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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Unhinged American left calls Trump more dangerous than Kim Jong UN!

I have to shake my head in disbelief everytime some leftwingnut spews their hate for Trump.  I am talking about the American left and their lemmings in the democrat/media complex.  Here we have a unhinged fat boy in North Korea who apparently is off his twinkies and may be bi-polar, telling the world he will nuke America!  And now says he will shoot four missiles at Guam!  And so Trump says "look you fat-ass punk, do that and you will be toast, literally!  As will your country and people".  Seems kind of reasonable when dealing wth a bully.  But wait!

Amer4ican liberals say Trump's response is unwarranted and dangerous!  So what did Trump say in response to the "snowflakes"?  He said that was not strong enough!  I like that.  And General Mattis has chimed in to warn fatboy that North Korea will be  a wasteland if he does anything like he is shouting.  Good.  This is how you deal with bullies.  And when a bully has a nuke you have to hope he will not use it and just shut his mouth.  Fatboy is a rogue big mouth of a nation of 25 million people he is starving to death.  To pay for the nukes and their delivery systems he makes the people eat their own leather shoes to survive.

The regime has to go.  I say load C-130 transports with New York Steaks and airdrop them over the country.  There will be a massive response and the people will kick that fat-ass out of power.  Of course the Norks have thousands of conventional artillery aimed at Seoul and the other cites along the border.  And he will probably fire them if there is a provocation or attack.  So hopefully our military has a strategy to take them out.  Maybe carpet bombing by B-52's?  So there seems to be no easy fix and many people will die if the tinpot dictator of North Korea does not come to his senses. 

Back to the unhinged left of America.  It seems to me they never learn that you have to confront the killers and not just try to sweet talk them.  Obama and Clinton set all this up and of course.  This outcome was something many of us knew would come to pass.  You give these killers any wiggle room to cheat and they will.  Obama and Clinton did.  In fact Clinton sold our missile guidance secrets to the Chi-coms for cash back in 1996.  Maybe Al Gore forgot to put that in his new "Global Warming" movie?  Maybe that is what he means when all these nukes go off.  The earth will warm from the explosions.

Anyway, if Trump confronts the rat Nork, that is fine with me.  The American left should shut up and let Trump do the foreign policy.  The left should just stay in their momma's basement playing NUKE video games and leave the world to the grownups.


  1. Anyone that thinks Jong does not have a nuke and an ICBM to deliver it is a bigger fool than he is.
    Our first line of defense is when ICBM's go over Japan and those that got through it's up to Guam. Jong is sending four so he is hoping one will hit the target 25%. If one gets through its Nuke time, and Jong will launch every ICBM he has at us at the same time LA, SF, Seattle, San Diego what ever big city that is in range.
    To me he cannot launch nukes and the only way to stop that is to take out his nukes and artillery at the same time to save as much of SK as we can.
    Cobalt bombs may be better?
    Or we do plenty of sit-ups and limber up our backs so we can kiss our asses good by.
    F it I'll President Trump figure it out.

  2. Giving it additional thought, Kim Jong sends four nukes toward Guam so one hits, or all hit or one of the four for Guam or more for the west coast and why send four to Guam unless they are so unreliable or so low yield?
    He probably feels Guam being hit will be the real test for delivery, warheads and / or our defense system.
    Or perhaps if it is only Guam, we will not retaliate with nukes to North Korea but a ground force, bombardment or NK with conventional weapons and feels we will not nuke him because of his proximity to China and South Korea and the fallout from a nuke.Additionally he may believe he can beat our ground forces.
    It's sort of like your sitting in a bar and the asshole next to you says he is going to kick your ass so you better jump up before his three last words are uttered and kick his ass.
    If our incoming ICBM defensive interception system is 100% Then do nothing but be damned sure it is and in a year or two spend what ever it takes to get it totally fail safe.
    McConnell, Graham, McCain, Ryan, Suchmmer, Pelosi, Feinstein and Waters need to go and Bill Cristol needs to be jailed for treason as that forking asshole is the leader of the deep state along with Romney and his asshole buddies.George Romney was a super asshole and he taught his son well.

    1. Trumpet calls Obama a pussy. Marine has to set him straight.

    2. What is they say? A broken clock is right twice a day. That's all.

  3. Loving how the white nationalists, David Duke, KKK, and murdering rednecks are rallying for Trump. You and your ilk are in good company.

    1. You support Black Lives Matter and I do not support the white supremacist movement but your Black Lives mater group is a hateful group that want to eradicate the whites in this country. If it were not for whites you blacks would be cave dwellers. Do you understand?

  4. I am wondering why the liberals, conservatives, democrats, etc. cannot respect Donald Trump the President?
    I voted for Donald Trump and he was Inaugurated 1/21/2017.
    The people of this country voted for Donald Trump and he is president.
    Don't like it and live it till 2020.
    I lived with President Obama for eight long years.
    Now it is your turn to respect President Trump till 2020.
    If you can't it's too bad.

    1. The above posted by Charles T. Gore.
      Quid Pro Que.
      If you liberals hate Grass Valley get out otherwise be quiet.

  5. jeffpelline says:

    August 12, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    And here’s Nevada County native, former Nevada County supervisor and card-carrying “good old boy” Todd Juvinall’s take on this: “Netroots Nation, a conglomeration of the loony disaffected ‘progressives’ of America.” Go figure!


    This is the level of discourse that "an award winning journalist" brings to the table?

    Essentially - .....and Todd said....

    Followed by new preferred throwaway cliche!

    I hadn't thought it possible but you managed to pull it off Mr. Stay-Puft.....I actually have less respected for you than before that post! Well done!

    1. Pelline I really question your mental stability and consider you nuttier than the lunatic that shot up Lyons a few years back.

    2. Pelline is just not that smart. Nothing in his quiver is remarkable at all. Rather than discuss the issues he just does his snark. No problem for me, he is a outlier here and of no importance.


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