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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Local to national to international. The world is divided. And other rants!

President Trump gave a great speech today at the UN General Assembly.  It was not "smooth" like the politicians we hear most often.  They use weasel words and flowing language and say nothing.  But they sound great.  Trump is not like that at all.  Plain spoken, stark and too the point.  North Korea and Iran better look out.  Especially"Rocket Man" Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  And if he does do something stupid and attacks us or our allies, he will be toast.  Trump said that in no uncertain terms.  Same fo Iran.  He was against the Obama/Kerry Iran deal from the gitgo.  And we see them developing the nukes they will someday use on Israel and us.  So watch out Iran and you fascist Mullahs.  You will be tossed by your people if you try to overreach.

The UN delegates were apoplectic.  Not as much though as the American "lamestream media".  They could not believe Trump said "America First"!  Oh my, what are liberals to think?  Well, I say we are tired of the other countries trashing us after we give them their welfare checks.  And maybe we should suspend all of our giving, money, goods and medical help, for a few years and see what happens.  America never went out to conquer for territory and hegemony over others.  We defended freedom and defeated fascism and Imperialism at the cost of many lives.  And the thanks we get?  Dissing us at every opportunity.  It is nice to hear our President stick up for America rather than apologize to countries that can't wash my feet.

Even here in California, we see these people on the left who are never happy emoting on silly things like a "fake news" forum.  I say who cares?  But local liberal buffoon, Jeff Pelline, thinks people care what he says or writes about.  His disdain for the local people is evident with everything he writes.  Why did he move ere then?  Did he research the county before moving here?  I think he did and in his pea brain thought he could make Nevada County Great Again in his image.  Every litttle misspelling in the Union Newspaper is criticized.  Well, it seems he could have done better but somehow he didn't.  He was the Union Editor for a while until he was booted out.  My old friend Jeff Ackerman did that deed and all of us thank him every day for that!

But does the criticism seen every day by Pelline ring at all with anyone?  Nope.  Just a couple of nutcases on his blog but nowhere else.  We look at him with incredulity.  He is the butt of jokes and yet he stays the course of dissing all the "podunks" of the county.

And California!  We have seen the erosion of Republicans in the running of the state.  Many have left for other states where they have a chance at success.  Of course, the wealth of the state is in the urban areas where technology companies are located.  And that is fine.  But the rest of the state is left behind and the powers could care less.  Our poor Assemblyman and State Senator have 15 or so counties.  Where a Single county like LA or SF have many.  We don't have a chance at representation or fairness.  And our farmers and timbermen and miners and others in the natural resource business are regulated into obscurity. The state needs housing for the poor and middle class and the brilliant minds of California government think a BOND issue is an answer.  But that is always their answer.  Take more money from the people who are working hard and transfer it into their coffers in Sacramento. The FIRE FEE was the lasy illegal boondoggle they foisted on 800,000 rural property owners.  And it was passed right after the people of the state voted they could not do that without a VOTE!  But hey, we have a dictatorship of one party.  The democrat party is now the tyrant.  One Party, one direction.  And the people get screwed.  Gas tax increases and registration increase by FIAT.  So all you barely making it will be sending billions to those scofflaws in Sacramento.  That is what we get when one party has a super majority.

Nationally we certainly are a divided nation but not like you think.  We are urban versus rural and suburban. I wonder how divided we would stay if the food and resources from the hinterlands were interfered with?  Those urbanites might think twice in their public disdain for us in the country.  And NO, I did not watch the Emmy's.  I can't stand them or the Oscars anymore.  All those snobs trashing us and our President and telling us how stupid we are.  I say cut off their water, trash pickup, and gasoline and see what happens.  But they did show us all what kind of people thy are.  They have less class than a homeless dude on Sutton Way in Grass Valley.  At least he is thankful for that Food Bank and Welfare check.

Then there are those loony professors teaching our kids!  The nutty professor from John Jay College who appeared on Tucker Carlson's show the other night was a prime example.  As is the woman teacher running "By Any Means Possible".  She tried to knock out a guy at a free speech rally in Berkeley but instead got her mug smacked.  Sorry I have no sympathy for her at all.  Now we see the left trying to say the ANTIFA is just a right wing construct.  Amazing, they can't even take credit for their own invention.  And Antifa is getting their ass kicked by the "Bikers for Trump" and others when they come face to face.  We see the little snowflakes run for cover when confronted. Good.

America is divided politically but I see way more people in the center and the right than the left.  And it is because the more people see the lefty-loons on TV and in these rallies the better.  People are mostly fair-minded and these lefty loons are way out there in the ozones of reality.  And they are unfair in most everything.  Most are hypocrites.  America is coming around in my view and that is why a plain speaking man like Trump won.  We will see that happen more and more over time.  The democrats and liberals are on their way to the dustbin.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Democrat Liars, Schumer and Pelosi can't be trusted

A democrats constant state of erection
I was in Washington State on a vacation when the two minority leaders came to the microphone and said they had a "deal" on DACA and the "wall".  They had dinner with President Trump and said he agreed to their "deal" and they were so excited!  I said to myself, "nope" they are lying and they are democrats.  Two things that go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  And my instincts were correct.  They just made up their "deal" and were trying to pull a fast one.  I saw their strategy. Tell this major lie before Trump could get to a microphone and set the dinner meeting conversation outcome correctly.  And they did.  Pelosi and Schumer are dirtbag politicians.  They have spent the year to date trashing Trump personally and calling for his impeachment.  Now to me, that is their true intent.

So we got to hear them yapping away on something that I knew was totally bogus.  But what we saw was a "media" that did not bother to go ask Trump or his people in the dinner meeting for their take.  Same old fake news we see from the lamestreams.  So an uproar took place for a while,  while everyone was chewing on the Schumer/Pelosi lies.  Later Trump and his spokes-people set the record straight.  NO DEAL was done.  He is all in for the wall and nothing is going to change that.  He sent DACA to the Congress as he said he would.  They need to pass a law to make DACA legal.  An Executive Order is only temporary.  And of course, these "kids" are now in their 30's so maybe we are talking about adults rather than munchkins?  So once again we witnessed what Americans have been rebelling about this last year or so.  We are fed up with liars from the democrat party and their mouthpieces we know as the "fake news media".  And they did not disappoint.

But Americans are smarter now.  We can see the tricks and games the left plays.  My take away from all this is simple though.  If Trump ever meets again with those liars he needs to hold the first press conference to make sure they can't set the talking points.  And I think Trump now sees these liars of the left do not have any desire to work with him.  After-all did he not give them a debt ceiling commitment last week?  And they turn around and screw him anyway.  So lessons learned again.  The DACA will either be codified by the Congress or not.  Then the EO will go away if they don't and the 800,000 will be adiosed back to their home country.

I was toying with the idea that maybe they could stay.  But the government has to weed out the criminals, the activists, the lawyers and the welfare queens.  No tethering either. No voting for twenty years minimum.  Why should we let people that really do not have the best interest of America stay?  Get them out.  Then the ones that actually contribute can stay.  But that will be very controversial anyway.

Never trust a democrat, especially the ones that call for your head every other day.  They are liars and in my view, anti-American.  They burn the flag, attack the cops and military and steal our money to give to freeloaders.  We must minimize their power.  Don't vote for them ever again.  Look at the disaster they have created here in California.  We get a front row seat to their follies.  So disregard anything they say, take their power away and send them home.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Seattle and Washington State

Space Needle
I just returned from a six-day trip to Seattle and it's environs.  Other than the beauty of the state there really is not very much to crow about regarding their governments.  And in Lynwood, where I was staying the local paper is even less thick than our little Union!  The Mayor of Seattle resigned while I was there and since he was a democrat and a homosexual he seemed to be getting way less press than if he wasn't.  But that is just me I guess.  He was a pervert and was sexually abusing kids.  He was forced to resign as his nephew announced the pervert abused him!  But in the "on the street" interviews the liberals were not that bothered as long as the trains ran on time.

There was a school shooting too.  A young man brought a gun and killed a fellow student, 15, and wounded three young female students.  A brave teacher told him to put down the gun and lay on the floor!  And he did!  Pray for the victims.  School districts in Seattle sent a cadre of psychologists to "help" the students at the school.  Good intentions I guess.

Flying Tiger
Mostly though I wanted to see the area and  most of the time I was being driven to some interesting places.  I toured the Boeing plant which is 96 acres under one roof.  I learned Boeing was a GERMAN!  Oh my!  And he resigned in 1934 from the company he founded.  It has been run by others and no Boeing has been there since!  It was truly amazing to see all the planes being constructed.  And the company has billions in sales so it looks secure for years.
I toured the Paul Allen funded museum that holds some great airplanes and some tanks.  A Spitfire and a Flying Tigers P-40 were there too.

Destination Tokyo

 The state is all in for marijuana (cannabis) and there is a huge sign every few blocks advertising the dispensaries.  And they are all over the place.  Also, they have little kiosks selling coffee and other beverages and the gals in there are half naked!  Apparently, they are flourishing and I saw many cars waiting in the lines to get their "joe".  And I read where a person could be serviced there too and the cops were busting many of them.  Cracked me up.  Could you imagine that in our County?  No way.
Sherman Tank

Drove out west of Seattle to see a very beautiful waterfall and the hotel next to it.  Really like the old-fashioned places we remember from our childhood.  And the flowers were beautiful too!  The traffic though is horrendous all the time 24/7.  I have to look up the population numbers and see why so much bumper to bumper.  Highway 99 and I-5 go through there too.  Massive jams.  Gasoline was 50 cents a gallon more and eggs were really cheap.  They have not decided to rip their people off for a cage of chickens yet.

Dining was fun and I had some good seafood dishes.  I took the ferry across the way to Kingston and had a beer and looked around.  Lots of room in those massive ferries.  And they carry cars as well.  But they ran on time and were comfortable.  Also, Seattle is tunneling under their city to replace the Highway 99 Embacadero-like freeway on the water.  Way over time, over budget and making a lot of people very mad.  Same as California there. LOL! 

All in all it was a fun trip and I thank my pal Judi for doing the driving.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

RL Crabb, local cartoonist, post party pic?

I warned him about his lifestyle hoices.  But he just would not listen to reason. This is a picture,  I am told of a lookalike after a Burning Man exodus last year. But after the interview it was vident this fellow was a impersonator.  Any resembalance to RL Crabb is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Antifa, America's ISIS wannabees!

The Antifa thugs have been in the news a lot lately.  (notice their flag looks like ISIS' flag) I got to see them up close in Berkeley, twice.  They are skinny white boys, probably cowards without their face coverings and they are aggressive and armed with weapons.  Sort of like a mob mentality in my opinion.  When a mob gets going the sheep follow and do things they would never do alone or in the light.  But that is Antifa.  Thugs without borders.  What are they?

It looks to me these thugs are leftwing anarchists and communists.  Socialists and malcontents.  Many have just emerged from their momma's basements to become "somebody".  Like Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront" they could have been a contender.  Well maybe in diaper repairs.  But as far as having anything of value to say, they don't.  I watched them attack people in Berkeley who were simply speaking the words of the Constitution.  And those speakers were black, white, brown and more.  Antifa just wants chaos and they get it.

They have spread out across America and show up at most Free Speech rallies.  They find out where conservatives are going to gather and make their way there to attack.  Last weekend they attacked peaceful men and women in Berkeley again.  A lot of that was videoed.  I watched some and others were telecast on major news programs.  I said FINALLY!  The major news was disregarding these anarchists and were doing so in my view as they are simpatico with them.  Only FOX spent some quality time assessing the antifa rioters.  And today I watched an INFOWARS video taken this week in Austin Texas as Trump was landing to help.  The host asked every single "protester" why they were carrying signs pushing for Trump's impeachment what he did to get impeached.  Not one had an answer.

Ironically the only person not yelling obsenities at the host was a lone antifa white kid.  No mask on so maybe that is why he had tempered answers.  But his information was incorrect and I could see why, believeing the lies, he would wanyt to impeach.  Maybe if he heard the truth he might change his mind?  Probably not.  But the Infowars guy and his cameraman were under verbal assault by these leftwingnuts.  Even a couple of older women attacked them with the finger and vile profanity.  And all for asking a question.  That seems to be the extent of the intelligence of these people.  Low at best.  And their language!  WOW!

Mayor Jesse Arreguin and Friends

Same in Berkeley last weekend.  The peaceful men and women held their hands up to show they were not armed but that did not deter the antifa thugs from pepper spraying them and knocking then to the ground.  As these peaceful men worked their way towards the police line they were assaulted numerous times.  When they finally got to the line, the police handcuffed them!  Amazing.  Yet now we see the Mayor of Berkeley saying he is against the antifa thugs. 

But he wants to simply call them a "gang"  Sure.  The man is a part of another thuggish group called "By Any Means Necessary".  Known for their own thuggery.  It looked to me the police were told to stand down so their usefulness for protecting the peaceful people was non-existent.  Of course Congresswoman Barbara Lee who represents this area is the only avowed communist in the House of Representatives.  So it is of no surprise all these folks would be anti-American, pro-communists.

But now the thuggery of these groups from the left is too much to overlook by their pals in the lamestream media.  We are starting to see them begrudgingly allow video and stories to be be shown.  And as they do the outrage of the America peoiple is increasing against these thugs.  We cherish our "rights" and love freedom of speech and expression.  Though the leftwing placed a Jesus Christ cross in urine and calls it art, we did not come rip it down and beat them up.  But try to read the First Amendment in a park in most any American college campus or park and these thugs from the left show up to cause havoc and violence.

Americans don't really care for these left-wing extremists.  They create disorder and we like our country's  predictability.  We like law and order and fairness.  We seem to have little patience for these lawless types.  And now I sense there is a change coming.  Maybe we can go to Berkeley and see Milo and Coulter without these creeps pepper spraying us.  Or starting riots and trying to burn down the venue.  Just maybe all this exposure we have brought forth along with FOX and others on the radio are making Americans see the folly of these thugs.  Just maybe!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017