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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Death Threats Against Republicans in Wisconsin

Eric Holder, where are you man?  You investigated phony claims that Tea Party folks spit on some members of Congress (even though not one claim was true), and now we have threats of death that would make a Italian mafia member nervous.  Even the mafia doesn't threaten family members with death.  Well, could there be some union members in Wisconsin doing this?  Holder needs to send in the FBI and take care of this right now. 

HERE is the story of the threats.  I suggest you all read the email because it seems to me it belongs in Burma or Pakistan, not America.  The left is a disgrace.


  1. This is further evidence that The Left are the ones who are violent, uncivil, and intolerant.

    If violence does surface it will be their undoing.
    --John Galt

  2. Absolutely right John. The left are the violent ones.

  3. Wish I could feel as confident about "their undoing" as JohnG. The collectivists have always resorted to and benefitted from violence. It is their stock in trade while they preach peace, inclusivity, togetherness, ... . No one in the lamestream calls them to account as we witness again in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, ... where they are preaching revolution.

  4. I agree. The American press has abrogated their Bill of Rights protection since they have just become a arm of the democrat party. Alternative media though has picked up the slack. I think it will be a fight to the proverbial political death.


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