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Friday, September 6, 2013

Syria Exposes Obama as a Narcissist Warmonger

Why would I say that you ask?  Having listened to the last couple of "press conferences" the latest this morning, I have come to the conclusion that Obama is a eight year old boy playing "cowboys and Indians" with our country.  The man is a terrible "foreign policy" President!

Obama has thumbed his nose at the "compromise" the American people say they want in politics.  He is a "my way or the highway" President and we see how that plays out.  Nothing can be accomplished when there is no willingness to even talk about things.  With his nose in the air (I saw this during the first campaign) just like that famous video of Mussolini with folded arms and nose in the air, America has been held hostage to this man.  His complaints against those he now seeks a AYE vote from on bombing Syria seems contrived.  Every action he takes is some sort of "political maneuver" rather than a true act of leadership.

Obama now claims he never said the use of chemical weapons by Assad was his "red line"!   He says this with a straight face even as the 7 billion people on the planet hear him say exactly that!  Here is the quote from his August 29, 2012 PC,

 "We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.  That would change my calculus.  That would change my equation."

He then says it is the international community's "red line" and the American people's red line.  The man is showing his narcissistic behavior every time he speaks.  What in his past has created this?  Well, another time for that analysis.  His policies are being laughed at all over the world.  Britain is not with him, hell, no other country seems to want to toss their support for a military strike except the "socialist" Hollande of France!

America has no coherent foreign policy under Obama in my opinion.  Sure he said he would get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan during his first campaign but that too was purely political.  If he was truly anti-war would he still be using drones? (I favor drones) Why no answers for the murder of our Ambassador?  Why no concerted effort to punish his killers?  There are more but to me it boils down to "balls".  I think the fact Obama voted "present" so many times in his political career is the best example of a man who is afraid to take a stand.  Especially if there is risk.  We all saw this behavior exposed during the 08' campaign but to no avail.  The press minions loved the first black President and did all they could to minimize his weaknesses as a "commander in Chief" and rob the people of an unbiased look at his personal flaws.

All that is now exposed.  America is truly under scrutiny by the world.  The consensus I see is, can we be trusted?  Is America's word any good?  Will America stand up and honor treaties?  We were the elephant in the room for fifty years and one man has made us the mouse.  To cynically cover his ass and the asses of his "advisers", many hippie types from the past in power now, Obama has told the Congress to vote on this Syria action.  Why would he do that?  He always has taken decisions alone if possible and begrudgingly if it was to sign some law from Congress.  I think he is once again trying to shift blame to the Republicans in the House in an effort to somehow cause the voters to toss them next year.  I say it is not going to happen.

All the polls and anecdotal information I see says Americans are more concerned about American boys and girls getting killed in a place Obama wanted out of just a few years ago.  A strike of Tomahawk missiles is ridiculous in my and the American people's view.  You cannot expect Assad to blink if Obama blows up a few empty buildings.  The use of force only works on a radical Arab if they individually feel threatened with death.  A random explosion of empty buildings will not garner the fear Obama wants.  Clinton blew up a aspirin factory and a couple of baby food buildings if I recall and that had no effect on the people of those countries.  So to me the Republicans can vote NO and be in great shape, morally and ethically, with the American people.  Politically, all they have to say is we are not going to risk another land war, any war, in the quagmire of the Middle East.  We abhor the deaths of the Syrian people of course, but they will have to resolve this themselves.

So Congress must reject the cynical ploy of the Obama Administration to somehow think they can tarnish the Republicans on this call for force.  At least in Iraq and Afghanistan we had a true enemy and we freed 50 million women from bondage.  But as we have seen there, those actions were still not enough to bring their people to our side and love us.  Stay out of the place Obama, and if you can't and do attack, it is on you.  Stop blaming others and get some huevos.

Lastly, the words of Nancy Pelosi and other liberals in support of force is truly telling.  She is the biggest ass kisser and I am sorry she is from California.  It will be interesting watching the outcome of the vote though.  All those anti-war liberals like her and the Congressional Black Caucus men and women will show us all if they prize America first or allegiance to Obama.  My guess is they will be kissing the Obama ring.\ and selling out the ethics they so forcefully said they possess when Bush was President.

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