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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

No Kumbaya in sight!

Yes Mr. Hamilton, most people want to “just get along” and lead lives that are calm and peaceful and safe. Maybe many people get together ideologically and agree with each other to accomplish those goals. Sometimes there are so many they start a political party! And why do they do that? Because others have banded together to push their agenda down their throats. And to defense that, we have Republicans or democrats or others.

Every year one party or the other passes thousands of new laws to hobble Americans. Just think about it. Since the inception of America there have been millions of laws passed to restrict the actions of individuals or whole groups of people. Are we supposed to take it without fighting back if we don’t agree? Of course not. Look today at California. One party, the democrats, own the state, lock, stock and barrel. Republicans have no power. So why haven’t they , as you suggested, included the Republicans in their decisions? Because they have the POWER!. And we know what happens when some people have that don’t we?

And all this desire for “compromise”. Tell me how you compromise an issue like abortion? One side says a woman can abort at any time and no one can stop her, the other side says that is a life and needs protection. How do you compromise that? How about healthcare? One side, the democrats want the government to take it over and tax every citizen to achieve that goal. The other says no. We believe in free markets and choice. How do you compromise that?

It only works if one group or the other has the POWER to implement their vision. The democrats had the power in 2009 and passed ObamaCare. The people in America were not happy and tossed many out of POWER and replaced them with people promising to throw it out. That is the idea with political parties. Gaining the majority!

You mention Las Vegas and guns. A huge number of Americans are all in for the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. And another segment is all about taking those guns away. And America has passed 20,000 laws over the years to restrict those weapons and still we have the debates. Rather than blame the person who actually does the terrible deed, we see that one side blames the weapon. How do you compromise that?

Racism is the other issue that seems to be unsolvable. Blacks, whites’ Latinos and Asians are different in that their skin colors are different. Yet in America in my lifetime, we have tried to ensure all are treated with equal opportunity. Thousands of laws were passed to force that. And still we see minorities unhappy that they feel there has been nothing done. Hogwash. We Americans of goodwill cannot fix a movement that says I and you have “white privilege”. How can we fix that? I like what Martin Luther King said about “content of character” but now we can’t even show ourselves in public if we are white! How do you compromise that?

What I see happening about “thinking for oneself” is simple. People will read the paper, watch the news and check the internet and make up their own minds. The people in “parties” are certainly likeminded but that is a good thing. No anarchy. Check the far left “Antifa” anarchists of Berkeley for a good example of people that do not have the best interests of the country at heart. There is safety in numbers to protect yourself and your family. If you want a true hermit lifestyle you will be severely disappointed.

When I ran for State Assembly in 1992 in the Republican primary I learned some lessons that are pretty basic about POWER. Bernie Richter won the primary and the Republican Caucus asked the rest of us to attend a “kumbaya” meeting in Marysville to get on board endorsing Bernie. Now the campaign was pretty spirited and Bernie had his agenda. But the scouts from the Assembly said it was all about numbers. 41 to be exact. And what Bernie said on the trail was not the issue. It was winning and POWQER. And that is life in a nutshell.

I would like to see unicorns and sweet blueberries too, but let’s get real.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Democrats think Virginia meant something for their future

Democrats do this all the time! More to come.
The news media and the democrats in concert with each other are spreading some really bad analysis regarding the election on Tuesday.  Somehow they think a state that voted for Hillary Clinton and which already had a democrat Governor was some sort of indicator on Trump and Republicans.  Hogwash.  All one needs t do is look at the demographics of Virginia and its influx of Northerners and immigrants.  And of course, Governor Terry McCauliffe allowed the felons to vote as well as prisoners.  You cannot make this fraudulent behavior up.

Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for Governor actually did one percent better than Trump in the final tally.  And all those heavily populated counties in Northern Virgina voted democrat.  Those counties are large majority democrat counties and they surround or border Washington DC.  We know that bureaucrats are mainly democrats as they want to protect their phony=baloney jobs.  Yet with all the facts, the left thinks they have some form of change!  Not at all.  Virginia has become the California of the East.  Immigration from liberal northern states and from other countries is now the deciding factor.

Many people in the know say illegals are votng by the droves.  Could be.  But more research is needed.  Same for California.  Others show the demographics of liberals coming to Virginia to escape high taxes and regulations in the Northeast states are moving there in huge numbers.  Same for North Carolina.  Ironically the democrats in charge are going to be shoving huge tax increases down the throats of those that just voted for them.  Good.

Nationally this election was a big nothing burger for trends.  Republicans won in Republican districts (Utah) and democrats in theirs.  No change to the totals except one.  One state, Virginia, gained a democrat legislature.  The Republicans have 26 trifecta states while the democrats have 8.  No likely to be overcome anytime soon. Republicans own 31 Governor seat to 19 for democrats.  That did not change on Tuesday.  And the four special elections this year for Congress were all won by Republicans.  But listening to the democrats and their press lackeys they will be taking back the Congress next year.  I say it might be a lot different.

The economy will be moving along with good job reports and wages moving up.  With tax reform and jobs returning to America I think it will be very difficult for democrats to take Congress back.  Especially the Senate.  There are three times more democrats up for re-election and many in states Trump won.  We will see the results next November.  But as I said if the economy is humming along it will be tought o toss out the people making it happen.

Locally here in Nevada County, the liberals are all aflutter about their hopes to defeat Trump and the Republicans.  They even think the First Congressional District is in play.  Not going to happen.  The "Citizen's Redistricting" Committee did their best to destroy Republican Districts.  They have wiped out about 14 Republican Districts through their gerrymandering.  The California democrats think they can gain more this next cycle.  Maybe but not likely as the State has created pogroms of Republicans mostly in the Sierra Nevada Range and a few down south.  And the State won't purge the voter rolls of illegal voters and dead people.  Maybe they can use them for a further number of victories while of course denying it all the way to the Sacramento Dome of Lies.

I would suggest people don't get to excited about the Tuesday election.  Status Quo has been maintained and to me, that is the news.
Lastly, look at the corruption of the democrats.  Thought the lamestream media is doing their best to downplay the corruption, alternative media has picked up the slack.  Hillary selling uranium to Russia, Hillary gaining 145 million dollars in a quid pro Quo as Secretary of State.  Her husband got $500,000 for a speech in Moscow.  Harvey Weinstein and all his Hollywood pals (democrat donors)  raping their way through your starlets and young men.  Sick bastards.  And their kneeling during the National Anthem and dissing the country.  And it seems they are making excuses for mass killers as well.  Most if not all shown to be democrats and atheists.  The massive corruption of the democrats is going to bury them in a country that gives them all their freedom.  Many are fed up with them and their anti-American rioting in places like Berkeley and Huntington Beach. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Liberal Hysteria on display in today's Union Column

More hysteria from the left about why they lose elections nationally. Rather than taking responsibility for putting lousy candidates forward for the voters these liberals have to blame others for their failures. This screed by Stormsgaard is the latest.
Gerrymandering is only a problem when supposedly done by Republicans. Yet he does not mention the Northeast of America where not one republican congressman is elected in Massachusetts and Connecticut and Rhode Island. And his flawed analysis of why Obama or Hillary won certain states while losing the majority of Congressional seats is laughable. Americans usually like a divided government. So Obama or Hillary gain the states Electoral wins while the opponents gets the House and Senate. Nothing conspiratorial about that. And of course, the loser democrats cite the popular vote totals to gain sympathy in their hate for the Electoral College. But that is the rule. California supplied all the surplus democrat votes for Hillary. If left out then Trump wins the popular vote in the rest of the country.

And of course, the old lefty whine that Republicans and the states they control electorally "suppressed" the votes of "others" to gain an advantage. Of course, no proof exists for this but it does for the democrats. They are the suppressors yet Stormsgaard fails to alert you to that fact. America has over three thousand counties and they each are in charge of their electoral systems. Many are run by democrats. So look in the mirror democrats.

Lastly, Stormsgaard whines about the Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Court. He says that gives Republicans some sort of advantage in money for elections. Fake News again. Hillary Clinton and the democrats raised three, some say four times the money Trump did. And we know the results. Money is speech and the democrats will try their best to shut the opposition up. Thanks goodness rational people on the Supreme Court agree.

This country is divided, no doubt about it. But I say not because of those on the right. The democrats are all about keeping the pot stirred about any issue they use to get their way. I think we are coming to a point in the country of exhaustion. The left is relentlessly yapping about how bad the majority of Americans are and we are not seeing it. We have tried our best to get along in my lifetime since 1950. Yet every time we think we have achieved a step forward the left is there to drag us all back two steps. I say stop the whining democrats. California is now all yours and as a “super-majority”. All state office are democrat. No Republicans in sight. And look at the nirvana they have created here. NOT!
More hysteria from the left about why they lose elections nationally. Rather than taking responsibility for putting lousy candidates forward for the voters these liberals have to blame others for their failures. This screed by

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Americans have a disconnect with a President, regardless of party

Even that big lie was loved .ny the media
Most of the lamestream media use push-polls to make a point about someone or some issue that floats their boat.  Always looking for support they spend millions on these polls and then report their own polls as news.  This is a common practice these days.  It seems they started this back in the Bill Clinton Presidency.  His minions did daily polls to see what kind of toilet paper he should use.  Or the color of today's suit.  And he lived that way!  And Americans saw some naughty stuff he was doing in the Oval Office with a 23-year old babe who liked to play with his member.

And when he was caught lying to a FBI or Grand Jury, the polling, push-polling, said Americans would not hold that against him.  A disconnect of the people for a President and bad behavior.  So we had eight years of Bill and Hillary and even to me, I could care less if he was getting some nooky on the side.  I did not want to judge that so I did not.  I parsed his private peccadilloes with his job and the economy was hot and I was making money.  So it was with the country as well.  A disconnect between private acts and public policies.  I then understood it.

We saw the reverse with George W. Bush.  The economy was hot and he was going after the killers of Americans in Afghanistan.  The media screamed that he was a terrible doofus President and we heard that every day.  But the media and their polls were wrong again.  Even though they did their best to trash the man, the American people said hey, another term!  And he won over a terrible stuffy man, John Kerry.  People could not relate to him especially after learning he kept his yacht in Rhode Island rather than his home state of Massachusetts.  Tax was less and the man who married two millionaire gals was so tight he screwed his own state.  And the people said nope, we like Bush better.  Polls be damned.

Then comes Obama.  The first black and white President and a man who said he was black in heart and soul.  He was tall, good-looking and had a very soothing bassist voice.  It captivates the press members and some even got a tingle up their leg about him.  He was so popular with the press a book was written about them and their love of the man.  Bernard Goldberg wrote it about how the press slobbered all over him.  And for eight years we heard nothing negative about the man.  But the economy and his policies were terrible.  Yet his personal favorability ratings from the lamestream media polls were always over 60%.  A clear disconnect from the policies of the man and his personal "likeability".  And he got another term from th voters even though his economic policies were bad.

Now we have Trump.  The lamestream media and the establishment political class hate his guts.  And he returns the favor. He has a bully pulpit and he is not afraid to speak the truth to the fake news media.  The media takes all the things he says and turns them into crap.  They take him literally when he is saying something humorous.  We real people know that is humor.  But the sourpuss media Trump haters don't.  My goodness, the suicide rate must be high for them.  But here we are in a hot economy and records being broken in many areas of the economy.  Yet the polls are saying his favorability is in the tank.  Sure it is.  I see this as more fake news.  The media use polls that are heavilyy weighted to Trump's opponents.  Democrats, anarchists, liberals etc.  So to me, the results are pre-ordained.  Bad for Trump.

But since the economy is cooking it is my opinion the people are not that embroiled in Trump as the media.  People are at some point going to put two and two together and give some credit for the good to Mr. Trump.  Even though he is trashed in every story.  He is staying the course and calling out the media for their fakery.  I love that.  Having been subject to similar things at the local level from media and liberals, if you don't speak up and confront those liars you deserve what you get.  The fact is most people are disconnected to the media and don't believe them much.  And the media did this to themselves by twisting the news to make an opinion and the people figured it out.

If the media wants to get back into the good graces of the readers they must tell the truth.  And they must stop bending the words to mean something else.  It seems simple to me.  They must stop their personal hate for Trump, his voters and others of conservative life if they are to survive.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fake News, Clinton, Obama, Democrats, Etal

Well well well.  The truth will out!  And it will set us free.  But the liars of the democrat machine will burn in hell.  Look at who and what are the actual "dirty hands" in the sleazy "dossier" are.  Democrat party, Hillary Clinton and now the FBI!  The pursuit of Trump's campaign for collusion with the Russians was a hoax and totally contrived by the democrats and Hillary Clinton.

These lovelies have denied all this for over a year and now we know it is them.  This is a true undermining of American democracy.  And Clinton's bribes she received as Secretary of State for signing off 20% of America's uranium is the topper.  Of course, her husband's speech fees went to $500,000 per twenty minutes paid by Putin pals.  This is amazing.  And HRC's pals the Podesta boys got some big paydays from the Rooskies as well.  All the time telling America that Trump was the colluder. Can America survive these lies?  I mean it truly undermines the whole process.  And of course the lamestream media is defending the democrats and Clinton.  They cannot even be honest about these facts.

I watched a bit of a Anderson Cooper panel last night and this was the topic.  The democrats were totally disgusting.  They still try to make it a Trump action in the face of true facts they did this.  And the name calling by a couple of the women and Paul Begala, the apologist for the devil.  I finally turned it off as it was making me mad.  How could these people defend this?  They are all corrupt.  Trump was right and these democrats were the perps.  Let's see them do the perp walk into jail.

So all this time we have listened to the fake news of the lamestream media.  It appears the only truthful reporting was on FOX News and AM  Radio!  I never bought into the reporting of the lefty news media though.  And now the rest of America can see who the peddlers of fake news are.  And it makes me really sad.  Bernie Goldberg wrote "Biased" a few years ago.  It was how the left has taken over the media except in a couple of cases.  And how they are slobbering all over the democrats and the Clintons and Obama.  Now we see it is true.  Of course Goldberg was tossed out of all the cocktail parties for his apostasy.  But he was spot on.

What are we to do now that we all can see this propaganda by the lamestream media?  Some say we should read other sources on the same topics to ascertain the truth.  Isn't that sad?  We have a free press that sold its soul to the democrats and the left.  All trained in liberal arts colleges by leftwing professors.  Hard to overcome.  I would suggest the college administrations across America do the country a favor and start a "affirmative action" and hire a proportionate number of conservatives.  Of course, that will never happen but now we can all see the truth.  Skeptical.  Same for the other "religions" the left foists on us.  Climate Change anyone?  So don't take the lamestream media as a truth teller.  They can't even report the facts without a leftwing bias.