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Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Death to America" called for by Iran's Supreme leader Ali Khamenei

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Supremo Leader Khamenei of Iran
Is anyone as sick of the crapola coming out of Obama and John Kerry's mouths about Iran as I am?  I mean, hey, these two men have been telling us all how stupid we are for having concerns about Iran getting nukes and we should simply leave the heavy lifting of negotiations up to them.  They have been giving us and the world a "rosy" picture of their dealings with the Iranians that we now see was total beef excrement.

When John Boehner invited Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress a couple of weeks ago you would have thought the world was coming to an end.  Obama and Kerry would not let up on Speaker Boehner.  They called his invitation "against protocol" and a Congressional slap in the face to the Executive branch.  They said Netanyahu was a fear monger and over-blowing reality with rhetoric.  Well, maybe not.  I guess calling for the demise of Israel and America are just no big deal to those "smarter than the average bears" Obama and Kerry.

HERE is the full article on the Supreme Being Khamenei.

Seriously, how can we "negotiate" in good faith when the other side is screaming DEATH TO AMERICA!  Are Obama and Kerry that stupid?  I say yes.  Kerry of course sold his fellow soldiers down the river after returning from Vietnam.  He tossed his medals over the White House fence in "protest" over the Vietnam War.  He testified at the behest of Teddy Kennedy back then and creamed the American soldiers.  He claimed his fellow soldiers were no better than any scum from years before.  Well, thank goodness when he ran for President in 2004, the Swift Boat Veterans got the truth out about Kerry and his ass stayed in the Senate and not in the Oval Office.  I still cannot understand the stupidity of the Massachusetts voters consistently electing this dirtbag.

Anyway, Kerry supposedly has America's best interest at heart?  His pals called the 47 Republican Senators, "traitors" for sending that one page US Constitution lesson to the Supreme Nutball of Iran yet we now see they were right and Kerry etal was wrong.  You cannot negotiate with a snake, especially a poisonous one.  Like the old story of the fox getting a ride to the other side of the creek by the bunny, Iran is not trustworthy at all.

They are being hurt by sanctions on the economic side of life and with oil at such low prices, they are really having problems.  They send money and terror weapons to their pals in Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Libya.  They killed a lot of our soldiers with their weapons and explosive devices given to Iraqi terrorists during the war.  I mean, come on, I am just a lowly little fellow in Grass Valley, California's outback and I can see we are being taken for suckers.  I guess Kerry and all the pointy heads from Ivy League colleges are just so much smarter so they can "outfox" the foxes. Yeah right.

So to me, I say screw you Supreme Leader, (and I thought GOD was the head Supreme) you are not to be trusted and I take you at your word.  You want to obliterate America?  Well, we will see.  Keep the sanctions going, freeze the Supreme Leader's money he probably swiped from his people, make it tough to do any business except maybe with his pal Putin and wait them out.  What the hell does Iran do for the world's people anyway?  We send billions to help others while the Supreme Prick sends money to fund suicide bombers!  We have the high ground here.  If we want Iran to knuckle under and never get nukes then tell them we will bomb them into the stone age if they get one.  We all know they will give that first nuke to the terrorists to obliterate Manhattan.  So, power to America. 

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  1. None of this should surprise you Todd, Nobama made his case quite change America. That means following the liberal script of demoting the overall importance of America on the world stage. He is striving to weaken America. He is certainly succeeding! Fortunately, he is on the way out, thank God. Can we overcome the damage he has done? Absolutely.


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