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Friday, October 18, 2013

Polls and the Lamestream Media

I watched and listened to the lamestreams, their pals in the democrat party and the rest of the "inside" the beltway myopics during the so-called "shutdown that I could be a analysis emeritus.  I was listening as the liberals and their lamestream stenographers trashing the Republicans with all kinds of slurs and accusations.  I listened as the Republicans tried their best (and mostly succeeded) in discussing the issues in a non, "over the top" tone and rhetoric.  I thought, these Republicans are being to nice.

Ted Cruz,  Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell did not get into the weeds of stink as the democrats did.  They tried to be courteous, the left was blasphemous.  But I understand why liberals and their pals use the language they do.  The low information voter uses that language (usually when their welfare check is late) and understands very well what terms like "terrorist" means.  While McConnell was using nice terms the Senator of New York, Charles Schumer, was calling him a derogatory term at every chance.  The left knows the terms to use, the Republicans try to be nice. 

Well after all this, and after experiencing George W. Bush never returning the favor for eight years when being ruthlessly demeaned, I though the R's would be in deep crap for staying nice.  I figured the voters would be hornswoggled once again and being nice would backfire.  Then I saw a "poll" done by CNN and its analysis in a article HERE.

Now this article on the poll was done on the 11th of October.  It was showing a fairly equal blame number on the House, Senate and Obama.  There were some others that showed similar results and these numbers must have thrown terror into the hearts of the lamestreams and the democrats.  I sensed the rhetoric was now even more desperate from the left and their stenographers dutifully reported their verbatim words.  All this time since the R's stayed pretty nice and eventually the issue was overwhelmed in those nasty liberal words of terror and hostage taking.  Drum beat constantly going, on and on.  Then we started seeing some polls (mostly by the left) that detected a swing to favor the democrats.

Is it any wonder a person would say a particular issue was someone's fault if only one side was shown?  Hell no.  So, just as Bush was trashed every day the press and their democrat masters trashed the R's and their people who stood up for what is right for America.  If I was beaten about the head and ears everyday with how bad X is and not given the facts that Y is as bad or worse, I would expect the same results.

These polls are so transparently skewed just on their face. Dig deep into them and see.  But, the lamestreams, the people our Constitution gives a great and special responsibility, have picked sides and the loser is the American people.  As if the positions of the Republicans and conservatives are of no value, the press is creating the mechanism of their own demise.  We see that in the sale of Newsweek for ONE dollar.  We see it in the smallness of Time Magazine and even down to the size of the fonts in the Union Newspaper.  We see the popularity of Rush, Hannity, Coulter, Ingrahm and most talk radio because we get to hear both sides.  CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet networks along with most newspapers across the fruited plain are having tremendous problems surviving.  But the real ideologues in the Editors and reporters professions don't get it.  Their biases are defeating their ability to survive.

If anyone takes the time to review the questions in most of these polls on the shutdown you will see what I am saying here.  The people they ask are as important as the questions and in the polls I read I could not find any questions asking those polled if they were on the dole, received a check from the government or paid income taxes.  Would that not be fair?  If someone is asked who is to blame for the "shutdown" and placing their income at risk, would that not be a dis qualifier?  Probably, but you cannot find that.  If anyone does, please feel free to send me the link.

In the end, people's political memories are short and besides, we get to do this again in three months.  Nothing will change though since the democrats and their stenographers will skew all the questions in all the polls again.  If the American people who actually pay for the system (the 49%) want things to change then they must read into the polls questions and not rely on the liberal media to give them what the poll says. And the 51% getting a government check better get smarter or the golden goose will not be printing any more money very soon.


  1. And yet Todd reminded us last week that he's not an angry and frustrated fellow...

    Dovetailing perfectly into a very relevant NYT piece today, FROM THE RIGHT- DESPAIR, ANGER AND DISILLUSION.

    1. The NYT is the lamestream mouthpiece of the left and democrats. No cred with me.

    2. LOL x 5. The conservatives interviewed in the piece are lying? The NYT reporters are handing them 100 dollar bills to say things? Too good. Actually, my right wing relatives and friends are saying the same thing- they don't understand the tactics and intellect of the far right zealots.

    3. I don't read the NYT. I have no use for them and if they are getting some (socalled)conservatives to bash others then that only makes me that much less interested.

      Who are these interviewees? List them.

  2. Todd: The conservatives in the Congress achieved the goal of putting the never-ending deficits and mind-numbing debt in the forefront of the national debate. The vast majority of Americans believe in the common sense that the federal government is too large and that Congress needs to pass a balanced budget by getting discretionary spending and entitlements under control. To quote Barack Obama, seventeen trillion dollars of debt is unpatriotic. This message to the American people resonates, because we all must live within our means...including the federal government. This debate will be the theme for 2014, and the Amercian people agree that there is nothing extreme about balancing a budget, because each of us does that on a daily basis.


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