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Friday, October 16, 2015

Climate change? We have it everyday. What is the big deal? Besides, it is all about politics!

Ever since I read the Newsweek article back in the 70's telling the world it will be freezing over soon, I have paid attention to this issue.  Over the years as I got involved in politics and  I became quite familiar with the political shenanigans of the left when they wanted to get something they wanted.  It became clear their tactics were really sneaky, below the belt unethical things.  And with a 90 percent liberal reporting crew across the country, they would get away with whatever they wanted.

The other thing I learned along the way was the democrats have made every single issue into a political one.  What I mean is,  the "limited" government would discuss their duties, budgets, security, etc., as expressed in the Constitution.  This was at every level of government.  Then over the years the government started weaseling itself into every single aspect of our lives.  Almost 700 departments at the Federal level alone!  But as we have seen, this is not enough for the democrats. 

Now the left has decided they want absolute, total control of the carbon atoms of your body!  I saw the "global warming" movement as political from the start.  I wrote a OP-ED in 1997 about the politics of this movement (even back then I was harassed by the True Believers).  I saw he plodding along of the movement, day by day they would have someone disburse the "indicator" of the day that "global warming" was happening.  Most people could care less though.  Looking up into the sky was probably the closest people got to worrying about the weather.  This spurred the "global warming" shysters to try a different path.  And by then the only "believers" were politicians and the bureaucrat scientists who saw a bottomless pit "money cow".

Even all that did not place "global warming" on most people's radar so these politicians, bureaucrats and their well paid scientists  (grants from taxpayers of course) changed their strategy again.  They issue thousands of press releases stating that every weather event was now caused by man made global warming.  And that still did not get people to pay attention.  So how can we (politicians, liberals  and science bureaucrats) make them pat attention?  An incubator state?  Since their countrywide and worldwide attempts to foist their hoax was not working let's try a state!  Our Governor, Arnold (loosie goosie with the maid) Schwarzenegger, was the foil.  He became their way to mainstream the hoax.  And with him and a democrat legislature they accomplished legalizing the hoax by laws. We all remember the 100 to zero vote to NOT accept the Kyoto Treaty in the US Senate?

Along the way the "global warming" hoax was not working yet so the left decided to change the maladies name to "climate change".  I think there were a couple of others along the way as well.  I have actually thanked the hoaxers for this latest name change.  Everyone, even the dumbest person on the planet can relate and understand "climate change".  In their minds it happens every day and is normal.  I expect the hoaxers to find another name soon since all the polls show this issue as non-existing in the top twenty or thirty most important to people.

Legislation was the way though.  That is why elections have consequences.  Here in California we see the results.  Part of the legislation was the creation of a "cap and trade" system, a new monetary system.  Money was now being charged for your use of energy (and related items), like electricity and gasoline.  Even though you already pay steep taxes on the use of energy, they tacked on some more.  They hide it in bills.  They call the tax a fee or some other "Orwellian" name.  The people now are being charged for the lefts wet-dream, a "carbon footprint".  Whatever that is this week.  So if you want to see the real reasons all this contrived hoaxing is being pushed by the left, just look at your personal  checking account or what is left in your pocket.  Maybe a review of the lack of food in the fridge?

It is all about control.  These people want to tell you to do what they want or you will be punished.  These flat earth liberals want you to kneel to their power.  They are whittling away at your rights and in California they have succeeded at their goals.  They have created laws that take your money through other mechanisms, then they "trade" that for some unknown benefit to the "people".  They created this new currency called "cap and trade" so all you dummies can't get to the bottom of what it really is (look at your cell phone bill as an example of the shenanigans).  And as we read the latest newspapers we see they can't spend your money fast enough and it is piling up.

At some point the proverbial frog will either jump out of the boiling pot or be cooked.  If you are tired of the democrats swiping your money and giving it to their favorite people and businesses, if you are tired of all the rules they are enslaving you with, if you think it immoral to tax the carbon in your footprint, then make a change.

I have said for many years that if all the Republicans and disaffected independents would vote in local and statewide elections, the "right" would win them all.  But the apathy of the voters allows the strategies of these hoaxers and democrats to prevail.  So if and when you can't afford your electrical bill or the gas in your car, remember, you elected those democrat shysters.


  1. I wonder when conservatives are going to figure out the difference between weather and climate.

    1. There is no difference. You libs just change words to fit your hoaxes.


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