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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Help the Libyan Protesters, Updated 12:49 PM

America needs to enforce a no fly zone over Libya.  Qaddafi has warplanes and tanks and he is killing lots of people.  America needs to help the freedom fighters by using our might to stop him, at least in the air.

Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi  is a terrorist.  He issued orders to blow up the Pam Am flight which murdered 271 people, many were our young college students.  He is scum and we need to help take him out.  He has to pay mercenaries because he can no longer trust his own military to defend him.  Now we have Sarkosy of France stepping up and showing some leadership.  France is recognizing the protesters and is going to establish a diplomatic mission in Benghazi in Eastern Libya.  The story is HERE. Watch the video too.

I am certainly disappointed that our President has not shown us much leadership on this.  It is similar to his reaction on Iran when the protesters for freedom were being massacred by the Mullahs and the little modern Hitler wannabee, Ahmadinejad (bio and picture  HERE).  It seems Obama is so timid until the outcome in these countries is certain, then he issues his grand opinion.  Well, we were told by the liberals we cannot let governments murder their own people and yet Obama just sits on his hands.  We have a chance to help establish democratic freedom loving government in the world's political black holes.  We need action, Now!

HERE is the latest update from the New York Times on the protest and civil strife.

Update.  HERE is a joint letter from David Cameron, PM of Greta Britain and Nicolas Sarkosy to the Eurpoean Leaders.  Clinton and Obama still sitting on their hands.  What a disgrace.

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