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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Obama's phony jobs bill defeated

Today the US Senate democrats see picture) had some of their minions defect to the right and voted against bringing a close to a filibuster to allow a\Obama's ridiculous political ploy to see the light of day.  The vote was 50-49 so the fawning press will have to figure a different way to spin the defeat.  We all knew the "jobs" bill was a joke didn't we?

HERE is the CNN spin on the debate in the Senate. What is fascinating to me is the lack of Harry Reid's understanding of the US Constitution.  All bills with money must originate in the House yet Reid tried to bend the law to accommodate Obama.  All the jobs ploy accomplished was ZIP, ZERO, NADA! Harry Reid's state of Nevada has the highest unemployment and home foreclosures in the country and the best Harry could do was, well, NOTHING!  While America is hurting under huge debt, deficits and over-regulation, the democrats, led by Obama, Reid and Pelosi, play political games while the country burns.  Obama is now saying he will break up the phony jobs bill into parts and try to get his way in a different strategy.

That is what makes Obama a unique President.  When he fails, he doubles down to fail twice a bad.  Now there is way of looking at things I have not seen much of in my life or in America for that matter.  When something doesn't work, that usually tells a thinking person to try something that will have a better chance at success.  Obama and the democrats simply pile on more crap rather than change direction to success.  Is it any wonder they are failing and hopefully they will be booted in November 2012.

Interestingly, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell asked Harry Reid to allow a up or down vote on the full Obama "jobs" bill, but Reid would not allow it.  What a strategy eh?  Democrats are simply stupid in many ways.


  1. Jobs Bill? Ya,,,, sure thing. Just another big tax and spend.
    Even the LIBS choked on it.

  2. No, just cowards like Ben Nelson and Jim Webb (Dems in conservative states) choked. I love it- Repubs are now on record opposing job creation. With the Occupy movement just in its infancy, the worm has turned.

  3. Your approach is no longer working. The left is on the run and your post crystallizes why your ilk is losing bigtime.

  4. Why would the left be on the run when they've been energized by the Occupy movement? Everything I stated about the conservative Sens is correct.

  5. No, everything you listed in a farce but that is our opinion and that is fine. The true test is the election in our system and your philosophy is getting wiped out. Keep trying though. Oh, the OWS movement is a flop. The only movement I see is the guys on the police car.

  6. That last comment would be fairly funny if it was your original joke. But I'm quite sure you got that from somewhere else. Clever though.


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