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Friday, September 9, 2011

My sons grandmother, Elaine Deupree, passes away at age 84

When I first met my son Tony he was almost two.  That was back in 1982.  His biological father was sometimes around but eventually I adopted Tony and he carries my name.  His dad's mother, Elaine Deupree, lived in Alta Sierra with her husband Bill, a local real estate broker and they were semi retired then.  Ironically they lived in a house my father built many years before, we called it the "research house".Over the years I got to know Elaine a little better and eventually she moved to the big island of Hawaii.  I visited my sis who also lived there about five years ago and while I was there I gave Elaine a call and she invited me over for lunch.  She lived in a great one level condo on the slope of the volcano and she had a great view of the Pacific.

Her home looked down towards he beach were Captain Cook was killed a few hundred years ago.  Elaina was always nice to me and she loved her grandson, Tony very much.  I would take Tony over to visit her and Bill (my ex and Elaine were estranged) and sometimes they would also take my other son, Trevor for a day of Grandparent fun.  I know a bit about her but not a whole lot.  Her relatives came from Greece and their name was Anglicized to Mitchell as were many immigrants.  Her father and her uncles were financially successful in the last century and she got to live the American dream.

She had two daughters and one son and I met them all.  One is a teacher, one was/is a small store owner in Oregon and the son lives in Elaine's home state of Montana.  Elaine was what I considered a woman who had class.  She dressed with class and carried herself with class.  She and I had a nice lunch at her condo and later in my stay I went with her to her daughter and son in laws house for a BBQ.  That was the last time  saw her but I did call her periodically to see how she was doing.  She was a widow and lived alone for the last six or seven years. I think her daughter Carrie did live with her lately though.

Elaine Deupree/Mitchell will be missed by her family and I pray her soul is with Jesus.  Goodbye Elaine.

HERE is her obituary from the Union Newspaper

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