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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"RESET" for America

When Hillary Clinton went to Russia not long after becoming Secretary of State, she took that infamous "RESET" button with her (misspelling it in Russian and swiped from a jacuzzi).  She and President Obama thought it was cute I guess.  The RESET button was similar to the  advertising gimmick used by Staples called the "easy" button.  The "easy" button was Staples attempt to lure people into their stores to remake their relationship with their customers. America had a new President and he wanted to do the same with Russia.

In Obama and Clinton's case they really muffed it up and it looks like the two countries will not reset.  But why can't we do the same in America for Americans?  Let us do a "RESET" here.  America is morphing into a top down country run by government and every move we make is now something Americans must beg "permission" to do!  How can we fix this overreach?

Some people suggest Americans "just say no" to all this intrusion into our lives by these laws and regulations.  Some actually do "civil disobedience" to make government pay attention.  I say all the ways of returning the country to a bottom up form of governance should be on the table except violence of course.  But Americans for the most part are loathe to upset the apple cart.  With 93 million people of working age sitting around the hose eating bon-bons and not going to work, we are developing a huge dependent culture.  With educators dumbing down the kids of America (many don't know who Washington is) a ready made brainwashed generation of sheeple are being formed.  To what end?

I blame the politicians of America and it goes all the way from dog catcher to the President.  People want to "do" something when they get elected to office.  So they start passing "laws" and in most cases, they leave the "regulations" formation to the unelected bureaucrats.  Well, we all see the results.  Every American is now a "law-breaker" and should be arrested!  When you wake up in the morning you will break any number of "laws" during your day.  The government says you cannot do this or that and over time, millions of "laws" and regulations enforce that.  Jail and fines.  Red light cameras are the worst.  No policeman is required! 

We have to RESET now or in my opinion we will lose the country.  Every day I see the politicians passing more encumbrances on the people.  Up until a few years ago Americans would figure out a way to outsmart the regulators.  But since these politicians and regulators spend 24/7 at their desks trying to ratchet down American ingenuity is it any wonder the country is in a malaise?  I recall the tragic fire at the South end of Lake Tahoe a few years ago.  I use it as an example of unintended consequences of government and its loathing to take responsibility for its inane rules.

The wildfire burned down over 250 houses and the fire destroyed all those "old growth" trees and made the place look like a moonscape, only black with soot.  The fire spread fast because laws in place did not allow people to rake up their own pine needles and other organic material.  All that fueled this disaster.  The resulting laws and rules by the politicians was to, in affect, punish homeowners!  And the politicians used this fire tragedy to infect the whole state with new "regulations" on building a home.  Rather than look at the cause of the fire and accept blame for stupid rules, the politicians forces all homes into a new "fire resistant" permit with hundreds of new rules!  Those new "rules" have stifled home building in California and forced many people top give up their dreams.  YOUR Money is no impediment to the rules!

I have advocated for many years a way to bring some sanity back into the process of creating laws.  It might be too late now but perhaps after a RESET America can try this.  When a law is proposed and it contains regulations, the politicians cannot allow it to proceed until they vote on the full bill.  What I mean is this.  They have an idea to regulate the new widget industry so they create a bill.  That bill cannot become law until all the proposed "regulations" are in place and then the politicians have to vote on it.  No more passing a feel good bill and leaving the "rules" up to the unelected bureaucrats.  This alone should bring sanity back into the process.

RESET may be painful for a while but change for the better is sometimes misunderstood by those favoring the status quo. California alone has close to 600 bureaucratic agencies with millions of people sitting behind desks thinking of how to pass more regulations.  They send out those "enforcers" to make sure a mining operation has no broken shovels or the hairdresser keeps those scissors in alcohol.  And if they don't they will write you up and fine you!  RESET needs to take place and we must restructure how we govern ourselves within the Republican form of government stated in the Constitution and the State's Constitutions.  If we don't we will rue the day we should have.

Lastly, we need to ban unions from government and revamp civil service.  People in fear of firing are what keeps people from becoming power mad.  It works in the private sector.  Unions have no place in a system that already protects them with "civil service".  Remove that and remove tenure for those educators and we may see a rebirth in America.  I think we will!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Progressives" are really not progressive but "regressive" in America

I watched a "press conference" of self proclaimed "progressives" on Tuesday in front of the US Capitol.  Put together by Mayor DeBlasio of New York City it was a great show highlighting the "grievance" industry in our country.  I listened to speaker after speaker complaining about "Income Inequality".  Many other listed their complaints then signed the "agenda".  Politco called this "agenda" the liberal's "Contract on America".   I shook my head in disbelief that these people could even speak as negatively as they were.

HERE is a new story from Tuesday the 12th of May. HERE is another. HERE is the "press conference" which lasts a little over 16 minutes on CSPAN.

My goodness, according to the leaders of unions, some Mayors of cities and other non-profit whiny groups, America is just a rathole filled with thieves and exploiters of the "poor" and "incarcerated".  The agenda of these liberals belongs in the old USSR and the present day Cuba or North Korea.  This manifesto of grievances and their suggested fixes would put our country back into Zimbabwe status in my opinion.

If I am not mistaken, every single person speaking and signing this "agenda" were from big cities and were politicians.  Many were politicians of color.  Standing behind DeBlasio was Charlie Rangel (tax cheat) and other New York City Congressmen.  They spoke about this agenda and never once said they were a part of the problem.  Are these people like Rangel and the Mayor of Oakland, California  the problem?  Yes they are but like all those in the blame and grievance industry they never take responsibility for their place in the problem.  Hell, Rangel has been in Congress for what? Fifty years?  His solutions are where?  I can't seem to find them.  But like a good butt kisser, Rangel is there singing the praises of DeBlasio and his "agenda". 

Here in America we take pride in letting everyone speak their piece.  No matter how nutty, right or left.  But these liberals are just plain goofy!  It is no wonder that even the most partisan democrats reject these people and their attempts to turn America into Albania. (Even Obama passed them by)  Well, not all democrats since Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut was there.  There were a few others from Congress and all from cities.  Also, the union movement representatives spoke and according to them America is just a terrible place, unfair to all but the CEO's!  I heard a few speakers whine about the cost of a college education but not a word the money goes to their brethren Professors and administrators who own all the positions!  The solution to higher education is more wealth transfer from working people to the students!

These liberals talked fondly of the "movement" to get 15 bucks an hour as a minimum wage!  When they do that you know these people have not a clue about how economics works. ( Heck why not 100 bucks!).  While railing against the current level of the minimum wage, these people on the left disregard the fact the people on the wage have a job!  We all have to start out somewhere.  The goal is to go higher and higher but these liberals want to be given the top spot right out of the gate! Just because!

Some of the speakers claimed that the country started down the hill of "income inequality" when Ronald Reagan was elected!  They harped on that a lot.  But as we know, the economy was in the tank caused by their guy, Jimmy Carter and Reagan pulled the country out of that malaise.  Millions of jobs were created and the middle class was doing great.  But liberal policies started to infiltrate the governments at all levels, even down to "dog catcher".  The results are businesses said adios and went elsewhere.  Thousands, if not millions of new laws and regulations have stifled the country.   (166,000 pages in 2013 alone in the Federal Register).  Most by liberal "do-gooders".  Just go into any lunch room in an business in America and you will see the four walls plastered with the rules!  I am amazed we are not in a total depression!

Mass incarceration is now a biggie for these liberals.  Of course none of them have been mugged or murdered by a thug so they have no personal experience in surviving attacks.  All the victims in America, made so by those incarcerated may have  different view of where those inmates should be.  But the democrats and the liberals are mining for voters.  Why not let all those inmates become democrat voters?  That is what it looks like to me.  Also, the illegal immigrant lobbyists were there and I think it too is their attempt to gain democrat voters.  These people are really transparent but they think they are smarter than us and we will not be paying attention I guess.

Overall, my impression of this DeBlasio press conference was simply a platform for a Presidential run.  I say GOOD!  I would like to see American voters (everyone actually) get a good view of these nuts.  If the new media does not shrink from their reporting (PC crapola) then my guess is the people of this great country will toss these liberals into the pit of forgotten political movements.  Along with the Peace and Freedom Party, the Green Party and the Whigs.  The policies the "progressives, AKA, Liberals,  are so out into the ozones they will never get any traction.  But it is America and though they are nuts, DeBlasio etal get to spout off.  It is at least good for a laugh.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Liberals don't understand what "free speech" is all about
Gene Lyons
Our local paper, the Union, printed a column by Gene Lyons, a nationally syndicated leftwinger and a dedicated liberal mouthpiece.  I think it is important to read all kinds of opinions and I appreciate the local paper in publishing this kind of stuff.  I have responded to Lyons a few times especially when it is obvious he has no clue about some issue.  He and his liberal pals appear to me to be unaware the US Constitution means what it says on a myriad of issues.  His column is HERE.

His view of "free speech" is really distorted.  Here is a man who trashes Republicans and conservatives all the time.  I have never seen him rail against the desecration of Jesus when his liberal pals put his image into a glass of urine.  If he did I apologize but I can't seem to find any outrage by this man for these "blasphemies".  In my opinion I loathe the left/atheists desecrating my faith but I defend their right to do it.  He doesn't have the same philosophy.

What is the difference then when a liberal like Lyons rails against those that might create a cartoon depicting Mohamed and those that put Jesus into a vial of piss?  The followers of Jesus won't seek you out and murder you!  The followers of Islam will murder you and then pat themselves on their backs.  The two Muslim's killed by that excellent shot of a policeman in Garland, Texas would have killed men, women and children if they got through.  The true believer's of Islam do this all time to each other in the Middle East (and they are the same religion!).  Bombs set off in marketplaces kill everyone within range.  What kind of religion of peace doesn't he  understand?
Winning Cartoon
But Lyons is truly delusional that people should not be able to depict Mohamed in the form of a cartoon.  If we allow others to control what we can and can't say or write or draw then we are no longer America.  Interestingly, Islam murders homosexuals and enslaves women,  two things that Lyons says nothing about.  Using his logic about bowing to the drawing of a cartoon, should we follow these other tenets of Islam?  That is why Lyons is so wrong.  He writes these ridiculous columns from inside a bubble of opaque walls.  He needs to look at the big picture.  All those men and women that have given their lives for the freedoms written in our founding documents are being dissed by Lyons.  His right to speak and write would be curtailed and his head loped off as soon as those "jihadists" take over.  He just doesn't get the gift he has been given with his pen I guess.  But, maybe he will learn that drawing a cartoon of a imaginary entity is really worth defending.  He should be thanking Pamela Geller for her courage, he sure has none.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Undermining police? Maybe a strategy to control by the Obama Administration?

I have been scratching my noggin about all this angst regarding the policies and outcomes of police work in America.  I also watch and listen to  the response from President Obama and his pals like Al "I owe five million in taxes" Sharpton.  It seems to me that Obama, a privileged half black half white man may have a desire to gain "street creds" and prove he is "down for the struggle" as Jesse Jackson once said.  There may be a darker reason though as some have whispered across the political spectrum.

Standing between anarchy and security
What is it that we have been taught about the police in America?  Mainly, show them respect and don't back talk them.  We give these men and women incredible power to protect us from the "bad guys".  It is a dangerous job and many of the police have been killed in the line of duty.  But as I said, I was taught that you need to show them respect since they can haul your ass off to the clink if you don't.  No one I know wants that on their resume'.  But lately we are seeing a switch in attitude from mainly "inner city" residents, mostly those that have an ax to grind against the police.

When people fled the inner cities for the suburbs over the last 60 years, what remained were mostly "minority" folks.  Those cities then started a downward spiral to hopelessness.  I have watched this happen!  With the advent of illegal drug use running rampant in these inner cities there was a huge uptick in criminal behavior.  The police have had their hands full trying to maintain order.  Cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington DC and Birmingham, Alabama are  being politically run by minority folks.  You may have thought things would improve for the residents.  Alas, we see the opposite happening.  The political leaders of these cities have failed to secure their cities for the safety of their residents.  Criminals have run rampant and now they are running the asylum. 

What I see is cities like Baltimore became "co-dependent" on money sent to them by the state and federal governments.  As the city spiraled down and the businesses left taking the jobs with them, the void of money leaving was filled by government.  Nothing was demanded in return and so we have allowed the creation of generations of dependent people.  Sure there are vestiges of this all over America, even in the suburbs and the rural areas but not to the degree we see it in the "big cities".

What does this mean?  Rather than looking in the mirror at the problems and maybe the solutions, the politicians in these big cities blame the police for all kinds of ills to divert the attention of people from the true failures of these politicians.  When a issue arises like we have seen in Baltimore or Ferguson, the governments solution is to blame the cops and not the politicians in charge of the cops!

So we see the strategy of denial and overreach by the politicians and the lack of acceptance of the failures of their decisions.  Easy to blame the police apparently.  We of course need rules for the cops to follow and for the most part they do.  No one, including the police, want a "bad guy" to be back on the streets because of sloppy police work.  And of course there are always policeman that are not "good".  They are usually weeded out though and for the most part the 800,000 men and women we ask to protect us do the right thing every day.  So why undermine them?

I have heard all kinds of reasons.  Most are just plain goofy and America has a few nutty people with conspiracy theories to fit any idea or agenda.  From Obama is a closet Muslim (Sunni or Shia?) to raising the overpasses on Interstate 80 to accommodate military vehicles when a state of "martial law" is implemented.  In order for these conspiracy theories to work though, the police of America would need to be neutered.  They would be cowed into submission so as to follow orders that will certainly be "?unconstitutional".  Some say these are the real reasons the police are under attack and their departments (now 26) are being scrutinized by the Obama "Justice" Department".

I am not a conspiracy type man and most of the time I just shake my head in disbelief that people come up with this stuff.  However, I have to say that watching the Muslim's overseas gives me pause.  They do have a substantial number of crazy people that want to take over the planet.  They have guns.  Soon they may have nukes!  Iran is run by the nutty Mullahs and they want nukes!  Maybe those who want to have a say in the negotiations with the Mullahs, the US Senate for instance, have a point!  What do you think will happen if Iran gets a nuclear bomb?  These are the same Mullahs that think the Prophet will come out of a well and take over the planet!

I see the Obama Administration spreading disarray within the police across America.  The ends of this to me have nothing to do with police shooting unarmed black men.  That statistic is way way down anyway.  I see the undermining of the police as one that tears apart the seams that hold American jurisdictions from disintegrating.  The very basis for civilization as we know it is one of ensuring the people's security.  Destroy that security, destroy the respect we should have for the police (within our laws of course) and you leave open the door for tyranny and worse.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tories win big in Great Britain, "expert's" look totally foolish!

The conservative party of Great Britain has won a majority in their Parliament and PM David Cameron gets another five years running the country.  The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party got their butts handed to them by the voters.  Cameron does not need to worry about a coalition government this time.  He had a five year marriage to the Liberal Democrats and now he is divorced.

HERE are the results.

A man with dark hair and blue eyes, wearing a navy suit with a blue tie as well as smiling and facing to his right.
PM David Cameron
What I find fascinating is all the pundits and pollsters in GB though the Conservatives, the Tories< would be the losers!  But the people of GB decided to give them an unfettered government.  The press in GB is beside themselves since they hate the Tories and anything conservative.  It is cracking me up to listen to all the sad sacks on TV and in the papers.  Also, not only did the Scottish voters elect their own Scottish National Party MP's, they did it by booting all the Labour Party MP's.  Of the 59 Scottish positions, 56 went for the SNP, one Labour, one Torie and one other MP position were all that was left.  A total wipeout! 

Image result for great britainThe Liberal Party went from 51 MP's to eight!  So its leader Mr. Nick Clegg resigned this morning.  Labour's leader, Edward Milliband also resigned.  This was a huge victory for conservatism. 326 is a majority in the British Parliament and the Tories got 331.  The press there is so apoplectic they now are saying "golly, the Tories will have to deal with the right wingers" just like our Republican Party here has to deal with the Tea Party.  Though the Tea Party is in my view not "right wing" they are a force.  In England the Parliament will be a lot more exciting.  I watch the Wednesday PM Question time on CSPAN.  It is a hoot!

So congrats to the Tories and to David Cameron.  Not expected to win by all the "exerts", they kicked butt and fooled them all.  America will return a conservative to power at the top and hold the Congress in 2016.  I think this because I see the mess the left has made worldwide and see people are really paying attention to their follies.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NYT/CBS poll is a bunch of hooey. Just a Hillary push-poll

I learned a long time ago to read the underling questions and demographic info of these polls we are inundated with in America.  The latest one by the New York Times and CBS is truly a ridiculous mess of crapola.  HERE is the link to the PDF.  Of course they don't allow any cut and paste so I was unable to place their questions and results here.

The reason I went and looked at this poll is my curiosity about the "news story" of the Times on Hillary.  They said this poll showed she is even more liked after all the mess reported about her over  the last few weeks.  I said this is BS.  And if you read the questions and review the answers you will see it is truly BS.  The poll randomly called phone numbers supposedly from different regions of the country.  They supposedly called numbers by placing the last two numbers in randomly.  As I read it they got a little under two thousand responses from calling 81,000 numbers.  And they say they called back those numbers that never answered or were busy or had a answering machine.

There are 33 pages and lots of questions.  I read them and must say the people that analyze the results have to be morons.  But we see the NYT and CBS report this poll as a vindication of Hillary Clinton and how much America "loves" her.  I read it way different.  The pollsters asked what is your ideology and the results were LIB=25%, Moderate=37%, Conservative=33%, Undecided=5%.  So this right off the gitgo is way skewed left.  In California the UND is something like 20% for goodness sakes.  It also appears the Moderate contains all democrats!  Anyway, these breakdowns are usually like this poll and they must be trashed for what they are.  A democrat push poll.

Page 12 asked how they felt about Clinton's stint as Secretary of State.  50% Fav, 38% Nope, 12% Don't know.  Then on Question 14, they ask about Hillary's favorability.  Fav=35%, Unfav=36%, Undecided and Don't Know=17%.  How can this be you may ask?  How can 70% say no big deal she may be a crook and then distrust her as large as Question 14 shows?  Just another pill of BS but why would the NYT/CBS News fail to tell the readers about Question 14 and just give us the candy.

Look at questions 45-54 and you will get a feel about what this poll is really all about.  Even question 54 shows the respondents by 55% don't know anything about the Clinton Foundation.  That tells me the people don't listen to the news or they are tuned out of politics.  It is an eye opener.  But I give little or no credence to these polls.  The news media picks and choose what they want the American people to know.  You have to dig deeper to get the truth.  Go read the questions and the answers of these supposed voters which the pollster picked at random.  What a load.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Old folks can be funny!

 A friend sent me this.  It is too funny!

PARKING TICKET: My wife and I went into town and visited a shop. When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and I said, "Come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?" He just ignored us and continued writing the ticket.
I called him an "a**hole." He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn-out tires.
So my wife called him a "s*ithead." He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing more tickets.
This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote. He finally finished, sneered at us and walked away. Just then our bus arrived, and we got on it and went home.
We always look for cars with Obama stickers. We try to have a little fun each day now that we're retired. It's so important at our age!!