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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Norway and Australia go Right!

After 89 years of liberal rule, the five million Norwegians will get a right-wing coalition to run the country.  With 750 billion in the bank derived from oil revenues the people want to start using it.  They desire an infrastructure upgrade and some other spending rather than sitting on the dough.

HERE is the story and it appears this may be a trend across the planet.

Australia as well had a vote and by golly they booted the liberals and put in place a conservative government.

HERE is the article.

Here is a snippet from the article on what sold the people there,

" Australia's new government prepared to take control of the nation Sunday, with Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott vowing to immediately scrap a hated tax on carbon polluters and implement a controversial plan to stop asylum seekers from reaching the nation's shores."

I have a great hope that America will not fall into the trap of liberalism as these country's did.  One only needs to see why people get discouraged and want a change when you see the results of their policies.  In Norway the scumbag who shot and murdered 76 young people may be serving only 20 years for that horrendous crime.  Why?  Norway had become complacent and forgot there is evil in the world that must be countered.  They were unprepared for the slaughter and the people of Norway said we cannot allow that again.  So, they used that crime to change their leaders.  I bet there will be a lot of changes to criminal acts.

Australia has been America's friend for many years.  We share a lot of things about life and I along with many others were shocked the country went left a few years ago.  Of course the leaders there went after guns and outlawed them after a shooting spree by a nut a few years ago.  I think the people there have had enough of the nanny state by the left and used the weapons ban and some other policies to boot the left from government.

I realize any country can meet its maker for almost any reason.  America is not immune either.  I always look to the old USSR as a prime example of what can happen when the people get discouraged in their leaders.  The massive USSR became 15 or so independent countries with there own leaders.  They try and call it a "Federation" but to me that was simply to let the "bully" Russia think it is still in charge.

So is this a trend?  It could be among the industrialized world, the "first world" countries.  I hope so.


  1. Good pick up on the latest happenings in longstanding socialist country's beginning their trek back to the light. They tried socialism ten ways from Sunday, and discovered that its not sustainable. Even Germany has started pulling back from its love affair, and is now passing a bevy of laws to make starting entrepreneurial companies easier.

  2. Australia goes back and forth. All the time, right/left/middle. Mostly middle in that country.

    Norway is interesting in that the murdering Brevick was a member of the winning right wing part. But not so much interesting news from Australia. Ho hum.

  3. Ho hum when you get tripped up by your defeats. If it was Germany going lib you would be praising them and telling us all how great things are looking. You are simply a partisan hack.

  4. Curious who is going to do the infrastructure upgrades in Norway? Government is going to compel their Big Oil companies to purchase the desired infrastructure? Or will the government do the build out? Companies will fund it out of the goodness of their capitalist souls? LOL. Either way, its Big Govt. Not exactly Tea Party stuff.

  5. Well you gave yourself away. You did not read the newspaper link I supplied. You would have read and I actually put it in my post, that Norway has the money gathered already from the oil companies. They will do the infrastructure and their new Tea Party will get it done.

    1. Great, Big Government extracting money from Big Oil. All for it, 100% supportive of taxing these companies to the hilt.

      In this country as well. Memo to Tea Baggers and Baggettes.

    2. Well you just keep proving to all what an ignoramus you are. Exxon alone paid 36 billion and Chevron 20 billion. So once again, thank you for helping the readers see what a bunch of hooey a liberal spreads. The readers can check this link out. You will try and spin it. What a hoot!

    3. Proportionally to their profits, and proportional to their environmental and health impacts, Big Oil does not pay nearly enough in taxes. The arcane tax benefits- Massive Corporate Welfare- for oil drillers, explorers and pipeline companies is absolutely absurd.

    4. Once again you did not go to the link that proves you wrong. You libs just make it up. The Oil Companies pay hundreds of billions in taxes and that supplies the money for your welfare check. Get real and read some more. Go to the link I supplied or Google it and you will see you are simply bogus.

    5. Do you work? Seems you would be more likely to be feeding at the government trough than me. You don't work in tax law, accounting or economics so you are ignorant about the massive tax breaks for oil and gas companies. I've been involved in all those areas and see the nonsensical breaks given to extraction industries. Good news (and kind of hidden from mainstream) is that Bill McKibben and his team have made huge inroads into institutional divestiture of oil and gas. Dozens of universities (and we are even on the verge of some entire States divesting!) will no longer invest in Big Oil. Change is in the air! The CLEANER air! The XL Pipeline? Not going to be approved! Take that to the bank.

    6. Bruiser, who ever you are. When anonymous you can claim to anyone or anything. You are a novice and I know a great deal about these things than you. You sound and write like a tax sucking liberal and are simply bloviating nonsense. We do share a desire to stop tax breaks and credit for oil and solar/green industries. I also want to stop the grants and loans from the governemtn to green eco non profits.

      Regading my staus in life. I have worked all my life and saved a bit to have a comfortable life. So, you can take that to the bank. Why don't you tell us your real name and what you do for a living.

  6. There right is to the left of the Democratic Party.


Real name thank you.