band of legislative renown are way off the mark.  But rather than admitting their "misread" of the public and how they spend their money, they are "doubling down" under the kiddie dome in Sacramento.  Maybe all those millions they are stealing from the people and placing in the "cap and trade" accounts could be put to better use?  So even though there are only a few charging stations in our state, these rocker scientists keep shoving their dreams down our throats.

Then we return to terror.  In the Philippines the Muslim terrorists there have released a Norwegian hostage in exchange for $630,000.  Does Obama have his fingers on that cash?  Anyway, these terrorists BEHEADED two Canadians who apparently did not raise the necessary cash..  BEHEADED!  The religion of peace.  Maybe Obama and Hillary can resettle those beheaders into Dearborn?  And we see some bombs went off back in New York and New Jersey.  Of course the authorities tell the folks there is no information to link the blasts to terrorism.  Say what? 

Last but not least, there are numerous articles on nuts trying to kill our policemen.  And none tell us who, what color and the place of origin.  How do the authorities send out a APB and leave that information out?  PC is killing many Americans and not a peep from the liberals. If a person's color is not a indicator of who you should be looking for, how does that work?  You can bet though if you are a person of "no color" it will be listed.  The news people are sick. 

We see that right here in our little community.  A editorial by a leftwingnut claiming the "community" needs to own up to its racism caught my eye.  I read it and almost threw up.  This article was using a thug brandishing a shotgun at Rollins Lake a years ago and the vandalism of a "Black Lives Matter" banner on a "church" building as his reasons.  Then when I confronted him on the Unions blog he wet his pants.  I said the perps at Rollins Lake were from out of the county.  Why did you not state that in your article?  He peed his pants again.  And he then tried, as all liberals do, to divert the issue to me.  Well, then you condone racism?  Of course I don't but that is always the strategy of these mentally ill liberals.

Why is it he would deny his own headline?  And why not talk to the successful people who are a minority?  These liberals always go for the zing against those they want to intimidate.  Well, that crap is on its way to the dustbin of history.  There are too many blacks and Hispanics that are making it big in America.  I prefer to use them as a example for what all Americans can achieve.  Ben Carson ran for President.  He is now in the Trump camp.  He is black and a world renowned surgeon.  But liberals call him a "Uncle Tom" and worse for being successful.  The liberals would rather use a gangbangers with a pistol in the inner city as their example.  Sick.

America is not perfect of course.  But these people in charge of the written words in our publications and newspapers are committing "journalistic malpractice" on every front.  And it has spilled over into our schools and colleges.  We must fight back these attempts to undermine the greatness of America while we are fine tuning it.  It is hard to fight off the lies when they control the words in the public sector.  But we will.  America is too valuable to lose it to the left wing and their PC culture.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Polls, Polls, Polls! Trump up 6 today

Image result for polls cartoonSome polls today have Donald Trump up 6 points over Hillary Clinton.  Just a short while ago it was reversed.  Everyday we are bombarded with more polls and told they are the real thing.  Well, sure, maybe, but they are like a snapshot of the moment.  And when you take a deeper look at the polls regarding who they polled, you may get a bit closer to reality.  I like checking those stats when the pollsters allow them to be released.  Some do some don't.  

I usually look at the weighted percentages of what ideology was polled.  Nationally and within states there are differences.  And the big question to me and the rest of the political junkies is "who will turn out"?  Is the poll simply asking "people"?  Or "likely voters"?  Or "registered voters"?  Is it weighted towards democrats, republicans, independents?  Blacks, whites, Hispanics?  Trying to ascertain the veracity of the polling results is tough.  Then you have the question of who is polling?  Is it the Democrats?  Republicans?  So you must look at the underlying company to get a more accurate look at why they are polling and their political bent.

I have seen many polls I call "push/pull polls".  They are specifically designed to sway a potential voter.  To convince them of some person or position.  I have been the subject of this regarding initiatives on the ballot in California.  I answer the questions as if I am a middle of the road voter.  I know some interest group is doing the poll as I ask them who is sponsoring.  Most of the time they don't even know but after a few questions you can figure it out.

With the advent of millions of cell phones, it is now even more difficult to get the results.  Hard line phones mean someone is home while a cell phone can mean the opposite.  And how do they get your cell number?  No phone books exist for them so it has to be randomly created by a computer (unless posted on the registration by the voter).  And in the poll I look to see the percentages of "answers".   Did they call fifty to get one?  This stat is hard to find but when available it tells me a lot about the poll results.  It shows me the level of interest of the people.

In this year's Presidential race we see the polls reported  everyday.  And who decides which one to report?  News media types?  We all know they are biased way left.  That was the main reason I started to look deeper into the polls.  I just don't trust the media and if you don't either, go look inside a reported poll and you will see why.  When I see a democrat up I look at the percentages of partyliners and it will show them with a greater than average of democrats called.  Same for all.  So don't get fooled.  Even though Trump is up by 6 today, the underlying demographics should be reviewed.  Then you can decide if you trust the results.

For me, these polls are all interesting in that they can show a "trend".  But American voters can be fickle to the last moment.  Remember George W. Bush and his DUI story?  Almost to election day he lead by a comfortable margin but when the story broke he lost enough points in the polls to give us that 2000 nailbiter.  So people can change their minds and by election day the only poll that counts is your vote.  My advice to all is don't get too excited about these daily polls and simply review them as a interesting read.  Look into the poll for details and then wait for election day for the results.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Me, Myself and the Deplorables

Isn't she a special person?  Speaking to a bunch of really rich people, Clinton told us Americans what she thinks of us.  Recalling Romney's observation in 2012 about the 47% pf people who don't pay taxes (federal), I got a little misty eyed.  But Romney never said what Hillary said in denigrating people personally.   Now if you recall Obama's comments about the "clingers" of guns and religion, you probably can  see why I have no use for this woman or her party.  As she retires to her daughter's 20 million dollar apartment in New York, I am sure Trumpaphobia is consuming her thoughts.  How could that Trump character be tied with her?  Afterall, she is so much better than the rest of us Trumpsters.

But Trump had a great response to this pompous bee-atch and her snotty retorts.  All those veterans, plumbers and yes, contractors, those dolts that play by the rules, never get arrested are just "deplorable".  Everyday Americans, struggling and working, taking their kids to daycare so they can make enough money to pay their taxes to her monstrous money grubbing.  Honest to GOD, I am so sick of these kinds of people.  We have a couple here in our county as well.  Better than you and me.  Well, guess what all you "better than us" creeps.  We are going to run the country for a while.  You have wrecked the place and now it's time to take America back from "big government" and the commissars.  Those with the Dacha's on the Black Sea are going to sit this next eight years on the bench.  Hillary and Bill, right there passing the water bottle as they age into oblivion along with the governing style and philosophies.  Bye bye!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Immigration. Don't we have the right to decide who comes here?

Donald Trump gave a policy speech on immigration the other night.  It was in Phoenix, Arizona and in front of a huge crowd of people.  I listened to the whole thing and I must say the man is not PC.  He did not mince words. HERE is the full transcript if you want to read it without a filter.  Of course the media and the talking heads had their opinions within seconds of his completion.  And they are mostly ridiculous.  Some pundits and lamestream types started calling him a "racist" and a "xenophobe" and a "fascist" because he wants to tighten up the policies of open borders and visa overstays.  Typical.Image result for immigrant cartoons

The media and the democrats were relentless in demanding Trump tell us his policies.  They beat the drum everyday for him to tell them what exactly he means.  Well, I knew all they wanted was for him to give the details so they could call him the names they did.  And to parse and dissect his words into meanings he never imagined.  That is why the people of America, well, except the "sheeple" are fed up with the talking heads and the lamestream media types.

Now all those media people are citing stats that say there is a net out-migration of illegals and therefore no action is necessary.  My goodness, after all these years we are losing people back to their homelands?  Not happening.  And "deportations" are way up they say.  Well sure, because they count people at the border who are turned back.  Bureaucracy and politic ans are so creative. 

Trumps is saying we need to assimilate all those that have come here in the last few decades.  Just like Coolidge did in the 1920's.  That assimilation lasted until 1965 when Teddy Kennedy and other open border politicians changed the laws and the flood began.  Well isn't it a national "right" to decide who and how many immigrants we let into our borders?  Of course it is.  And don't let the "world citizen crap" influence your opinions.  We want a country?  We need borders and enforcement of them along with booting those who overstay their visa's.  No other country on the planet is as lax as ours regarding immigrants.

Trump says we need to build the wall and in the areas where topography makes it tough to build we can use tech and people.  Using sensors to discover tunnels and agents to patrol the rest should stem the flow.  Our country has to assimilate these people who have arrived legally.  The illegals will probably self deport once there is real enforcement.  That happened when President Eisenhower did the same thing in the 1950's.  It costs the American taxpayer billions of dollars to support many of these illegals.  And the existing policy of allowing immigrant to bring along every member  needs to end as well.   Though Trump did not mention the 14th Amendment I suspect there will be a re-interpretation of it if he is elected.  The Amendment was for the blacks freed from slavery and not for every pregnant woman who can sneak across out borders for a birth.

Today's SacBee had a extensive article on Trump's speech.  It was not too biased so it kept my interest.  The bottom line to me is this.  Trump agrees that immigrants need to assimilate into the American culture.  Not the other way around.  If you want to immigrate, do it legally.  If not you are a criminal and will be sent home.  No more tax money to support illegals.  Control and review the money transfers of illegals back to their home countries and tax it.  Build the wall and tighten the controls to keep people from sneaking in.  That will also slow down the flow of drugs and weapons that are undermining our country.  Weak minded Americans on drugs are as responsible in the mess in my view as well.  Redo the visa's so we get the best and brightest immigrants and those that have their own money.  Place caps back in for all the countries as was done for a century before all this illegal PC stuff started.

Overall, if we want to have a country we need to institute these kinds of controls.  We see the results of stupid policies as in Germany, France and Sweden.  If people want to come here they must assimilate and swear allegiance to our country.  If not, Katie bar the door.  No more country suicide.  America attracts a million new citizens each year so there must be a reason they come.  So we can require them to be what we require.  Simple.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do Journalists actually have a degree?

Watching and listening to the talking heads and the "journalists" everyday can really try one's soul.  I am ashamed of these people.  We spent good money to train them.  They put themselves into huge student debt to get a "education" from a liberal arts college.  They prize themselves as the smartest among us.  Dedicated to getting the "news" out to the great unwashed.  Yet to me these people are just dumb.

Image result for media bias cartoonThey have a bias against anyone on the right.  Yet claim they are "fair".  They think we don't see their bias, that alone is delusional on their part.  I think it is a mental disorder.  Just today listening to the radio, the ABC News cited a Quinnipiac Poll that says Hillary is up 10 points.  So I sent them a comment on their comment section asking if they could balance that poll with say, the USC/LAtimes poll that says it is a one point difference.  But even in this one, five second, report on the election you can see the bias.  I expect no response.  But if I get one these talking heads always have a obfuscated way out of the claim they are biased.  Delusional.

Hillary Clinton has not had a press conference since last December.  Trump is on the air all the time.  He has huge crowds at his daily rallies.  My goodness, he is really in good shape for that grind.  And of course these huge rallies love what he says and cheer wildly.  Yet the media won't show you the crowd.  Why is that?  Clinton gets a couple of hundred paid attendees to her rallies while Trump gets thousands of volunteers.  The media refuses to pull back the camera so we can see the crowd.  They are scared I guess.  And this shows a form of bias we all see.  Yet they refuse to see the bias.  Has to be a mental disorder.  Is that inculcated into their psyche in liberal arts college?

Clinton has sold, through bribery, the America Secretary of State position.  Bribery!  Over half the non-government requests for access to her as the Secretary of State were donors to her private "foundation".  Bribery!  And her basement private server email system was undoubtedly hacked and our nations secrets exposed to our enemies.  And the press blows it off.  A Republican would have been hounded out of office if he/she committed the same thing.  But of course the media loves Clinton so no followup.  Thanks to the AP for the latest and Hillary is now dissing them. Watching Lemon on CNN the other night I watched him hound relentlessly Kelly Anne Conway, Trump's new CEO.  Lemon was pushing hard to try and get her to answer a question he wanted answered.  I yelled at him, well at the TV.  I yelled "how come you don't do that to a democrat?"

Hillary is releasing some of the worst scummy attacks on Trump.  She supports the blacks being on their democrat plantations.  Tell us Hillary, what have you and your party of the KKK  done for the blacks in our inner cities?  Hell, maybe your ilk has distributed the weapons they are killing each other with?  Just like Obama's "Fast and Furious" weapons sent to drug lords on Mexico?  But why are the minorities worse off today under a black President and before that with the First Black President, Bill Clinton?  Because you really only want their votes and could care less about the people murdered everyday.  Why are you not holding a press conference in the areas of Chicago where all those murders take place?  Are you chicken?  Your mouthpieces say Trump should go into the democrat ghettos to address those folks.  Why haven't you?

Bur none of this really matters to the press.  Their bias protects Clinton and the plantation democrats, the founders of the KKK.  They parse every word Trump says and not Clinton's.  They just take her press releases as GOD and Trump's as round file fodder.  So as time goes by and the election gets closer, maybe enough Americans will see the ridiculous words of the media and their talking heads and votes for change.  Success for all Americans, not just rich democrats and hedge fund managers.