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Friday, September 23, 2011

UPDATED at 9:51 AM. Harry Reid and the democrat jackasses in the US Senate holding America hostage again

Are we all sick and tired of the democrats and their President crying about the lack of "bipartisanship" they say is all the fault of Republicans?  Well, is the press would tell the American people who the real scofflaws are, the Harry Reid democrats in the US Senate, maybe the people would hold his smelly feet to the fire and something would get done.  But, they don't.  Last night the House voted to send a funding bill to keep the government running over to the Senate and Harry Reid won't even allow it to come to a vote!

HERE is the article and if you can't find any criticism by the author of Reid and the democrats, you are not alone. Hell, Speaker Boehner had to compromise with his own party to get the bill passed for goodness sakes but Reid, wanting one item in the massive bill to be what he wants it to be, is holding the bill hostage.  Now if the media would hammer him as they did the Republicans when the democrats had both houses in 2009-2010, maybe they country could proceed.  But I digress.  It is sad for the unemployed workers of our country, sad for the women and children depending on the passage of the budget, sad for the disabled and incontinent that Mr. Reid and the Band of Morons (democrats) won't do the right thing and compromise.  "This is a sarcastic statement because no one would believe the left won't compromise.  Right?

America elects these democrats and we see every day what they have done to our country.  Along with Obama, we are being played for the fools we apparently are.  America elects these people to do what?  Reid sits on his butt and does nothing!  He is more concerned with getting his way than doing the right thing for the country.  Perhaps he and his minions should be tried for treason?  I call them and their party the Nero Party.  They are fiddling while the country collapses.  And it is collapsing because of them.

Updated at 9:51 AM.  The Senate actually voted!  The House bill was defeated 59-36.  So it appears we have some Republicans that need to go too.


  1. Most Americans will simply not tolerate the destruction of the important controls on air and water pollution. 50 years of environmental progress will not be destroyed by short-sighted, far right politicians. House needs to come back with a balanced approach.

  2. You have it all wrong. Conservatives want clean air and water but we don't want big mama government micro managing our lives. The left has been in control too long. It is time to bring back common sense.


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