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Friday, November 13, 2015

Honestly, Obama and his minions are lunatics!

Only in America  can the President criticize a Trump position of deporting illegal immigrants as ludicrous  while he is allegedly deporting the most ever by a American President.  This is a common pattern by Obama. Also, all these illegals got here somehow so why would it be impossible to reverse that?  Not content to just be the President, he has to inject his yapping into the race for his job after he is out of there.  This is something untoward about all this "free speech" by the man who wants to shut down "Little Sisters of the Poor" exercising their "free speech".

Since I lost out with Scott Walker I have left things open for my nominee.  I really like all this drama and theater in this run for President.  All these people with great ideas and leadership skills.  All the great oratory.  Any one of these men and women are light years  better the any democrat.  Hillary Clinton would be the first woman elected but to me the greatest liars ever to hold the office.  She really did not accomplish anything in office.  She was the wife of the second greatest liar and it looks like the democrat party revels in all that lying.

Obama is the leader of the democrats and it seems to me the man has a screw loose.  Just about every issue he tries to hold both sides.  The lamestream press never asks the followup questions which means they are all "stenographers".  Do you know the American people have never seen his college transcripts?  We have a press that goes after Republicans for "how many bowel movements" they have a day, yet never pursued those transcripts.  Remember when they did it all  to George W. Bush?

Where were Obama ad Hillary for those "lost" hours when  Chris Stevens and his bodyguards were being murdered?  Why is there no lamestream interest in all that?  Remember when Hillary said you could rely on her to take that call at 3 AM while claiming Obama did not have the stones?  Guns?  Obama would rather disarm legal gun owners of America than supply the necessary arms to the Kurds.  Those brave people are fighting ISIL on the ground and for some reason Obama sleeps.  He spends 50 million to train five anti Assad or ISIL , (who really knows) soldiers.  My goodness, thanks Hillary, thank Obama.  You two are morons!

Obama cries out about the murders of Americans by lunatics and meets with the families while refusing to meet with the families of murdered cops.  While he is speaking out against gun ownership he sends drones to blow up the bad guys.  I support the drones issue and am just pointing out the hypocrisy of Obama.

 Now we have trained, Alinsky  young people on college campii spreading their lies and deceit to diminish this great country.  Where is Obama?  Anyone heard any words of opposition to these anti American radicals from Obama?  Not that I see.  But in Obama's favorite Pastor's words, the "chickens have come home to roost".  Meaning the liberals run all the colleges and have filled the mushy brains of the young with all the "terrible" things America has done.  Now those colleges are the recipients of what they taught.  In a way I am pleased the young are now blaming all those tenured Professors. 

Listening to these college kids is quite amusing in regards to their "demands".  Here you have mostly free ride students whining about the free ride!  What ingrates!  They come from parents that have given them everything.  Parents who have made it in America.  Parents who said, "Johnny and Jennie, you are a winner, you are great!  You are my friend)  All the while these little kids never got spanked, told they were actually a loser even though they got a "award" for being the best, but never were.  PC parents get used to all this, you created these little monsters.  Wait till they get out into the real world.  I would love to see the video of them being dressed down for being a moron in their first "flapjack flipping" job.  How is that Poetry degree working out for you.

Obama has created the worst economy since the Great Depression.  He touts the number of jobs he "created".  What a crock.  Even in little Nevada County, the PHD crowd is flipping burgers for lack of a job they trained for at college.  93 million not seeking employment and Obama does not count them in the unemployment stats!  I guess the lamestreams don't give that lie a thought.

The middle of America, politically, will have to fight hard to overcome the goody handout kings.  The democrat party is so radical now they have stooped to killing babies about to be born so they can sell their body parts.  That is the democrat economic model.  Hopefully we will send them to the political dustbin.  I have always said, "if all the Republicans would get out to vote we would own all the seats".  So get out there and make me proud.


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