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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More rants. Hard not to be cynical about government

I have been a optimistic person most opf my life about America and its governance.  That is being eroded these days by a number of factors which I have observed.  Today I watch Bernanke on CSPAN and the cloture vote on Hagel for defense Secretary.  Also the hysteria about the "sequester" and the state of the social compacts we share.

First off, the world is no going to come to an end as we know because our government spends 2% less.  Hell, Harry Reid and Obama have not had a budget resolution for four years and America is still here 16 trillion in debt).  The most important vote the Congress and President makes is the one allocating the money they force Americans to cough up.  Yet, that seems to be too difficult for them.  My solution is instant retirement for them if they are a day late with a true budget.  Not a "continuing resolution" budget but one that truly is a formal realistic and balanced buget.  But It doesn't appear to be happening.  I still believe Harry Reid took the budget mess here in California and made it a federal issue.  Here our electeds have a Constitutional obligation for a balanced budget due n July 1 each year.  We saw over the years the disregard for our State Constitution by these people sworn to uphold it.  I knew the end results of their disregard would be the furtherance of more disregard.  Why?  Because there was no consequence to them breaking the law.

The press in our state has sold out to the left and does not report (continuously) on these lawbreaking activities .  So, when it comes time to reelect them the people in the districts are unaware of the legislature's snubbing their constitutional duties and they reelect the scofflaws.  So we have a real continuous systemic cancer on our state and now at the federal level.  No consequences for breaking the law so we get more breaking the law.

Without a budget and the hearings that come with the scrutiny we see graft and misuse  of our money we are shortchanged.  We see the waste and fraud and nothing happens.  The government actually promotes the scofflaws who waste our money!  The only answer is voting out the bums and replacing them, but that is the rub.  Since the national press has sold its soul to be Obama's friend and Harry Reid's stenographer, we are screwed.

 I think we need affirmative action in the press corps so all ideologies are represented. 90% of the "journalists" are lefty.  So I ask the owners of the news organizations to start culling the liberals and balancing out the press corps with the addition of conservatives.  Then we may see some truth to power instead of lies to power.  How these lefty "journalists" sleep at night has to be studied.

The day to day "sky is falling" crap spewed by the politicians of the lefty spend-a-holics is too funny if it wasn't so serious.  2.5% cuts in the RATE OF GROWTH in the budget is not a catastrophe to me.  It is simply a modest start.  Only in Washington is a reduction in the rate of growth of a expenditure considered a "cut".  I mean, come on, are ewe Americans that stupid we let these people think they can get away with that?  Apparently so.  I remember Rush Limbaugh was the first person I heard attacking this "1984" strategy on spending cuts back during the school lunch program under Speaker Newt.  The stupid "journalists" of the press mouthed the Clinton/liberal talking points that it was a cut and the little chillin would starve if those nasty mean Republicans got their way.

Americans are now experiencing what Japan has been going through for twenty years regarding growth and the economy.  What is left out of the equation on all of the experts opinions about the solutions to the problem is the amount of government in the lives of the people.  Sure, we are just too stupid for any detailed solutions so the politicians say.  But it is not just spending or taxes, it is interference in human endeavor.  Stifled by many thousand of new laws and regulations,  these impediments to our freedom ensure failure.  When an American wakes up in the morning and breaks numerous laws and regulations by simply driving to work then we are doomed.

I have fought regulatory tyranny all my political life and I have to say, I have lost the war.  Every new law and regulation (of course there are some that are necessary) removes another little bit of freedom from the life of a person or a business.  Added together we see the cancer spreading all the way to the economic nervous system and the eventual result is death.  Hell they even tax our dead bodies!  All these things and others have made me cynical at age 62.  I don't like it but it seems the good people of America have decided to allow all this.

I will still do my best to alert others to the dangers of all these "good intentions" by our elected folks and their employees but I am sad to say I am a bit jaundiced.  Unless we remove civil service, tenure and unions from the public domain we will see no changes.  Things will actually get worse.  Americans need to start holding their government to account in things such as budgets.  We need to introduce consequences back into the system (and private life too).  If we don't America will be Japan times two.


  1. Nice to see you alive and kicking Todd.

    Our crack (money=crack) addict in Chief
    Is sure showing the early signs of the "DT"s..

    He is still out there demanding more taxes ,even after the House caved and gave him the tax hikes he wanted.
    As for the agreed upon spending cuts? " F U "
    is what we get. The time tested "bait and switch".
    And to the House of Reps.,,,, Can you say SUCKER? Now it's your fault again...( according to "O" and Co.)

    Today we hear "O" and Co. are turning illegals loose wholesale " because we can't afford to keep them locked up,, or deport them...We just don't have the money.. So you the public deal with them."
    And at the same time doing their damnedest to disarm us.
    It's about time this Somebitch gets impeached
    for his actions against the American people.
    The charges?
    Attacking the 2ND Amendment which he swore to uphold.

    Running up dept that we can NEVER pay back.
    Just where in Hell is the mandated BUDGET!!!?
    Four years and counting....

    Lying to the people every time he speaks publicly.

    Allowing top secret military equipment to fall into enemy hands... Multiple times.

    Libya.. ( Need I say more?) BTW... this was an illegal war. and not a peep from the anti war LIBS.

    That's just a few of the illegal acts this (ha)President has perpetrated against the American people. I'm sure others can add to this list.

    OK Todd,, it's time to get "all" those fingers some exercise.

    1. Thanks Walt, it is nice to be back and ranting again.

      You have summed up only one or two days of the farce of current American politics. Obama is a schizoid as far as I can tell. A habitual liar and that is a symptom of a crack head druggie. But he is the crack head in charge and the Moron Voters of America have one of their own in the Oval Orifice.

      My hope is Boehner will hang tough. Regardless of if he caves or not he will be blamed by the national stenographers so HANG TOUGH JohnB!

      America will recover but we have to dispose of the gazillion laws and regulations and remove the "firing" protections of the bureaucrats. Then we can retake our country.


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