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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Liberals are really this dumb?

OK, I swiped and copied this from today's Union (I hope that is OK?).  This is a really good example of why liberals and their thinking is so out in the ozone's.  I do not know this fellow but he is your typical lefty who preaches "do as I say, not as I do".  I want to parse this letter for truth.  Not to hard to do as this fellow can't seem to write any.

FROM the Union Letters,
"Every citizen is entitled to air his or her opinion, whether on so-called chem-trails or President Obama’s handling of the ISIS situation. But in doing so, one should stick to the facts. Otherwise, one fails to convince those of us who value fact above polemic.
A recent example of such polemicist thinking was a letter in The Union decrying President Obama’s views toward ISIS. While conceding that Christians had engaged in murder in the name of religion, the writer claimed the Crusades occurred “thousands of years ago ...” In point of fact, the Crusades occurred “hundreds” of years ago. More recently, Christians gleefully burned, beheaded, eviscerated and hanged people during the Reformation, while missionaries encouraged genocide against native peoples. Even more recently, Christians engaged in a Holocaust against Jews in the 1940s, while a mere score of years ago Christian priests encouraged the slaughter of innocents in Rwanda, and Serb Christians killed Muslims in the Balkans.
Our fight with ISIS is not about religion. ISIS is not a religious organization, but a bunch of terrorists, nothing more and nothing less. To cast our confrontation with such thugs in religious terms is shortsighted and without substantive factual basis.
Dick Sciaroni
Grass Valley"

 So, Mr. Sciaroni says the Crusades happened hundreds of years ago rather than thousands.  OK, whoopdee doo.  They started in 1096 so OK the person he corrected was off 81 years.  Good, facts are good. Then he brings up the "Reformation" a era in Christianity where they were in fact at war with themselves.  It does not appear that the breakaway Protestants or the existing Catholic Church issued a "jihad" against the rest of the planet's people though.  They did kill each other in numerous wars in the 14th century and all were in European countries.  So, he has a few facts correct and other not so much.  Of course, those atrocities of Christian on Christian were 700 years ago.

Genocide against native people?  He seems to be saying there was a Christian attempt to rid the hemisphere of the folks already here.  These people did die in huge numbers from diseases.  They had no immunities and there were some unscrupulous people that spread smallpox in some places a few hundred years ago.  So he has some facts right and some not.  Choosy eh?

Then he makes a case that Christians murdered the Jews in the 1940's.  Let's see.  NAZI's were Christians and did the holocaust in the name of that Jew Jesus?  This is where Mr. Sciaroni fell off the wagon.  As we know the NAZI's and Hitler in particular, were into their version of the supernatural and it had nothing to do with Jesus.  Hitler was in to mystic crapola and all forms of goofy beliefs.  I do not ever recall in my extensive readings of WW2 that the SS troopers shouted Praise Jesus as they obliterated those people.  So, I suppose I give the fellow a "F" on this particular "fact" he is espousing.

Then this fellow claims that Christian priests were pushing the Hutu's of Rwanda to murder the 900,000 Tutsi's in a "genocide".  Huh?  The clash and war there was "tribal"  These two sects of black Africans hated each other and the church was not involved.  But, hey, for a fellow claiming he is straightening out the factual record, what the heck, bend them a little.

Christian killed Muslims in the Balkans.  Yes they did.  And the Muslim's killed the Christians.  The Serbs were bad people but the issues were mostly about land and the hatreds were hundreds of years old between them all.  Both sides murdered each other with glee.  Originally the Muslims invaded the Balkans during the Ottoman Empire's expansion and displace the Serbs and others.  The Turks murdered with impunity.  I would suggest the hate of each other claimed both sides.

Lastly, this brainiac Sciaroni says ISIS or ISIL is not about religion.  Say what?  It is all about religion.  The whole thing is hegemony of the planet by ISLAM.  In fact ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  So I guess putting Islam in the name is just a mistake?  He says they are just a bunch of thugs.  Jeeze, can he be that dumb?  Yes, but his views are an eye opener for those uniformed about the true facts.  The liberals do this ropa-dope on most issues and it is because many people fall for it.  So, tried and true are the lying techniques of the left (just read school books on history)  that the people falling for it won't know until Mohamed is knocking down their door that a problem exists.

Christianity in the modern era is practiced as a loving religion.  Peace on earth, good will towards men kinda preaching.  The type of practicing the Islamic terrorists do has no place on a civilized planet.  Sure the Christians of old acted like these modern day Islamics but then turned away from the teachings of hate.  That was a long time ago.  

So, when you see someones writings that just don't make any sense, you will see it most likely comes from the pickled brain of a liberal. 


  1. Here's a great history lesson that shows that the tenets of Islam has not changed since the18th century! Why the Marine Hymn Contain the Verse "To the Shores of Tripoli." Most Americans are unaware of the fact that over two hundred years ago the United States had declared war on Islam and Thomas Jefferson led the charge! You can read the rest of the story here. BMW

  2. Hey Todd,

    Did you submit this editorial to the newspaper? If you are going to skewer someone's letter to the editor, why not submit your response to the newspaper so that you get more coverage of your great observations.

  3. blogman your comments are nitpicky just as like the libnut


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