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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How liberals would report this guy if he was a Christian. A parody for the morons.

We get to read and see the rabid dog liberal press go wild when there is a hint a bad person might claim to be a Christian here in America and elsewhere on the planet.  When a bad person does something terrible, the template of the lamestream media kicks into gear and they just fill in the blanks behind the words Christian extremist.  Well now we have another Muslim caught before he could murder and maim our soldiers or civilians.  Here is how the liberals would report this if he was a Christian.

Pvt. Naser Jason Abdo, a 21-year-old AWOL soldier from Kentucky's Fort Campbell was arrested by police after he was turned in to them by a gunshop owner when Abdo wanted to by smokeless gunpowder but obviously did not know what it was.  Abdo, a practicing Muslim, son of a Muslim father and a non Muslim mother was suspected of planning mass murder under the guise of his Muslim religion.  He had been given conscientious objector status by the military because he was so devout he believed he would not go to heaven if he went to Afghanistan and had to take part in the war.  He prays every day to Allah for guidance and hopes his Allah is listening.  He has stated in the past that when he goes to heaven, 72 virgins will be awaiting him.  This gave authorities pause because in order to receive 72 virgins a person must have martyred himself. It is clear he is a self proclaimed Muslim Democrat extremist. He was a fan of Omar Khayyam and the writings of the Great Saladin..

The authorizes have confiscated his computers and have taken his cell phone to search for voice mails that may give them a look into the mind of this religious fanatic.  He was called quiet and reserved by his friends and had only one girlfriend since high school.  After reviewing his yearbook from high school, the authorities noted the personalized writings of his fellow classmates extolling the suspected mass murder wannabee as a nice guy. Some friends say Abdo mumbled a lot about jihad and the demise of the infidel when his religion would prevail over the wild wild west and its sins.  He was also mumbling praise be to Allah after basketball practice at school and made his fellow students feel uneasy.

After the police reviewed his computer they found a 1500 page "manifesto" extolling the wonderful peaceful religion he practiced and the terrible way of life he was experiencing in Texas as an American.  It was his desire in his manifesto to expose the faulty beliefs of the western nations and railed against personal freedom and the Constitution.  He preferred Sharia law to replace the present judicial system and laws.  He was pushing stoning of adulterers and the beheading of infidels if they did not convert to Islam.

Now we must wait to see if the authorities have secured all the proper paperwork before we can make any judgments about this fellow.  We do not want to speculate and possibly taint the investigation.  We, the mainstream media, will get back to you. This is just a preliminary review.

HERE is a FOX article for real on this fellow.


  1. A Muslim DEMOCRAT extremist? Yeah, thats it! That was one of your better comments, Todd

    Herman Cain for President! LOL

  2. "... planning mass murder under the guise of his Muslim religion ..." Todd, there is no 'guise' to his planned massacre. Perhaps you meant to say he was planning the act in fulfillment of his religion's mandate. Rebane


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