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Monday, September 9, 2013

Are the number of patent applicatiuons a indicator species?

What is this you may ask?  America has always been the land of opportunity and the place for new ideas and innovations.  Now not so much apparently.  The Patent numbers are still high but now the foreign inventors are placing more applications than Americans.  Since 2008 our country has been outpaced in patent numbers.

HERE is the latest chart and if you disagree with my take then let us hear from you.

Now why would there be a steady disintegration of patent application numbers over the years?  Look at the first year at the bottom of the chart and you will see the total dominance of American inventors over foreign.  In my opinion it is the result of the cultural shift to "feel good" from "accomplishment".  Science and practical has been placed into a hold pattern while emotional has taken over.  I would guess many of the American applications are from immigrants here being hired by our companies.  We are just not turning out people into the areas of practical concerns.

America is headed in the wrong direction and if we do not turn this lack of innovation around we will pay the price.  American education needs to do some introspection.  We need to get back to those practical inventions that help the people of the planet.  Sure there are a lot of "electronic" patent applications but we see the results of that in the Apple and Samsung telephones.  People bury their faces in those devices and no longer carry on face to face conversations.  I personally think this is not a good thing but other humans don't.  To me these inventions are a tool not a way of life.

I would think based on the application numbers that our government would see the need to unfurl the creative side of our people.  But, as we all can see, they would rather find new ways to tax and regulate thereby stifling creativity.  I could be wrong but that is what I am seeing in these patent application  numbers.


  1. Government subsidies and targeted initiatives were largely responsible for the high proportion of US patents in the past. There is no secret to this. The military industrial complex feeding at the trough of government was the key. The President has tried to spur innovation in America with new forms of energy and transportation. Too bad we have half-wits like Ted Cruz and Louis Gomert, not to mention the other Tea People who live in the 19th century.

    1. Why attack Cruz and Gohmert and the Tea Party? When you say these things you lose all credibility with anyone who has a brain, even me.

      Obama is a perpetrator of crony capitalism, nothing more. He has not one iota of creativity in his body. All his "green energy" programs are simply a way to funnel money to his pals who then donate to him. We have oil and naural gas galore and if solar was cost effective we would have unsubsidized energy.

      Try to use your cognitive skills if you have some.

    2. Cruz and Gohmert are the wackos with zero credibility in Washington. Wackjobs of the highest order. Documented Half Wits. Therefore I can only assume you are projecting. I stated the facts and the reality of what has historically caused a patent boom in our country. So you go the personal attack? Can't agree if the facts don't support a far right agenda?

  2. Reading another local blog complaining there is GASP! Political speech in the local parade honoring the Constitution (free speech?), you just have to shake your head in disbelief. A local lefty Ken Jones is the latest example via his comments on this. He now joins the ranks of Al E. Newman as too dumb. Too funny!


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