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Friday, February 27, 2015

Homeland Security Debates show how democrats are vacant in their heads

I have been watching and listening to CSPAN today in regards to all this political mumbo-jumbo on Homeland Security funding.  It is the last piece of the budget which ends in September.  I think it is great theater!  If anyone wants to see the difference between a Republican and a democrat, this is the place!

What a hoot!  If you believe what the democrats are saying then the world will come to an end tomorrow and we will be overrun by bad people who will kill us all (and all those grants will dry-up).  Now remember these are the same people that are refusing to vote for the bill as it contains a "defunding" of the provisions that pay for the unconstitutional actions of Obama's Executive Order on Immigration/Amnesty.  All they had to to do was vote for the US Senate bill and since it mirrored the House bill, it would have gone to Obama's desk for signature.  Then if Obama vetoed it, Homeland Security would go back to the drawing board.  Well, not one democrat would bail on his/her pals of the left and since 60 votes are required to bring an end to debater in the Senate, the measure was unable to even be voted on.  That is all on the democrats.

Well, today the Senate Republicans took out the provision on Immigration to get things moving and the vote made it. Of course how these wonders of smart on the democrat side have been able to convince themselves that "illegal" immigrants are not a concern for Homeland Security tells me how corrupt they are and their lamestream media lackeys are as well.  Anyway, I have tried to figure out how this passage in the Senate benefits the Republican position to defund Obama's illegal EO.  I think I may see it now.  Since the House bill still contains the provisions to strip Obama's money for his illegal acts, the bills must go to the "conference committee".  This is where both houses work out the differences and then take the bill back to their respective houses.  Since it is a conference bill, I think the US Senate needs only 51 votes for passage.  If so, then the democrats may have outsmarted themselves and Mitch and the R Gang have a victory!

But the whole thing is so complex I could be totally wrong so I am not holding my breath.  I listened to the democrats on the House floor excoriating the conference discussion and it appeared to me they are aware somethings up.  They are trying to get the House to vote for a "clean" bill sent over by the US Senate.  That has to mean they know they have been had.  Then Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer make their nasty ass claims about how rotten those wascally Republicans are and that kind of convinced me I may be on to something.

So even though all the people working for Homeland Security will be deemed "essential" and unable to stay home and watch Jerry Springer, even though they will all be paid and they will all get a gold star on their records, the democrats squeal loudly the world will come to an end.  So, maybe old Mitch and the R Gang have figured out how to govern?  I hope so.  The only person so far who is showing us his leadership and smarts is that Federal Judge from Texas.

Obama's prioities? America at risk?

As I read and watch the debates on everything from the economy to the "outing" of Jihadi John I am struck by the  nonchalance of the President and his lackeys in the Executive branch.  The world has asked America to lead the way in trying to keep chaos and terror from taking over. Since WW2 we had done that.  But now that we have a "socialist" fellow in charge we all get to see up close what that philosophy of governance means.

Image result for jihadi johnI watched the BBC report on "jihadi John" last night.  It was in depth and well done.  Something our American press has lost the ability to do apparently.  If it is not about Madonna falling on her ass at a concert, then they are not interested.  At least we get something with red meat from the foreign press.  Anyway, here we have a murdering swine called Mohammed Emwazi, a British citizen born in Kuwait who came to England at age six.  He is the man in the black with the knife.  He cut off the heads of Americans!  I would love to see Obama have a press conference to declare a reward for this scumbag.  Send the message we are coming to get you.  But alas, Obama does not have it in him to do it.  However, if a white policeman uses deadly force to save his own life from a black thug in Ferguson, Obama will stop at nothing and pay whatever it costs to prosecute the policeman!  Is this a psychological issue?

Obama says these murdering swine like Emwazi are poor and need jobs as he believes that is why they become terrorists.  Well Emwazi comes from a economically OK family.  I think he just likes to slice off people's heads to watch the blood spurt out.  He is just a sick murderer, no other explanation is possible.  Like a sociopath serial killer, they  and he simply like to murder. 

Unfortunately for America, we have a party of lamebrains called "democrats" who are in lockstep with Obama and his philosophy.  I listen to these lamebrains like Dick Durbin, US Senator from Illinois and just shake my head in disbelief.  Durbin and his compatriots readily give up their Constitutional power of a co-equal branch.  Rather than defending their Senate positions, they just hand it over to Obama!  I would suggest they resign from office since they don't even understand the importance of their office.  I mean why be there if you are willing to give up your power of the purse and the oversight of an overreaching Executive?  What good are you?  Get out and let people who know civics replace you!

Obama's Executive order on immigration puzzles me greatly.  He said over 22 times he did not have the power or authority to do what he then did after the election in November.  He even announced prior to the election he would not do it because he did not want to harm the re-e;election of his democrats.  Well it did not work and the Republicans kicked the democrats asses.  So just like a petulant child, Obama announced his illegal action to legalize millions of people.  Say what?  Yes, we have terrorists running around killing people all over the planet and he opens the borders to people who have no rights to be here.  It seems the democrats in the Congress are all in.  What happens when a "jihadi" blows up a couple of them?  Maybe they will understand what the Republicans are trying to do?  Probably not.  These democrats are the most partisan people I have ever seen.  There is not one thing the R's do these democrats agree with, especially on controversial items. And they are mean and mealy mouthed little kids.

Listening to the democrats you would think those Republicans who want to follow the US Constitution are all scoundrels.  That sealing the border is anti-human! (1.2 million came here legally last year)  That asking for accountability of bureaucrats is some sort of apostasy!  I think it is because they are bereft of civics lessons.  They don't even know how the American system of governing works!  The democrats want a king I guess.  If a whole group are ready to crown their favorite king and give up their power of equality then I say again.  Resign!

Obama seems to me to be undermining the country in many ways.  His objectives seem to be working.  Diminish America since he believes we are not a special place and make us just one of the gang of mediocrity.  We are not special.  So we have withdrawn from the position of leader to one of a follower, or worse, bench sitter.  I recall seeing some of the "Why we Fight" movies from WW2 and in my view, nothing has really changed today from the reasons given then.  Sitting back and not even arming the Kurds in Iraq and the Ukrainians in their fight against the Russian hegemony is wrong.  The murders and kidnappings by Nigerian Muslims, the Taliban killing children by the score and the ISIL scum beheading innocent Christians is in need of confrontation.

Sure, we are on this side of the great sea.  We are insulated we think from these terrors.  Yes, we said the same thing when German submarines were sinking our ships off the east coast of America.  But finally we had to go and kick their ass and bring some sort of civility to the planet.  Obama is so afraid of exercising the American muscle he is paralyzed.  Of course he still goes out and makes speeches about American shortcomings to a heady college audience where he still has some support.  But when the murderers are inside our country what will he do?  Will he send Eric Holder to indict the policeman for arresting the Muslim head slicer?  Will he explain that the "white privilege" of the majority here deserves what they get because of the past indiscretions?  Probably.  America deserves much better.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lamestream Media attacks Guiliani and O'Reilly UPDATE Feb 23 at 5:31PM

With all those ISIL murders and Russia trying to annex Ukraine, with Nigerian Muslims kidnapping little girls for sex slaves, for millions of Americans getting the first bills/penalties for ObamaCare, what is the lamestream media all excited and outraged about?  Rudy Giuliani's statement at a gathering in Manhattan that he felt Obama did not love America like most people do.  And that Bill O'Reilly said he was in a war zone during the Falklands War in the early 1980's.  My goodness, the extent of the lamestream absurdity knows no bounds.

Back in 2008 when Obama was running for President, he actually stated that George W. Bush was "unpatriotic" regarding the debt and other things he screeched about.  But I do not recall the lamestreams getting upset.  Of course, Bush is a "old white guy" of the powerful "white" Establishment so he deserved whatever Obama said and the press was on board.  Those evil "white" power structure men are too blame for all the ills of the country and so, yes, we the press agree.  No outrage here.  But have one of those "old white guys" say something about our first half black and half white President and they become apoplectic!  Here is the Obama ditty on Bush from 2008.

So what do you think? I say the press is simply stupid. In America we can ask the questions, we can make the allegations. The left does it all the time and usually with impunity from press scrutiny (look at Chris Christie and the bridge).  I really think our leaders have to fess up about what they believe and where those beliefs came from.  We are still waiting for the lamestreams to release Obama's  college transcripts and his service records, just like they did with all the rest of the Presidents.  But that would be racist they say.  We just have to take him at his word.  Hell, why is it that the press doesn't ask itself "is he affected or are his beliefs affected by his upbringing"?  "Are his beliefs influenced by his Muslim father and Muslim stepfather and his schooling in a Muslim school"?  Why aren't those reviewed ad nausea like they did with Bush's schooling and his military service?  Because the press thinks it might be construed as racist?  Probably, they are gutless wonders when push comes to shove about race.  Only the evil "white men" are fair game.  No person of "color" should be scrutinized.  Hell the press can't even get outraged and report on the murders of blacks an blacks in Chicago!

In my view this all leads to what I see as favoritism of one group over another.  It is perceived as "unfair".  The press is doing themselves in.  They don't realize, (or care) that Americans of common sense and "fairness" really see their bias.  Obama called Bush unpatriotic and so did Giuliani call Obama the same.  BIG DEAL!  But in the minds and hearts of the lamestream press, only Rudy is culpable.

O'Reilly is now the target of a article by a fellow named Corn who writes for Mother Jones magazine.  It is a far left magazine worthy of the bottom of the bird cage and usually is.  Corn says O'Reilly lied about his activities back in 1983 as O'Reilly reported for CBS News from Buenos Aries Argentina during the Falklands War.  I listened to what O'Reilly said and I came away with the common sense meaning of his words.  He did not lie, or embellish his story.  He believed the riots he and his cameraman were in in Argentina were part of the "war" against the UK.  That is how I took it.  It was all connected.  Sort of like Bill Clinton marching in a May Day parade in Moscow when he was a Rhodes Scholar.  The war was elsewhere but the home crowd was really into it (or against).

So my guess is the socialist left does its best to mute the right and will make any claim they think will embarrass or cause a person to resign their position.  Hell O'Reilly actually defended Brian Williams who truly did make stuff up.  The talk shows are replete with liberals and socialists yapping that Rudy is bad, O'Reilly is bad but Clinton, Bill and Hillary, are just fine.  Trouble is though, the American people have had enough of the lamestreams favoritism and bias and their rating and sales are in the tank.  Look at Time Magazine!  Not much left there.  Newsweek is kaput for the most part.  The leftwing newspapers are crying for sales.  Where is the only bright spots?  FOX and "American Sniper".  Things conservative are crowding out the lying leftwing TV, papers and magazines.  Corn and Mother Jones will be toast too because the right is kicking their ass with the truth. Americans are fed up with the unpatriotic left and democrat party members.

UPDATE Feb 23, 2015 at 5:31 PM

CBS News released the tapes from the riots in Buenos Aries in 1982 where O'Reilly reported from.  The tapes back up him.  The Mother Jones, David Corn hit piece was a pile of bovine excrement.  I wonder if the lamestreams will report this as much as the stupid Corn article?

Rants local, and elsewhere February 23, 2015

As I approach 65 (of which I can hardly believe it!) I am still shocked at how uneducated people are with their own circumstances.  Over the last few weeks I have listened to some people discussing their interaction with ObamaCare and its California implementer, Covered California.  What a mess!  These people are now experiencing what we on the NO side of ObamaCare said would happen five years ago!  And the government lies about the number of signups!  HERE is a cursory guid, enjoy the complexity!

These folks are the middle to lower economic class and the monstrosity the state and feds have put together is a daunting maze.  Not only are they losing their doctors but their costs are higher!  But as usual, government giveth and the government taketh away.  The people are forced into this mess but then are told the taxpayers will subsidize a part of the cost!  So they have a huge bunch of hoops to jump through to get the same or lesser coverages!  And they must expose their personal information to the ether!  Slaves!

Also, this will be the first year of the "fines" if you don't agree to become a ObamaCare slave!  When the millions of people, especially the young and healthy, get that penalty deducted from their refunds or a  direct billing, they will then realize their folly of voting for a slick talker. Elections have consequences and it is now in the mailbox of every American!  All you people that stayed home in 2012 should be ashamed of yourselves.  You sold your kids down the river. And allowed the "legalization" of 11 million aliens!

The EPA is now formulating a new definition and set of regulations for the "waters" of the United States!  I was shocked a few years ago when the Army Corps of Engineers of the Federal Government decided they had jurisdiction over a roadside ditch on some property I owned!  The ditch is wholly within the boundaries of California so I assumed the claim that my ditch was a "navigable stream" was unfounded.  Well I guess not!  Somehow the Feds have decided that any water, no matter if it is on the ground for ten minutes, is their jurisdiction!  They are now trying to codify it even though a few years back the US Supreme Court said NO!  Don't you just love it when the government decides to say "screw you" to the SCOTUS and common sense?

The State of California is now spending billions on the "train to nowhere" and we get to see how the government can exempt itself from its own rules and laws.  It did a whitewash on the environmental laws to try and gain "rights of way" for the train.  It does this all the time with many projects.  It just votes to exempt itself from CEQA!  You and I have to spend a gazillion dollars just to build a house or business on our own property!  Anyway, the California Supreme Court goes along with the State and allows "eminent domain" to proceed.  Historically our Supreme Court has been loath to support "property rights" for the little people (thanks for nothing).  Say goodbye to billions of dollars for the construction.  The cost of a ticket will be so high that your trip from Chowchilla to Fresno will not be as enticing as you thought.

Locally our little county still can't get out of its own way when it comes to enticing jobs here.  I remember years ago when people showed up to hearings to shout down and protest business start ups.  Those people said "hey, I took a huge pay cut to move to this beautiful place to raise my kids and live in peace, vote no on this proposal". So those businesses went elsewhere.  The county got a reputation.  Not a good one either.  Don't try in Nevada County, go somewhere where they want you.  So they did.  Now hundreds of millions of dollars heads down the hill to other places and we have a lot of empty store fronts.  Schools are losing kids and teachers.  Fire districts are consolidating to save money.  We do have a thriving environmental  non profit sector that uses our tax money though. They are very effective at killing business and raising your costs for energy and other necessities.  Our legacy of gold mining is still here and some people want to get to that shiny metal.  But as usual, the nay Sayers and myopic government can't seem to get aboard.  Funny how he computers they use to attack the business of mining contains those metals.  Oh well, I digress.

So our little county has become just like Plumas and Lassen counties.  The bulk of the jobs, the best paying jobs, are in some form of government.  After mining, timber and grazing were booted and the regulations on the rest were implemented (all with good intentions of course), we end up as we are today.  Older population, not many children around, business struggling and lots of taxes!  But as I have said for many years, we get what we get when we let the loudest mouths control the game.

Across the planet we are all getting to see what happens when evil people get power and guns and have an eye on you.  Whether it is the Islamic terrorists or Vladimir Putin of Russia, there are always people that want what you have.  If the Islamic terrorists can't convert you to their religion they will certainly take your head off and toss it into the garbage.  If Vlad wants a port in the Crimea, then he will and did, take it.  He is a bully and all his neighbors need to stay aware.  Western Europe has seen too many wars though and they are not too willing to confront the BEAR.  Our country has reneged on its treaty with Ukraine and so that country is left to its own devices.  I truly don't know how humans can treat each other as these evil people do but I know one thing.  If they are dead they can't hurt anyone.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Meet Kyle Carpenter, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

This young man is a testament of a brave Marine and if you have a dry eye after you hear of all his injuries then you are not a human.  HERE is more on Kyle.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paul Perry Sleep Well. 1936-2015

Paul Perry, 70, at MIM's 25th anniversary (Summer Fest 2006).
Source is theUnion
HERE is his picture from the Union Newspaper today. Go to Page 8-9. HERE is the article.

I knew him for many years and we always had nice talks.  We saw each other at the Humpty Dumpty for breakfast once in a while.  My last wife sang in Music in the Mountains in the early 90's and we all got to know each other.  He was always nice to me as I was to him.

He will be playing piano for GOD now.

Monday, February 16, 2015

ISIL murders Christians in Libya and my solutions

Why in God's name can't anyone say ISLAMIC terrorists?  All these murders around the globe are done in the name of Allah by these scum and yet no one will publish that fact.  These murders are done in the name of a religion and anyone with a brain knows that is true.  I don't care if the press and the cartoonists are afraid to say the truth.  We all know the truth. HERE is the A;-Jazeera report on the murders.  Note the sidebar on the right that states "Al-Azhar stresses that such barbaric action has nothing to do with any religion or human values." (Al-Azhar , centre of Islamic learning).

What a crock.  I think the politicians and the press, along with the apologists from the left are simply afraid to say it.  Our own President is afraid.  Why?  If there are only a 1% band of Islamic terrorists, what is the problem?  I am sure if a Christian did the murder that would be the lead.  The press would shout it out loud and clear.  What is the difference?  Could the press be a bunch of chicken livers?  Could the political class be misreading what might happen if they actually said "Islamic terrorists"?  

Egypt bombed the training base of these scumbag killers of 21 men.  I cannot bring myself to watch these videos made to intimidate non Muslims so I have just read the accounts.  More innocent people beheaded.  At least Egypt took swift action.  It is claimed they killed over 60 of these virus lowlifes and destroyed their training camp/  I truly hope so.  My reading of history about these people tells me that swift retribution with overpowering force is required to take them out or off the planet.

I do believe these "humans" of ISIL are the closest form of a human virus.  They just do their damage without remorse.  They spread unless confronted by a serum.  Talk about a vaccination!  The people all concerned about real life saving vaccinations should be more concerned with these human ones.  Off with their heads these mutants scream out.  At least a person getting a real vaccination has a chance of recovery.  Not so when your head is chopped off.  So here we are.  Day after day these murderers do their dirty deeds and the worlds leaders can't even call them what they are and in what faith they are doing it..  

Without honesty, without the fear of retribution from the so-called "moderate 99%" of the Muslim world, I say onward.  We have to kill this virus on the planet.  It is not capitalism that is the problem.  It is Islamic terror.  For some reason these killers have told us that we must convert or die.  I take them at their word.  Thomas Jefferson had to defeat them in 1805 on the Barbary Coast.  They declared a Jihad then and were attacking the shipping in the Mediterranean.  Jefferson had enough and sent in the Marines.  He kicked their ass and they were quiet for many years afterwords.  But the thread was still there.  It rears its head from time to time.  So what is the thread?  Islam!

I would suggest that the world needs to unite and destroy this virus.  It must be done with overwhelming force and with no quarter.  If you leave some they will be back.  Look at the released scum from Gitmo.  Back into the killing of innocents. (I watched their murdering of mall patrons in Kenya this weekend).  After (or even during) the destruction of the killers, the world must force the Islam scholars and mullahs to teach PEACE.  They keep saying it is a religion of peace so prove it.  Start changing the sermons in the mosques to 100% peace!  That is what the Christians do.  Ever seen a Buddhist sermon preach murder of anyone?  Nope.  

So come on Western world.  Obama and the rest of the lilly livers need to stand up and call a spade a spade.  Islam is the thread of all this planetary murder.  Not "climate change".  If you don't remove the virus then who cares about "climate change"? Obviously the Islamic killers don't.