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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Stocks and Bonds are doing what they do

Image result for money cartoonWatching the markets is fun and most of the time.  It is a reflection of current events played out with people's money.  So many things at play.  Up and down we go, round and round we go.  Since we are a capitalistic country, people are always betting things will get better and their portfolio's will increase in value.  And it works that way most of the time.  Now we have all these computers running the decisions for traders and when there is a glitch of some sort we see either a meteoric rise in the markets or a decline.  We are seeing a decline this week.

I am no expert at all but from the sidelines I see many reasons for these ups and downs.  World events, interest rates (up or down), confidence in the overall economy, jobs, stability of the currency and many more things influence our markets.  Very complex.

Some people know how to "play" all these things and still make money.  After-all that is the reason we have these markets isn't it?  Of course.  There are commodities, stocks and bonds, small companies and large ones.  Lately I think the huge tech companies are the reason things are going south this week.  People are losing faith in them.  They all seem to be anti-republican and anti free speech.  And Americans don't like that.

I have friends that are making money on stocks even as the indexes head down.  Medical stuff will always be a winner as Americans want better tools and medicines.  I once had a friend that liked Proctor and Gamble stocks.  People will always be having babies and need the things they produce.  Well now with diminishing birth rates that might be a problem.  But it showed me there is a reason each person's opinion on a particular stock is so personal.

Image result for money cartoonThe major thing I see with the banks and credit cards is this.  There was once a "usury" cap on the interest rates a bank could charge.  Somewhere along the way that cap evaporated and we see "Mafia-like" rates charged on credit cards and loans.  And it seems every time the government gets involved with the banks and investments things go awry.  Too big to fail?  Not in America in my opinion.  If a bank or credit card company has so much income and deposits then if they fail why should the taxpayers pick them up?  We saw that locally with some banks that were sold and the depositors and taxpayers took a huge hit in their pocket books.

Now we see the government has forced debt in the form of a couple of trillion dollars onto the graduates of out colleges.  They get their degrees and also a note to payback that is sometimes overwhelming.  Maybe $200,000 to get that female studies degree.  Rather than get the costs of  a class under control (same for public schools)  the government just dumps money on the issue.  So wastes is huge and the taxpayers get hosed.   Rather than make a professor actually show up and teach the taxpayers get hosed.  It is immoral in my view to force this debt on our young people and not force reforms in the universities and colleges.

So just like the early 2000's when the democrats forced banks to lend at a future loss regarding mortgages, we have spent our wad and now seem to be regrouping.  That is what America does.  There is always someone out there that will figure out a way to make money and sometimes it works.  Sometimes not.  But the spirit of the American to make money and a better life for themselves and the country is hugely successful.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Lindsey Graham, New Republican Rock Star on Kavanaugh Hearing

Women need to read this and see if they agree

Any other Friday night, Gold Club Centerfolds, a strip club on the outskirts of Sacramento, would be sparsely populated — mostly with men. And politics would be left at the door. But Friday night, women packed the sold-out venue to see Stormy Daniels, keenly aware of the celebrity porn star’s bombshell allegations that she had an affair with President Donald Trump in 2006, and a decade later, accepted a $130,000 payoff to keep silent about it during the 2016 presidential election. Daniels played up her national spotlight, walking out to “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz and wearing a red, white and blue sequined dress. As she stripped down nude, the voices of women rang louder than those of the men in the crowd. At one point during her striptease, the crowd sang along to Tom Petty’s “An American Girl” as Daniels squirted her body with lotion to loud cheers and screams. Many women said Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, drew them to see her perform because of her willingness to speak publicly about her past relationship with Trump, and because of the payment, both of which have contributed heavily to the legal and political turmoil surrounding the president. “I’m not here to watch her get naked or strip, I just wanted to show support for another woman,” said Samantha Paulson, 32, of El Dorado Hills. “She has the guts to talk about her experiences and her views, and that’s not easy right now in this political climate. “I wanted to support her right to have a voice, and I didn’t want it to be all creepy guys throwing ones at her,” Paulson said. Shoshana Steele also came out specifically to see Daniels. She’s not a strip club regular, she said. “I think that she is someone who is influencing politics right now,” said Steele, who did not provide her age or city of residence. “The influence she could have on what’s happening in the U.S. right now makes her someone worth seeing.” Normally, women make up about 20 percent of the crowd, club manager Lars Gudenberg said. But Daniels drew about half women. “We’re definitely seeing more interest from women, and older, more affluent people,” Gudenberg said. “There’s a lot of political motivation and she has a name you recognize, whether it’s polarizing one way or the other. “Her notoriety, positive or negative, is a driving force of why people wanted to come out tonight,” he said. Daniels has attracted widespread attention for speaking publicly about her alleged affair with Trump and his alleged role in keeping her silent before the 2016 election. She has not been shy about disclosing salacious details, including describing the president’s genitalia. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has testified in court that Trump directed him to make the payment to Daniels. Trump first denied, but later acknowledged, that he knew about the payment to Daniels, but only after Cohen had already made it. Trump has denied the affair. Daniels, performing on a national tour called “Make America Horny Again,” is also promoting her new tell-all memoir “Full Disclosure.” She performs two additional shows, Saturday night at 9 p.m. and midnight, at Gold Club Centerfolds in Rancho Cordova. Friday’s early crowd was spirited but not rowdy, with no one yelling out or heckling the porn star. A San Francisco man, who declined to give his name because of concern over stigma for going to a strip club, said Stormy Daniels’ willingness to step into the public spotlight is part of the reason he came out. “She’s getting under (Trump’s) skin,” he said. “She’s standing up to him, and more women are willing to stand up too and not be shoved around anymore. If it takes a porn star to stand up to Trump, I’ll take it.” Trump critics weren’t the only ones who showed up. Some said they wanted to see Daniels perform simply because of her place in history. “This isn’t a regular thing. I’m here because of the Trump drama,” said Mindy Tang, 39. “I like it. And it’s not over.

” Read more here:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Democrat slime tactics should be rejected!

If you are not worried that the very people we elect as our lawmakers have become unhinged anarchists, then you are not paying attention.  This kerfuffle about Brett Kavanaugh and his conformation to the Supreme Court is a watershed moment.  Similar to the slimes that tried to derail Clarence Thomas many years ago, this attack on a good man is way over the top.  I have watched this every day and read and watched the reporting and it is shameful.

Apparently, all the media needs are some lunatics declaring a person did something 35 years ago and without proof the media will run it and smear the alleged perp.  No trial, nothing to see here, move along.  There does not have to be any proof.  In fact, the people this Ford woman says were in the room deny it!  Yet even this does not phase the media and the loons on the left.  The allegation is enough!  That was how it worked in banana republics not the USA we say.  But to those trying to deny a good man his position they will stop at nothing to run him out of town and ruin him personally

The reason I see this as a kangaroo court and a pack of lies is it happened to me when I was a elected official.  Even before I won the position the left of our little county was doing their nasty deeds.  In my case I decided that I would not respond as many already knew me and they were unconvinced the lies had merit.  And I won twice against this kind of smear.  But Kavanaugh is facing more than I ever did.  Millionaires and billionaires of the left are spending money to buy these lies.  I wonder how many mortgages will get paid as thanks for the sacrifice?

America should be better than this.  We need to shun those that push guilty until proven innocent.  Hell, Ms. Ford wants Kavanagh to testify before her allegations are heard under oath!  Say what?  And she does not want to have a lawyer grill her.  She and the democrats think the fact a bunch of white, older male Senators are enough to toss the public into their camp.  I say this tactic will fail as we have seen the Chairman, Charles Grassley, bend over backwards for this woman.  And still she is a possible "no-show" to the hearing.  And now she says she doesn't fly so that could delay her arrival.  But she has been to Hawaii for work in the past so that sounds hollow to me.  Just delays.  I think she may be a no-show.

 This confirmation become a three-ring circus and the clowns are the democrats.  The Republicans have stayed above the low fray and look like the adults they are.  The democrats are simply desperate.  Does America want to be run by these democrat clowns?  I hope not.  And if you are a victim of something are you unable to forgive?  And why blame every man or perp group for your issue?  My goodness if you were robbed by a Samoan does that mean you have to hate every Samoan?  Of course not.  But that is what the democrats want.  Hawaii's Senator Minnie Hirono says all you men need to shut up and believe the woman.  She is telling the truth and all you men are liars.  Wow!

So hopefully the right-thinking American voters will reject these loons of the left and toss their hate into the trash.  We need people that think and not a bunch of lemmings who call everyone who do not agree with them, some sort of goon.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Free Speech only for Leftwing Thugs?

Watching the confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court is quite the lesson in free speech and manners in general.  America is so concerned about the rights of those we disagree with that we give great latitude to people's "rights" to exercise their free speech.  So the leftwing extremists have taken it to the edge of common sense and manners and we all get to see that lunacy in these hearings.

I have watched and have been the target of that kind of behavior for many years and know it is a fine line between acceptance and going too far in the discourse between people.  Many times I have been verbally attacked and called all kinds of denigrating names by extremists leftists and all because I spoke my mind.  My strategy has been I start out discussing the issue with comments relative to the issue.  And as usual, if it is a controversial issue that is discerned as partisan, the left-wing attacks and tries to shut me or others down.  I then counter-attack.

As a County Supervisor I experienced these things for the first time and in the beginning, I did not know how to deal with these attacks.  I am all for free speech and did my best to simply debate the issues.  But the left was all about shutting the debate down and running the person out of town.  They not only attacked me personally but my family and relatives.  They tried to shut down my business.  And all because they could not debate with a counter-argument.  I dealt with this for the eight years I was a Supervisor.  After I left the Board I created CABPRO in 1993 as a way to keep a voice in local to federal issues.  I had by then become prepared for the attacks and they sure came.  I opposed the Wild and Scenic proposals of the left and the policies of the Forest Service and BLM that were forcing people out of the loop of decision making.

And wow!  I got attacked relentlessly at meetings and in the newspaper.  I was attacked in a book by an academic from Oregon and later by people trying to shut down an application to a mine on San Juan Ridge.  Later the BLM was trying to place an illegal overlay on property on the Ridge to stop a mine from opening.  And I debated many times these issues and withstood the attacks by the proponents of these issues.  But to me it was still important to maintain "free speech" and I never tried to shut the opposition up of down.  I tried to maintain composure and debate intelligently about the issue and do it with the facts.

Once I was debating three people on the issue of an overlay on property on the San Juan Ridge.  It seemed it always took three to four people to debate little old me.  The BLM handbook was in my hands as I debated their Cheif on KNCO.  He denied he was doing anything that was disallowed in his handbook.  I then quoted from the handbook that said he was.  He called me a liar!  Same with a man from the Cement Hill area about a flyer he circulated to the homeowners in his Association.  I had his flyer in my hands and quoted his words about the issue.  He called me a liar!  I learned a lot then about the left wing people.  They call anyone they disagree with a liar, even when being quoted from their own documents.

Moving forward to this era, things have gotten much worse.  The latest is the election of Donald Trump.  Yesterday we all got to see a travesty of our "free press" hen the New York Times published an "Anonymous" Editorial on Trump!  And of course, there is no way to confirm, anything in the screed.  My experience tells me if someone is gutless about using their name that the information they purport to have is not credible.  So I disregard it.  And that is what I see today on this NYT Editorial.  No one believes it so it is simply regarded as a "fairy tale".  It does show us all that the opposition has no compunction about using things they think to help their cause.  Lies and force are now common on the left.

I attended two "free speech" rallies in early 2017 in Berkeley.  That is when the new "brownshirts" of the left, the "Antifa" or anti-fascists, showed America what they are all about.  Violence and thuggery.  I saw many people at the rally get pepper sprayed.  Simply for reading out loud the Constitution of the United States!  I saw people get smashed in the face or back for simply standing there listening to people speak about free speech!  I saw the police stand there.  Apparently, they had orders from the Mayor to let the thugs alone.  I had a MAGA cap on and I got numerous middle finger salutes.  Of course, I consider that an acknowledgment I am Number One!

And now we see a total disrespect for the President and anyone else that has a conservative point of view.  Instead of debate, these lefty democrats shout down those they disagree with.  They keep people from even speaking and get others dis-invited to a debate or forum.  This is a cowards strategy in my view.  America has been great because we could debate things and discuss them rationally and then in elections vote for someone reflecting out positions.  But we see that is now disregarded by the left.  They want to "impeach" Trump.  They don't believe a word he says and we see a phony investigation into "Russian collusion" and other things trying to undermine his administration.  And the opposition has become even more shrill and aggressive.  We see that in the Kavanaugh hearing. 

I see the desperation of the left and their mouthpieces we call the "media" and the NYT Editorial is the latest example.  When spoiled brats don't get their way this is how they act.  And the democrats are no better than a 10-year-old child in their strategy to win back the reins of power.  They are even attempting to elect people we call socialists!  That is a strategy I hope they keep up.  America fought socialism in the form of communism for 70 years and finally vanquished it from the planet.  Well except for a couple of places and we see what has happened to Venezuela and Cuba.  But the democrat party thinks this is a winning strategy.  I say go for it.  Let's debate it.

America is in turmoil but to me, it is contrived by the left who likes thuggery to get its way. We on the right lived eight years of Obama and the worst people did against him was a rally by old people called the Tea Party.  They left the parks cleaner than when they arrived.  The lefty groups trash and burn and beat people up now and for some reason, the press gives them a pass.  Maybe a paragraph or two for one day.  I recall the press excoriating the Tea Party for allegedly spitting on some black Congressmen as they crossed the lawn to deliver the ObamaCare bill.  Day after day it was reported.  But it was a lie and the corrections were hard to find.

If we cannot have decent discourse with thuggery we are not going to be around very long as a free country.  We will revert to what the planet has seen before America ever existed.  A few people in charge, no laws except the KING and violence all the time.  I ask Americans to have some respect for the Constitution and its provisions and stop the thuggery by the left.

Friday, August 17, 2018

The Media is the biggest "snowflake"!

Image result for snowflake pictureNo one likes to be criticized especially when it is unfair.  And when the media is the source of the criticism really is a tough thing to take.  Having been an elected official and then a candidate and then a public figure, I have had my share of being attacked.  Attacked by others and the media.  It is not fun but I learned it was part of the job.  I had numerous stories in the local paper that were made from whole cloth and attempted to make me a target of derision.  Why would a local media do that?  Well, the media is made up of humans who have likes and dislikes and are emotional.

After a couple of truly fabricated articles, I got into a beef with the editors about their lies.  And they defended their lies and never apologized.  Not even a correction!  They are above reproach in their own minds.  Full of hubris.  And their targets all deserve what these lovelies dispense.  That is what they are taught in those "liberal arts" colleges by professors who think they are GOD's gift.  The truth be damned.  But these media types think whatever they say or write should just be accepted and never do they have to defend it.  Well, now we see they are no different about critics as their targets have been since the beginning of the ink and paper crowd.

Over 350 newspapers across America published articles demanding President Trump to stop telling the people they are "fake news" purveyors.  Snowflakes.  We Americans who stay informed know a lot of what these media types spew is fake news.  And it is tainted with their bias and emotions.  We see it.  We read it.  But the left does not.  They think being held accountable to their own standards is apostasy to the American experience.  I actually think it is the opposite.  Everyone needs to know their "boundaries" of telling the truth and lies.  The media has not learned that simple thing we are all taught at three years old.  Right and wrong.  Don't lie or exaggerate.  Tell the truth.

But the media can't hack it.  They are all worked up that they have been taken to task by the big bad wolf.  Donald Trump is giving back to them their own crap.  He is not telling them to stop printing or talking or writing.  He is simply saying to these spoiled brats, to tell the truth!  Stop the lies and be FAIR to all.  But they don't even understand that simple task.

I have watched and listened to Trump from the escalator to today.  I see how the media twist his words into unrecognizable sentences he never said or meant.  I see the media take his humor and twist it into a meaning never intended.  But we Americans with a brain see and hear what he says and what he means.  And the media simply drive more of us away as we see they try their best to divide us from Trump and our party.
 When you read an article on, for instance, a murder or some attack.  The media will not tell us what the color of the perpetrator is.  They won't tell us what the religion is.  They do if it is a white person and a Christian though.  I call that keeping the truth from the readers.  But they do this as they have decided what we should know.  Rather than report the facts.  And I recall the Associated Press decision to stop calling terrorist attacks terrorist attacks and Obama calling them human disruptions or some ridiculous description.  Orwell would recognize these things rather quickly.  And the LA Times forbidding anyone who says "climate change" is not what their "experts say it is from even being allowed to use the comment section of their paper.

I have had numerous attacks over the years and I have learned those attacks always get the top of the front page above the fold.  Any response is on the back page and the last paragraph.  That goes for most anything conservative.  Anything opposed to the environmental community gets the first para as well.  I ran a group called CABPRO that challenged many of the lies the eco groups spewed and saw first hand how the media begrudgingly gives us a para at the end of the article on the back page.  And look at the way the media describes those they try and belittle.  Eco-terrorists are doing the work of the good.  But a person opposing them is the villain.  They use all kinds of weasel words to describe and belittle those that hold a view different than theirs.

When we saw the victories of the eco's regarding the Northern Spotted Owl and the demise of the logging industry in the west, we saw the bias in every article.  Eco's good, loggers bad.  And when towns went ghost when all the jobs left we did not see the articles on the suicides and tragedies of those ruined by those eco "victories".  Later we saw that what we were saying about the owls was true, no articles demanding the truth from the media and the eco's.  All a bunch of brainwashing.

So President Trump calls the media out and they can't hack it.  They still have the free press.  And people like me will still fight for the free press and defend it with my life.  But we want the "free" press to start being truthful and keep their bias under wraps.  My guess is they will not.  And so we get to hear Trump tell them to shape up and it keeps us happy who have been consistently attacked by the biased media.  90% of these press lovelies voted for democrats.  How are we to believe their feelings are hurt when one of their targets fights back?  I say BRAVO!  Keep them on the edge, just like they do with us on the right.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

UPDATED August 26, 2018. Live each day as if it is your last one.

Daryl and Me on the right.
I traveled to Alabama last week and returned last Tuesday.  My trip was to see my friend soince1972,  Daryl O'Barr.  I lived in Palm Springs from 1971-1976.  I left Grass Valley looking for a better life.  I went there with my wife and infant daughter.  Shortly after arrival, I got a job at the Ramada Inn as a front desk clerk.  My wife worked in the restaurant at the Ramada.  I was 21 and she was 20.

During  Easter Vacation of 1972 the town would fill up with revelers and if you did not have a reservation you would be out of luck to get a room.  That is the time my acquaintance started with Daryl.  He was a Marine, back from Vietnam and stationed at 29 Palms in the high desert north of Palm Springs.  He showed up at the counter looking for a room.  We had none so I did my best to find him one in town.  Unsuccessful, I said I was sorry and he said thanks.  Then I thought why not see if the wife would let him come to our place and sleep on the couch?  Mary said sure and that is how our friendship began.

 I went to visit him a few times over the years and he came here.  We kept in contact regularly.  Then about a year ago he said he was getting sick and needed tests.  Being a vet he went to the VA in Birmingham for a physical and after a bunch of tests he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I knew it was bad.  My dad passed away from that terrible disease back in 1982.  Dad made it to 62 and the disease ravaged him.  Dad weighed about 100 pounds when he went to heaven.

So some time passed and Daryl and I decided I should come to see him and so I did.  Daryl picked me up at the airport and he looked like a walking skeleton.  His 67 years looked ninety.  He has hope though and I encouraged him to do whatever he could to beat this disease.  He said he signed up for the new VA care allowing vets to seek out private doctors if they could not get help at their VA Hospital.  We drove down to  Pensacola, Florida to the VA there so he could arrange a private setup.

The week was tough on Daryl as he has no muscles and is fatigued by simply walking to the bathroom.  I did my best to keep a positive attitude while I was there but having need through this with Dad I was in my heart being a realist. Even Dad had hope until the end and I expect that is a human characteristic.  It is so difficult to stay positive as the body and mind get ravaged and I was grateful Daryl was as positive about surviving this cancer.  I reaffirmed my desire to live each day as if it were my last which keeps me positive.

 Anyone out there who has their health and wishes they were dead should rethink all that.  We have the gift of life GOD gives us all and we should not ever take it for granted.  We are all GOD's creatures and are the only living things we know of in the universe.  And we know we are alive so don't squander that gift.  The man is so talented as well.  He plays the piano, trumpet, and guitar.  He sings opera and has an amazing voice.  How one man can have all that talent is not fair.  Since I can't hold a tune. Daryl is a true believer and he knows he will be with GOD when he moves on.  God bless him!
UPDATE August 26, 2018
I was just informed by Daryl's brother Davis that my friend passed away this morning at 5:30 AM  He was a believer and I know he is now in heaven along with his folks.  John McCain and Daryl were in the military during Vietnam.  Daryl was a Marine.  God Bless his soul and the soul of Jon McCain.  They are chatting about their lives I am sure.