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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rants for April 15, 2018

Tax day for Americans and look what else we get.  A four trillion dollar spending spree by the feds with an income of 3 trillion.  What the heck?  Add the state and local and special district amounts and Americans are now serfs.  And the bottom earners, those benefitting from the top earners, pay zilch into the federal system.  Yet they receive the protection of the military and many get a handout from the government.  Something is amiss. 

The dmocrats say the tax reform bill benefitted the rich in America.  Well duh!  They pay the bulk of the taxes.  And the poor who don't pay any only gets what they get as the government redistributes.  How can a poor person bitch that somehow those "rich" people get their money at the expense of those poor people?  I mean, does that poor person send their taxes they don't pay to those rich people?  Common sense is not a democrat operative's strong point I guess.  I truly would like them to explain how a rich person gets richer by exploiting a poor person.  Does the poor guy hire the rich guy?  No, it is the other way around.  And why is fiscal success so bad?  In America, the capitalist system enables all of us to gain financial success.  But you have to take advantage of that free education those rich people supply.  And you have to stay in the school system and get a degree or a trade.  But no, these whiners about the rich just want a handout as they sit on the couch eating bonbons and popping out kids with no family man in tow.  I say all Americans need skin in the game.  All should contribute to the budget.  Maybe the scofflaws at the trough would change their minds about balanced budgets if they had to pay to play.

We lost a couple of young men this last week to a drunk driving woman and the community is distraught.  I too am so saddened.  Yet the system almost failed justice when the drunken woman was allowed a low bail and left the jail.  But someone was paying attention and said WAIT!  She killed two people with her car and the bail should be much more.  I asked a question on the's website comment stream on this article.  I said does anyone know if she is a citizen?  It has been common knowledge that a lot of od crime and other disasters are being perpetrated by illegals.  Well, no response on my question except some woman who called me a racist prick for asking the question.  Checking her Facebook link that woman might be illegal herself.  Anyway, I don't care that some babe called me a name.  I like to question and perhaps she will rethink her attack.

Then we have the ridiculous article by a Dale Berkheimer in the Union yesterday.  His whole schtick is the Republicans will lose the Congress and he listed all the reasons how that will come about.  Of course, I cannot let the propaganda from the left be unanswered.  I said, in my opinion, it is way to early to project a democrat takeover and November is way down the road p[olitically.  Politics is a fast-changing thing and a lot can happen in a short period of time.  Plus these democrats think Americans don't know they got some tax reform and more money in their checks?  And that Trump's deregulations are spurring the economy and employment to levels not seen in decades?  Do these democrats really believe the talking points spewed out every day by their masters?  Apparently.  I do my best to analyze the news and the trends but honestly, there is no way I see a democrat wave.  The democrats think Trump will make it happen for them.  But I say the "Economy" is the test.

We all got to watch Mark Zuckerberg testify in Congress this week.  Millions if not billions of people use his baby, Facebook? and so do I.  I use it for simply staying in touch with family and friends.  I resist putting too much private info on the page.  But the questioning of Zman by the Congress was pretty funny.  They don't have a clue about how things work yet they want to regulate it.  Zman got in trouble last year when it became known that Facebook was excising conservative news and embellishing liberal and democrat news on its site.  And then it got outed for helping Obama and the democrats in 2012 allowing them to data mine.  Oops, then a Republican did the same thing in 2016 and all hell broke loose.  Democrats are now PO'd at Zman for not controlling the data mining that Trump's side did.  Oh my, goose meet gander.  So when a democrat does it all good.  No problem.  Republicans!  Oh my, regulate.  I say keep the government out of the internet and let it be free of regulation.  If people don't like Zman's politics, join another site.

Today's SacBee has a story on page 1B about a Hmong family from Sacramento.  The parents arrived here after the fall of Laos in 1975.  They were helpers to the Americans during the war and the commies would have killed them for sure.  They came to this country with nothing.  The article explains how they succeeded in achieving the American Dream.  They had ten kids and all have become true successes.  Cops, accountants, nurses and one lawyer.  And these people could not even speak the language.  Their kids are now in the mainstream and I must say they are a perfect example of what people can achieve if they try in our system.  The movie "Gran Torino" is one I recommend to see these fine people.

I found the antithesis of the Hmong success story on page 2D by lawyer/professor Erwin Cherminsky.  He teaches at Berkely I believe.  Anyway, he cries the blues that minorities, blacks, and Hispanics, are doing terrible and MLK would not be happy.  But wait, he leaves out those successful ASIANS in his diatribe against his fellow Caucasians.  I don't understand why he would do that?  Maybe a liberal guilt trip?  These leftwing liberals are all so filled with "white privilege" guilt they just can't accept that people make their own way.  And some fail.  Asians seem to have it right.  Tight family values, push to educate their kids, work and sacrifice to make that all happen.  And yes, they are the biggest earners and successful group in America!  Maybe the others need to emulate them?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Liberalism makes all things bassackwards in life

What a week we have been seeing in America.  As I read the newspaper and watch the news on TV and cable I just can' hardly believe what I see and hear.  And the news is supposedly being reported by people with a brain.  Doesn't seem to be in my view.  And whoever writes the words for these vocal transcribers must be totally devoid of common sense (even local KCRA).  Mainly I have seen the folks outraged at people using their free speech to confront liars and charlatans (liberals) and then having the press defend the charlatans!  I guess emotions trump common sense now in our once great country.

Laura Ingraham of FOX News spoke about the inability of that kid from Parkland getting into a college.  Of course the kid is the darling of the media and is praised as a survivor of that terrible shooting spree.  And this kid gets to trash conservatives as well as gun owners and he is a hero to the media types.  He says the vilest nastiest crap and uses profanity at will.  All good according to the media.  And we are all supposed to praise and cajole him.  Show him deference for his sacrifices.  And give him the benefit of the doubt for his veracity even though he does not have but 17 years under his belt.  And if you criticize him you are subjected to ridicule and you may lose your job.

So this kid gets his free speech but when challenged he cries like a baby and gets like minded liberals to boycott those that may have some problems with the things he says and does.  His goal is to shut up the opposition rather than engage in debate (Alinsky).  And that is what the left does.  They do it at all levels, even here in little Nevada County, California.  These lovelies can't sustain a debate for long.  And when they see you won't back down they cry and withdraw.  They call you names.  The left is bereft of ideas on how to fix anything!  But they CARE!  Sure they do.  We on the right are told we are such meanies and don't deserve to speak.  But many like me say we will not be silenced.  Apparently this kid got 11 advertisers to drop Ingraham.  Well I will boycott them!

Yesterday President Trump told the democrats and the world to hell with them and their playing the DACA card.  He wants to solve the issue and he even offered to give these people a path to citizenship.  Also he added another million to the mix.  But as usual the democrats want to play politics with the very people they have been telling us they care more about.  Pretty transparent I'd say.  The democrats don't give a rat's ass about anything except power and votes.  That is why democrat Brad Sherman stated this weekend on a news program he favors illegal immigrants to be counted in the census.  My guess is if they are and then not allowed to vote Sherman's majority will shrink way down.  Probably the same across the state.  Maybe those  four million Hillary majority votes were illegals?

I have listened all my life to the left tell us the Constitution is just a piece of paper and should be updated to the times.  But like the Bible, human nature is really no different now than 3,000 years ago.  Or 240 years ago.  What changes is lazy people's desire too make lazy a set of laws.  If ou don't like something, say, your neighbors speech, make a law to shut him up.  Or take his self protection tools.  Or his family members.  Just like the left admires Kim Jong Un and his ilk because down deep the left is all about telling others what to do.  And controlling them and their actions.  All the while taking their property for the state to redistribute to others.

We on the right are constantly battling these forces of evil.  Yes I said evil. We must protect the things that work for a better society.  Sometimes that is hard to do and maintain.  But it must be done.  Of course we are called neanderthals and stodgy and other less than nice names.  The left is good at personal attacks.  And with their compliant press the left gets the bulk of the media to brainwash people and kids.  And with the lefts ownership of academia and the culture we see the results in that Hogg kid and his compatriots.  Of course we all feel terrible about the killings and we wish to fix the problem.  But the left wants to remove some rights to fix other rights.  This is a slippery slope and America cannot last if these people prevail.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

California is a mess and it is all about liberalism and democrats

This last week was pretty amazing.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has sued the state over its three new laws making California a "sanctuary state".  I watched the press conference and I am in agreement these "laws" need to be tossed.  They have nothing to do with the Tenth Amendment in my view.  Besides California's legislature and governors have never cared a hoot about their overbearing destruction of local governments here (they even stole all our redevelopment money).  Why are they so concerned by the US Constitution?  It is the "Supreme Law of the Land" and California signed a contract upon admission it would abide by the document.  And each and every officer swore a oath to uphold it.  Looks like our Legislature and the Governor are rebels and may be in the act of sedition.  A hanging offense.

Then we have the Oakland Mayor who alerted illegal alien felons the ICE agents were coming.  These liberals and democrats in charge of our state and local governments seem to be more concerned with criminals being protected then their own American citizens.  I can't seem to understand  what they are espousing.  And these elected buffoons are trying to get illegals the right to vote!  San Francisco is trying it now!  And the Governor has appointed a illegal woman to a State government panel in solidarity with illegals and non citizens!  These people are rebels ad need a comeuppance.  Maybe a little jail time for acting against their own country.

President Trump went to the San Diego area last week to review the samples of his wall.  He was shown around to all eight samples and he had some interesting words for us.  As a builder he has some common sense about constructions so it was clear he had a handle on what is needed.  He wants to see through the wall, he wants a top that is hard to secure a rope or other item too.  He wants to make the scaling of the wall very difficult.  And he wants to have Mexico pay for it.  Of course he could intercept money being sent to Mexican relatives from the USA to help pay for it and that makes his wish come true.  But the left and their ilk in the press are all about open borders.

The press and the democrats at all government levels are opposed to the wall as they know it will diminish the number of voters they may get later.  Since illegals drive down wages for citizens, why would the left be for that?  They want as many illegals to come in so they can try "amnesty" to legalize them and turn them into democrat voters.  Trump says nope.  I am for American citizens being paid more and we need to get the illegals out.  He did his best though on the DACA and even added another one million people to make a total of almost two million that would gain a path to citizenship.  But I think the Democrats were one upped by Trump and they could not go along with him.  Why?  Because those people might thank Trump and become Republican voters out of gratitude.

Also this last week we saw the "protests" across America by under age students ducking class to yell about  "gun violence" in America and the problem of school shootings.  We are all opposed to the murder of anyone especially our children.  But these "kids" were schooled by the left and they came out opposed to the NRA.  The NRA had nothing to do with these killers yet were blamed.  They actually teach gun safety and are also opposed to school shootings.  The issue to me is there are mentally ill people who should not get a weapon.  And the left that destroyed the America nuclear family is to blame for many of these atrocities.  No Dad in the home.  Women told the government is now the dad, no need of a male.  And the removal of ethics and moral teachings leads to this kind of lawless non-allegiance to truth and consequences.  Anyone that brings that up though is roundly beaten up by feminists and the lamestream press.

The assault on "white males" is also adding to the schism in our country.  Everyone who is not a white males seems to be blaming all their problems on white males.  White privilege is shouted out by those that can't seem to make it here.  Hell we pay 100% of a child's education K-12 and then subsidize Community College and University.  All this and free food, Section 8 rent payments and welfare and food stamps and even a car and gasoline credits!  And we are the bad guys?  It sound like a bunch of pikers to me.  Get off your couches and do something.  Stop the whining!  But it seems that message is lost as these pikers have decided it is easier to scream "whitey" than work.  I really thought America was past all that.  We transferred 5 trillion dollars to the less well off in my lifetime and the thanks we get is to be called names.  And they demand more!

Nationally we saw the firing of Mr. McCabe from the FBI.  Thank goodness.  But look at the fake news who claim Trump has a hand in this.  It was done internally and on the recommendation of the IG of the Justice Department.  But the press lies through their rotten green teeth that Trump did this.  And McCabe and his pal James Comey are teaming up and whining they were wronged by Trump.  Oh please, you break the rules or the law your ass is out.  Just like in the real world.  America is tired of you "civil servants" getting away with things others are prosecuted for.  What about Lois Lerner?  She deserves jail as well.  And many others.  How about Hillary Clinton?  She sold 20% of the nations Uranium to the Russians!  Sounds like a treasonous offense.  And then she has the temerity to cry in India this week that you "white women" are just pawns for your husband, your boss and even your sons.  You vote the way they tell you too or else.

In my experience a American woman would not allow herself to be talked to that way or to follow those orders.  Clinton is daft and still remains demented about why she lost.  It is all someone else's fault, she bears none.  Until she finally accepts she was a terrible candidate she will not heal.  My goodness she and her ilk tell us how rotten Trump is yet he beat her!  Accept it honey and retire to your Dacha in the Black Sea.

And one more monstrosity compiled by those kids under the dome in Sacramento.  We have a huge shortfall of housing for most income groups in California.  Homeless everywhere.  They are spreading trash and disease and live and sleep outside.  The defaecate in every city and town.  On the sidewalks and the lawns.  Yet the politicians running the state can't figure out how to fix it.  They refuse to reign in CEQA and all the regulations they put in place to thwart the construction of housing.  It is like Hillary Clinton times 121 here.  They refuse to accept they are the responsible party for the shortages and problems.  Today the Sierra Watch and their comrades of MAPF and others stopped a housing project in Placer County by Truckee.  They used CEQA and got a wimpass judge to agree they needed more info on FIRE and Evacuation.  That could easily be worked out without stopping the project.  But there you go, California idiocy.

There are a few bright spots in all this gloom though.  The City of Los Alamitos in southern California is debating whether to opt out of the State Sanctuary Laws passed a bit ago.  Brave to even discuss this in my view.  Maybe some of our local leaders will do the same?  And there are some people standing up to the lunacy of our Governor Brown and the dome lechers.  Travis Allen, a Republican from Huntington Beach was here last week to meet and greet locals.  I met him for the second time and I must say he is a problem solver.  I would hope he make it into the top two for the election.  We need to change that as well and there is going to be a initiative to do just that.  Our California system is broken and the elections are becoming a joke to us and the nation.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Is Linda Campbell good for the county's children? And other rants.

Is this her? Pulled from her Facebook Page
This woman is an elected member of the Nevada Joint Union High School District.  Snehas been a notorious screamer at meetings and was accused and she apologized later for threatening the Ladies of the Tea Party before a Fourth of July Parade a few years ago.  She is listed here so you can see she truly is on the Board.

Here is a list of the Bard's "Community Relations Rules".

Now I appreciate "free speech" as much as anyone and defend it as hard as I defend the full US Constitution.  However, when you read her remarks/attacks on me and others I have to ask "is this good for the kids"?  What would one learn from what she says in those comments and how she says things?  Apparently, she is at a level of maturity that my six-year-old granddaughter has moved past.

All of my comments were in response to hers and I have not brought this woman up since I did a blog post three years ago.

That was on her screaming at the Townhall of Congressman Doug LaMalfa and after her threats to the Tea Party.  I think the Board censured her as well for "unbecoming a member".  I might be a bit rusty on that. I attended the Townhall and was shocked at her screaming rants from the back of the City Council chambers.  When I later learned it was a teacher and member of the Board I was disgusted. I have compiled her comments on the two articles she commented on.  I can send them to anyone who emails me.

So I would suggest this woman resign from her position on the Board.  She is a disgrace and a bad apple.  She might fit in the Oakland City Council where the Mayor and her minions are all in for snubbing their noses at the arrest of illegal alien felons.  A lot better fit for this woman.

GUNS and LIes by the left. Are we all sick of the people lying about the Second Amendment yet?  After the murders in Florida, we got to see a concerted effort by the anti-Second liberals of the country spew their lies.  They even organized students from the Parkland High School to spew their talking points.  What I find interesting though is the lies about the weapons of choice for mass killings.  Mainly handguns.  But the left says AR-15's in spite of the facts.  And I find them all disingenuous about the murders as they say nothing about the murders in Chicago that happen every weekend.  Over the last few years, the totals are in the thousands.  Could their silence mean they are racists?  Afterall, the killing in Chicago is black on black, mainly.  The Florida kids are almost all white.  Do they have the same compassion for the young black kids as they have for their fellow students?  Looks to me they don't.  And almost 100% of the murders in Chicago are by handguns.  Same for Baltimore and other major cities.  So all this tells me it is all orchestrated outrage by the left and they have no shame conscripting these kids who are angry.

Local Lies about growth and Jobs. Reading the comments and watching the public hearings on the Dollar General (DG) stores attempts to build three here in the county, I get deja vu all over again.  I sat through many hearings when I was in office and got to listen to some of the most ridiculous statements by people trying to defeat a project.  No lie is to far-fetched to not be told in a Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors Hearing.  Since no one is required to be sworn, these anti folks tell the most amazing whoppers. Anything to defeat the project.  Sadly zoning and even the underlying General Plan of the community is trashed when people want to defeat something.  And in my opinion, all three are zoned properly and compliant with our General Plan and should be approved.  If we are expected to follow the laws then should not these projects that follow the laws get the same treatment and benefit?  Of course.  But what happens to the community is they take two steps back every time the naysayers attack a compliant project.  Word gets out, don't try Nevada County.  You cannot follow the laws and get a fair shake.  Don't waste your money.  And we see it works.  Hundreds of millions of dollars head to surrounding counties as business avoids us and our people.

Marijuana is now subject to competition.  Looks like the indicators are no different for marijuana as they are for Cheerios.  Market forces at work.  And since California produces so much ganja the price is really depressed.  The savior of rural counties may be more trouble that people thought it would be as legalized.  And big corporations and their farms will soon drive the little guts out.  After the monster tax is added to the product might not be the money maker people thought it would be.  In Washington State, there seems to be a "dispensary" on every corner.  It is legal there and the prices have hit rock bottom.  Too much supply, not enough demand.  Now in my opinion, if you want to suck in that smoke, eat those brownies or do whatever you do with the plant, that is your gig.  But I warn people about the use of these things as a crutch to mask real life.  When the haze lightens up your job or family is hopefully still there.   But are you all you can be while stoned?  I doubt it.  

Trump has the left all knotted up.  The man has a great sense of humor.  Kind of dry but t me I get him.  The left and their lackey media don't.  They take everything he says as if he means ot seriously.  I take it as humor and tongue in cheek.  And he does it to drive them nuts.  Ever since he joked that if th Russians ever fund Hillary Clinton's email they should tun them over the the media.  The media then twisted what he sai into some serios thing.  They said he wanted them to hack her server!  That was the first time I saw the disconnect of the media with Trump's humor.  Now today the media is aghast at Trump making a joke about the Presdent of China going for a "liftime".  I heard it and it was a JOKE!  But the media, panties in a wad again, think he was serious.  And even if he wasn't they say he should never say such a thing.  Jeeze, you people are already on stress meds bit they don't appear to be workiong.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Guns are the last tools of the dishonest Left/Democrats/Media.

America can see the transparency of the ideological left of America and it is not very pretty.  The people spewing the policies of the left must not be able to see or understand their points are ridiculous. Their talking points make no sense and when we examine them we can see how conflicted these people are.  On the one hand, they tell us they care for us all and don't want anyone, especially our kids, to be in danger.  Yet what is their solution?  Confiscate the weapons of the law-abiding people of the country.  On;y .001 percent of the people and guns in America are used in a illegal way.  So the 99.9% of honest Americans must be punished to assuage the left.  And when a killer attacks our kids and gets caught.  The left will defend them against the death penalty and claim insanity!  Does it sound like a mental issue with the left?

I have never owned a firearm in my life yet I defend the Second Amendment as I defend the rest of them.  Many think the Second exists only to keep a rogue government at bay.  I do as well but it also supplies a  sense of safety for many against bad people trying to kill them or take their stuff.  The original people of our country faced many trials as they moved west from the Atlantic.  Many times a gun or long rifle was the on;y thing between them and certain death.  So I think the Second is there for a mix of reasons.  Of course, there are people, bad people, that will use those weapons of safety as one of murder.  That is why in today's world people need a way to defend themselves and a weapon is certainly one way to do that.  And that is why I think we need to arm people in our schools.

It could be retired military-teachers.  It could be regular people trained and trusted.  It could be the janitor!  But if we did this and it was known in the community I believe a shooter would go elsewhere.  We all expect an armed group to defend our airports, sporting events, music events and even the local disco.  Why would we not have the same concern for the children?  Watching President Trump this morning at a round table in the White House, I have hope something will be fixed.  Ever since these kinds of mass shootings began we have yet to see any solutions.  In my opinion, I blame the anti-weapon NEA and Teachers Unions run by the NEA members.

Most of the teachers and professors are liberals.  And they are anti Second Amendment as we have seen and heard.  These people have resisted common sense solutions to defend our children.  These people that claim to be the "sensitive" ones of our society think a mentally stable teacher, armed with a concealed weapon, is more dangerous than a killer storming the school. In my opinion, President Trump will fix this mess.  But we need to overhaul the administrations of all our schools.  No more teachers or admin types on the school boards.  Massive conflict of interest in my view.  Those seats should be for the taxpayers and regular citizens.  No union members or teachers or admin as they will likely vote for their ilk and not the folks.

The Second Amendment is there for a reason as I already mentioned.  But you would think the Amendment is a big nothing as the left considers it a throwaway Amendment.  If that is true, then how about the rest of them?  I support all the Amendments and know that any destruction of one will mean all.  If the left wants to help, I say get on the bus with the NRA and train people in the proper use of the weapon.  Train parents to reconstitute the nuclear family.  Stop all the "feel good crap" at the time for some ethics and moral training.  Stop belittling those that believe in GOD.  If the left would stop tearing apart all that is good and proper, America would again become the light of the world to follow.  But that is probably a pipe dream.  All I see is the left trying to remove their own responsibility for the mess and blame it on others.

Saturday, February 3, 2018


How we used to think of the FBI
Wow!  After all the chatting and banter about this four-page memo, one must be fairly burned out by now.  It seems that most of the content was discussed and pretty accurate to boot.  We have what appears to be a rogue Obama Justice Department/FBI and it is not pretty.  I see this as a move towards a STASI or KGB type "justice" and we must resist it with all we have.  Here is the link to the memo.

It looks to me like the FBI was in cahoots with a political party to try and take out the other.  Democrats and Hillary Clinton paid for the trash "dossier" and it was used to gain a FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page.  He was an "in passing" member for a short time in the Trump campaign (unpaid as well).  He was being surveilled by the FBI since 2013 yet never arrested or indicted as a "foreign spy for the Russians.  But he supplied the excuse for the lying democrats and Clinton to get their pals in the DOJ/FBI to do what we never thought would/could happen in America.  A partisan "justice system.

We all got to hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth by the democrats and the leftwing media telling us all how th Fourth Amendment was sacrosanct and yet these darlings of "liberalism" and privacy rights stood aside and helped the state do these nasty deeds against a fellow American.  And they all lied to the FISA court judge to get the warrants.  Those people should be in jail.  Rosenstein, Lynch, Comey and all their cohorts should be arrested and put where they were trying to put their political opposition.  How about "Guantanamo"?  Enemy combatants all but with warrants and courts rather than guns on the battlefield.

Did we not hear incessantly from all those in the "deep state" that this memo would undermine America and it should not be released?  Yes we did.  Pelosi and Schiff of the democrats and all the lamestream media screamed the release would be terrible for the country.  Yet since it was released yesterday all those pencil necks of the left say now it is no big deal.  How do any right-thinking Americans believe anything from a democrat?  Last night on Tucker Carlson, a loony democrat congressman fro Southern California called Carlson a tool of  Russia and Putin, sinply for asking that loon a question!  That is what the left always does.  Attack personally and try to take out the "question asker" so they don't have to answer.  Disgusting man.  Hopefully the people of his district won't send his sorry ass back to DC.

Today it appears to me America is still here but many people are shaken to their Constitutional core by these acts of subterfuge and lying by those we were always trusting.  When the "Pentagon Papers" was released many years ago, the left pushed to get them out into the light of day for scrutiny.  Yet now those same people are saying rhis memo is too risky to release and needs to be kept under wraps.  Too late.  And America will fix this anyway.  My guess is Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump will send some of the perps packing soon.   Some have already left.

As far as the Special Counsel Mueller's investigation in Trump collusion allegations?  All bullshit in my view.  The FISA warrant was bogus so the reason to have a Special Counsel is bogus.  That should be finished.  America needs to toss out the "deep state" players and bring in some honest Americans to run Justice.  I think the memo shows the depth of totalitarian depravity that can take hold if the bureaucracy is left alone.  Oversight is so important.  And maybe Congress can pass some more protections so these things don't happen again.  Afterall, you may be next.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Republicans and Trump Stand Firm, Democrats defeated

The denocratsdid what they always do and overeached.  The nation is opposed to what they wanted and told them so.  They put their demon tail between their legs and ran away.  Final vote 81-18 to fund the government. DACA was a bridge to far and the American people let those open border/amnesty democartsknow it.  Take care of our people first and that is what the Republicans did today.