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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two weeks until election! Vote!

Seems like we have a election every two years!  Oops, yes we do.  I have really been paying attention for about 40 years now and it is my opinion that every two years we Americans have the chance to fix what is broken if we wanted to.  But alas, turnout to vote is way down and getting people motivated  to take that precious vote is harder than ever.  We will see what happens November 4 and maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

Here we have a country, a country like none in the history of our planet, that was formed to give the individual freedom and how do many thank the sacrifice of our Forefathers?  They stay home and make excuses why they didn't vote!  My goodness, how can this be?  Is it that our education system has dumbed down our people to place little importance on the vote?  Could it be that people are just not voting because they think it doesn't matter who gets elected?  Or maybe they stay home because they would rather be eating bon-bons and watching Jerry Springer?  Maybe they think their vote is meaningless in the scope of the total system?  Maybe those things and more.

I say that people get what they deserve.  If your ass is too lazy to vote you get to pay the consequences in the form of more and more servitude.  Hell, the system lets you vote early and from your couch!  Just take the ten minutes to read the pamphlet, look and see who makes the arguments for and against the Propositions, read the mailers, read the recommendations of the party's and people you trust, take the pen and fill in the bubble!  Wow!  Golly!  You voted.  Now go back to Jerry.  All you missed was a few minutes of "My cousin and I had a baby"!

As a person who won election by 49 votes once, I can tell you scofflaws that don't vote that your vote really does count.  I survived a recount and I have to say, I watched every vote in the recount!  You voted then and your vote put me ahead and I won.  Thanks!  No matter what you think about those that run for office you must give them credit for at least putting themselves out there for you to critique.  It is no easy thing, whether you are an R or a D or any other party, to place your opinions in front of people who will like you or not.

Many offices go unfilled at the local level and in some cases there are no opposition candidates in state and Federal offices.  I blame the over response to Watergate actually.  The people wanted more rules and exposure of more personal information from a candidate.  The politicians at the time passed more convoluted and difficult forms and campaign transparency rules.  Many people said "screw that".  Even here in our little county we lost people who did not want to expose their business clients to the new scrutiny of government regulators.  They chose not to run.  Over time we have seen "less than smart" people running for office and the usurpation of our political power by the bureaucracy.

I opposed term limits back in the early 90's here in California as I said it let the people off the hook for making changes.  I have been proven correct as we see the paralysis of our state government and the rise of the unelected, appointed people manning the Commissions and Committees.  The politicians have no power to make changes as they have given it over to the alphabet soup agencies.  The state is really a mirage.  The people we elect at the state level really are toothless.  That is why they do so many stupid things that mean nothing for the health of the economy or our personal freedom.  So some in the body of the people take things into their own hands and circulate petitions to place issues on the ballot.

Over time this process has added many things to our rules and regulations as well as the State Constitution.  Now we see why.  Those elected people are just plain STUPID!  In my view, the STUPID people are those on the left.  They are those that want more rules and laws to control us.  The Republicans want less but unfortunately the "left" rules our state and probably will for a long time.  Too many goodies given away and too many sheeple taking those goodies.

So even though I sometimes get bummed out by what is going on, I still take my butt down to the polling place (where is it?  It moves all the time)  and I fill in those bubbles.  I always thank those poll workers too since they are the front line to ensure the veracity of the vote.  So you lazy ass people that make excuses why you "forgot" to vote.  Get out and take that few minutes and do the right thing, VOTE!  Or just shut up about the governance of your life.  I don't want to hear it.

HERE is a link to see how the democrats steal elections abd this just happened in Illinois. This is on top of the democrats whining about Voter ID's. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

LaMalfa Fundraiser a big success!

I attended Doug's LaMalfa's Fall Harvest Fundraiser at his farm in Richvale last Friday the 17th.  It was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  I took a gal-pal and we made the rounds.  I got to see some old friends like David Reade and others.  I even had a Lady seek me out to tell me she loves this blog and reads it all the time! I guess about 300 atytended.

The evening went fast but I must say, the food was great.  The Four H kids did the serving and I think Doug's relatives did all the cooking.  The Paradise City Council served the drinks.We had tri-tip and chicken with all the fixins.  The tri-tip was so tender!  The entertainment was a series of dances by  young Hmong ladies in costume and with their countries music.  They were great!  Apparently there is a large number of Hmong in Oroville and vicinity.  They were America's allies during Vietnam and many fled here as the communists took vengeance on them.  A Major from their military was introduced.

Doug LaMalfa made a nice homespun speech and introduced all the dignitaries.  He even introduced me!  I got this picture at the beginning of the evening and before he was shaking all those hands. LOL!  Vote for this man, he is a really fine fellow and a good Congressman.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

California Proposition 1, the Water Bond (Assembly Bill 1471), I cannot vote for this boondoggle

I just got my supplemental ballot info yesterday.  If anyone ever had any doubts how government lemmings can run over a cliff together, this bill is a fine, up-close example of their group think.  I started reading it and my eyes glazed over in quick order.  I scanned it and then went back for more detail.  It is a "pork barrel" fiasco but my guess it will probably pass.  Those sly politicians know how to get you to vote for anything as long as it can be manipulated in to a crisis.  They could put a disbursement of gold plated horse crap  in the text and the people would still vote for it because it is "tied" to the drought. 

HERE is the Ballotpedia link to the bond measure.  HERE is the bill with all the adds and doodles by the politicians.  A really good insight on how they spend your money.

Cynically using the  drought,  these politicians saw a chance to get you to spend 7.5 billion dollars (three or four times that over the life of the bond with interest) right out of the general fund.  Please read it.  Or at least attempt to read it.  It has goodies for every interest group on the left one can imagine.  I thought it was to get going on building storage and infrastructure for water for the almost 40 million people of the state.  Was I naive?  Well not really.  I knew they would pack everything including the kitchen sink into the monster and they sure did.

Ever conservancy, watershed,  non profit, and hobo with good intentions will be getting your money.  There is enough planning money to be disbursed the green engineers will have full time employment for years.  After reading through the monster, my guess is there might end up being a pond or two constructed over the next twenty years.  But most of the effort will be spending the goodies.  Deciding who gets the money will be quite a job in itself.  There is money for wetlands, money for levees, money for land trusts and watershed groups.  There is money for river watchers, and every iteration of possible words meaning water.  Millions for Tahoe, millions for "forest health" millions for "areas".  On and on.

Remember the Congress used to pass spending bills and those wily people were putting into the bills pet projects (earmarks)?  Well, this boondoggle will enrich a lot of the California politicians pals and we will be holding the empty bag with no water in  it.  I also remember "Big Green" twenty or so years ago.  The bond was packed with goodies for ever single green group and ever wish was to be granted.  The initiative bond failed because of their hubris and overreach.  The greens in the group collecting the signatures placed the names of the recipients into the initiative!  The people saw right through that and defeated it.  This time the Legislature and the Governor made it more generic to mask who is going to get the goodies.

So, just read it and see if I am full of beans.  If you think tossing another, they say, initial 7.5 billion bucks at the drought is a good idea, then vote for it.  If on the other hand you agree this is a boondoggle and will only grease the palms of ever green eco freak in our state, then join me with a NO!

Stan Meckler writes a good one! Grass Valley voters! Pay Attention!

Stan Meckler had a letter in the Union this morning and it was right on the money regarding city council candidate Jim Firth.  HERE is the letter. I think Meckler hit a sore spot as I see  the local leftwingnut blogs like Jeff Pelline's are abuzz.  His comm enters like Joe Koyote and sock puppets like Annie Fannie Fox provide good insight into the loony tunes inhabiting his blog and others. 

One has to ask though why some people run for office so quickily after they move to an area.  Back in the late 80's a man moved here from the Bay Area and got involved immediately in the Colfax Highway Association.  The Association wanted to stop Caltrans from doing a "safety" project and widening of the Colfax Highway.  Without any history that man got into a pit of discontent because there were many residents that wanted the safety project.  Anyway, it was all for show and became a resume' enhancer for higher office later with the "green" crowd.  It was apparent to me and others that the concern shown about the highway was really fake. 

Meckler asks good questions about Firth.  Firth seems to have a lot of problems with the town he chose t move to not that long ago.  Just like the fellow on the Colfax Highway.  But this is America and even a "community organizer" like Firth has the right to run for any office he wants.  We also have the right to point out that we might not want to see people like that elected to run our city or county.  Meckler and perhaps many other residents would like Firth to answer why he has not involved himself in community affairs other than becoming the head of the local leftwingnut democrat party.

Firth has told us what he wants to do with the city and hopefully the voters there will see through him and keep him from being granted their trust.  A person who was a union organizer who was not "for" anything is usually not a good pick for progress. Liberals are not "progressive" as they were defined in the beginning.  They are now "regulators" of almost everything people do or want to do.  More rules to control you.  If you like California Sacramento political and social  values, or San Francisco values, then I guess Firth is your guy.  But if you like Nevada County and Grass Valley values, then you can't let him or his ilk into power here.

Liberals wreak havoc on freedom.  Look what they did to the County General Plan!  Thousands of rules to tell you how you can use your own property.  My goodness, why allow more at the city level?  So read what Firth writes and put it in context of his time here in the city.  Be suspicious of a liberals motives and don't take them at face value.  They are all pretty sneaky and are known to fib extensively.

Read the article by Stan Meckler.  Don't allow people with only their ego as their agenda to take power.  Don't give them a say over  your  tax money and private property.

Monday, October 6, 2014

NC Scooper, You crack me down!

Image result for marijuana picture
Scooper Scoops
The parody and sarcasm blog, Nevada County Scooper is toooo funny!  I have been parodied many times and the left in the county even did a play at the Nevada Theater one time.  The play was mocking my stance on Wild and Scenic as well as my defense of private property rights.  I invite more if they want to do so.  What is it they say"  Any news is good as long as they spell my name right. HERE is the link to the "Scooper".

So the Scooper mocks me and makes fun and even makes up quotes!  Here is one I found today regarding the marijuana debate. Too funny!

“We are thrilled to have so many dope-smoking slackers not voting,” said local Republican activist and lexical aficionado Todd Juvinall. “This makes it easier for us to win. It just proves that we are Right by default. And this will give me more time to mindlessly ridicule people on my blog.”

Now I am not a marijuana  user and never have been but my position on the plant is mixed.  I am torn about the use for medicinal help for pain or maladies for adults and I oppose it as a recreational plant to get high.  Call me confused.  I have seen the use of the plant ruin many lives as people I know can't stop using it and it certainly affects their lives negatively.  I consider it a "gateway" drug.  It seems that most users are too snoozy to be productive in our high octane capitalist country.

I do see the fellows out and about now in Nevada City, those guys here to apparently harvest the plant.  They all look similar.  White guys with dreadlocks and beards.  Usually skinny and with pockets of cash.  I do think it probably helps the local economy though.  Most decent good paying legitimate jobs have vamoosed to other places.

So anyway, I am honored to be written about by the "ghost writer" at the Scooper.  I do appreciate his fine words about me.

"The Scooper thinks Mr. Juvinall is a fine example of a good, patriotic American male and it is our pleasure to send that message out into the ether".  All single, rich, attractive women can contact him at his blog"

Thanks Scooper/Finklestein!  And as always, LOL!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jeff Pelline has lost his noggin! Too funny!

Someone headed for chili cheese fries?

I was actually unmoderated this last week on his blog!  Well, he did boot some of my comments but he left a few.  I was trying to make sure that the three or four people that comment on his blog (I call it the echo chamber of horrors), were held to the truth on some of their liberal BS.  Anyway, I made a comment this morning and apparently the bigboy couldn't hack it so he booted it.

Here is what he said.

I cleared your comments because they do not cross a line. But your own blog is an unmoderated mud pit. Get your own house in order before you invite yourself into someone else’s. Didn’t mommy Juvinall teach you that? Your sister went to Stanford and your brother is a damn good tile man (so I hear). So what’s up with you and not moderating your blog? Grow up man. You’re into your late sixties now."

So I responded and of course he will boot this but here it is from a bit ago.

"Todd Juvinall says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

You are just a chicken pelline. No dissent allowed. So I had a little fun tweaking your sorry ass. Get accustomed to no one liking you. I have many friends. My sis did not go to Stanford but my brother is a good tile guy. You need to learn some manners if you want anyone to take you seriously. And yes I am 64 and loving life. If you don’t so something about your weight you will be here less time. Too funny."

Anyway, I got my digs in and for a fellow like Pelline, in his 50's and it appears tremendously obese (not that I am judging his size, LOL!), to actually have such an opinion cracks me up.   Why someone would choose to move to our peaceful county and spew such venom towards locals and our institutions is beyond my comprehension.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Republicans still have the majority in American states. Just not in California. Dang!

I swiped this from Ballotpedia. I guess the left is on the run based on the number of state Legislatures in the hands of Republicans.  New York State is in the process of gerrymandering the Republicans out of the state but it appears even that will not stop the wave coming in November which will add to these totals.  The R's have the majority of the Governorships and the House of Representatives.  Now if they can keep from shooting themselves in the foot, we could see America get back to the real America.

Snapshot of State Legislatures:
Friday, September 26, 2014
There are 7,383 Total State Legislators
Total Democratic state legislators 3,423 (46.4%)
Total Republican state legislators 3,818 (51.7%)
There are 99 Total State Legislative Chambers
Total Democratic Party-controlled chambers 40
Total Republican Party-controlled chambers 58
Total tied or nonpartisan chambers 1
2014 Session Information
Total Special Elections 32
Total Special Sessions 7