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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sacramento Bee peddles liberal BS and Fake News

CNN, SacBee and all the rest of lberal news
Honestly, I only have a weekend subscription to the rag.  I dropped it many years ago as I got fed up with its liberal bias and their articles opposed to many of the things I agree with.  And then last year they sent me an offer to have weekends and I said, OK.  I thought I should read what the enemy is saying so I can better respond in my own writings.  So I do give that rag some of my money.  Yet over the last year, the rag has shrunken down so much in size and thickness that our local Union is sometimes bigger.  And the people at McClatchy still don't get it.

Sacramento is surrounded b some of the most conservative counties in the state.  Yet the Bee persists on trashing the things we like and believe in.  You would think they might do a "study" to see who their readers are.  But I guess they don't care.  The paper will not last much longer if they don't wise up.  I sometimes get mad and respond to some of their ridiculous articles.  They never respond.  But sometimes individual articles have an email address of the author and I send them my perspective.  The liberals though never give anything a conservative says any credence.  They are all offended if you disagree and they call us all some form of whack-a-doodle.  But one only needs to read one weekends trash from the left to see why there is a great divide in America.

We are divided because  the left, in my opinion, has no common sense.  Sure they all say they have a heart and care for people and things.  Animals and climate.  And all the things that bring emotions to the surface.  But so do conservatives.  The difference is we don't brag about our "giving" and the help we supply.  But common sense is missing in the DNA of a liberal.  I think they are unaware of the correct end of a shovel or a hammer.  But they say they "care".  Sure they do.  And pigs fly.

Today there was an article on the Congressional Black Caucus blaming Facebook for allowing Russian ads during the last election.  The CBC said that those ads were fueling the nation's division along racial lines.  They said those ads were racist and divisive.  And this from a Congressional group that only allows blacks to be a member.  And only liberal blacks!  You cannot make this stuff up.

It seemed to me that today's Bee was really on an anti-Trump roll.  More than most other times I have paid attention.  Poor President Trump will start WW3 and allow all those Puerto Ricans to die of thirst and starvation.  Of course, these articles are written by the unredeemable liberals of the country and the area.  Not one word about the mess the "super-majority" of democrats here in California have foisted on us all.  And of course, the left attacks only the Republicans in Congress for "partisan" politics while their minions never cross the aisle to help.  But the country of common sense Americans are starting to catch on.  The advent of "fake news" is now in the common vernacular.  And it is true.  No longer does an inside the first-page bottom para satisfy a "correction" these sleazeballs admit too.

Since we have many sources for news, the major old-line companies had better start paying attention.  We are fed up with their propaganda.  The Sacramento Bee will be out of business if they think liberals are all they have to please.  Heck, if they give the conservatives only 25% of the article that might save them.  But they won't.  They are dyed in the wool liberals and they are always right.  Conservatives are just a nuisance.  They will take our money but they don't ever kiss us first.

 So I ask you on the left.  Why do you only complain about the Republicans in charge of Congress and the White House but never your hegemony n California?  Kind of makes you transparent in my opinion. 
Just look at all these fires.  All those new laws about sprinklers required in houses seemed not to work.  That was your law in response to the fire in South Lake Tahoe a few years ago.  You "smarty-pants," said "force everyone to put those sprinklers in their homes" and viola!  No more fires burning down the house.  Well, how did that work in real life?  Not at all.  Thousands of Californians homes are carbon.  Not a tradeable element on the Brown "Cap and Trade" markets, but a sad end to stupid laws.  The house burned from the outside, not the inside.  And yet we Californians will not get a change in the stupid laws on this issue.

Now with the idiots voting for a "sanctuary state" and other things done to diss Trump, is it any wonder why things are a mess.  Take all that negative energy spewed by Brown and our AG Bercerra and turn it into a positive.  But they can't.  They ask for money to help repair the messes they created and Trump obliged.  But that does not even give Trump a leg up with a liberal.  Slap him and then take the money.  If California wants more of this lunacy all they have to do is keep voting democrat.  I say all this Trump bashing is truly a clash of cultural values and common sense. 
Democrats are now being seen as the hypocrites they are in the Harvey Weinstein "pussy grabbing" we all knew was part of Hollywood.  Trump bragged in private about it but never did it.  Weinstein did it to your daughters and moms all the time.

That is what democrats do.  All talk, all hypocrisy.  And always blaming others for what they are doing.  California needs to have truth tellers in our media rather than Trump and Republican bashers like the Sacramento Bee and the rest.  Even KCRA writers do this.  I am sick of this so they are out of my life soon.  Change and be fair or you all will be toast and irrelevant.

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