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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Netroots Nation, a conglomeration of the loony disaffected "Progressives" of America

Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren

OMG!!  NETROOTS! I just watched and listened to Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren, US Senator from Massachusetts.  She was addressing the smallish crowd oin Atalanta today and what a speech!  Honestly, she and her minions are truly unhinged.  Her teleprompter told her to say the usual drivel we expect from a left-wingnut democrat.  And she did not disappoint.  All things American, bad, all things Hugo Chavez, Venezuela-like, good.  She absolutely represents the socialist/communist models that have and are failing across the planet. I am personally 180 degrees her life views. 

But she can't help herself.  I listened as she excoriated American business, America finance, American everything we know.  But handouts?  She is all for them.  She is for thousands of more rules she wants to tell people how to run their lives and businesses.  And the funniest part was her saying she represented "flyover" country people and their issues.  I spit my coffee on to my carpet!  It is as if she forgot the America rejected her and her pals and elected Trump and Republicans all across America!  Total denial.  And the pig she is trying to put lipstick on has vanished.

Americans have had enough of her and her ilk.  We are tired of her telling us how to live our lives, what we can say and how we should think.  This is her vision.  Though she tries to cloak her communist/socialist ideals in some form of Americana, it does not wash.  We the people have seen the democrat models and are rejecting them.  And her aspirations for the Oval Office were spewed forth as well.  Americans are fed up with the left.  Of course there are enough of them in power and other places like the media and Hollywood where they have a unfettered propaganda machine.  And we must stay vigilant to make sure their lies and communist policies don't make it any further in our free country.

But listening to her, she is doubling down on the left-wing policies she loves.  "You did not build that" she has said.  Well honey we did build that and we did it with a free people.  Not one enslaved by the democrats and their left-wing machine.  You can spew all your hatred for all things American as you did today but guess what?  It is not selling in middle class families and middle America.  We live your wet dreams of regulation and laws of PC.  And we don't like it.  The voters of America want simple fairness.  We want you out of our lives, our jobs, our paychecks and our bodies.  Get away from us.  Let us alone.  We want to breathe free again.

And your hate of Trump and the Republicans makes you unfit to even discuss your phony issues of "bi-partisanship"  You trashed both throughout your teleprompter speech today.  How can you even be expected to work with the other side hen your say such vile and disgusting things about us?  But now that we have alternative media sources, Americans can see you unfiltered and it is not pretty.  You and your ilk are HATERS!  And you will unleash your "brown shirts" on we who disagree.  You will be dropping that poison gas on us if we don't agree.  We know your type.  We see it right now in North Korea and Venezuela and Cuba.  We reject you and your policies and ideas.
Al Gore signaling stop listening to him

Next up today is Al Gore, the biggest liar and hypocrite on climate change and global warming.  Oh my, please listen with your common sense and reject these usurpers of our freedoms.  Send them packing into the wilderness.  Tell them to leave you alone and tell them to gaze at their own navels, not yours.

Apparently Nevada County Supervisor Heidi Hall is attending the far left Netroots which tells me a lot about her.  How can she sit there and listen to the communist mantra and not reject it?  Well maybe she believes it?  And she is one-fifth of running our county!  Perhaps District One voters were unaware of her radical thinking?  Maybe we will let them know.


  1. I've not seen Al Gore's films, either of them. He is trying to raise the profile of a serious issue. Are you able to identify what he has lied about in relation to global warming and climate change?

    1. 52 lies in the first movie. Second movie will probably be worse.

  2. Todd, your post does not answer the question.

    The judgement in UK courts ruled on 9 specific points raised by Mr Gore's film.

    None of those points were deemed to be lies, to use that word seems wrong to me.

    Sea level rise was deemed highly unlikely in this century, but if the Greenland ice sheet continues to melt, then the predicted sea level rise could occur.

    The citation of polar bears due to swimming long distances was criticised as the only evidence presented was for four bears which had drowned in a storm.

    The 650,000 year temperature record and CO2 graph did not prove Gore's claim of an exact fit, but it was accepted there was a link between the two.

    As for the claims the Meridional Overturning Circulation, there is no evidence it could be stopped, but there is plenty of evidence it is being reduced.

    The remaining claims on Pacific atolls, Kilimanjaro snows, Hurricane Katrina, Coral Bleaching are areas where a correlation is difficult to establish but the evidence is growing all the time.

    While you may not want to act to prevent climate change and global warming, it is real, it is affecting people and life around the planet now. We as a species are destroying this planet, pumping billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere is just one way we do this. It is our children and grandchildren that will have to sort out this mess. Why do you not want to help them?

    1. All his predictions and there time frames were never met. What more do you need?

    2. All the climate events were normal so nothing to see there either.

    3. I can see you seem as unfamiliar with what 'An inconvenient truth' says as I am, but again you are not reading the question. You also seem to be data and statistics averse, which doesn't help your cause.

      From what I can gather, the main thrust of the film was demonstrating the link between CO2 and global warming. That is proven.

      This probably highlights the fact that you have not watched this film, but Al Gore predicts that in 50 to 70 years, in the summer time, that ice will be completely gone!

      A simple examination of the Arctic ice volume data shows that this prediction is clearly on track.

      Thus both of your posts 'All his predictions and there time frames were never met' and 'All the climate events were normal so nothing to see there either' are both wrong.

      Todd, again, why do you not want to help your grandchildren secure their future?

    4. The reason I am not going to engage you in a science debate is this. It is not about science. It is about politics. And redistribution of wealth. So you can post all your backup proof you want but the bottom line is not that. It is politics and power. So have at it.

      Regarding my progeny and their future. I am certainly doing my best to help them and to have a good life. Your ilk is all about pain. Returning to a less successful era for some reason. The future is there but you want the past. So go ive there and leave us alone and stay out of our pockets. In reality you are pursuing fascism. I a all about freedom.

    5. For someone that professes to not know what the idiot Gore's movie was about you sure are a staunch defender of that credibility suicide of a movie. Did you see how much Gore spends on his energy bill after the solar panels? The global warming religion is no different than the flat earth society.

  3. Annie Fannie is spewing on the FUE's rag again. He must be lonely. LOL!

    1. Uh oh, now the Pelline is making fun of my going to the movies with my brother. LOL! At least my relatives like me. Even Pelline's relatives were relieved he moved as far away from them as he did. The man is so lonely he makes female sock puppets to talk to. What a hoot! And lastly, no one here in the county admits they even know him as hehas alienated everyone he is in contact with. Sad sack at best.

    2. EVERYONE who has had the displeasure to have contact with the FUE hates him, many, many, want to punch him in the snout. Small children run in terror when he is stuffing his maw.

      Now the hypocrite wants to bash trump over the head of Merck quitting some advisory council. What will the commies in Nevada city and the potheads think about him being nice to a horrible pharmaceutical boss?

    3. This is the funniest part of the fool called the fue. He is so lonely and isolated from reality that he really does have to invent his female "secret friends" to talk to and bolster his crazy ramblings. He is simply not smart enough to realize that it is so easy to locate anyone on the internet today, and to prove their existence, or non-existence in he and Annie's case. Easy. Yet he continues to have "conversations" with "her" thinking this will convince us of his imaginary friends existence.
      Memo to fue: There is no Annie, and everyone knows it! Just like there was no Gloria Zane, and no Windy. Does your wife think you are as crazy as everyone else does? Keep up the good work making everyone laugh. At you, not with you.


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