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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rants and Rolls January 24, 2017

My response today to the Hillary Hodge whine in today's Union.

Another screed from a "victim" of what? Rights? Tell me how you must fight for rights you already have? My goodness, the left is unhinged. Our Constitution is for all, males, females all races. Heck you get to extra rights as far as I can tell. Since abortion seems to be the thing that drives your hysteria tells us why a man is not allowed to have a say in the child’s termination when his DNA makes up half of the human? Yet when a woman decides to have the child against the males wishes, he is made to pay support? Is that fair? Is that equal rights? If you had stayed away from Trump bashing maybe the thirty million women who voted for Trump would listen to you. But you and you liberal friends are all about division and not listening to others. How come you can't come to the middle on these issues? You always demand those opposed to you come to you. Well, cry me a river now you may have to compromise. If you are proud of the rude and crudeness spoken at the DC march, then you are truly unhinged. If that is the best you have representing, you America is in deep trouble. I say take your protests to places that really have no women’s rights. Like Saudi Arabia and Sudan. See how far you get. My goodness."

Personally,  I know the female has the ultimate right to her own body but my position is simple, I don't want to pay for it with tax money.  You go deal with the abortion with your own GOD and conscience.

Further, what about the people that came before that sacrificed their very lives to give her the freedom to do all this whining?  Hundreds of thousands of people just two generations ago fought the forces of darkness for years to preserve freedom.  And she says she is fighting?  Please, get real.

Trump has already had a busy day yesterday and more to come.  He is reinstituting the ban on using taxpayers money for abortions overseas.  Sorry but those countries can use their own money for that and we should get out.  Good for Trump.

He also put in a hiring freeze which should be expanded into the banishment of labor unions in government service.  They already have civil service and other protections.  Look at how hard it is to get rid of crummy employees.

Looks like the socialist paradise of Venezuela is having food issues.  Their der leaders are stealing it and then selling it for huge profits.  Now that is what you get you liberals that love that socialism.

California is a bastion of leftwingnuts in charge at the state level.  I would suggest any disaffected liberal should move here and take part in our democrat version of Venezuela.  Hillary Hodge and her liberal pals have their paradise already in place.  Clinton got 4.3 million more votes for socialism here and it seems every law the kids under the dome pass are truly socialism at its best.  Nirvana for her and her ilk.  Middle America gave Trump the victory because they are sick and tired of the smothering of their lives byt leftwing politicians and bureaucrats.  So you all have California and New York and the whole Northeast, we have the middle.   And we have to live by your madness don't we?  Of course!

Trump is being sued by leftwing lawyers today for being a businessman.  They cite a provision in the Constitution regarding the claim he owns businesses that may be used for renting a room and therefore that is impeachable.  You cannot make this stuff up.  Trumps people say it is bogus and I agree.  If the leftwing gets a victory though then no man or woman who owns a business will ever be elceted again.  We will be saddled with professional politicians forever.  Like Obama and Clinton and Jerry Brown.

Isn't it grand to watch the concerns of the lamestream media these days?  Somehow these people who slobbered excessively for eight years over Obama are now supposedly remembering their duty.  So since these "journalist" have removed their noses from Obama's ass, we can expect real indepth and fair reporting.  NOT!  They hate Trump so they will give him an anal exam in everything they do.  Unlike their love of Obama where nothing they wrote was critical of their lover.  Disgusting.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Ashey Judd is mentally challenged and disgusting

This woman is a feminist she says.  Is this what women want to be viewed as?  She is a pathetic example of a Hollywood "star".  My goodness, where did you hear this?  At a women's march for what?  What is it that she wants?  This is why America put Trump in office.  We are disgusted with mental cases like this being shown by the media as "role models".  How can anyone let their daughter act and talk like this?  So copy the embedded code and send it everywhere as the example of what these liberals think and say.  Pathetic.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Females marched yesterday, what was the message?

Michael Moore, the biggest woman there!
I know this is dangerous ground for a male to tread on but I am simply perplexed.  I watched a lot of the speakers in Washington DC yesterday and I came away shaking my head.  I asked myself "what is it these people want"?  Are they there only because they share female body parts?  Or was there something more?  And the few men I saw in the crowd  were there for what?  A date?  A couple of minority fellas did say a few words but this was pretty much a women only march.  And the SacBee posted the estimated number of marchers on it front page today.  Should we be concerned?

This set of marches shows the power of personal media like FaceBook and others.  A spark lit by a woman who voted for Hillary living in Hawaii apparently is credited with starting this.  And it spread to the defeated women across America and their "sisters" in some other countries.  It showed me the power of complaint.  Of course Trump won a substantial percentage of women so they must be happy with him since they stayed home.  Liberals of course are not his fan base and that is what made up these crowds.

Then we get into the back and forth of crowd numbers.  I watched the inauguration and the estimates of the crowd was around 1.4 million.  Since the park service does not do the estimates any longer since the "million man" march, everyone was guessing.  But who cares?  Only those snowflakes I guess.  And if you listened to the speakers you would think we live in caves after eight years of Obama rule.  My goodness the press and the leftwing pundits said Trump's speech was "dark".  Exposing the warts and promising to fix them.  I thought it was fine though.  He exposed the problems nd gave us hope for the solutions.  Yet all the speakers at the DC march said much worse about America.  And they were truly saying "dark" things.

So why were these thousands of women there?  They were telling the world that Obama left a mess of racial animosity, hopelessness and government tyranny.  Trump has only been there a day!  So I have to assume Obama was truly the target as these women were bemoaning the state of America as it is.  But listening to these speakers and the tone of their attacks on America you would think Obama left a real anti-woman, anti-freedom legacy.  Is that true?  Well, America has passed thousands of laws to help and protect these women and men for that matter.  We have police and other institutions we all spend billion to man to help those in need.  Yet listening to the speakers you would think we have done nothing to address these claims.

So even though we have done a lot to diminish the problems these speakers were yapping about, apparently no progress has been realized.  In fact many of the speakers represented organizations that want "open borders" and more free handouts.  They want more laws to address the "shortcomings" they see in America.  Mainly claiming "white privilege" and "white supremacy" need to be destroyed.  And male dominance in their view of the planet!  But to me these claims are bogus.  Sure America and the rest of the planet are not perfect for people in many ways.  But our country has done its utmost to live up to being a country of laws.  Equally administered.  Yet those that give the rest of us the finger about that are not willing to live by those laws.

What this appears to me to be a one large bitching session.  And if anyone doubts me go listen to the speakers on CSPAN.  If America was as bad as these speakers said it is I would leave too.  But where would you go?  America is a land that is evolving and if you can find a land anywhere else that gives women the protection and opportunities let me know.  Madonna was yapping away with her four letter word vocabulary and yet she has been able to use her sexuality and singing to become a major star in the entertainment field.  But listening to her you would think she is abused and pushed to the back of the van.  I say ingrate!

I love women.  My mother and my sisters are fine people.  But they don't seem to be asking for the government to take from others and give to them.  All hard workers and grateful Americans.  If those liberals marching for whatever it was they wanted would use that energy to make things better rather than a complaint based strategy, America would benefit and stay so strong they might feel lucky to be here.

In the end we all need each other and hopefully we can get along and make America Great Again!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CNN and Buzzfeed, brokers of fake news in attacks on Trump

These guys died for what?  Buzzfeed?  NBC?
In their attempts to delegitimize Donal Trump's victory, these sleazebag "news" agencies are making up fake news to try and smear the man.  Last night a fake news story that Trump and others in a Czech Republic stayover hired some prostitutes to piss all over a bed that Obama and his wife stayed in.  Along with a few other salacious perversions, these news people did not bother to do their due diligence and now are taking the hits for being lying sacks of shit.

The lawyer the fake news people said was there in the Czech Republic was actually proven to be in Los Angeles with his sons.   Are we not all sick of this?  I am.  We cannot trust those we were always trusting in the past.  How can we believe anything they print?  This is really bad for the country.   This relentless attack on Trump is backfiring on the press.  I say we should stop buying their lies and maybe they will shape up.  Apparently Buzzworks, owned by NBC, says who cares if the story is a lie?  We can work out the details later.  I say OK, get ready to be sued and giving your stuff yp to the winner of the lawsuit.

Is this what is being taught in the colleges of America?  If so, all those "professors" need to be fired.  At the very least remove their tenure.  This is despicable.  But these liars in the lamestream media reside are not able to accept reality.  They have been trying for 18 months to take Trump out.  And nothing worked.  So they make up this crap.  In my view they have been defeated becasueTrump stands up to them.  And John McCain should be ashamed of himself as well.  Apparently he passed on these lies to the FBI without verifying anything.  Mea Culpa there John Boy.  You need a spanking and one on film so the Russians can extort you.

We need these sore losers to stop it.  Obama said he told Putin to "stop it" yet his people have kept all this alive.  This makes people mad and mad people do crazy things.  Just look at the Jihadi who murdered those people in Fort Lauderdale.  He was mad and he had a gun.  We need to tell these liars in the media to "stop it">  And if they don't stop buying their products.

Americans deserve the truth from our media.  They are given a special place in our Constitution.  Please read it and try to be honest.  If you cannot, get pout of the business and let others with ethics take your place.