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Saturday, February 3, 2018


How we used to think of the FBI
Wow!  After all the chatting and banter about this four-page memo, one must be fairly burned out by now.  It seems that most of the content was discussed and pretty accurate to boot.  We have what appears to be a rogue Obama Justice Department/FBI and it is not pretty.  I see this as a move towards a STASI or KGB type "justice" and we must resist it with all we have.  Here is the link to the memo.

It looks to me like the FBI was in cahoots with a political party to try and take out the other.  Democrats and Hillary Clinton paid for the trash "dossier" and it was used to gain a FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page.  He was an "in passing" member for a short time in the Trump campaign (unpaid as well).  He was being surveilled by the FBI since 2013 yet never arrested or indicted as a "foreign spy for the Russians.  But he supplied the excuse for the lying democrats and Clinton to get their pals in the DOJ/FBI to do what we never thought would/could happen in America.  A partisan "justice system.

We all got to hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth by the democrats and the leftwing media telling us all how th Fourth Amendment was sacrosanct and yet these darlings of "liberalism" and privacy rights stood aside and helped the state do these nasty deeds against a fellow American.  And they all lied to the FISA court judge to get the warrants.  Those people should be in jail.  Rosenstein, Lynch, Comey and all their cohorts should be arrested and put where they were trying to put their political opposition.  How about "Guantanamo"?  Enemy combatants all but with warrants and courts rather than guns on the battlefield.

Did we not hear incessantly from all those in the "deep state" that this memo would undermine America and it should not be released?  Yes we did.  Pelosi and Schiff of the democrats and all the lamestream media screamed the release would be terrible for the country.  Yet since it was released yesterday all those pencil necks of the left say now it is no big deal.  How do any right-thinking Americans believe anything from a democrat?  Last night on Tucker Carlson, a loony democrat congressman fro Southern California called Carlson a tool of  Russia and Putin, sinply for asking that loon a question!  That is what the left always does.  Attack personally and try to take out the "question asker" so they don't have to answer.  Disgusting man.  Hopefully the people of his district won't send his sorry ass back to DC.

Today it appears to me America is still here but many people are shaken to their Constitutional core by these acts of subterfuge and lying by those we were always trusting.  When the "Pentagon Papers" was released many years ago, the left pushed to get them out into the light of day for scrutiny.  Yet now those same people are saying rhis memo is too risky to release and needs to be kept under wraps.  Too late.  And America will fix this anyway.  My guess is Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump will send some of the perps packing soon.   Some have already left.

As far as the Special Counsel Mueller's investigation in Trump collusion allegations?  All bullshit in my view.  The FISA warrant was bogus so the reason to have a Special Counsel is bogus.  That should be finished.  America needs to toss out the "deep state" players and bring in some honest Americans to run Justice.  I think the memo shows the depth of totalitarian depravity that can take hold if the bureaucracy is left alone.  Oversight is so important.  And maybe Congress can pass some more protections so these things don't happen again.  Afterall, you may be next.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Republicans and Trump Stand Firm, Democrats defeated

The denocratsdid what they always do and overeached.  The nation is opposed to what they wanted and told them so.  They put their demon tail between their legs and ran away.  Final vote 81-18 to fund the government. DACA was a bridge to far and the American people let those open border/amnesty democartsknow it.  Take care of our people first and that is what the Republicans did today.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Democrats will take the blame if there is a Federal Government Shutdown

Are Americans fed up yet with all the games the democrats are playing with our government and the safety of America?  I am.  My goodness, somehow these democrats think they have some kind of leverage over the Republicans regarding the DACA program.  These are the the people, children of illegal immigrants, now all grown up, who may have to go back to their country of origin.  It looks now like the reported number of 700,000 is over 3.5 million when you add in all the relatives.

President Trump withdrew the "Executive Order" Obama put in place giving these people a reprieve from imminent deportation.  The EO was illegal anyway and yet Trump said to Congress, come up with a bill since it is their job to do so, and he would sign it.  Thinking they ha some political advantage, the democrats decided this was their redline against the Republicans and Trump.  But it looks like they overreached.  Trump and Ryan have outsmarted these democrats and now they are squealing "shutdown" if they don't get their way.

But their strategy leaves our troops in limbo and therefore the protection of America.  It is not a wise move to try and use the troops as a ploy and the democrats will pay heavily for this.  There is no reason to conflate the DACA people with the federal budget and the military funding issues.  And Trump and Ryan are pointing that out at every opportunity.  So my guess is the democrats will fold but whine incessantly about these illegal immigrants.

And are we all sick and tired of the democrats lecturing us all about the jobs and positions these DACA people have in the country?  I am.  Sure I am all in if the DACA people want to join the military.  For me that is a fast way to legal.  But the rest are less educated, have more draw on the tax dollars in programs and commit crimes more readily than legal people and citizens.  Why would we want to allow them to stay if they are not benefitting the country?

The answer is VOTES.  For democrats of course.  The democrats need a steady supply of people from poor countries they can control and garner their votes.  Sad to say but this is really a Pyrrhic victory as I see it.  Bringoing in millions who have no allegiance to America will kill the country sooner than later.  That is why we have a LEGAL system so that people can become true Americans.  No matter where they come from.  I could care less what race or color or country they come from.  They have to BENEFIT America though.  They must assimilate.  America is more than just a conglomeration of people.  It is a place that anyone can succeed if they do it right and follow the law.

But democrats just want some compliant voters.  Since Trump is trying to get black Americans on to his Trump train, the left thinks they need to legitimize all these illegals as they may be losing the blacks and the legal brown Americans. Employment is ticking up for all groups and the best way to repay the progress is voting for those that help your bottom line.  Republicans will be gaining may supporters as more and more of them get jobs.  Democrats are all about taxing those people and sending that to those like the DACA folks on the dole.  That is a non-starter for most Americans of goodwill.  Sure we all want to help those that are disadvantaged.  We have spent trillions to do that.  But we are getting weary of the constant drumbeat from the democrats and the left that we are not paying attention to the least among us.

I say hogwash.  It has been my experience that we Americans that work, pay our taxes and play by the rules are the greatest force for good ever seen on this planet.  Not only have we done our best to help our own citizens but we have spent trillions on other countries.  Many of those countries are hostile yet we see through hat to try and help their people.  But the time to reassess is here.  The Republicans, without one vote from a democrat in Congress, passed a tax reform and Jobs bill that is sending our economy into overdrive.  With every job and paycheck, democrats lose voters.  So there you have it.

In order to scare Americans, the democrats say they will shutdown the government if the DACA people are not given "amnesty".  But so what?  Shut it down.  We finally have a President that will meet these democrats liars on the battlefield and he will win this.  America cannot keep spending money we don't have and maybe we should let bills go a bit late to get things into balance.  Protect the people with our military and law enforcement, but maybe the rest can be placed on hold until we balance.  Go Republicans, Go Trump, don't let the demicrat liars win anything.  America can no longer allow the left to wreck the place.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Trump is on to something about immigration

Oh my, Trump said (allegedly) in a private meeting about immigration issues, "why are we allowing people from the shithole countries"?  And of course, the democrats in the meeting were faux outraged at these words.  (they are the same people in charge of porn). And they immediately tried to turn those words into Trump is a racist mantra.  But it is only playing in the liberal circles and the lamestream media.  The rest of America is saying YAY!  Someone is actually standing up for the American people. No PC filter.  We all know many people that say this and believe it too.

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois is trying to push the racist narrative of Trump's alleged comments.  Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas says Trump did not say it.  Anyway, Durbin, famous for his speech comparing our military to the Nazi's back about ten years ago, has no credibility to most Americans and we can toss his comments aside.  Of course, the lamestream media backs Durbin up as they have also shown their hate for the military.  Look at their favorable reviews of the latest Hollywood make-believe in the movie on the Pentagon Papers from the early 70's.

So immigration seems to be the redline for Trump and the Republicans.  Thank goodness Trump is holding fast as I have no faith in the Congressional Republicans to hold the line.  It really is interesting that Durbin is now claiming the term "chain migration" is offensive to blacks in America.  He says they shudder that their ancestors were brought here in chains and they take it as a racist slam.  Say What?  No one on earth except the left thinks like that.  The true definition is simple.  A person gets to come here and all his relatives follow.  Chain migration.  It has nothing to do with race.

Since Trump mentioned Haiti and El Salvador as a sh**hole and some other countries that contain brown and black people, the left saw a opening to claim racism.  But it has nothing to do with race and all. It is about who can help the country.  We want the best and brightest.  We do not need millions of barely educated people filling our welfare rolls and ER's.  And we want people that contribute to the economy with a job or business.  No more poor need apply.  We can't afford it and it undermines the whole system.  And all these people mean to the democrats is more voters for their candidates.  If these people were spouting support for Republicans, my guess is the democrats would be doing their best to stop them.

It seems to me the issue of immigration is the make or break for the Republican party.  If they cave on this without getting the wall, a stop to chain migration and the lottery, then the party will cease to exist.  Trump knows this and that is why he stood his ground this week about the democrat offer.  Thank goodness we have someone with balls in the Oval Office.  The economy is cooking and the DOW and other factors are looking great.  And all because we have a man with postive thinking in charge.  Eight years of Mr. Negative, Barrack Obama, almost wrecked the country.  Now we have a plus 3% GDP and millions of people working.  Low unemployment and trillions of dollars returning to our country's pockets for circulation.  What not to like?

It is all this success that is driving the democrats nuts.  How can they overcome this positive to gain the votes of the disaffected?  When there is low numbers of disaffected?  The better America and its people do economically, the worse it is for democrats and the lamestream media sycophants.  But we on the right are not buying what the left is selling.  Just as we did not buy in to Obama's new normal philosophy.  We knew America would recover and do great.  It just took the people tossing out the scofflaws and thieves like the Clintons and their pals.  So keep your confidence.  The left and their media rats want you to believe in all their lies.  In my view, all their lies are not working.  Russian collusion?  Only the democrats and Clinton did that.  Not Trump.

America is gaining steam underTrump and his policies.  More and more success will breed even more.  The democrats can't lie their way to the pinnacle of power.  We are watching and listening and challenging them all along the way.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 done, on to 2018!

I won't bore you with a compilation of things that took place in 2017.  Most mainstream news and entertainment shows will do that.  My thoughts are a bit different from the year just passed.  After two previous years of almost full-time political campaigning, Donald Trump became the President of our great country.  And right away we saw the media and entertainment industries and all their employees trying to take him out.  We got to see the desperation of the left in America when they don't get their way.  We saw the muscle of "middle" Americans as they put Mr. Trump over the top.  I love it!

Of course, the Executive branch is one-third of the government and most of the employees.  I had hoped President Trump would be cleaning the swamp right away and he has tried.  Yet the democrats in the Senate are slow-walking his picks for many of the ten thousand appointees.  It has bogged down some parts.  But there are many picks that have heartened me.  He is dismantling the gears for the hoax of "global warming".  Drying up the grants and removing their propaganda from websites.  Oh, my the orthodox hoaxsters are apoplectic.

He has decided the Antiquities Act was abused by past Presidents and is reversing some of the decisions.  States now get to decide or at least have a say when the Feds want to lock up their lands for only viewing.  Natural resources make a country great and he is all about that.  Of course, immigration, legal and illegal has been in turmoil as Trump tries to bring common sense into the equation.  "Chain migrations" and "lotteries" to bring people here are now on hold.  Travel restrictions allowed to be made under the law are in force.  The left and their lackey Judges tried to defeat Trump on the travel bans but as we have seen the Supreme Court say he has the legal and constitutional right to do as he did.  Of course the leftwing and their judges keep at it but I would hope the SCOTUS would sanction those charlatans.

Trump loves to tweet every day as well.  I enjoy those tweets and to me, it makes him the most transparent President ever.  The media hate it as do the left and democrats.  But if he did not tweet they would call him Obama, the least transparent, and most secretive President in my lifetime.  Can't win with the "haters" of the left.  Since I am a follower on Twitter I tweet responses and ideas to him and others on my list.  They probably never see them but it makes me feel better to get some ideas out there just in case.

 We get to see the "fake news" media put the big old foot in their mouths almost daily.  Lots of minuscule corrections on page two bottom, small font.  And those are the corrections of Page One above the fold huge Font headlines.  But most of us on the right know what is going on.  We have alternative news sources and those all came into prominence this last year.  We are sick and tired of the bias left.  We are mocked and made fun of for being plain old Americans and in the flyover country.  But it looks like Trump's victory made them look the fools as far as I can tell.

Of course, the left and the democrats are doing their best to keep the "Russian collusion" allegations on the front burner.  We all know that is a hoax and we all know the democrats and Hillary Clinton paid 11 million to some shady characters to create the "dossier" of fakeness on Trump.  Yet for some reason, this phony story is kept alive by Robert Mueller of the Special Counsel.  He has secured two guilty pleas on unrelated issues but still won't admit there is no there there.  Plus all the people he hired were either Hillary donors and/or supporters.  You must stop the biased investigation and call it quits.  It is not good for America to keep things boiling.

Then close to the end of the year we see all the allegations about sexual harassment by men against women.  And it is widespread as many women have come forward on allegations from up to forty years ago.  And we see the results which prove that we have no "innocent until proven guilty" in America if it has to do with sexual issues.  I actually think ASenator l Franken should not resign.  And I am happy that Judge Roy Moore was defeated but for reasons other than allegations of harassment.  Until people weary of this tactic it will continue.  Kind of reminds me of the "daycare" molestation hysteria of the early 1980's.  Many people went to jail and some committed suicide after allegations then convictions.  And many years later saw a reversal as the children came forward and said they were coaxed to lie.

Last we saw the passage of the tax reform bill and that sure has set the left off.  They know it will be their demise for opposing this middle-class reform.  Corporate money parked overseas may come back in piles.  I hope so.  But even without all that, the positive attitude exuded by Trump has helped the economy a lot.  Obama was a downer and Trump is an upper. 

Democrats and the left with their lackey media cannot see the forest for the trees in regards to Trump and the big picture.  He is lightyears ahead of them in strategy and thought.  They do their best to claim he is a dumbass while he chuckles in the Oval Office.  He did not become a successful man by being stupid.  But these four-year "rhetoric" champs from a "journalism" school think they are smarter.  Hell, my six-year-old granddaughter is smarter than most journalists.  I for one saw eight years of kissing Obama's ass by these same idiots writing derogatory articles about Trump and his diet cokes, big Macs and any other inane things they can conjure up.

My lessons for 2017 are quite simple.  Don't believe a single thing the mainstream media writes and says about the Trump family and Administration.  Listen maybe to FOX and talk radio where a free exchange of ideas take place almost daily.  And there are plenty of alternative news sources that we can find on the internet.  If anything, the mainstream media needs to go to rehab to learn how to be fair and balanced.  Otherwise, they will become the dinosaurs.