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Friday, May 8, 2015

Tories win big in Great Britain, "expert's" look totally foolish!

The conservative party of Great Britain has won a majority in their Parliament and PM David Cameron gets another five years running the country.  The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party got their butts handed to them by the voters.  Cameron does not need to worry about a coalition government this time.  He had a five year marriage to the Liberal Democrats and now he is divorced.

HERE are the results.

A man with dark hair and blue eyes, wearing a navy suit with a blue tie as well as smiling and facing to his right.
PM David Cameron
What I find fascinating is all the pundits and pollsters in GB though the Conservatives, the Tories< would be the losers!  But the people of GB decided to give them an unfettered government.  The press in GB is beside themselves since they hate the Tories and anything conservative.  It is cracking me up to listen to all the sad sacks on TV and in the papers.  Also, not only did the Scottish voters elect their own Scottish National Party MP's, they did it by booting all the Labour Party MP's.  Of the 59 Scottish positions, 56 went for the SNP, one Labour, one Torie and one other MP position were all that was left.  A total wipeout! 

Image result for great britainThe Liberal Party went from 51 MP's to eight!  So its leader Mr. Nick Clegg resigned this morning.  Labour's leader, Edward Milliband also resigned.  This was a huge victory for conservatism. 326 is a majority in the British Parliament and the Tories got 331.  The press there is so apoplectic they now are saying "golly, the Tories will have to deal with the right wingers" just like our Republican Party here has to deal with the Tea Party.  Though the Tea Party is in my view not "right wing" they are a force.  In England the Parliament will be a lot more exciting.  I watch the Wednesday PM Question time on CSPAN.  It is a hoot!

So congrats to the Tories and to David Cameron.  Not expected to win by all the "exerts", they kicked butt and fooled them all.  America will return a conservative to power at the top and hold the Congress in 2016.  I think this because I see the mess the left has made worldwide and see people are really paying attention to their follies.

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  1. congrats to the Tories and to David Cameron!


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