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Friday, May 15, 2015

Liberals don't understand what "free speech" is all about
Gene Lyons
Our local paper, the Union, printed a column by Gene Lyons, a nationally syndicated leftwinger and a dedicated liberal mouthpiece.  I think it is important to read all kinds of opinions and I appreciate the local paper in publishing this kind of stuff.  I have responded to Lyons a few times especially when it is obvious he has no clue about some issue.  He and his liberal pals appear to me to be unaware the US Constitution means what it says on a myriad of issues.  His column is HERE.

His view of "free speech" is really distorted.  Here is a man who trashes Republicans and conservatives all the time.  I have never seen him rail against the desecration of Jesus when his liberal pals put his image into a glass of urine.  If he did I apologize but I can't seem to find any outrage by this man for these "blasphemies".  In my opinion I loathe the left/atheists desecrating my faith but I defend their right to do it.  He doesn't have the same philosophy.

What is the difference then when a liberal like Lyons rails against those that might create a cartoon depicting Mohamed and those that put Jesus into a vial of piss?  The followers of Jesus won't seek you out and murder you!  The followers of Islam will murder you and then pat themselves on their backs.  The two Muslim's killed by that excellent shot of a policeman in Garland, Texas would have killed men, women and children if they got through.  The true believer's of Islam do this all time to each other in the Middle East (and they are the same religion!).  Bombs set off in marketplaces kill everyone within range.  What kind of religion of peace doesn't he  understand?
Winning Cartoon
But Lyons is truly delusional that people should not be able to depict Mohamed in the form of a cartoon.  If we allow others to control what we can and can't say or write or draw then we are no longer America.  Interestingly, Islam murders homosexuals and enslaves women,  two things that Lyons says nothing about.  Using his logic about bowing to the drawing of a cartoon, should we follow these other tenets of Islam?  That is why Lyons is so wrong.  He writes these ridiculous columns from inside a bubble of opaque walls.  He needs to look at the big picture.  All those men and women that have given their lives for the freedoms written in our founding documents are being dissed by Lyons.  His right to speak and write would be curtailed and his head loped off as soon as those "jihadists" take over.  He just doesn't get the gift he has been given with his pen I guess.  But, maybe he will learn that drawing a cartoon of a imaginary entity is really worth defending.  He should be thanking Pamela Geller for her courage, he sure has none.


  1. And that insurmountable cognitive break with the Left of the 21st century is why will have the Great Divide.

  2. I think the country can weather all this as long as we can take back our institutions from the left and then put things like shame and love back into the equation. Removing PC is also on the top of the list.

  3. Just ran into a friend who saw Pelline at the NID meeting last night. They said he was huge! He looked uncomfortable just walking. I said is he ill?


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