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Sunday, April 24, 2016

This Oath Keeper patriot scares the crap out of Pelline and Frisch, why?

I read the screed by local leftwingnut Jeff Pelline and his brother in beliefs, Steven Frisch about the group of people calling themselves the Oath Keepers.  Well, I was not to familiar with them but I know if Pelline attacks a person or group then they must be a Patriotic Group of Americans.  Pelline and Frisch must be Sail Alinsky aficionados because anytime a discussion about the greatness of our country is in gear, those two have to defame.  Frisch even attacks our Nevada County Sheriff in his screed.  I would suggest the Sheriff not send help on the next 911 call so Frisch can see what a "un patriotic" Sheriff would do.  Of course Keith Royal would never forget to send help, even to such a ingrate as Frisch.  Who by the way runs a Truckee non-profit that is paid for by the taxpayers money.

So go check out the Oath Keepers and see who they are.  Don't believe these ingrates like Pelline and Frisch who seem to love that failed country with the letters US** more than they do the patriots who protect their sorry asses.  HERE is the link to the Oath Keepers.  They seem to be ex military and law enforcement types hell bent on making sure we are safe and secure via the Oath from Article Six of the US Constitution.  Pelline calls this group "rightwing extremists" for goodness sake.  In fact it is his "leftwingnut" views and political beliefs that are extreme.  These men and women of the Oath Keepers are the true Americans in life and spirit.  Belief in the Oath, belief in the Constitution, not the belief in a man instead of laws.  And the two Nevada County curmudgeons, Pelline and Frisch call them extremists.  You all decide who the extremists are.  No wonder young people are not coming to our county after reading Pelline and Frisch idiocy.

The oath we all take when elected.

 I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter. So help me God.[1]

Article Six.

Article VI

All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.
This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Law Enforcement and the NCRCC Gratitutde Night!

I traveled to the Alta Sierra Country Club clubhouse for a gathering of the folks that make this community and county work last night.  Close to 200 people showed up to honor the people who protect us and recognize their tough jobs.  Cops, emergency responders and others were given hearty applause as the main speaker, Sheriff Keith Royal, spoke for them.

I got to see many folks I have not seen for a long time.  I used to be the Chairman of the NCRCC back in 1995-1999.  Some of the members are still there!  Betty Hood, perhaps  is still at it.  I think she is 90 or so.  She alone(along with her now deceased husband John), have registered hundreds if not thousands of people over the years.  Greg Marks was there and did the invocation.  He is a tireless worker for the party and was Chairman after I left.  Current Chair is Deborah Wilder, she did a fine job along with many of the Republican women, to make the evening fun.  JoAnne Rebane a a few others did a lot of the legwork for the auction.
The Trump Team

There was not a lot of discussion from the podium on the candidates for offices though.  The Chair did introduce most all the elected dignitaries but no "campaigns" were allowed to talk. Duane Strawser was there and I did not get to meet him.  Hopefully he will prevail in my old seat of District One Supervisor.  Doug LaMalfa was there and I think one other person in his race but I am not sure.  Ed Scofield and his wife Carol were at the next table and we had a short pleasant conversation. 
I am in the blue tie

It was a overall pleasant evening and the Country Club did a good job and the food was excellent.  I do wish they had another bartender though.  It took a while to get the ginger ale!

Proud to support Doug LaMalfa for Congress
George Rebane taking pictures
 The Trump contingent was there and doing their best to mingle and converse about their candidate.  I am supporting the e eventual nominee so now it appears I am a Trump supporter too!  Heck, I may get to be a delegate and perhaps go to Cleveland for the convention!  What an adventure that could be!  I listened to the Trump folks and it appears he has a pretty good set of people all over the state.  His goal of course is to win as many Congressional districts as possible along with the three delegates they send to the convention.

I think we have a good chance at taking back our country from the leftwingnuts and get America back on track.  Obama's mission to the EU this week and his comments show me he is really unable to stop being a local "community activist" in Chicago.  Still angry and carrying a grudge against "colonialism" of two centuries ago.  He truly is an embarrassment and maybe he should just stay home in the White House and watch video games.  Or now, stay on the golf course. 

I spoke to a CHP officer named George and asked him if there was a fund setup for the Officer killed in Truckee last month.  He said yes so here is how to contribute.

The Nathan Taylor Memorial Fund at the CAHP Credit Union , P.O. Box 276507, Sacramento, CA 95827.  This is to help his family. And he said the other Officer rundown in Roseville will make it!

California may have a say in the election of the  next President so I urge everyone to get registered and get out to vote.  The office in the Fowler Center on the Nevada City Highway has all the forms and help to fill them out.  Let's go get that office back!

Friday, April 22, 2016

California Republicans may not be irrelevant!

Or maybe they are?  Anyway, nationally our state has been out of the loop for important offices since we are now the "People's Republic of California" and run by leftwingnuts.  Most people who are fed up and have the means to leave the state have left.  Leaving those die hard people  like me and some others in the "hinterlands" to be the honorable opposition voices.  California seems to have back-filled the loss of productive people with what I call the "takers" of society and our capitalist economy.  Hence we see the sharpest partisanship on our elected districts.

If it were not for the money being made by the silicon valley techie people, the state would be totally toast.  Unfortunately those tech people are lefty and their only use for politicians is their ability to send a gazillion bucks to politicians that have the desire to regulate them.  Never have understood that appeal by these entrepreneurs for these liberal anti-business politicians.  But there are many things I don't understand.

So, now not only are politicians coming for money, they are coming for delegates!  At least the Republicans say they are.  Democrats have now decided Bernie Sanders is toast and Hillary Clinton is the "one".  Well at least until the indictment.  The R's are making noise that the battle for delegates here is going to take place on June 7, 2016.  Primary day.  Each district will get three delegates and some additional ones based on some secret handshake criteria.  These delegates could make the difference in the end game.  Donald Trump appears to be ahead in the polls in California.  He is at 40%, Cruz 31% and Kasich 16%.  The winner here may be put over the top for the 1237 delegates needed for the first ballot at the Convention this summer.  Or the vote could deny.  We will see. 

So there we are, California is more important then just being a "piggy bank" and may actually determine the nominee for the Republicans.  Democrats have rules that are even more arcane than the R's and way corrupt.  Poor Bernie Sanders, he went up against the most distrusted person in Clinton that I have ever seen. 

I urge everyone to get out and vote.  Democrats can stay home since they have no honest people to vote for.  If all the Republicans in California got off their asses and voted we could actually win all the way down the ticket.  Democrats usually stay home in greater numbers than R's anyway. 

I will have my favorites posted later.  Let's rock and roll!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hillary Hodge, stop the whining!

After reading the pouty screed by this woman I did think for a moment "what has happened  to Americans?  She seems to make some points about how tough things are for her age range, but I say "so what"?  Is her life any different than others who came before or are here now?  No, but she sure is a excuse maker.

Here is the link and I am not sure it behind a paywall or not.

Now she has been right up front about being a lesbian and she has a female wife.  OK, fine, I am a heterosexual male and unmarried.  We are even.  But to think she has it tough is one of degrees I guess.  When I was 20 I had a wife and infant and made a buck fifty per hour.  I made that work.  Then as I like money more I got a better job and eventually I started my own business.  I survived, my family survived and there was no time to whine.  I worked 60-70 hours a week.

Eventually, I became OK with my income and was able to build my own home and buy a good used truck and car.  Many people have a really expensive car and that is their personal status symbol apparently.  So those car payments are huge but they look good. 

Jobs here are tough since the liberals of Nevada County won the war on landuse and General Plans.  Thank goodness Grass Valley.  At least  GV has always had people with common sense.  They know jobs provide a community with stability.  Young families can stay.  But in the County, the left won and we see the results.  Schools closing, young families headed for the city.  Low wages because all the left wants here are service jobs for the old farts.  Hell you can't even get a grocery store for Alta Sierra! And the largest job sector is government jobs!

But the left won.  And now we have these people moving here as they have for many years from the city.  I heard lots of testimony from them when I was a Supe.  They were usually at the meetings trying to defeat a business or land use application.  They would say, "I moved here for the peace and quiet and took a huge pay cut to be here".  I said why do you squander that college education on a service job at minimum wage then?  And they continually  complain abut the economy they screwed up here.

Over the years I have listened to the whiners like this Hillary gal and I tell them to look in the mirror for the reason you are getting minimum wage here.  But of course these people never accept their personal responsibility in anything and complain the people that actually have the money from hard work are to blame.  We need a national psychological test for these kinds of people.  They are obviously thinking they are owed something.  That something is a bunch of free stuff but we have run out of free stuff.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Adios Jim Hemig and a hardy welcome to Don Rogers

Our little newspaper sure has had a lot of folks running it over the years.  There has been a few long term Publishers and news reporters but not many.  I was told long ago that these smaller community papers were the training grounds for the ones in the big cities.  So these folks come and learn their trade and move on and up the ladder.  Not different from most other businesses.  After-all this is the land of opportunity.  And if you work hard and keep your nose clean, there is nothing a person cannot accomplish.

I only met Mr. Hemig a couple of times and he was certainly a nice man.  He ran the paper well and I was happy to read it.  My little schedule is simple.  I get out of the sack, make my coffee and get the Union.  Sit on the back deck, weather permitting, and read it from front to back.  I have done this for a long time.  Even though the paper has shrink in number of pages it still let's us read what is going on here in our little burg.  Of course the same shrinkage is happening to all the newspapers of America,  Paper is thinner, pages fewer but information is still there. 

Having been in politics for many years I was familiar with the people running the paper.  I had a spate of critics early on in the 80's.  I did not fit their view of a politicians I guess.  I was even blindsided by the local paper when it decided at the last minute to endorse another candidate in my Assembly run in 1992. 

I was endorsed by the Paradise Post for Assembly but my local paper did a turnaround.  They said they would not endorse but ended up doing so. Well, I finished third out of seven running for the Republican primary and the second place finisher, the paper's endorsee, blamed me for his loss because I got quite a few votes in Truckee, denying him h numbers he need for victory. But even with what I felt was a betrayal at the time I still have great respect fr that publisher.

During that time I was a outspoken person about most issues.  Sort of like a Trump without the nasty personal attacks though.  So I gained some lefty critics and the Editor at the time did not care for me either.  I was chewed on a lot but after a while I got used to it.  It did not harm me in the community as people generally like my stands on local and state issues.  Common sense.  I outlasted that Editor.

Over the 90's the paper saw a few more publishers, some remembered, some not.  I do recall a lady Publisher, actually kind of attractive, who was more left than right, but I liked her.  She once jumped naked into the pond at Starry Starry Nights.  Along with others, (not me) she became kind of famous.  She had a nice figure I was told so she did not scare anyone.  Then she left fairly quickly and the paper had some others.  They all left fairly quickly too.  Of course there was John Seelmeyer who was the Editor for a few years.  I was not a critic until he pulled some shenanigans about me when I ran CABPRO.  Very unprofessional and unethical as I saw it.  News articles about things made up from whole cloth.  I was happy to see him gone. 

Then along came my old friend Jeff Ackerman.  He and I knew each other when he covered the Board of Supervisors for the Union in 1985.  He and I were the same age and after the Tuesday meetings we would sometimes go have a beer at the National.  I found him to be honest and a man with common sense.  As a home builder, common sense is really important, so I knew he would do a good job.  When he returned as the Publisher  I was hopeful he would return the paper to one of local importance and common sense.  He did.  His tenure was long for the paper and he had a good impact on local happenings.  He was a very good representative for the Swift Corporation.  The only thing he did that I questioned was his hiring of Jeff Pelline.  He turned out to be a bust and was not well received here.  Ackerman finally booted him and we all know what a bust he is as blogmeister here ever since.

Now we have this new fellow in charge of our treasured paper.  My hopes are he does as good a job as Jeff Ackerman and Jim Hemig did.  If he does and if he does not let the rabid leftists intimidate him, he will be welcomed by most.  If he is a liberal type person he may have some rabid critics from the center-right.  I wish this new Publisher great success in his responsibilities of our Union.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Drugs and Addicts, PC is now rampant

If you are PC on planet earth then you are not doing much introspection of your noggin in my view.  Humans set up a civilization and some rules to  follow so we can get along.  But  many people on the left (and it affects some on the right as well) cannot tell the truth and are afraid the truth may hurt someone's "feelings", whatever that is. That results in PC.

So we have one fellow running for President who does his best to not be PC even though he under tremendous pressure to do so.  All the other candidates at that level are doing there best to be PC so as not to offend anyone.  Every utterance by these people makes me sick.  America is a tough country I thought.  We did not take any crap from anyone.  We had a country full of people with common sense.  A spade was a spade.  What the heck has happened?

We are infested with PC attitudes at all levels it appears.  Even to the dog catcher level.  I saw this coming for a long time.  But the press and the rest of the media and the educational system is full of people practicing  PC.   Why I asked myself, is this happening?  In a nutshell, "laws".  And laws enforced by lawyers ready to sue for the maltreated clients.  Case law has built a huge mountain to climb over for the common sense person.  And the penalties imposed by the legal system have forced the people sued to become meek and lemmings.  There are so many laws and regulations now, every American is a lawbreaker as soon as they get out of bed.

Look at the angst currently in place regarding drug pushers.  These slime have destroyed thousands if not millions of lives here and of every age.  Heroin OD's are killing many people (Sacramento is experiencing this as I write this), yet the pusher is kind of a after thought for legal.  The Governor and now the President are releasing these seller's of death from prisons and I am shocked at their disregard for the doper's victims.  Maybe the dealer didn't have a gun but he or she are as guilty for violence as a person with a glock.  The results are the same.  But "crack cocaine" and regular "cocaine " have a PC difference to the PC followers.  Even though "crack" has killed many thousands in the inner city, the PC President and our Governor make noises about the "sentences" differences for a seller of these death substances.  Rather than change the law to make it equal as a punishment, meaning equal with a "crack" dealer, these pudding politicians are lowering the standards for incarceration so as to "balance" the sentences to the lower brackets.

Madness in my view.  The incarceration should be tougher, not less.  But to appease the minority community, the release of criminals selling the poison is supposed to be a fair thing. Tell that to all the people murdered by drugs.  Where is the fairness for them?  So not only that,  we try our PC laws on the addicts of the drugs.  Is their no personal responsibility anymore?  No,  it appears no one is responsible.  Every addict of any substance blames Mom and Dad, or the "system" and it just can't be their fault.  We need to take some of the five trillion dollars we Americans pay in taxes and re-institute some "tough love" places to clean these people up.  The fact is if we don't we see the results everywhere around us.  Every day in my local newspaper we read about the arrests of young people (and some older idiots) who are selling drugs.  We get to read their exploits when confronted by the police.  These addicts seem to be stealing from everyone and murdering others.

These people should not be coddled at all.  They want to break the laws they must be held personally accountable.  Stop the madness.  Get these people off the streets.  If politicians and Judges want these people released then I say move them next door to them.  I think things would change pretty quick.

America could be so much more productive if people were not addicts.  Nancy Reagan was ridiculed for her "Just say no" campaign for addiction.  If we are truly a nation with individual protections, then each one of us must take charge of their own lives.  The productivity of America and its ability to last into the future depend on us all getting the scourge of these drug addictions under control.  I have joked a few times that we should prepare the Farallon Islands for a drop off of these people selling death in drugs and violence.  Airdrop the food and some shelter and let the sharks be the guards.  But in the end, to me, a drug dealer needs the honor of the execution.  He or she belong off the planet.  They will not quit as long as they are breathing the same air as the rest of us.  That would curtail a loy of this and bring some peace to the people of America.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump is not my pick yet, but you have to give him credit!

What is all this anger against Trump?  I have watched a dais of seventeen dwindle to three people and there he is.  Trump is lasting.  Why is that?  And it seems there is no slander spewed by his critics that would be acceptable to a Hillary Clinton or a Jeb Bush.  So why are his critics, left and right, so afraid of him?

The answer to me is we have been fed a pablum of what a politician is supposed to be.  Fed by the people in charge of our elected government.  And the "consultants" of every stripe looking for a fast buck every four years.  Trump does not fit the mold of these "establishment" people.  They are all invested in the power of the status quo.  As long as it is in their favor the status quo is happy place.  Now someone coming from the private sector has them filled with fear and angst.

The opposition to Trump calls him dangerous, fascist, "Hitler" and "Mussolini". He is called a bigot, a homophobe, anti-Semite, racist and any other "keyword" of denigration the opposition can come up with.  Even my fellow Republicans are in the mix.  I am very saddened by that.  I was always told our country was special.  That anyone can become President.  Even Michelle Obama said that very thing to a gathering of angry women a couple of weeks ago.

So why all this fear?  Money and power are my guess.  And the fear of the unknown which Trump reflects.  He is not controlled or easy to read by the "smart" people of politics.  But looking back I think his presence has been really good for the body politic.  He has smoked out the real reasons political parties don't like "rogues".  They can't predict their actions or control them.  So they attack.  Having experienced those kinds of attacks at the local level, I can attest to the ferocity of a critics to a outsider.

Americans, especially those on the left, who rabidly hate the SCOTUS decision of "Citizen's United", are showing the true hypocrisy of liberals.  They rail against "big money interests" in politics yet Trump is self funding and says he is not influenced by outside money.  Seems the liberals should embrace this, right?  Nope, not a word of agreement or praise.  Just attacks on him.  The Founders of America wanted what they called "citizen representatives" running the place.  No kings, no lifetime politicians, no political class.  They wanted a "classless" set of in charge of government.  Then after serving a time, these people would go home and live under the laws they passed.

Well, Trump is a developer and if you want to develop anything in America you are faced with spending huge sums of your money, countless time to get your projects and the slings and arrows of neighbors trying to stop you.  You have a gazillion regulations to follow and many bureaucrats who are jealous of your private sector success.  You have to please so many people to get you project you learn people really well.  Most politicians want your money/donations and then produce nothing in return anyway.  But you have to donate.  So Trump donated or as I call it, was extorted for future considerations.

And Trump is a fellow that does not take any crapola.  You attack him he hits back twice as hard.  Business is really a place for the tough people.  Especially at his level.  You try and mealy-mouth him he will smack you back hard and make you whimper.  That is seen as harsh by the meek of course, but it is SOP in development.  Just look at the local "Dorsey Marketplace" in our town.  It takes a man with a spine to get through this world at the top of the game.

Americans don't seem to understand the form of government other than the three branches are "equal" in power.  But actually that is a and has become a farce.  The power is in the Executive.  It is not just the President.  He is in charge of all the employees!  He is the enforcer of the laws.  The other two branches are wimps really.  The Executive is in charge of the IRS and the EEOC and the FBI etal.  That is why a strong leader is needed to keep the vast bureaucracy in check.  I personally want a President that will kick butt when the government is out of control.  I don't want a person to become a part of the problem.

The Trump campaign scares all the status quo people because just maybe their jobs are now at risk.  They may not get stupid laws passed.  Maybe the little guy will get a break.  All these things scare the "establishment" political class.  Trump to me meets the requirements of a "citizen" representative.  I may or may not support him but I respect his attempt to run this broke down country.  He may just fix the place.