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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Media and status quo hard to overcome

America sent a businessman and his help to Washington DC to make some changes.  You would think he is the "devil" incarnate when you listen to them.  The media and the status quo people, both parties and the bureaucracy have become unhinged.  The attacks on Trump and his people are nasty and mean.  And the constant barrage of media accusations needs to be countered.

I watched the Spicer presser yesterday in the White House.  Of course, all the media questions were about General Flynn's resignation.  Even though it was explained by Spicer many times over, the press did not seem to "get it".  I did.  There was no "breaking" of the law in Flynn talking to counterparts as the incoming NSA leader.  It was his mistake to "lie" about it to VP Pence,  Thereby breaking trust.  He had to go.  But when the press thinks they have something to do with this kind of thing they grab and hold like a "barnyard" dog and continue.

I read a New York Times article yesterday about all this and as usual all the accusers were "anonymous" and asked to be unnamed.  So these papers use unnamed sources to make the most serious accusations and we readers are supposed to believe them?  Nope.  I see "anonymous" and I stop reading and toss the article.  Whether it is a newspaper or TV or radio.  They destroy good people with anonymous accusations.  If the "news" sources can't name people then it is not true in my view.  And the people making the claims are no better than a third grade little girl tattling on her classmates.  Besides our Constitution says we have the right to confront our accusers. 

Trump  has a few other problems.  He has to clean out the Obama people and those that are not loyal to him.  They are leaking all kinds of things, even private phone calls.  These leaks are hurting America.  People need to be certain their private musing stay private.  I hope he cleans these traitors to his agenda out of the place.  Maybe a few need some jail time too.  Even some Republicans are on the Never Trump Train and are hurting the country under the guise of getting the "truth" about Russia and Trump.

Now we are not at war with Russia are we?  Nope.  And they have enough nuclear warheads to destroy the planet.  It seems to me that Flynn was doing the necessary things to stay in the loop as Trump's team was transitioning into power.  The left was touting the "Logan Act" which says a citizen cannot talk about things with foreign governments if there are issues or some other thing.  This was never used for Obama people when they did the same thing.  So Flynn was doing his job as far as I am concerned.  And all legal as the White HouseCounsel advised.  His problem was lying to Pence.

The Status Quo is really strong as we see the jaws of it clamping down on change.  Trillions of dollars are at risk.  Where that money goes and to whom is at stake.  POWER IS NOT RELINQUISHED EASILY AND THE DC FEDERAL SYSTEM IS SCREAMING AND CLAWING.  tRUMP NEEDS TO STAY THE COURSE.

I learned many years ago the hard way about a very important thing.  You must get out in front of the media and your critics about identifying yourself to the public.  DEFINE YOURSELF!  If you let the media do it you get what we are seeing today.  Trump needs to take back the initiative of his agenda and let the press stew in their own juices.  Don't get trapped by the press take them on and move on.  Spicer should simply give a one word answer and move on to the Trump agenda. 

The American press is no better than TMZ and they love the drama and turmoil.  So don't let them highjack the message.  And to you "estabklishment" Republicans.  SHUT UP!  It has been three weeks and you all just can't keep your mouths from flapping.  We who voted and campaigned for Trump and his agenda want you to get on board and try to fix trhe place.  But you children can't help yourselves.  Trump is tough but he needs to stay focused and disregard all the yapping class and proceed.  All these attempts to undermine him are falling on deaf ears of those that support him. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Liberals are unhinged

I get a couple of newspapers every day and I have yet to see one "article" that says a kind word about Trump or his staff or his supporters.  Now these stories are written by died in the wool socialist reporters so I am not surprised.  But not ONE?  I mean hell, these liberals can find good things to say about serial murderers and rapists and Hugo Chavez yet are unable to say one kind thing about the Donald!  And it appears to me these people have a mental disorder as they foam at the mouth whenever his name comes up.

When Obama was elected I was saddened that our country would elect such a inexperienced man.  In politics and business Obama was ignorant but he was a ideologue for the left.  His policies and musings were ridiculous as the leader of our country and the free world.  But did I have ODS?  Nope.  Obama Derangement Syndrome was not my gig.  His policies and  regulations by his people in DC were confronted at every turn.  But our side did not take to the streets and destroy property or hurt others in response to them. 

We did what every peace loving group does in politics, we studied the issues, organized and then voted the democrats out at every election.  Obama gained another term though but again we did not foam at the mouth and gnash our teeth in mental illness about it.  But the left does.  My guess is this mental condition is widespread with the "everyone gets a trophy" segment of our people.  These spoiled brats have had their way through "political correctness" and intimidation and never being held to account for their bad behavior.  It appears to me the new democrat party is made up of these "spoiled brats".  Along with those that want handouts, and old grievances against "white" people.  We want to give them a hand up, but of course that requires blood, sweat and tears.  Too much work.

So every time I open the paper I see the leftwing stories about illegal people who are criminals being sent back to their home countries by the evil American immigration system.  I mean come on.  Rapists, murderers and other criminals are more important to the leftwing authors  than the plight of our legal citizens.  What kind of brain thinks that way?  And if we on the right want to see people get their dignity through work efforts and ethics we are chastised as uncaring and bigoted.  To me the media types and most of these liberal politicians are the bigots.  They want to keep the lowest common denominator under their thumbs for that precious vote.  Disgusting.

So we heard Trump talk endlessly about helping the people of the inner cities.  He wants to return jobs there and give hope to these poor folks.  And after the eight years f neglect under a black President, you would think Trump would get support for that.  Nope.  The media is obsessed with Ivanka getting her line of products booted by Nordstroms.  And L.L. Bean's woman director's support for Trump via a contribution last year.  Or Kellyann Conway's support for her friend Ivanka.  The media is now the children of the country.  They are unable to see the forest for the trees.  All in for everything they can find that is negative.  But the people of America, for the most part are not buying what they are selling.

Americans in my reading of history and my life specifically, have been a positive for the planet.  Sure there are always scoundrels and mostly found on the left.  Mass murderers like Stalin and Castro and now the poster boy of love for them, Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  Yes those liberals love those killers and tyrants.  One only needs to read their articles to see they hate Trump more than those tyrants.  Disgusting.

Take the latest outrage on Trump's Executive Order (EO) on keeping immigrants from seven failed terrorist states out of our country.  Actually he just wants to do "extreme vetting".  He told us all he wanted to do this overt the last two years.  When he did it, you would think it just arrived out of the blue last week!  And then a "so-called" judge in Seattle put a hold on the EO.  Even though the law is totally on Trump's side, this lawless judge issued a stay that went on up to the Ninth Circuit.  Three loony judges issued a ridiculous 28 page opinion that had no legal support for their position.  But that is not the issue the media focuses on.  The media issues stories about how judges are afraid of something because Trump says he disagrees with their ruling!  Ah, poor babies. (SacBee today 4A)

Why is it not possible for Americans to criticize the legal system?  many others that think these judges are corrupt and have no clue about the law they are too enforce.  Happens eVery day.  Look at all the legal machinations that keep serial killers and worse types from getting their just desserts.  These judges make a mockery of the law and we are supposed to stay silent?  NOPE, not me.  And how many illegal immigrants do these judges send back into the streets to do more damage to the law abiding people of America?  Kate Steinle comes to mind.  So sorry to say that the system is broken because we have rogue judges of the liberal stripes where anything goes except the law.

In today's SacBee one author is hoping for impeachment of Trump and predicts a massive shift to the democrats in the mid-term elections. (Kathleen Parker E5)  Read her and you will understand what I am talking about.  She is unhinged, almost foaming at the mouth.  Looking at the results of the November election you would think Trump never got one vote of support.  But I think these liberals have a really nefarious agenda.  Look at their leaders in Congress.  Schumer and Pelosi.  They lie about everything.  They are delaying Trump's picks for his cabinet.  These liberals could care less that America is at risk without the nominees gaining their posts.  All that matters to the liberals is whining about their loss.  They are unable to stop their obfuscation and do what is best for the country.  Let Trump have his cabinet.  My guess is the people will hold all this against them and give Trump even more Republicans in 2018.

I try to read many opinions from all walks of political life.  But it gets harder every day as the media and the left spew such vitriol and hate.  And of course their paid thugs go out to disrupt free speech by conservatives.  All shown to be true in the democrats own emails.  Democrats are showing me they care more about the illegal people, criminals and the takers of others hard earned money than they do with true Americans and law-abiding people.  This will be their demise.  Fair thinking Americans will turn against them even more as they see this piling on of the "good" by the "bad".  And fortunately the American people have a outlet, vote for Republicans.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Republican Senator Tim Scott gets racial slur hate mail for supporting Sessions for AG

  We "white" people think we get a bad rap when we get called racists, homophobes and worse.  It hurts that the left lies their sorry asses off to try and demean and diminish us.  But a conservative and or a Republican black man or woman gets even worse treatment.  Watch and listen to Senator Scott.  My goodness the liberals of America are unhinged.

But I thank people like Scott and Clarence Thomas.  Men like Thomas Sowell and Sheriff Clark.  They are off the liberal plantation and now part of the America I am proud of.  Why is it a problem when a black makes it in our country.  Why?

I think the plantation owners, the liberals,  black and white, are afraid.  They cannot give up the scare mongering since it brings them money and allows them to disclaim any responsibility for the own failures outside of the race hustling.  A self-made black or Hispanic doesn't need their help.  Those successful people escaping the life of the hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can actually show others that it can be done!

The people like Scott and Thomas and Sowell should be the role models for black kids.  Not just a sports star or a singer.  Not just the drug dealer in Nike shoes in his neighborhood.  Use these good men and women as examples of how a person can succeed.  Look at Ben Carson, world-renowned brain surgeon.  Coming from humble beginnings and a single parent household he rose to run for the Presidency of this country.  And the plantation owners call him a "Uncle Tom".  Shame on them.

We Americans of goodwill and all races and colors must start emphasizing success.  Legitimate success.  We cannot afford to leave so many young men and women behind.  And we need to stop their indoctrination by the plantation owners and the liberals of this great land.  The liberals are all aflutter that Betsy DeVoss is now in charge of the Federal Eduction system.  But that is really only a small part in dollars of the whole system of education.  Yet, here is a woman that wants to help those kids that are shuffled aside by the inner city liberals in charge of education.  She must be a great threat since they even tried today to keep her from visiting a middle school.

And the white guy wearing the "Black Lives Matter" shirt and yelling at her was a sight to see.  A school of kids and this bum ass was screaming at her.  What a great day for morons.  So DeVoss wants to help and by helping these kids the system cares less about, she is a threat?  Any liberal or Teachers Union administrator better look out.  Change is coming.  And you may become the person booted from the plantation for incompetence and laziness.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

17 days is all it took to send liberals over the edge to destruction!

Are liberals now the terrorists?
Wow! If anyone had ever questioned the loony left and their mental state, it is on full display over the last few weeks.  From their rioting and burning and tossing bombs in Berkely to the thugs trying to intimidate Our Congressman Tom McClintock in Roseville, the liberals are now showing the people of America how tightly wound they are. I don't think this is "dissent" we are used to in America.  Most of us are mad at these thugs who are using the threat of violence or the words of intimidation to get their way.

Well,  thank goodness Americans of goodwill are rejecting these tactics as we are rejecting their ideology.  The left has caused this switch in direction in America.  They are the ones shoving their beliefs down the throats of people who simply want to be left alone.  Those Americans that play by the rules, work hard, pay their taxes and usually never go to Townhall.  But the left cannot leave them alone.  So finally the Trump Presidential run brought them out for the most important act of rejection for the left.  VOTING!

From the first moments on November 9, 2016, the left told us what they were going to do.  Slow it all down and get in the way of the other half of America that tossed them out.  And they are doing their best to achieve that.  These are the same lovelies that complained when Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen, sais he hoped Obama failed.  Meaning his socialist policies.  But the left is using this tactic at all levels to try and stop Trump and his agenda.  But the people gave Trump some help.  Congress and most State Governments.  Even down to dog catcher.  Why you ask?  Because in my view the American people rebelled against the intrusiveness championed by the left.  Do we really need them to regulate personal behaviors?  Or toilets?  And at the same time allowing murdering scum serial killers a gazillion appeals and room and board forever?

So I do understand why the left is mad.  Many of their favorite gravy trains will be questioned every day now.  Hundreds of billions spent on grants to sycophant "scientists" who lie about  "global warming".  Total hoax.  Or all the debt we seem to accumulate that to me undermines the very foundation of America.  I mean how can trillions of debt help us?  Money spent but not earned yet by our great grand children?  Why have we allowed this?

And of course the ObamaCare mess.  The program is self-destructing and Republicans want to fix the mess.  But the left demonizes this as Republicans don't care about the poor.  Say what?  We have as a people, transferred six trillion dollars in my lifetime to help the American poor and needy.  Not counting the billions sent to other countries called Foreign Aid.  And we have the same poverty rates in America as we did before we spent all those trillions.  Why?  Liberal policies.  Those policies do not address the core issues  Liberal orthodoxy is take from those that do and give to those that don't.  And with government force.  So the reasons never get addressed.  In fact rather than blaming the one's actually to blame, liberals give them a pass and call them a "victim".  So nothing gets fixed as we see the "victims" never getting tough love to shape up.

But isn't it special to finally see and hear the positions of the left?  The media has always protected these lame brains and have done their best to mainstream their liberal ideas.  And of course they still do.  Thankfully we have alternative places to read real news.  And the fake news we get from AP and the rest are challenged.  Thank Trump for that.  He is standing up to all these whiners and takers from our country.  He is not intimidated and hopefully the Republicans at all the other levels will follow suit.  This is why the liberals are .apoplectic.  Someone is standing up to their lies and accusations.  Their use of racism, misogyny and the other smears have worn out.  It proves to me that their ideology is bankrupt and the American people have had enough of it.

What is fascinating me the most regarding information is the lack of even one article that says Trump is doing something good.  NOT ONE!  How can that be?  NOT ONE?  All the writers of the lamestream media and all the democrats in the states and the Congress cannot issue ONE KUDO about anything!  All negative.  But listen to the Republicans and those voters who tossed the democrats out.  ALL POSITIVE and hopefull.  The attitude that permeated Obama's people and administration for eight plus years was dark and negative.  America was headed downhill.  Hope was nowhere to be found.  Our kids were the first to be worse off than their parents.  Sorry, tossing the democrats from power has changed that.

Trump and the Republicans are doing their best to restore hope to America.  The left is trying to rip that hope apart in order to keep their cadre of victims and hopelessness.  Trump is wrecking their attempts to make America worse.  We are a first world country but I see the liberals and democrats trying to make us Zimbabwe.  And all these protestors around the country claiming some sort of loss of "rights" is sad.  Those people have the same rights I have.  They have the same opportunity.  But rather than being thankful they claim they are being denied.  Victims can not seem to see the forest for the trees.  Turn that protest energy into a positive for the country rather than a hate for the Republicans and Trump.  America would really prosper if they stop the whining and crying.

Lastly, the immigration into America must be vetted more carefully.  I would think keeping killers out would be a issueleftwingnut disruption and calm will return.  Hopefully these people will get a job and give peace a chance.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Status Quo is toast for now. Trump on a roll!

It looks like the disaffected and defeated left is apoplectic and unhinged as they see some changes in America long sought by those who favor the Constitution and the rule of law.  Instruments used by Obama to undermine the laws of the country are now in a turn-a-bout is fair play mode.  Trump is dipping his feet into the water of change and amazingly the "progressives" and liberals are the squealers about it all.  Change for sanity about a lot of overeach by past Presidents and their actions is now right there for all to debate.  In the case of the children seeking safe spaces, they are seeing what happens when an adult is in charge.  An  adult not motivated by PC, political correctness.

This will go on until we return the rules to one of our Constitution and its intent.  We on the right have fought long and hard all these years to enforce the actual words and meaning of the Founders and the US Constitution.  But those on the left have gotten their way and when in doubt they intimidated weak kneedRepublicans and Libertarians into shame and submission.  We see it all the time.  They say we must "feel" the laws so all their angst and illegal activities get judged and enforced on those "feelings" and not the law.  But we have seen them turn those feelings into laws as well and the outcome is one of massive illegality.

The issue of national security and borders is the latest upset of the progressive class.  I have personally seen the destruction of the wages of the American worker by illegal immigrants.  Those people came here and though I understand their plight back home, they undercut the wages of American workers and harmed the incomes of millions.  All the while sending their money back to the country of origin.  And all the while both major parties turned a blind eye to their own people.  Trump has issued some EO's, Executive Orders, that have inflamed the left's panties.  He campaigned on these very things and now that he is implementing them, the left appears shocked!  Shocked that he would follow through I suppose.

And isn't that what Obama told the Republicans back in 2009 at their first get-together with him.  "Elections have consequences"  "I won", get used to it he said.  OK, we did but we organized at many levels to take his monopoly away in Congress.  We elected Republican majorities and like a little kid Obama decided to use a "pen and telephone" to get his way.  Well Trump s dismantling that with his own "pen and telephone" and with TWITTER!  And if Trump gets booted and replaced someday by a liberal I am sure they will return the favor.  It is all about winning in this land.  Our system works.  The disaffected voters of Obama and the democrat's policies and laws booted them out fair and square.

Yet this is not being accepted by the left.  They are used to stomping their feet and getting their way.  Always claiming they are for the Constitution yet trashing it at every turn.  The American people have had enough of their shenanigans and lies.  Plain speaking people like Trump have made us all look at the "fake news" and lies and propganbda the Alt-left has foisted on us.  So we get this "unrest".  And what is it about? 

A woman's march which was actually a Liberal Woman's march and mainly about abortion and anti-Trump rhetoric.  I ask what rights do they lack?  They and all of us are protected equally under our laws.  So are they trying to hogtie those they dislike by gaining more rights?  That is not American.  And the rhetoric those speakers used was not about coming together as Americans but dividing the country into groups. And pitting them against each other.

And now we see the people at the airports protesting the entry of those affected by the EO on extreme vetting by the government.  Trump said he was going to do this.  Of course anyone already legal needs to be left alone but if you come from one of those seven countries where terrorism is a problem you may be reviewed.  I have listened to the left chastise the right for years that if some such law saves only one life then it is worth it, right? (think cigarettes) Now Trump is saying the same thing and the left has peed their pants over it.  Hypocrites all.

So I believe in the rule of law as I do our "enumerated" US Constitution.  Perhaps we are seeing a return to sanity and for now I support extreme vetting of these people who we have the right to vette.  Afterall we have a country and we have laws and borders don't we?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rants and Rolls January 24, 2017

My response today to the Hillary Hodge whine in today's Union.

Another screed from a "victim" of what? Rights? Tell me how you must fight for rights you already have? My goodness, the left is unhinged. Our Constitution is for all, males, females all races. Heck you get to extra rights as far as I can tell. Since abortion seems to be the thing that drives your hysteria tells us why a man is not allowed to have a say in the child’s termination when his DNA makes up half of the human? Yet when a woman decides to have the child against the males wishes, he is made to pay support? Is that fair? Is that equal rights? If you had stayed away from Trump bashing maybe the thirty million women who voted for Trump would listen to you. But you and you liberal friends are all about division and not listening to others. How come you can't come to the middle on these issues? You always demand those opposed to you come to you. Well, cry me a river now you may have to compromise. If you are proud of the rude and crudeness spoken at the DC march, then you are truly unhinged. If that is the best you have representing, you America is in deep trouble. I say take your protests to places that really have no women’s rights. Like Saudi Arabia and Sudan. See how far you get. My goodness."

Personally,  I know the female has the ultimate right to her own body but my position is simple, I don't want to pay for it with tax money.  You go deal with the abortion with your own GOD and conscience.

Further, what about the people that came before that sacrificed their very lives to give her the freedom to do all this whining?  Hundreds of thousands of people just two generations ago fought the forces of darkness for years to preserve freedom.  And she says she is fighting?  Please, get real.

Trump has already had a busy day yesterday and more to come.  He is reinstituting the ban on using taxpayers money for abortions overseas.  Sorry but those countries can use their own money for that and we should get out.  Good for Trump.

He also put in a hiring freeze which should be expanded into the banishment of labor unions in government service.  They already have civil service and other protections.  Look at how hard it is to get rid of crummy employees.

Looks like the socialist paradise of Venezuela is having food issues.  Their der leaders are stealing it and then selling it for huge profits.  Now that is what you get you liberals that love that socialism.

California is a bastion of leftwingnuts in charge at the state level.  I would suggest any disaffected liberal should move here and take part in our democrat version of Venezuela.  Hillary Hodge and her liberal pals have their paradise already in place.  Clinton got 4.3 million more votes for socialism here and it seems every law the kids under the dome pass are truly socialism at its best.  Nirvana for her and her ilk.  Middle America gave Trump the victory because they are sick and tired of the smothering of their lives byt leftwing politicians and bureaucrats.  So you all have California and New York and the whole Northeast, we have the middle.   And we have to live by your madness don't we?  Of course!

Trump is being sued by leftwing lawyers today for being a businessman.  They cite a provision in the Constitution regarding the claim he owns businesses that may be used for renting a room and therefore that is impeachable.  You cannot make this stuff up.  Trumps people say it is bogus and I agree.  If the leftwing gets a victory though then no man or woman who owns a business will ever be elceted again.  We will be saddled with professional politicians forever.  Like Obama and Clinton and Jerry Brown.

Isn't it grand to watch the concerns of the lamestream media these days?  Somehow these people who slobbered excessively for eight years over Obama are now supposedly remembering their duty.  So since these "journalist" have removed their noses from Obama's ass, we can expect real indepth and fair reporting.  NOT!  They hate Trump so they will give him an anal exam in everything they do.  Unlike their love of Obama where nothing they wrote was critical of their lover.  Disgusting.