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Friday, July 28, 2017

A Cleveland Councilman's Scaramucci moment, where is CNN?


  1. From my side of the tracks. He ain't bullshittin you. Hahaha.

  2. This councilman is a thug. Funny how the left bemoans violence and then threatens it for asking a question.

  3. Always trying to put a anti left spin on everything, eh? How about the guy was just a macho hothead d!ck..kind of like your boy Scaramucho?
    "Forbes was outspoken, particularly on matters of race and the poor. His passion often led to heated exchanges with colleagues and the Cleveland media, more than a few of which turned physical. This included a confrontation with fellow councilman Jeff Johnson:[4]"

    "He {Forbes} picks up this chair, kept it in his hand and just swung," recalls Johnson. "I ducked, and the leg hit me on the shoulder. I was getting ready to go at this point, but his bodyguard stepped in. Guess you can swing chairs around when you've got a bodyguard."

    According to author Edward P. Whelan: "Depending on the prism through which one views him, Forbes is either the city’s savior or the most destructive, self-aggrandizing and divisive influence around. There is hardly anyone in the city who does not have strong feelings about him."

    1. How can you go wrong with an anti-left position?

    2. You doubt the man is a dem-lefty? The point of this was as a comparison to Scaramouche. Are you dense?

  4. Some psych job named Keichie is wishing that the President dies because he cut a few bucks from a bloated budget. What a scum sucking POS aka Doug Keichie is and who can be surprised he is doing the back stroke in the FUE'e pus puddle.


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