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Monday, October 21, 2013

Democrats know how to namecall better than Republicans

I was watching a bit of CSPAN this morning while waiting for my coffee to finish and I was viewing what I think is the main reason there is rancor in politics in America.  The host had a Republican strategist and a democrat strategist (Steve McMahon) and they were discussing the shutdown and other issues as well as taking calls.  The few minutes I watched showed why democrats use  namecalling and the use of common nasty words to describe Republicans.

All the while the R strategist never corrected McMahon or acted outraged or even showed emotion.  When discussing the so-called "shutdown", McMahon called Ted Cruz, a duly elected Senator from the second largest state, a "carnival barker, a "huckster" and some other names I cannot recall.  It got my blood a little hot but the chubby R strategist never looked upset, never said a word in defense of Cruz and actually through his silence, I felt agreed with McMahon. The R was a punk.

This went on with the issue of ObamaCare as well.  The R strategist just laid on the ground, got on his back and acted like a defeated dog.  McMahon just kept slapping and the R just kept whimpering.  There was no defense of anything the R's tried to do in the "shutdown", only criticism.  That is why I think the public says there is not a shit bit of difference between the two parties.  Hell, if our "paid" strategists can't even defend the very people they charge to run their campaigns, and they feign allegiance to the party, then who needs them?

We need to hire people that actually know how to defend our side in these discussions.  I suppose our guys want to appear "nice" to the viewers so they never fight back and correct or defend the slights of the left.  Maybe we need to have Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin start being the defenders since they are unafraid to slap down the lying liberals.  It appears the men running the strategy of our candidates are just to woosified in my view.  Having debated liberals and democrats I can tell you that when they are confronted with their own lies, they cry and go hide.  Some attack with more vigor and better lies.  But if you don't allow their lies to be the last word, they usually cannot handle the debate and shrink into a fetal position.

The R strategist fellow reminded me of a fellow who wants to go along to get along.  No waves, no risk, no balls.  If we are to win back our government from the usurpers, our people need to confront the left's words at the time they are said rather than never.  Maybe we are portraying "niceness" but if so, the left will kick our butts if we don't start toughning up.

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