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Sunday, July 30, 2017

White Privlege? NOPE. But Journalists spew hate.

Are we getting the truth from the press about white people? Seems every article they write calls, white people, a bunch of "white supremacists". Why is that? The authors or so-called "journalists" can't seem to believe white people are no different than anyone else on planet earth. They elevate whites to some higher form of life than others and then complain about it. Whites are not better or worse than anyone else. But if a white person says anything the media can obfuscate into some form of bias or prejudice they run with it. And they paint all white people with that brush.

 Today there were a couple of articles in the SACBEE that make my point. The FORUM section had an article by a Sasha Abramsky complaining that Trump is somehow causing the rest of the planet's people to look down on America. All because Trump wants to put America first. Somehow Trump is spouting "dog whistles" of racism and making people of a different color nervous about "white women". And since Trump does not want open borders, he must be a racist. Even though he has been in office for only six months and spoken only about illegal immigrants and criminals, the author thinks he is wrecking our standing.

Honestly, when I read these lies from the left I can't believe they are even as smart as a third-grade child. The author wants "open borders" and we should not even keep terrorists from the seven countries out. Is that what we want? And my guess is Americans of all stripes and colors, legal, of course, do not see this as a good thing for America. Does that make the blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others racists? No, just the white people. That is why the left has no credibility on these issues any longer.

I do not have a racist bone in my body. But because I am a white human, the liberals and the whiny activists call me one. They need a boogeyman to raise money I guess. But white people in America have done their best to shake off the 150 plus years ago issues practiced in the south. Slavery was abolished at great cost during the Civil War. And finally, laws were passed to make our country the place for equality and the rule of law for all. We have transferred trillions of guilt ridden dollars to others to attempt to make good on past inequities. But I don't even see any indications from the activists, the race hustlers I call them, for that. They just want more and more and it will never end as long as we allow them to try and push the "white is racist" issues.

America has people from everywhere. We have done a pretty good job of getting along and people can succeed if they try hard. But those that fail will not accept the fact they failed. Must be someone else's fault. So the beginning of "white privilege". And Trump is the reason. We Americans have sent trillions of dollars around the world to help other countries and cultures. We saved the world from fascists and Imperialists. But it has done no good. The takers are now worldwide and they are insatiable for our money and time. Look at their attempt to have America send billions to them for "climate change"

Another article in the SACBEE was about some NGO that is sailing around the Mediterranean looking for illegal immigrants in distress. If they find them they take them back to their African country. So, of course, these people are white racists according to the author. And the author consults with that bastion of anti-white people, The Southern Poverty Law Center. That group has never seen a white person as a human. Only as a racist. They have become a cartoon in my view and to use them as a source for anything is laughable. Plus they are funded by every leftwingnut group on the planet. All hate the Americans and the white folks.

So if you are sick and tired of being called a racist, simply because of your skin color, you must fight back. Do not allow these liars to go unchallenged. Make sure you tell them they are wrong and that you are all about human beings of all stripes. Someday maybe these liars on the left will be muted. Well, if the money dries up.

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