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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Travis Allen for Governor? Quite a positive man, so sure!

Travis Allen
Here is his website.

I went to the local Republicans meeting last night at the Realtors building to see, listen and meet Mr. Allen.  It was a good turnout and Bob Hren and his helpers had salad and Pizza for all.    Cliff Wagner, a old acquaintance from the days I ran for the Assembly in 1992 was there as well.  Cliff has been in the Capitol for many years and was also a 28 year Army veteran who had tours to Iraq.  It was nice to see him.

I got to chat with some other folks I had not seen in some time.  George and May Grayeb, Norm Sauer, Don Bessee, Crawford and Josie Bost, Sharon Eskelson and many others.  All still active in politics.  I got a lot of pats on the back for my writings here and in the Union and other places.  Not many people step up to voice their opinions from the right.  So it was nice to get those kudos.

Mr. Allen is the Assemblyman from the 72nd District.  Mostly the Huntington Beach area in SoCal.  My grandmother on my mother's side lived there for many years and we visited her in the wayback years when I was a toddler.  I recall going to the beach in those days.  It is of course a densely populated area now and I probably would not recognize it.  Mr. Allen has lived there for twenty years and represented the area since 2012.  He was a surfer dude and later became a investment guy.  He seems to bring a very positive outlook to the possibility of a Republican in a deep blue state.  He told us about the successes he and his activist friends had in helping some Republicans win elections in the state.  From the valley, to the East Bay to San Diego.  He brings a refreshing positive outlook.  He is of course a traditional sounding Republican.  Family values, less government more individual rights, that kind of thing.

The difference is he has spirit and a attitude of let's win!  I like that.  We R's have not had a lot of that in California for a long time.  And the turncoat R's that voted for the governor's climate change scam last week was a good indicator of more sellouts to the left.  He voted against that and was critical of the Republican leader.  We need a new leader not another RINO in charge.  He asked the crowd who the last R running for Governor was.  I was the only one who remembered.  And that man, Kashkari, only lost by 1.4 million votes to Jerry Brown.  And Allen said something I have said for thirty years.  If we had all or most of the R's turnout we would own the state offices and the governorship.

Alas, we don't but he seems to think he can motivate the party to turnout with our help.  Maybe if it is done across the state.  But we will see what kind of enthusiasm can be generated.  He has filed for a initiative to overturn the new gas tax and registration fees voted in by the democrats and the R turncoats.  He thinks perhaps the people, the working people might see the light and go Republican if the message gets out.  Unfortunately Xavier Becerra, the new sycophantic AG of California has done the usual shenanigans with a initiative header as the left always does.  Not one word in the header this is a repeal of a TAX!  So Allen and his minions are suing the AG to get a accurate header.

I was impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm.  He is a salesman but that is what we need.  No more stuffy old farts trying to tell millennials what is best for them.  He has new approaches to get the message of the Republican Party out and hopefully it will stick.  Funny how we are the sixth biggest economy in the world with the highest poverty rate in the USA.  How can that be?  And how did the state budget go from Jerry Brown's first year at 87 billion dollars to this years 130 billion?  Where did that 40 billion go Jerry Allen asked.  Me too.

So keep watching out for this fellow.  I am sure there will be other jumping in but hopefully we won't screw the pooch on the top two and let our party end up without a candidate again.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Drug dealers and molesters, off the planet!

It seems that every day we read about the arrest of someone for drug dealing. Now I really don't care if people want to smoke the ganja or have a cocktail, but when it comes to heroin and meth and cocaine and other hardcore drugs, I care. But our society and the lawmakers think "rehab" is the answer. So the people caught feeding their poison to others get light sentences. In the Obama eight years, along with his AG Holder, they actually decided not to aggressively prosecute these drug dealers. And did their best to drop the sentencing requirements for crack down to regular cocaine sentencing! They were black men who said cocaine, the real thing, was a white privilege drug. So to balance out the crack dealers sentences, crack had to be "whitened". But crack dealers have done terrible damage to their own people and many a boy has died in the gang wars of the inner city. Longer sentences were in order as to the depravity of the drug effects and marketing in my view. What is the solution? If we as a nation think we need to stop these poisons from being peddled, we need to get serious. If a person is selling to kids, the death peanlty is in order. If they sell to others of age, life. And we need to do something special for all these people. Murderers as well. Make the Farallon Islands their home. I am sick of spending $100,000 a year per inmate taking care of these worthless pieces of excrement in our prisons and jails. Drop them off to the Islands, air drop some food periodically and let them have at each other. After a while word will get around and the problem will solve itself. I also think anyone messing with little kids in a sexual way needs to be neutered. Cut off their privates. What good are they? The wreck the lives of little kids so to me a punishment like neutering is not cruel. It is beneficial to the molester and society. Time to bring back the pillory as well. You burgle or harm others and you get to be on display for all to see in the public square. When someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff, that punishment is the least we should do. I'll grow and supply the tomatoes for those wishing to toss them at these scofflaws. Rant over!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This is what we on the right fight. Liberals are the devil!

Liberal devils in suits
Isn't this so accurate?  I mean look at what the liberals are doing to America this very day.  A New York Times "contributing journalist" now in England wrote Trump should be executed along with his family, and why?  For speaking to Putin at the G-20 dinner table.  Of course he was surrounded by others but it gives you a clue on why liberalism is a mental disorder.  Where do these pinheads come from?

Oh, that's right, taught in our Universities.  My goodness is it any wonder the American people are minimizing contact with these loony-bins?  Most people that have a brain are fed up.  Liberals don't get it though and every day we are subjected to their spouting gibberish.  Americans now look at these people and marginalize them in their minds.  The media and the left, the Hollywood goofballs  and Academia are so nutty they have lost their clout. 

Somehow they attached on to the fantasy of Trump/Russia and decided that is the liberal Waterloo!  All I can say is you all are a Napoleon as Napoleon was. Not a Wellington!   Delusional.  And Napoleon did invade Russia and lost his Armee and his country.  At least Trump is containing the Bear!  But that is not why the left is doing all this Fantasyland jabbering.  They think it is the way back to power.  They say that worked for the Tea Party, why not us?  But the Tea Party never trashed the Capitol Mall.  And they certainly did not shot democrat Congressmen playing baseball.  And for the most part the Tea Party was mostly older women and veterans.  Scary people.  And the media never gave the Tea Party any ink like the gallons they spend on their butt buddies of the left.  I don't recall a Tea Party member using a LGBT toilet.  And of course we saw Nancy Pelosi and a couple of Black Congressmen make up a story about spitting. 

The left though is really the tool of the devil in my opinion.  The devil in a political sense, not one of religion.  But many think these democrats in our country have sold their souls to the religious devil when you see them speak.  Maybe "Damn Yankees" was real in their minds.  Or that episode of "Thriller" when McDonald Carey sold his soul to the devil.  But when the debt came due, my oh my, they could not pay up.  So they went to the hot place.  And rightly so. Remember the word democrat is one letter short of "demoncrat".

The left and their media are truly unhinged and are putting their party over country.  They are showing they really have no concern for the people.  And their coalition of "victims" and others is falling apart.  I don't think the single mom in Cleveland trying to work two jobs and take care of her kids cares a whit that Trump talked to Putin at the G-20.  She wants her Congressman to help her condition.  Well, Trump and the Republicans have picked that up and are stealing the left's "victims".  And people see they are trying to help even as the media bashes them every day.

America will survive these "devils"in suits called Democrat Congresspeople and Legislators.  We are resilient and even here in California we are seeing some fraying of the Super-Majority democrat/devils.  We are a nation of laws and we like to support the underdog.  It is amazing to me the liberals/democrats have made a billionaire developer a "underdog".  Thanks and we will use that and prosper.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Orwell called out the current left even though he has been dead a long time

One thing about mass media on planet earth these days, they sure spout a lot of Orwellian mumbo-jumbo.  I have been saying this for many years.  I saw it in government locally thirty years ago and I have seen it every day since, all over the news and mass media of entertainment.  I think to myself, "how can they actually think that way"?  Meaning the left and in many cases feminists.  Back when feminists were starting out I saw their proponents reacting to historically accepted interactions between men and women.  Don't open the car door or the door to the house, "I can do that">  "Don't tell me I am beautiful".  I was taken aback that even small compliments were rejected as attacks on feminist beliefs.  A couple of days ago we saw this attitude by the left in the observation of President Trump and France's First Lady.  He is reported to have said,

" You're in such good shape," Trump told the French First Lady. Then, appearing to turn to Macron, he remarks, "she's in such good physical shape. Beautiful isn't she beautiful"

The full link.

Well the fire works were off.  My goodness, you would have thought he said she was a pig?  They complained about this set of compliments.  So what do the feminists say should be said?  And crickets prevail.  My goodness, the people that were critical of his statement must be mutts and never had a date or a compliment.  Basic human interactions are verboten to those Orwellian feminists apparently.

It seems to me the left is really trying to change the human meanings of words and phrases and the news media is their "strike team".  Batter someone constantly and try to embarrass them into silence.  If violence in Berkeley by the "Antifa" thought police is any indicator of where the left's actions are headed, America and the free world are in trouble.  We cannot let them gain a foothold past what they have now.  Trying to silence someone who simply tells an obvious truth or fact is not American in the least.  Trump likes to compliment women.  He was the owner of the Miss America and Universe companies.  All for the benefit of helping women achieve greater things.

So he compliments a woman for being in great shape for a sixty something gal.  I thought it was great that he pointed that out.  In America, we are supposed to not pay attention to a fat person's weight anymore.  Even though they and the rest of us know it is bad for the health, and good for "junk food" purveyors, we must not mention the obvious in conversation.  OK, sure, we are all sensitive people and try not to say bad things or things that may hurt others feelings.  I don't because those people that are obese say they are not at fault. So we are to remain quiet, except the media does not.  They actually have programs on cable that are all about a "600-pound life" or "Naked and Afraid" or other ridiculous ideas.

And so we are supposed to watch this crap and not have an opinion about the obvious?  The huckster "Jerry Springer" has these kinds of miscreants on every day and all those talk shows invite the oddest and goofiest people on so we can yuck it up about them.  I guess to get ratings?  But our President is chastised by the mass media buffoons and the feminists for complimenting the beauty of a woman?  See the Orwellian angle?  If a person has an immutable trait there is no place for ridicule of course.  But as people make choices to be lazy, fat or living a lifestyle dependent on others largess, then I think they are fair game.

If you are a lazy ass and don't want to work for your porridge, then food stamps should be a form of paper like it was and not these "credit cards".  Bring back a little shame to those that are taking advantage of the system and the goodness of the rest.  But no, we have to look out for their feelings.  Having worked all my life and paid taxes and fees in the high 6 figures, I have a little resentment about the lazy folks.  I have seen it all my life.  Of course, those that are truly in need we need to assist, but not support for generations.  We supply as taxpayers, free K-12 schooling for all.  And many whiners drop out and can't even take advantage of the huge and costly "freebie"!  So we get a huge number of people not carrying their weight in our country.  But OH MY!  Don't point out the obvious as the liberals and their lackey's of Orwellian thought will beat you up.  And make excuses for the neer-do-wells.

So somehow we as a people need to reject all this political correctness BS and get back to the common meanings of life and what words actually mean.  All this coddling of people who game the system or are upset with a compliment must be ridiculed and rejected.  Americans cannot let the left dictate our speech and the meaning of words we all know.  Push back.  Of course, they will come after you and try to intimidate you into silence but stand up and don't let them.  We need to return to having some guts about the things that are real and not worry so much about hurting a scofflaws feelings.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

What is wrong with Jeff Pelline?

Damn where are those fries?
What could be the cause of this man's mental condition?  He moved to Nevada County a few years ago and was hired at the Union Newspaper as a Editor (I think that was his title).  He did not last long and there are many rumors around the area about why.  Some say he left when asked to for budgetary reasons.  Others say he was canned.  I heard from locals he was not a very pleasant man and that was relayed to his boss.  He says he left voluntarily and was offered a $40,000 dollar parachute.  Then he said it was $60,00.  And he supposedly said he refused it so the money could be used for others at the paper.  No one really knows.

But since he left and started a local blog, he has become reviled by many in the community for his snark and attack style.,  If he dislikes you he goes out and researches how many marriages you had, talks to your Pastor, calls the Sheriff and talks to your lawyer.  Many times he threatens lawsuits.  He seems to be mad at everyone.  He does have a couple of local loony bins that post on his cesspool blog.  He even engages them in discussions!  I think he feels comfortable with them.  They never criticize him and always agree.  All three or four.  But if you disagree he comes after you and calls you all kinds of names.  And none are nice.

If he disagrees with you he can't seem to make a response without some nastiness.  And then he blocks you from posting on his cesspool blog.  He has a echo chamber containing loons and his own "sock puppets".  He uses females for that.  I wonder why?  But that is what we have to deal with in our little county.  These people like Pelline move here to escape the blacks and Latinos and then call us "racists".  They call us "good ol' boys" as a pejorative and "podunk" for the culture.  Of course he moved here knowing full well what the place was all about.  A nice, peaceful mainly a get-along nicely county.  And then after arriving all he seems to do is complain and try to change the place.  Only his sock puppets and loons that post on his blog are OK in his eyes.

Lately he has gotten into a tiff about the Union Newspaper posting a address of a wine tasting room in downtown Grass Valley.  Even though a eye witness saw the place and posted the address, this guy Pelline started arguing they were nuts and the place was on another street.  It went on and on and escalated on his part into name-calling and more.  You cannot make this stuff up.

Now he decided o come to my blog and post some name-calling and snark.  Well I don't lay down for people like him.  He gets it back in spades.  But remember, he began today's fighting.  Well I ended it and now he is trying to rewrite today's history about this.  I know it sound childish but we have to stand up to these liberal bullies and I am always prepared to do that. 

I truly believe reading what this man writes shows he has a very odd mental state and I don't know if it can be fixed.  How do you implant "nice" into someone that is like him?  I don't know.  But thankfully I told him no more from you as you pollute my blog.  And I told him to stop emailing me.  It is like he is stalking me.  Creepy stuff.  Just like he researches property taxes, ex-wives and other personal stuff.  He would give anyone the Hebe-jeebes.

Monday, July 3, 2017


God keep blessing this great experiment.  Keep our people safe and please help all those liberals that think our Constitution is a "living document".  They know not what they do!