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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton, did she expose the travel movements of our Libyan Ambassador?

Hillary, where was Obama that night?
Here is why a secured government server for emails and other digital information were necessary.  It is truly a "life and death" scenario.  Our Ambassador and three other brave Americans were murdered by terrorists and now we can read why Hillary and Obama lied about the facts.  They blames a video by some fellow in Los Angeles while knowing it had nothing to do with anything.  Obama was missing that night for a few hours and Hillary was not awakened at three AM for leadership.  They both sold the life of those four Americans down the river Styx.

HERE and HERE are  articles exposing the lies and the secret "whereabouts" of the two democrats in charge.

So Hillary owes the American people all the emails from those servers she hid in a bathroom in Denver.  We own therm, she does not.  If she does not produce them, the FBI, now investigating her, should issue arrest warrants.  She should be forced to tell the truth and all those lies she told should be used in a perjury trial.  Now we see why there was all this secrecy.  My guess is the missing hours of Obama that night are some of the emails missing from her server.


  1. Libyan.....don't want to give "The Nations Editor" a heart attack!

  2. Hillary is toast! She's going down, she's going to be charged, she will not be running for President. This is the mindless Dem's candidate!


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