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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

17 days is all it took to send liberals over the edge to destruction!

Are liberals now the terrorists?
Wow! If anyone had ever questioned the loony left and their mental state, it is on full display over the last few weeks.  From their rioting and burning and tossing bombs in Berkely to the thugs trying to intimidate Our Congressman Tom McClintock in Roseville, the liberals are now showing the people of America how tightly wound they are. I don't think this is "dissent" we are used to in America.  Most of us are mad at these thugs who are using the threat of violence or the words of intimidation to get their way.

Well,  thank goodness Americans of goodwill are rejecting these tactics as we are rejecting their ideology.  The left has caused this switch in direction in America.  They are the ones shoving their beliefs down the throats of people who simply want to be left alone.  Those Americans that play by the rules, work hard, pay their taxes and usually never go to Townhall.  But the left cannot leave them alone.  So finally the Trump Presidential run brought them out for the most important act of rejection for the left.  VOTING!

From the first moments on November 9, 2016, the left told us what they were going to do.  Slow it all down and get in the way of the other half of America that tossed them out.  And they are doing their best to achieve that.  These are the same lovelies that complained when Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen, sais he hoped Obama failed.  Meaning his socialist policies.  But the left is using this tactic at all levels to try and stop Trump and his agenda.  But the people gave Trump some help.  Congress and most State Governments.  Even down to dog catcher.  Why you ask?  Because in my view the American people rebelled against the intrusiveness championed by the left.  Do we really need them to regulate personal behaviors?  Or toilets?  And at the same time allowing murdering scum serial killers a gazillion appeals and room and board forever?

So I do understand why the left is mad.  Many of their favorite gravy trains will be questioned every day now.  Hundreds of billions spent on grants to sycophant "scientists" who lie about  "global warming".  Total hoax.  Or all the debt we seem to accumulate that to me undermines the very foundation of America.  I mean how can trillions of debt help us?  Money spent but not earned yet by our great grand children?  Why have we allowed this?

And of course the ObamaCare mess.  The program is self-destructing and Republicans want to fix the mess.  But the left demonizes this as Republicans don't care about the poor.  Say what?  We have as a people, transferred six trillion dollars in my lifetime to help the American poor and needy.  Not counting the billions sent to other countries called Foreign Aid.  And we have the same poverty rates in America as we did before we spent all those trillions.  Why?  Liberal policies.  Those policies do not address the core issues  Liberal orthodoxy is take from those that do and give to those that don't.  And with government force.  So the reasons never get addressed.  In fact rather than blaming the one's actually to blame, liberals give them a pass and call them a "victim".  So nothing gets fixed as we see the "victims" never getting tough love to shape up.

But isn't it special to finally see and hear the positions of the left?  The media has always protected these lame brains and have done their best to mainstream their liberal ideas.  And of course they still do.  Thankfully we have alternative places to read real news.  And the fake news we get from AP and the rest are challenged.  Thank Trump for that.  He is standing up to all these whiners and takers from our country.  He is not intimidated and hopefully the Republicans at all the other levels will follow suit.  This is why the liberals are .apoplectic.  Someone is standing up to their lies and accusations.  Their use of racism, misogyny and the other smears have worn out.  It proves to me that their ideology is bankrupt and the American people have had enough of it.

What is fascinating me the most regarding information is the lack of even one article that says Trump is doing something good.  NOT ONE!  How can that be?  NOT ONE?  All the writers of the lamestream media and all the democrats in the states and the Congress cannot issue ONE KUDO about anything!  All negative.  But listen to the Republicans and those voters who tossed the democrats out.  ALL POSITIVE and hopefull.  The attitude that permeated Obama's people and administration for eight plus years was dark and negative.  America was headed downhill.  Hope was nowhere to be found.  Our kids were the first to be worse off than their parents.  Sorry, tossing the democrats from power has changed that.

Trump and the Republicans are doing their best to restore hope to America.  The left is trying to rip that hope apart in order to keep their cadre of victims and hopelessness.  Trump is wrecking their attempts to make America worse.  We are a first world country but I see the liberals and democrats trying to make us Zimbabwe.  And all these protestors around the country claiming some sort of loss of "rights" is sad.  Those people have the same rights I have.  They have the same opportunity.  But rather than being thankful they claim they are being denied.  Victims can not seem to see the forest for the trees.  Turn that protest energy into a positive for the country rather than a hate for the Republicans and Trump.  America would really prosper if they stop the whining and crying.

Lastly, the immigration into America must be vetted more carefully.  I would think keeping killers out would be a issueleftwingnut disruption and calm will return.  Hopefully these people will get a job and give peace a chance.


  1. I am sorry to hear a few foreign nationals were inconvenienced at the airports. I have been inconvenienced at airports since September 11, 2001.

    1. Well thankfully Trump is not PC and his actions are pushing the liberals buttons to keep them at bay and Americans safe.


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