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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Liberals are unhinged

I get a couple of newspapers every day and I have yet to see one "article" that says a kind word about Trump or his staff or his supporters.  Now these stories are written by died in the wool socialist reporters so I am not surprised.  But not ONE?  I mean hell, these liberals can find good things to say about serial murderers and rapists and Hugo Chavez yet are unable to say one kind thing about the Donald!  And it appears to me these people have a mental disorder as they foam at the mouth whenever his name comes up.

When Obama was elected I was saddened that our country would elect such a inexperienced man.  In politics and business Obama was ignorant but he was a ideologue for the left.  His policies and musings were ridiculous as the leader of our country and the free world.  But did I have ODS?  Nope.  Obama Derangement Syndrome was not my gig.  His policies and  regulations by his people in DC were confronted at every turn.  But our side did not take to the streets and destroy property or hurt others in response to them. 

We did what every peace loving group does in politics, we studied the issues, organized and then voted the democrats out at every election.  Obama gained another term though but again we did not foam at the mouth and gnash our teeth in mental illness about it.  But the left does.  My guess is this mental condition is widespread with the "everyone gets a trophy" segment of our people.  These spoiled brats have had their way through "political correctness" and intimidation and never being held to account for their bad behavior.  It appears to me the new democrat party is made up of these "spoiled brats".  Along with those that want handouts, and old grievances against "white" people.  We want to give them a hand up, but of course that requires blood, sweat and tears.  Too much work.

So every time I open the paper I see the leftwing stories about illegal people who are criminals being sent back to their home countries by the evil American immigration system.  I mean come on.  Rapists, murderers and other criminals are more important to the leftwing authors  than the plight of our legal citizens.  What kind of brain thinks that way?  And if we on the right want to see people get their dignity through work efforts and ethics we are chastised as uncaring and bigoted.  To me the media types and most of these liberal politicians are the bigots.  They want to keep the lowest common denominator under their thumbs for that precious vote.  Disgusting.

So we heard Trump talk endlessly about helping the people of the inner cities.  He wants to return jobs there and give hope to these poor folks.  And after the eight years f neglect under a black President, you would think Trump would get support for that.  Nope.  The media is obsessed with Ivanka getting her line of products booted by Nordstroms.  And L.L. Bean's woman director's support for Trump via a contribution last year.  Or Kellyann Conway's support for her friend Ivanka.  The media is now the children of the country.  They are unable to see the forest for the trees.  All in for everything they can find that is negative.  But the people of America, for the most part are not buying what they are selling.

Americans in my reading of history and my life specifically, have been a positive for the planet.  Sure there are always scoundrels and mostly found on the left.  Mass murderers like Stalin and Castro and now the poster boy of love for them, Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  Yes those liberals love those killers and tyrants.  One only needs to read their articles to see they hate Trump more than those tyrants.  Disgusting.

Take the latest outrage on Trump's Executive Order (EO) on keeping immigrants from seven failed terrorist states out of our country.  Actually he just wants to do "extreme vetting".  He told us all he wanted to do this overt the last two years.  When he did it, you would think it just arrived out of the blue last week!  And then a "so-called" judge in Seattle put a hold on the EO.  Even though the law is totally on Trump's side, this lawless judge issued a stay that went on up to the Ninth Circuit.  Three loony judges issued a ridiculous 28 page opinion that had no legal support for their position.  But that is not the issue the media focuses on.  The media issues stories about how judges are afraid of something because Trump says he disagrees with their ruling!  Ah, poor babies. (SacBee today 4A)

Why is it not possible for Americans to criticize the legal system?  many others that think these judges are corrupt and have no clue about the law they are too enforce.  Happens eVery day.  Look at all the legal machinations that keep serial killers and worse types from getting their just desserts.  These judges make a mockery of the law and we are supposed to stay silent?  NOPE, not me.  And how many illegal immigrants do these judges send back into the streets to do more damage to the law abiding people of America?  Kate Steinle comes to mind.  So sorry to say that the system is broken because we have rogue judges of the liberal stripes where anything goes except the law.

In today's SacBee one author is hoping for impeachment of Trump and predicts a massive shift to the democrats in the mid-term elections. (Kathleen Parker E5)  Read her and you will understand what I am talking about.  She is unhinged, almost foaming at the mouth.  Looking at the results of the November election you would think Trump never got one vote of support.  But I think these liberals have a really nefarious agenda.  Look at their leaders in Congress.  Schumer and Pelosi.  They lie about everything.  They are delaying Trump's picks for his cabinet.  These liberals could care less that America is at risk without the nominees gaining their posts.  All that matters to the liberals is whining about their loss.  They are unable to stop their obfuscation and do what is best for the country.  Let Trump have his cabinet.  My guess is the people will hold all this against them and give Trump even more Republicans in 2018.

I try to read many opinions from all walks of political life.  But it gets harder every day as the media and the left spew such vitriol and hate.  And of course their paid thugs go out to disrupt free speech by conservatives.  All shown to be true in the democrats own emails.  Democrats are showing me they care more about the illegal people, criminals and the takers of others hard earned money than they do with true Americans and law-abiding people.  This will be their demise.  Fair thinking Americans will turn against them even more as they see this piling on of the "good" by the "bad".  And fortunately the American people have a outlet, vote for Republicans.


  1. Enjoyed reading this article. However one sentence of caution; If you keep this common sense up you'll be accused of being to the right of the other george George and Todd.

    1. Thanks for stopping ny. And I know what you mean. LOL!

  2. That carpet muncher editorialist for the Union is lecturing Trump voters again. In her latest idiocy she's talking about the "trump regime" nice Nazi reference from one of the biggest haters in the region. Lying snowflake pos. Note to HH, the voters wanted him to do what he promised. It is clear that is something never before experienced from an elected democrap. Deporting MI 13 gang members since 2017 is the new motto for the Trump administration. Security first, PC BS last.

    1. Guess HH is the renowned Nevada County Stupidvisor that can't quiet her liberal proboscis?
      Why can't she STFU and do her job or is that too much to ask?
      It's obvious HH is a legend in her own mind and able to chastise the President of the United States?
      Obviously she is the product of as chimpanzee ejacutlating under a stone in the sun.
      Perhaps if HH switched to a virile man she would calm down. I can't imagine what she will be like when PMS and hot flashes hit her.
      Well we have FOE another legend in his own mind.
      Nevada County Gooberment seems to welcome the folks that fit their mold of their eliod constituents.

    2. It sounds like the hetero hater writes her slanders when it is PMS and hot flash time. She is becoming competition for the fue Nazi's hate speech. She fits right in with Terry the convicted pervert Lamphier, she endorsed him already. Can you imagine how many cameras would be there for the perverts filing their election papers. 6 of one, half dozen of the other with those two.

    3. Well it's above my pay grade to comment about Terry Lamphier or his actions and that court case is settled, I believe?
      I concern myself mostly with my evaluation of the city and county potentates that seem more prone to pontificate than do do their jobs.
      Ever have one return your call City of Grass Valley Public works or County Public Works?
      What's with the city and county roads? I would expect roads in Tijuana to be in bad repair but its worse here?
      What's with the Pg&e pole on Dorsey Drive that projects 4' past the curb face on the turn in to AAA building? Not all of us drive little 8' long foreign cars.
      Try to turn right when east bound into that drive way with a Ford F250 22 feet long. You have to swing into the east bound lane and over the double line to make the turn.
      Move the bloody PGE pole 4' past curb face that is PGE specs.
      Funny that Grass Valley plan check did not catch that.

    4. We have our share of local nuts. The left is unhinged.

    5. Yo, anonymous. Terry 'kiddie porn' Lamphier was convicted, the case was not settled. Viewing pictures of single digit age girls being raped is unforgivable and disgusting. How does he think anyone wants to see his creepy face in public? Yet there he is lecturing us in editorials and showing up at government meetings. What is in his perverted brain that makes him think that is ok.

    6. I learned a long time ago to shut my pie hole if I did not have the high ground.


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