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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Muslim's on the attack in Europe. Viva le France!

French blood spilled
Will the western nations ever learn?  Is this lack of response to these mass murders softened by past issues like colonization?  Is this a guilt trip?  I mean come on.  The smartest people on planet earth think it is better to have open borders and no real controls on who comes into the nations?  To me this PC guilt is truly the most stupid thing I have seen since Missou's idiots rioting for a "safe space" from "speech"!

Nations have to take charge of their borders.  Would you invite a psychopath into your home?  Open the door, leave it open and in comes the killer.  Sure you feel sorry for him because you are convinced you can help him.  But he just likes to kill.  He wants your head on a pike.  Along with your family.  The European nations that invited these killers in are finally realizing you just can't help someone bent on your demise.  Mainly through subterfuge.

Our fate unless we go get them
The attacks in Paris, the City of Light, one of the great cities on the planet, is just another murder spree of the Islamic Jihadist's attempting to destabilize the planet.  And when chaos ensues guess who and what will fill the void of civilization?  Sharia loving Muslim head choppers from ISIL.  I have nothing against Muslims per se'.  It is their religion that is truly bizarre and leads these maniacs to kill in its name.  Now there are twice as many males practicing the religion of peace than the population of the whole United States.  These people can throw young men into the fray as cannon fodder for a long long time.  They will run out of those virgins in a hurry if the West stands up and takes these bastards out.

We in the West must insist in the reworking of the educational systems in these countries.  Even in Saudi Arabia they teach that Jews and Americans are less than a bacteria and deserve annihilation.  This must stop.  If these countries teach that, stop doing business with them.  Remember liberals and apartheid?  Once their oil is not wanted, it won't be long until they shape up.  I am waiting for some attacks on China.  When that 1.3 billion people move against them, things will be different.

These killers are less than human in my view.  They all have a blood fetish.  Dracula has nothing on these people.  Hell they may even be drinking the Westerners blood for all we know. Paris was similar to the attack by those Chechen Muslims against the little children at a musical in Russia a few years ago.  The Russians killed them all of course and there have been less attacks ever since.  But now we have ISIL blowing up a aircraft full of little children and still the West does not get it.

We have to treat the borders and the illegals as a Code Five.  It is coming.  Mass murder on the scale unseen since Genghis Khan.  There is a huge difference in the Islamic faith and its view of life than ours.  Christianity went through many changes to get to the "peace and love" as practiced now.  Islam is still in the 6th century and the warrior Mohamed is in charge.  One sect thinks a dude will return to earth jumping up from a well.  And if someone can believe that you have to know a real problem exists.

So here we go again.  And it will be repeated.  When these lunatics get a A-bomb or worse, a biological germ or nerve gas, or poison the water, will the West "get it"?  I am sorry to say if we don't shut the borders, get really tough on those coming and going, we will see this too.  Elect some people that will take all this seriously and dump those that draw "redlines in the sand" and then run away when the bad guys  cross it.



    Thank you Mr. President. Thank you Madam Hillary. Your foreign policy has now helped throw a fine city into a state of panic.

    You said the enemy “is on the run”, they have been “defeated”, they are the “JV team” and just yesterday, hours before the attacks began, you, Mr. President, had the nerve to claim ISIS has been “contained”.

    No wonder you get zero respect around the world. You have been marching in step towards the eventual terrorism that will soon strike within our shores. And your idiot partner wants to be President and continue your agenda?

    Her actions during the Benghazi attack is more than enough evidence that fully demonstrates her inability to be a girl scout leader, much less President. Yet there are idiots that are going to actually vote for her. God help us!

    500 special ops on the ground and a few bombs dropped from the air is a joke, and all of the military experts have told you so. Yet, in your haste to get us out of the Middle East, and your ignorance of the growing ISIS threat….you have truly damaged your dream of some sort of legacy. Yea…’ve created a legacy all right, and it ain’t good, Mr. President.

    If nothing else you have proven one thing….liberalism is in fact a mental disorder.

  2. P.S. NObama also said, on August 3rd, that our biggest threat is "global warming". What planet does this guy live on?

    1. You are of course correct. The woman campaigned in 2008 asking, "who would you want answering the phone at 3am?" Well We all know it is a Republican now. The Obama/Clinton foreign policy is really not one at all. The libnuts are always telling us we libe on "one planet" all comfy together and here we have their house guests murdering all the hosts. What gal. What a Prez. NOT!

  3. The deaths of Ambassador Stevens, his aid and those former Seals who tried to save them is beginning to look even more sinister. Benghazi used to be Tripoli, now Libya. The Tripolitania War (1801-05) was between America and the Islamic Pirates demanding tribute. They committed atrocities and sold their captives as slaves. President Jefferson dispatched a naval squadron to Tripolitan waters to end it, mentioned in our Marines "shores of Tripoli" song. During those times the Marines wore leather collars in case they made contact with these peaceful Muslims.
    Kind of looks like the western nations are being attacked from within by those emigrants they thought needed help. The Trojan Horse repeat. Because of what happened to Ambassador Stevens (and watching the Iranian fiasco) were probably still paying tribute to the Pirates of the Mediterranean. They'll never forget the first defeat and are dedicated to revenge...especially Thomas Jefferson's nation and Constitutional laws of, by and for the people. Read the history of the Tripolitania War and pay attention to our internal war against the Constitution and secure borders. BMW

  4. The purple hippo of Nevada city in his typically fue fantasy world has posted his kids scribbled copy of a peace sign overlaid on the Eifel tower. Aw isn't that sweet and a massive case of denial, denial of the very kind that has empowered the Islamic terrorists. Tweets, peace signs, wishing for peace and like madona thinking all we have to do is love and respect their 'culture' are the symptoms.. There are 120 odd people who can no long answer any questions as a direct result of denial of who and what the enemy is and projecting peacenick wishes on to them. Then they kill you just like they said they would you leftist idiots.

    1. Yeah. those head choppers are all in for symbolism. Draw a cartoon of Mohamed, lose your head. ^th Century deja vu.

  5. Lest we forget your favorite grant whore from truckee, he has a massive bloviation on the unemployed journalist aka FUE's cess pool. Blowing smoke up the ass of the race baiters in MO who were protesting things that never happened and being racist to Asians and whites. Singing the praises of the morphed occupiers now known as black lives matters, unless its a black killing another black then they are awol and all you hear is crickets. Their white communist teachers inciting every step of the way, did you see the videos? "I need some muscle here!' Sounds a lot like massa calling a field hand. Sista Solja just said Hillary reminds her of the massas bitch on the plantation. She sees the truth of the socialist politicians and their using the poor blacks as a tool. That Frisch guy said he is an expert on black folks because he listened to a black guy give a speech in 2008! Cool, neato. No seriously, why didn't he just say he has black friends or his best shoe shine boys is black or a black guy touched his plate serving at a tax deductible banquet? ROFLOL

    1. Those kinds of people are what were called "fifth columnists" in the day. They are really fascists. They are a danger to the country and should be under surveillance.

    2. Pelline apparently loves this blog so much he posts all these comments on his blog. He is iust a gutless shit since he never comments here on the post. And he moderates me and others he disagrees with off his own rag. (same for the Truckee tax fraud) He just knows he cannot win a battle of ideas as liberals are bereft of brains. The brainless Ben Emery is another one. Along with his idiot friend Bruce "the hates everyone" Levy, they make quite a group. Then toss in the Truckee Tax fraud and there you have the Three Brusqueteers! The internet is changing the way we communicate.

      Hey Fish, give me a shoutout! LOL!

  6. The most hated person in the County said you cant
    malt' this stuff up. ROFLOL


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