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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Black Lives Matter. Really? All Lives Matter? Stop the lies

Provocative?  We all know all lives matter yet for some reason this little "movement" by some disaffected Americans apparently don't believe it.  Why would that be?  I grew up in this little county and never saw a black person in real life.  We had some fellow students who were of  Indian and Mexican heritage.  We all got along fine and I cannot recall one incident of racial hate.  We were kids and our most important things were sports and girls.  Some of us still live here and we are all still friends.  I value them as they do me.  We are all people.  Who cares what color and ethnicity?

But after 150 years this attitude is still evading solution with come people of the African-American background.  Over the years we have seen the exploitation of our differences by what I call the "race hustlers" in America.  They keep the pot stirred to ensure a constant crop of people angry at others.  These hustlers make a lot of money.  The money seems to be the driving force for these 1% of the blacks in America.  They really don't seem to care about the rest of the 99% of their race.  I have only seen and heard these hustlers dividing themselves from the rest.  And as we have seen on a daily basis, they have succeeded in keeping the hate going.

Neither I or any of my ancestors have ever owned another human being.  Yet the hustlers claim simply being a "white" person is enough to indict.  Forget the deaths of hundreds of thousands of white men fighting to free the slaves in the Civil War.  That is just a footnote in the "Black History Month" books.  Forget the "guilt" felt by many whites for the horror of slavery and the treatment of blacks back then.  Those guilt feelings are still alive today.  Some say the election of the half white half black Obama as President would take those guilt feeling away.  It did not.  Obama has fanned the flames.  Rather than bringing the country together on race, he was using his "community activist" training to keep people at each others throats.  Too bad since he could have used his "bully Pulpit" to help stop the race hatred.

I have counted people from all over the world as friends.  From the Egyptian woman we had befriended on a vacation to the black man in Ixtapa, Mexico.  I had many friends when I lived in Palm Springs in the early to mid 70's.  We had a great and varied group.  Phillipina's, blacks, Mexicans, people from everywhere.  We all shared the desire to do better for ourselves and our children.  All worked hard to achieve the American dream.  No whining, no complaining, all worked as much as they could to buy the clothes and the houses they needed to succeed.  We never had "words", we were on the same page.  None of us saw a "color".  Unlike today when the hustlers make sure you see their color.

If the people running around the country today complaining used that energy for success in America this country would be even more incredible.  Rather than saluting and worshiping Malcolm X, they should be following in the footsteps of Ben Carson.  Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell and many more Americans of African decent. They  are out there for all to see.  They worked hard, used the education system to learn and get ahead.  But no, the hustlers say look at the failures in their race and praise and emulate them.  Be mad, get even, the deck is stacked against you they say.  But how did these others like Sowell succeed in such a terrible atmosphere?  Guts.

In our guilt as white Americans regarding slavery, we decided to transfer trillions of dollars to the less fortunate in an attempt to assuage that guilt.,  We used money, programs and favoritism.  And it is now worse.  We supply free K-12 schooling for everyone.  Why don't those that complain say thanks?  Yet the dropout rates are huge in the black community.  Isn't a free schooling important for life's success?  Yes but it doesn't seem to work in the ghettos.  It is working in the Asian communities.  Those folks are the best and brightest because they work hard and listen to their parents.  When little girls are impregnated and have kids at fifteen, I realize that is a huge life changing event.  Even then some do succeed.

In our PC world we are vilified if we talk about these things.  Any race or ethnic can succeed in making their lives better if they simply take in the "free" education America provides.  Rather than getting pregnant and becoming a statistic for failure, say no.  Stop the madness of generation after generation on public assistance.  Same for the drug culture.  Our prisons are full of lawbreakers.  The blacks constitute a three time larger portion of the prison population than their percentage in the general population.  Now we hear from democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, liberal through and through, that we must fix the disproportionated numbers.  What the heck does that mean?  Release these criminals from jail and prison?  The were convicted of crimes, no one else forced them to do that.  We have the choice of being a good citizen or a criminal.  But these pandering politicians and the "Black Lives Matter" numbskulls want these violent people back in their neighborhoods.

So rather than realizing that keeping the killers out of their neighborhoods, thereby allowing many more citizens to be alive, they want more death on the streets I guess.(Chicago?)  90% of the murders of black people are by other blacks.  The Great Society forced the black family into oblivion.  Dads were no loner necessary.  Gangs became the dad's for many young black men.  Who caused that?  LBJ and the left.

In today's Union Newspaper is one more ridiculous article by the leftist Amy Goodman.  Somehow, I missed the symbolism by Beyonce' in her musical numbers at halftime.  Amy says it was all about "Black Lives Matter" and Trayvon Martin.  Amy says Martin was killed by a "white" guy.  We all know Zimmerman was a Hispanic, yet Amy lies through her teeth to fire up the hate against whites.  Pathetic.  The article goes on to Amy quoting some gobbledy-good language from some pseudo psychology major.  The trouble is no one saw what Amy is talking about.  Amy mixes in some Beyonce' music video with her act at halftime.  If I didn't see it, how did anyone else?

The problem Beyonce' and Amy are trying to inflate is purely fictitious.  But they had the choice and did not take the high road.  They could have promoted  the successful people in the black community but chose to enhance the negative.  Blacks are not hunted down and shot by police.  Unfortunately there are people that do stupid things and are killed.  The one's killed by police  see the system prosecute and condemn those acts as murder.  I am as outraged as they are and do not want rogue members of a police department shooting people willy-nilly.  But in a nation of 320 million those acts are the rarest of rare.

So how do we solve these differences?  It has to be education.  The more people get smarter the more they will achieve personal success in a legitimate circumstance.  And we must help the law abiding black communities in the issue of safety from the criminals.  We should flood those areas with police and get those criminals off the streets.  Not release them from prison for goodness sakes.  I maintain that any person selling drugs to children needs to be off the planet.  And quickly.  If these people are gone it is unlikely they will be selling drugs.  Stop the PC.  Stop the blame game.  If people want to succeed in America they have to work.  These communities should ban together and create jobs and opportunities like other places in this country.

Amy Goodman did a huge disservice to those blacks that want to succeed.  Rather than showing them ways to succeed she just fans the flames and embraces failure.  I want all American to succeed and be peaceful to each other.  But not hold a person responsible for their actions in not the solution.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Union Editorial Page is a true American example of freedom for all of us numbskulls

There are few places on the planet where people have the choices we have right here in "River City".  Meaning of course the freedom of our First Amendment.  In many countries if someone wrote anything like we see in columns and letter in our local paper, that person or person's life would be at risk.  Try it in North Korea or Iran!  But this small little local newspaper's   opinion pages,  is what makes America standout in the nations of the earth.

There was a well written article on why Muslims need to denounce jihadists.  In Saudi Arabia this writer would probably be beheaded after a fair trial.  But he is absolutely correct when he says there needs to be a re-education (reformation maybe) of the meanings of those violent provisions of the religious book.  There will not be enough virgins in the Islamic heaven if they carry out their violence.  And what about the gals?  Do they get 72 fellas?  No one has informed me or the world yet about that.

Then we read the "Keep it California" column where those folks don't want to split the state into two.  I guess we would elect two Republican Senators and that is just not their cup of tea.  If I was a rabid left wing democrat with a complete hold on all the elected state offices I suppose the status quo is to be protected at all costs.  Forget representation of a whole mass of people who make the state actually work and who pay taxes.  Isn't that why we fought a war in 1776?  Taxation without representation.  Never again will we see a Republican or a conservative in state office in California unless the Supreme Court  tosses Reynolds V Sims or the state is split.  However, I have maintained for many years that if all the lazy ass Republicans would get out and vote we could actually take our state back from the barbarians.

Further on the Saturday February 6, 2016 pages we see a article from a Jeff Vogel.  He says that Altria, the new name for Phillip Morris, and their Tobacco products are worse than Al Queda.   Of course he rants and raves about all the :big" corporate terrorists and leaves ISIL pretty much a also ran.  You can't make this stuff up.  A company that sells a legal product versus a Islamic terrorist outfit that cuts heads off just for the fun of it.  And the tobacco product is a choice people make.  I am sure Mr. Vogel is fine with heroin and cocaine and all their derivatives.  Big Oil?  Not so much.

We also have a so-called "rebuttal" to Norm Sauer's excellent article debunking "global warming".  The Janis McGregor letter does not supply any facts to debunk Mr. Sauer's facts but she does want everyone to feel terrible about breathing out CO2 I guess.  You see, the EPA and the idiots on the Supreme Court have decided that what we humans and every other living creature exhales is a pollutant.  And we must regulate that "pollutant".  So we get taxed and told what we must do with all aspects of "carbon" that makes life possible.  Of course green plants need the CO2 to live and make the planet hospitable to life but McGregor must have forgot that.  Honestly, you people that believe that hoax scare me a lot.  You need to exit the planet and leave it too the rational people.

These are some of the ways we learn and a newspaper is important for that.  Our local paper, unlike the big papers in the population centers, allows varying types of letters discussing most anything.  My fear though is the people of America are getting substandard educations and that leaves them to be influenced by the loudest mouths from the left.  But if all newspapers would print as many points of view as our little paper here, then my confidence might be restored.  What is the old saying?  Never believe anything you hear, only half of what you read?  And maybe more of what you see? Something like that.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gasoline at .98 cents at the wholesale level today.

Bernie Sanders proves us right about the democrat party

That finger is on its way to your pocket
Wow!  I guess we should be patting ourselves on the back.  Last night showed we on the Republican side were telling the American people the truth about democrats.  One half of the democrats in Iowa, this is their base too, voted for a avowed socialist!  I have been saying this for years.  In America!  My goodness, the Bernie Sanders vote is really a very sad one for me and should be for any patriotic American.

Capitalism has been the engine that made America a great place.  The most prosperous in the history of the planet.  It has given rise to a incredible standard of living and allowed people to rise to their own "peter principle" level.  So how could a man, heir to Mao and Stalin, an a heir to European socialism, gain half the vote of the democrat base?  Because the democrats have gone so far left they think Sanders is middle of the road!

Obama and Hillary Clinton drove the democrat party into a far left and Sanders is taking it even farther.  I watched Sanders speaking at a gathering last night and the room was full of young people.  I assumed they were college kids.  They cheered and applauded when Sanders said things like, he would do things clearly anti-business, anti individual rights and supporting policies like higher taxes and more regulation.  Hell, he sounded like Obama on steroids!  And those young people cheered loudly for all his finger in the air policy suggestions!

How can that be?  These kids are the progeny of people that made their lives possible.  Their parents supply the money for their education.  The country they live in has for the most part, made their lives better.  They were applauding a man who will be trying to swipe their money!  My GOD how could this be?  The answer is they are total ingrates to the sacrifices of their parents and those brave people that only one generation ago saved the planet from fascism and communism.. And how could that be?

Our liberal press and the liberal/socialist educators are to blame.  They have brainwashed our kids!  Day after day.  The people that should have been pushing the freedoms they enjoy were telling these kids how terrible the successful are.  How they needed to be roped into compliance to socialist policies of "FAIRNESS"!  Whatever that means.  Does that mean a slovenly lazy ass boy can sit back and receive the money earned by someone else?  Apparently.  How could we allow these educators to brainwash?  Were we not paying attention?  Were we afraid of not being PC?  Afraid of standing up for the true values of America because the press would vilify?  Probably all of those things.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will be the third term of Obama and that would spell the end to our freedoms in my view.  Many of us have warned about these people gaining power.  We have seen these policies before and they usually led to millions f deaths.  Socialism/communism was a greater killer than the Nazi's!  Socialism will take your money and your stuff.  It will circumvent the Constitution just as we have seen Obama do.  You want equal opportunity or equal outcomes?  The hard working people of America must not let Sanders or the Hillary Clinton candidacies gain America.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Union Newspaper, our local gem!

Way back when I first became known in the community for politics I was really a novice about the importance of a newspaper.  I was a busy building contractor and did not pay much attention to the Union.  But when Measure A and B were put on the ballot by newcomers from the big city, all my perceptions changed.  I saw the value of information back in 1978 of a place where the people of the community could voice their opinions.  That became a epiphany of great value to me.

When I got elected in 1984,  I became the target of the Union editor who seemed to have a personal problem with me.  Even though I never new that person.  It was troubling for me and my family and I saw what a determined foe with barrels of ink can do.  But they did not shut me up in their attempts to embarrass this country boy.  I still said my piece and in reality, I knew the paper was important as I never ever thought of shutting it down as some liberals are espousing these days.  So I learned to take my lumps and I knew what the truth was.  I have certainly outlasted the critics.

I have had a subscription for most of my adult life.  I do this even though the paper may be chastising me or the things I believe in (like the hoax of "global warming").  It is important to have the newspaper in the community.  Currently I think they are doing a fine job and remind me of the fine years Jeff Ackerman ran the paper.  Freedom of the press!  Freedom of speech!  I will always be there to do what I can to protect these important freedoms.  The left in our community is always on the ragged edge of negativity.  They have tried to get publishers fired and editors fired.  I never did that and I opposed others attempts to do so.  Hell , Editor John Seelmeyer did his best to wreck my life and I never asked for his dismissal.

I remember when a publisher shed her clothes and jumped into the lake at a early Starry Nights!  She was attractive so all of us guys kept our mouths shut.  She was a important part of the community and we never asked for her removal.

Now the paper has asked many community members to be part of the editorial board.  I think it is great.  We have seen though that when a liberal does not get their way on the Board they do a "take my ball home" and complain and quit.  Poof!  So they have this great venue to get their message out and like little kids they give it up.  Their poor little egos are tainted.  Oh my!

When Jeff Pelline became the Editor of our newspaper there seemed to be a uptick in stories trashing the local community.  I was saddened that the paper seemed to be headed backwards.  How could Jeff Ackerman have hired this person?  Well it did not take to long and Ackerman apparently booted this man from the position.  And the paper was restored to its importance.  Whew!  The community dodged a negative bullet!

Now with the advent of the Internet and other media outlets, we see a concerted effort to disparage and mock the paper.  The mocking is so petty.  A misspelled word or some phrase not meeting the "scrutiny of experts" leads to a apoplectic "former Union editor"!  As well as his loony [posters.  Well at least to the three people that comment consistently on his blog.  He just can't get over being booted and has a real grudge against the paper.  Heck, I was trashed for almost eight years running by a rogue set of editors and never tried what this FUE attempts all the time.

So the lesson to me is this.  Sure we may all be subject to attacks and negatives in print but do we really want to get rid of the medium?  Nope.  We need t protect the valuable things of the community and our Union Newspaper is at the top of that list!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dr. Simi Lyss, retired CABPRO President, takes over the new Western Sierra Medical clinic !

Dr. Lyss is quite a busy man for someone 80 or so.  He has been a leader in many organizations over his life and one of those was my baby, CABPRO.  He was running it back about ten or fifteen years ago.  I was not involved but stayed in contact very regularly.  He was a staunch Constitutional authority  and property rights advocate. 

Read the full article in today's Union on page B2.  I wish him gopod luck.  He is quite a community asset.  Unlike the idiots that move here and try to change everything, he fit right in.