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Sunday, November 22, 2015

John F. Kennedy, Born-May 29, 1917, Died November 22, 1963

Framed President John F Kennedy (digitally restored) Print 

Where were you on that fateful day?  I was in school in Grass Valley.

Review his life.

He is still missed!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Steve Frisch of SBC finally fess' up to his real inner self regarding Muslims

Is this Steve Frisch? Scary! This guy is a mutt!
Well well well, after all these years of reading Steve Frisch's attacks on me and many others regarding issues like race, bigotry, culture, illegal aliens and the like, he finally wrote about himself on another blog and told the truth.  If ever there was a flaming hypocrite loud mouthed bastard this "non-profit" CEO is the man.  Here is his latest screed.  You decide for yourself.  It is fairly clear he hates Muslim's here and probably anyone else who is thinner and better looking.

"Steven Frisch | 20 November 2015 at 08:21 AM 

I think Bill and others are making a cogent point here. It is clear that Muslims are a threat to the homeland, that they do not share our values, and that they are part of a global movement to replace our culture with the Caliphate.
Since we know this to be true I do not see any problem with restricting the activities of Muslims and tracking their movements and activities to ensure we minimize the threat. Registration in a central database, restrictions on certain types of activities ( such as some religious services or activities by Imams that encourage dissident behavior) and the use of internal travel controls to keep them away from sensitive national security areas just makes sense. Since we all must stay vigilant some way to tell when someone is a Muslim so we know if they are behaving in a way that might be suspicious also makes a lot of sense. Perhaps a distinguishing mark Muslims could wear on their clothes.
Finally I don't see any reason why we could not arrange to house Muslims in special areas either inside Syria or on an island in the Medditerranean until we can come up with a final solution to the Muslim question. Resettlement in the east seems to be an option.
Perhaps George who has some refugee experience and entered the USA as part of a United Nations operation to resettle refugees could give you all some advice on

Thursday, November 19, 2015

America, are you sick of being called names by the ingrates that take your money?

America, the last best hope for mankind.  Oh really?  In my lifetime, and right before) America sent out trillions of dollars and many of our finest boys and girls to help other countries move towards a civilized form of life.  Civilized meaning simple things like clean water, sewage disposal and fighting infectious disease.  We had a Peace Corps to help in those endeavors.  We have "foreign aid" and hundreds of other programs that make life more comfortable and certain for people of the planet.  We Americans through our federal government have sent troops into war zones to help people.  My first recognition of that was the Congo in the early 60's.  Those black tribes were murdering all the priests and nuns.  Raping the nuns.  We sent in troops the save people.  Before that I vaguely recall the Mau Mau in Kenya. 

Yes after that we had Santa Domingo, and some other smaller countries that we sent in troops to keep the USSR commies from taking over.  Vietnam where we stopped the spread of communism with the sacrifice of 55,000 of our men and women.  And every year we send billions out to mollify countries to not go warlike.  Of course we have not "vetted" those countries leaders very well as they seemed to steal the money meant for the common folks.  But we kept sending it.  All because we have "compassion" for those less off.  And we do it here in our own country too.

We try to help others.  We spent 20 trillion here for those in need.  We transferred money from those that work hard to those that say they need it.  Thousands of programs to help others.  We place those in need at the head of the line, we pay their schooling costs, we pay for their shelter and their food.  We even pay many for their gasoline and child care.  We as a country of "compassion" have spent trillions to overcome our "guilt" from activities of the past.

And what does all that "compassion" get us?  Derision and more accusations of guilt and uncaring.  Well folks, I am compassioned out right now.  I have decided we people who have exhibited the most compassion and paid the bills need a breather.  I am personally sick and tired of being told I am a "bad" person if I don't jump on the bandwagon to help the latest cause.  I have compassion but we have reached "overload" in my view.  All these people and countries that have been the recipients of the money swiped from the hard workers of America need to at least say THANKS for the free stuff!

But they don't.  We are expected to look the other way as twenty million illegal aliens invade our country.  They take the jobs of Americans, especially the blacks, and we are called xenophobes for saying "hey wait a minute"!  It is about the economy.  Hell, Obama let over a hundred thousand little kids into the country and then spread them out all over America!  We don't know where they are.  Of course they are on welfare and the taxpayers are getting the bills.  The middle class can't even buy food and gasoline and yet they are being forced to pay for people that are not even citizens!

Compassion fatigue.  When do the taxpayers and hardworking middle class and those below them get a break?  I see these college riots by the "takers" and it frosts me so much to see these ingrates whining.  We give them all they need to make a life, even free college education and what do they say?  You white people are crackers.  Give me more.  Insatiable.  Well get a frigging job.  Put something back into the pot of America.  Stop taking and start giving.  Most of all stop whining and complaining.  Are you all co dependent or are you self made and a individual with cajones?  Why are you always begging?

And all this talk from Obama and the democrats on these Syrians coming here in mass.  For goodness sakes, America needs a break.  We already have 93 million people sitting on the sidelines without a job.  Why are the democrats bringing in more people at the bottom of the economic scale?  More democrat voters?  And this accusation ato Americans who want a moratorium of immigrants.  Where do you get it that not allowing these people to came here "is not who we are"?  Of course it is.  Why would we risk bringing in people who want to enforce a warlike religion on us?  Are the leaders that insane?  Apparently.  So what if we say wait a while before allowing more people into America.  So what?  They can stay in their own country.  Arm them and tell them to fight for their own country and way of life.  People have done it for thousands of years.  The Syrians are apparently men of fighting age.  They should be sacrificing in their own lands.  Women and children sure, we can take care of them.  But these men need to take back their countries.

I would not be as upset with this stuff if these people were not such ingrates.  They call us UN-compassionate when we are truly the most compassionate that have ever existed.  They just want more free stuff.  This lack of thankfulness by these people that except our money and our help forces me to say adios to them.   American taxpayers and have tried to make life better for them.  If they showed compassion for us and said nice things, I may look at them differently.  But as far as I am concerned, I want a stop to giving our hard earned money to a bunch of ingrates who can't even say thanks.  Enough is enough.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Michigan Governor Snyder says NOPE to Syrian immigrants. Or are they refugees? Who the hell knows!

I always wondered how the Federal Government can force a state to take refugees, immigrants or other types of foreigners.  Can they just force it?  Now I have a little insight into the process.  It appears Michigan Governor Snyder is within his rights to refuse to accept the people the Obama Administration tries to relocate.  It probably has some legal history somewhere as it seems every move made by anyone in the USA has been adjudicated at some time.  Here is the news release on this.

"LANSING  Michigan— Gov. Rick Snyder's decision to suspend efforts to bring Syrian refugees to Michigan in light of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday has sparked controversy and launched the state into the national debate of how to protect U.S. citizens while providing a haven for those who desperately need help.
Snyder's office released a statement Sunday saying the state would not be accepting any Syrian refugees.
"Michigan is a welcoming state and we are proud of our rich history of immigration," Snyder said in the statement. "But our first priority is protecting the safety of our residents."
Snyder's announcement Sunday is a step backward from recent efforts and comments from his administration offering to aid refugees. In September, Snyder said he was working with the federal government to determine the process for accepting refugees from the ongoing crisis in Syria and the Middle East.
His reversal drew immediate and divisive reactions across the nation on Sunday, but especially in metro Detroit, home to one of the largest Middle Eastern populations in the nation.
"Good decision," state Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Saginaw Township, posted on his Facebook page.
"We expect more from you," and "this sends the wrong message,"  Rashida Tlaib, a former state representative from southwest Detroit, countered on her Twitter account
Local Arab-American leaders and refugee advocates said Sunday tHomeland Security already does extensive security checks before allowing any refugees into the U.S.
"The United States should be a safe haven," said Dr. Yahya Basha, a Syrian-American advocate from West Bloomfield who has family members who are refugees. He was at the White House recently to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis with U.S. officials: "We should welcome them."
Maged Moughni, a Dearborn attorney and Arab-American advocate, agreed, saying "it's uncalled for ... I think it's really unfair."
Sean de Four, vice president of child and family services with Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, said the U.S. has a moral obligation to help with what he called "a humanitarian crisis the world has not seen since World War II."
The agency has helped resettle about 1,800 to 2,000 refugees in Michigan over the past year; about 200 of them are from Syria and many others are from Iraq, another war-torn country.
More Syrian refugees were expected in coming months to Michigan, but Snyder's decision could bring an end to that.
"He could make it very difficult, next to impossible for refugees to come here," de Four said, pointing out that  two-thirds of Syrian refugees are women and children. "It's really unfortunate."
Snyder has been  known for his pro-immigrant views, in contrast to strong anti-immigrant sentiment heard on the national level in the Republican Party during the presidential race.
Two weeks ago, Snyder visited Hamtramck, which has the highest percentage of immigrants among all cities in the state, telling a crowd of Bangladeshi Americans:  "I believe I'm the most pro-immigration governor in the country."
Amid criticism from some conservatives over city voters electing a Muslim-majority city council, Snyder praised the city.
Then came Friday's attack, prompting state Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, to issue a statement Saturday night calling on Snyder to "reverse his call to relocate Syrian refugees in the state."
"We should not rush to offer an open door to the high-risk importation of individuals from a known hotbed of Islamic extremism," Glenn said, disputing assertions that the refugees can be safely vetted.
On Sunday, U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, R-Harrison Township, issued a statement applauding Snyder:  "I support Governor Snyder's decision to suspend efforts to relocate Syrian refugees to Michigan, and have cautioned against the Administration's decision to increase the number being admitted into the U.S. ...   The fact is, as evidenced by Friday's horrific attack in Paris, terrorist organizations like ISIS are looking for any and every opportunity to exploit a nation's hospitality to carry out their barbaric attacks against the innocent. Anyone who says we can adequately and safely vet these refugees is wrong because there is no database in Syria and no way to identify who's who."

"America has a long, proud history of helping refugees from across the globe, and we will continue to help. However, in doing so, we must make certain that we are not jeopardizing the safety of our citizens.""

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Muslim's on the attack in Europe. Viva le France!

French blood spilled
Will the western nations ever learn?  Is this lack of response to these mass murders softened by past issues like colonization?  Is this a guilt trip?  I mean come on.  The smartest people on planet earth think it is better to have open borders and no real controls on who comes into the nations?  To me this PC guilt is truly the most stupid thing I have seen since Missou's idiots rioting for a "safe space" from "speech"!

Nations have to take charge of their borders.  Would you invite a psychopath into your home?  Open the door, leave it open and in comes the killer.  Sure you feel sorry for him because you are convinced you can help him.  But he just likes to kill.  He wants your head on a pike.  Along with your family.  The European nations that invited these killers in are finally realizing you just can't help someone bent on your demise.  Mainly through subterfuge.

Our fate unless we go get them
The attacks in Paris, the City of Light, one of the great cities on the planet, is just another murder spree of the Islamic Jihadist's attempting to destabilize the planet.  And when chaos ensues guess who and what will fill the void of civilization?  Sharia loving Muslim head choppers from ISIL.  I have nothing against Muslims per se'.  It is their religion that is truly bizarre and leads these maniacs to kill in its name.  Now there are twice as many males practicing the religion of peace than the population of the whole United States.  These people can throw young men into the fray as cannon fodder for a long long time.  They will run out of those virgins in a hurry if the West stands up and takes these bastards out.

We in the West must insist in the reworking of the educational systems in these countries.  Even in Saudi Arabia they teach that Jews and Americans are less than a bacteria and deserve annihilation.  This must stop.  If these countries teach that, stop doing business with them.  Remember liberals and apartheid?  Once their oil is not wanted, it won't be long until they shape up.  I am waiting for some attacks on China.  When that 1.3 billion people move against them, things will be different.

These killers are less than human in my view.  They all have a blood fetish.  Dracula has nothing on these people.  Hell they may even be drinking the Westerners blood for all we know. Paris was similar to the attack by those Chechen Muslims against the little children at a musical in Russia a few years ago.  The Russians killed them all of course and there have been less attacks ever since.  But now we have ISIL blowing up a aircraft full of little children and still the West does not get it.

We have to treat the borders and the illegals as a Code Five.  It is coming.  Mass murder on the scale unseen since Genghis Khan.  There is a huge difference in the Islamic faith and its view of life than ours.  Christianity went through many changes to get to the "peace and love" as practiced now.  Islam is still in the 6th century and the warrior Mohamed is in charge.  One sect thinks a dude will return to earth jumping up from a well.  And if someone can believe that you have to know a real problem exists.

So here we go again.  And it will be repeated.  When these lunatics get a A-bomb or worse, a biological germ or nerve gas, or poison the water, will the West "get it"?  I am sorry to say if we don't shut the borders, get really tough on those coming and going, we will see this too.  Elect some people that will take all this seriously and dump those that draw "redlines in the sand" and then run away when the bad guys  cross it.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Honestly, Obama and his minions are lunatics!

Only in America  can the President criticize a Trump position of deporting illegal immigrants as ludicrous  while he is allegedly deporting the most ever by a American President.  This is a common pattern by Obama. Also, all these illegals got here somehow so why would it be impossible to reverse that?  Not content to just be the President, he has to inject his yapping into the race for his job after he is out of there.  This is something untoward about all this "free speech" by the man who wants to shut down "Little Sisters of the Poor" exercising their "free speech".

Since I lost out with Scott Walker I have left things open for my nominee.  I really like all this drama and theater in this run for President.  All these people with great ideas and leadership skills.  All the great oratory.  Any one of these men and women are light years  better the any democrat.  Hillary Clinton would be the first woman elected but to me the greatest liars ever to hold the office.  She really did not accomplish anything in office.  She was the wife of the second greatest liar and it looks like the democrat party revels in all that lying.

Obama is the leader of the democrats and it seems to me the man has a screw loose.  Just about every issue he tries to hold both sides.  The lamestream press never asks the followup questions which means they are all "stenographers".  Do you know the American people have never seen his college transcripts?  We have a press that goes after Republicans for "how many bowel movements" they have a day, yet never pursued those transcripts.  Remember when they did it all  to George W. Bush?

Where were Obama ad Hillary for those "lost" hours when  Chris Stevens and his bodyguards were being murdered?  Why is there no lamestream interest in all that?  Remember when Hillary said you could rely on her to take that call at 3 AM while claiming Obama did not have the stones?  Guns?  Obama would rather disarm legal gun owners of America than supply the necessary arms to the Kurds.  Those brave people are fighting ISIL on the ground and for some reason Obama sleeps.  He spends 50 million to train five anti Assad or ISIL , (who really knows) soldiers.  My goodness, thanks Hillary, thank Obama.  You two are morons!

Obama cries out about the murders of Americans by lunatics and meets with the families while refusing to meet with the families of murdered cops.  While he is speaking out against gun ownership he sends drones to blow up the bad guys.  I support the drones issue and am just pointing out the hypocrisy of Obama.

 Now we have trained, Alinsky  young people on college campii spreading their lies and deceit to diminish this great country.  Where is Obama?  Anyone heard any words of opposition to these anti American radicals from Obama?  Not that I see.  But in Obama's favorite Pastor's words, the "chickens have come home to roost".  Meaning the liberals run all the colleges and have filled the mushy brains of the young with all the "terrible" things America has done.  Now those colleges are the recipients of what they taught.  In a way I am pleased the young are now blaming all those tenured Professors. 

Listening to these college kids is quite amusing in regards to their "demands".  Here you have mostly free ride students whining about the free ride!  What ingrates!  They come from parents that have given them everything.  Parents who have made it in America.  Parents who said, "Johnny and Jennie, you are a winner, you are great!  You are my friend)  All the while these little kids never got spanked, told they were actually a loser even though they got a "award" for being the best, but never were.  PC parents get used to all this, you created these little monsters.  Wait till they get out into the real world.  I would love to see the video of them being dressed down for being a moron in their first "flapjack flipping" job.  How is that Poetry degree working out for you.

Obama has created the worst economy since the Great Depression.  He touts the number of jobs he "created".  What a crock.  Even in little Nevada County, the PHD crowd is flipping burgers for lack of a job they trained for at college.  93 million not seeking employment and Obama does not count them in the unemployment stats!  I guess the lamestreams don't give that lie a thought.

The middle of America, politically, will have to fight hard to overcome the goody handout kings.  The democrat party is so radical now they have stooped to killing babies about to be born so they can sell their body parts.  That is the democrat economic model.  Hopefully we will send them to the political dustbin.  I have always said, "if all the Republicans would get out to vote we would own all the seats".  So get out there and make me proud.