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Monday, May 11, 2015

Undermining police? Maybe a strategy to control by the Obama Administration?

I have been scratching my noggin about all this angst regarding the policies and outcomes of police work in America.  I also watch and listen to  the response from President Obama and his pals like Al "I owe five million in taxes" Sharpton.  It seems to me that Obama, a privileged half black half white man may have a desire to gain "street creds" and prove he is "down for the struggle" as Jesse Jackson once said.  There may be a darker reason though as some have whispered across the political spectrum.

Standing between anarchy and security
What is it that we have been taught about the police in America?  Mainly, show them respect and don't back talk them.  We give these men and women incredible power to protect us from the "bad guys".  It is a dangerous job and many of the police have been killed in the line of duty.  But as I said, I was taught that you need to show them respect since they can haul your ass off to the clink if you don't.  No one I know wants that on their resume'.  But lately we are seeing a switch in attitude from mainly "inner city" residents, mostly those that have an ax to grind against the police.

When people fled the inner cities for the suburbs over the last 60 years, what remained were mostly "minority" folks.  Those cities then started a downward spiral to hopelessness.  I have watched this happen!  With the advent of illegal drug use running rampant in these inner cities there was a huge uptick in criminal behavior.  The police have had their hands full trying to maintain order.  Cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington DC and Birmingham, Alabama are  being politically run by minority folks.  You may have thought things would improve for the residents.  Alas, we see the opposite happening.  The political leaders of these cities have failed to secure their cities for the safety of their residents.  Criminals have run rampant and now they are running the asylum. 

What I see is cities like Baltimore became "co-dependent" on money sent to them by the state and federal governments.  As the city spiraled down and the businesses left taking the jobs with them, the void of money leaving was filled by government.  Nothing was demanded in return and so we have allowed the creation of generations of dependent people.  Sure there are vestiges of this all over America, even in the suburbs and the rural areas but not to the degree we see it in the "big cities".

What does this mean?  Rather than looking in the mirror at the problems and maybe the solutions, the politicians in these big cities blame the police for all kinds of ills to divert the attention of people from the true failures of these politicians.  When a issue arises like we have seen in Baltimore or Ferguson, the governments solution is to blame the cops and not the politicians in charge of the cops!

So we see the strategy of denial and overreach by the politicians and the lack of acceptance of the failures of their decisions.  Easy to blame the police apparently.  We of course need rules for the cops to follow and for the most part they do.  No one, including the police, want a "bad guy" to be back on the streets because of sloppy police work.  And of course there are always policeman that are not "good".  They are usually weeded out though and for the most part the 800,000 men and women we ask to protect us do the right thing every day.  So why undermine them?

I have heard all kinds of reasons.  Most are just plain goofy and America has a few nutty people with conspiracy theories to fit any idea or agenda.  From Obama is a closet Muslim (Sunni or Shia?) to raising the overpasses on Interstate 80 to accommodate military vehicles when a state of "martial law" is implemented.  In order for these conspiracy theories to work though, the police of America would need to be neutered.  They would be cowed into submission so as to follow orders that will certainly be "?unconstitutional".  Some say these are the real reasons the police are under attack and their departments (now 26) are being scrutinized by the Obama "Justice" Department".

I am not a conspiracy type man and most of the time I just shake my head in disbelief that people come up with this stuff.  However, I have to say that watching the Muslim's overseas gives me pause.  They do have a substantial number of crazy people that want to take over the planet.  They have guns.  Soon they may have nukes!  Iran is run by the nutty Mullahs and they want nukes!  Maybe those who want to have a say in the negotiations with the Mullahs, the US Senate for instance, have a point!  What do you think will happen if Iran gets a nuclear bomb?  These are the same Mullahs that think the Prophet will come out of a well and take over the planet!

I see the Obama Administration spreading disarray within the police across America.  The ends of this to me have nothing to do with police shooting unarmed black men.  That statistic is way way down anyway.  I see the undermining of the police as one that tears apart the seams that hold American jurisdictions from disintegrating.  The very basis for civilization as we know it is one of ensuring the people's security.  Destroy that security, destroy the respect we should have for the police (within our laws of course) and you leave open the door for tyranny and worse.


  1. You are correct!

  2. Watched Senator Feinstein's news warning regarding the potentially dangerous Muslim terrorists now all over America. Yep, this administration can pat themselves on the back for successfully carrying out their mission regarding Homeland security. Open southern border for illegal emigrants and paying legal Muslim emigrants to settle here. Hmm...and look at the President's closest advisors and cabinet. Wow! BMW

    1. And the Mexican drug cartels are teaming up with the Muslims. Great idea to neuter the cops. Obama and his pals are really amazing.

  3. If the locally run constabularies are ever judged to be inadequate by the DoJ, can federalizing such police forces be far behind?

    1. I don't know. I recall a "just following orders" philosophy that put the planet on fire not long ago.


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