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Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump has the critics all a flutter. What a hoot!

Remember when the democrats were apoplectic when Trump said he could shoot someone on Main Street and get away with it? Of course it was humor but that is the way sourpuss liberals react. Now Trump says he will not give up his right to protest a vote which is totally smart. Al Gore sued after his numerous recounts showed he lost in 2000 to Bush. And Gore only wanted recounts in the counties he WON! The SCOTUS finally said this mining for votes was unconstitutional unless the whole state was recounted. So Gore conceded after 38 days.
Now we see the thuggery we on the right always knew the democrats were doing. The latest undercover videos exposing the democrat brownshirts admitting their strategies and successes in disrupting Trump rallies has gone viral. These democrat thugs also admit they are going to disrupt the voting and will commit voter fraud to get Hillary elected. These thugs also indicate that she knows about all this. No "plausible deniability" here.
So we have a true outsider to politics and the system everyone says they hate and want to change. And what happens? The establishment on both sides is doing their best to destroy Trump personally as well as the corrupt media. Sure he is brash and a big mouth but look at his opposition. He has done nothing to disrupt a Hillary rally. He has done nothing to her except expose the truth about her and her followers.
Is this what we want in America? Do we want to maintain the status quo? Or change. Remember the Executive is in charge of five million employees. And they will do what he or she wants. Just look at Obama and his coverup of Hillary's felonies on the classified emails. So get your sorry asses to the polls and change America's direction from disaster. Vote Trump.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Babes allegations against Trump are evaporating like the gas they are

This is why the people hate the press.  All Jerry Springer crap and no regard for the truth.  Of course people are finally checking on these allegations brought by the women who said Trump "octopussed" them, kissed them and now ran his hand up their leg under their dress.  I knew from the start this was all concocted by the Clinton campaign and these women were going to get their 15 minutes of fame (ill fame) at all costs to the truth.  Take the first woman who claimed she was in a first class Braniff 707 in 1989 with Donald Trump in the next seat.  She says he lifted the arm rest and started groping her. (grouping from the FUE)

Well lordy lordy, looks like we have a witness.  Not only did the 707 have unmovable armrests the witness said this,

"A witness on the flight, who was sitting across Leeds, has also come forward and disputed her allegations.
“Not only did he not do so – and I was present at all times – but it was she that was the one being flirtatious,” the witness, Anthony Gilberthorpe, said. “If there’s evidence Trump’s done it, sure, hang him from the post, but I was there, I was in a position to know that what she said was wrong, wrong, wrong.”

And of course we know the witness is credible don't we?  Of course we do. But the press will never admit it.

HERE is the article for you to check out.

America deserves to be rightfully informed by the press.  They are given a special Amendment that protects them and look at how they have abused that privilege.  My goodness, we have lost hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought to preserve that right of a free press.  Yet the present day press members sold their souls to the devil and now propagate in the democrat party.  They have become a branch of that party.  I cannot fathom their blindness to their duty to the people.  But when they are all taught in a "liberal" school system by liberals, what do we expect?  No fairness, no objectivity and complete favoritism to the democrats.

So you get some women looking for some fame (what a way to get it eh?) and we get this on the eve of a Presidential election.  No matter that Clinton lies constantly to the people on just about every issue.  She bashed and harassed the women abused by her husband.  She left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi without help.  And now all these emails coming out show her deceit and the deceit and dirty tricks her campaign lackeys play.  So disgusting and unAmerican.

So hopefully the American people will see through all this and do the right thing and disregard it as panic crapola from Clinton.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bill Clinton, front and center. And Hillary enabled him!

All you liberals who defended the rapes and abuses of young women under the power of the President.  Now here's a bit of your hypocrisy back in your face.  No hiding now.  The press has protected him all these years and denounced the women who came forward.  All because liberals said they would actually give Clinton a BJ as long as he supported their abortion positions.  So at the debate last night, Mr. Trump put the liberals/democrat hypocrisy right there for all to see.  He invited four of the women Bill abused and he was pretty nervous.  Here he is looking very pensive.  Where were those broads?  So all you Hollywood moguls sending millions to Hillary, listen up.  You cannot debase the culture and then cry chastity.  We see you for the scum you are.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Bill Clinton's Love child?

This man says he is.  So let's get that DNA test.  Just like Arnie screwing his maid and producing a look-a-like boy, maybe we can put any doubts to rest.  And maybe Hillary and Bill had a threesome with the mother of this boy?  Well, hey, Hillary and her minions are making it up about Trump aren't they?  So all is fair in .........

Sunday, October 2, 2016

SCUM!! New York Times and democrats

This is what we have come to on the democrat/liberal side of politics in America.  A banana republic attitude.  And no one is or will be safe from them.  They will come to your house, take you away and send you to their gulag.  Why have we allowed these liberal thugs to get away with this?  Are we afraid?  Is political correctness that powerful as wielded by these scumbags?  If you want to fight back then it will have to be from the local political system to the top.  And where are the Republicans in Congress?  They are our top people and nowhere to be found.  Get off your scared asses and fight back.  Flood the news media complex of liberals with the truth and fight for American fairness!  Do a Harry Reid and use the floor of the Senate to decry these attempts to defame.

Why am I angry?  The New York Times, a company that did not pay any taxes into the system in 2014.  But they have released three pages of Donald Trumps tax returns from 1995.  He took a $915 million dollar loss that year.  How did they get these three pages?  It is a felony to releases them without Trump's permission. He gave no permission.   Yet the NYT which is 17% owned by a Mexican billionaire (who hates Trump), released these pages.  Could there be an arrest?  Could the NYT become liable for millions or billions in fines?  And what about the Editor?  He said last month he would risk jail to publish these pages.  Well, turn yourself in you dirtbag.  Let's see your returns.  And maybe the Mexican billionaires.

I would say this about any illegal release of one's private tax returns, not just Trump's.  This is what tyrants in Venezuela do.  Not the supposed "paper of record" in our country.  That is why there should be hard and fast punishment for the scofflaws that did this.  Do you want yours posted illegally?  All right thinking and fair people need to speak out and condemn this. 

This kind of behavior is now normal apparently of the democrat party.  While defending the indefensible acts of people shooting police and defending the private discussions made public by a porn star woman last week, we see that those democrats really are the bottom of the barrel on ethics.  If the three pages, one each from Trump's New York, New Jersey and Connecticut returns are correct and he lost $916 million in 1995 I say SO!  He has since returned to be a major player in business having overcome the losses.  But read the scumbag journalists "what ifs" on this.  Maybe he could write off $50 million a year for 18 years.  OMG!  And the words the scumbag journalist use to demean Trump in this crap article.  Words like, "financial wreckage", "mismanagement" and "ill fated".  All gleaned from the top page of three returns, illegally obtained and published.  Notice not one comparison to the illegal Clinton Foundation?  Where they spend five percent of the 100% of the donations for the "non-profits" reason for creation?

But what do we see when we read further on in the article?  That he broke no laws, filed his returns properly and all were done by a respected Accountancy firm.  Of course that was buried in the story towards the end.  A usual strategy of scumbag "journalists".  These kinds of hit-pieces on a legal filing that our vaunted "journalist's" illegally publish is par for the course.  That is why I believe Trump will win.  The American people are sick of this.

I suggest Trump tell the press he will not release his tax returns as they have now shown their hand at what they do with them.  The press alleges all kinds of crap as to embarrass and diminish the man.  The unholy alliance between the media and the democrat party is something all Americans should decry.  Cancel your subscriptions to any media that is not fair to both sides.  That includes local state and national.  Why feed the liars?  A free press, protected in the First Amendment, was not supposed to be a arm of any political party.  Yet we see that it is.  If you are concerned you may be next, your private papers and even your private peccadilloes could be on the front page of a newspaper or a radio or TV show, then stand up and tell them.  But if you allow this kind of fascism to continue, you then are part of the problem.  Shame on us for allowing these scum to do this.