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Friday, February 10, 2017

Republican Senator Tim Scott gets racial slur hate mail for supporting Sessions for AG

  We "white" people think we get a bad rap when we get called racists, homophobes and worse.  It hurts that the left lies their sorry asses off to try and demean and diminish us.  But a conservative and or a Republican black man or woman gets even worse treatment.  Watch and listen to Senator Scott.  My goodness the liberals of America are unhinged.

But I thank people like Scott and Clarence Thomas.  Men like Thomas Sowell and Sheriff Clark.  They are off the liberal plantation and now part of the America I am proud of.  Why is it a problem when a black makes it in our country.  Why?

I think the plantation owners, the liberals,  black and white, are afraid.  They cannot give up the scare mongering since it brings them money and allows them to disclaim any responsibility for the own failures outside of the race hustling.  A self-made black or Hispanic doesn't need their help.  Those successful people escaping the life of the hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can actually show others that it can be done!

The people like Scott and Thomas and Sowell should be the role models for black kids.  Not just a sports star or a singer.  Not just the drug dealer in Nike shoes in his neighborhood.  Use these good men and women as examples of how a person can succeed.  Look at Ben Carson, world-renowned brain surgeon.  Coming from humble beginnings and a single parent household he rose to run for the Presidency of this country.  And the plantation owners call him a "Uncle Tom".  Shame on them.

We Americans of goodwill and all races and colors must start emphasizing success.  Legitimate success.  We cannot afford to leave so many young men and women behind.  And we need to stop their indoctrination by the plantation owners and the liberals of this great land.  The liberals are all aflutter that Betsy DeVoss is now in charge of the Federal Eduction system.  But that is really only a small part in dollars of the whole system of education.  Yet, here is a woman that wants to help those kids that are shuffled aside by the inner city liberals in charge of education.  She must be a great threat since they even tried today to keep her from visiting a middle school.

And the white guy wearing the "Black Lives Matter" shirt and yelling at her was a sight to see.  A school of kids and this bum ass was screaming at her.  What a great day for morons.  So DeVoss wants to help and by helping these kids the system cares less about, she is a threat?  Any liberal or Teachers Union administrator better look out.  Change is coming.  And you may become the person booted from the plantation for incompetence and laziness.

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