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Friday, April 19, 2013

Remember the good old days?

An old friend of mine sent me a email with a bunch of pictures from our youth.  I remember these and there were many I did not post.  Some missing ones were things like "The Mickey Mouse Club", "Rin Tin Tin", and motorcycle boots and coonskin caps.  When we see all the crapola around the world, I think it is great to reminiscence about the days of our youth.  I grew up here in Nevada County and in those days life was pretty damn simple.

Of course, our parents probably had a different view of the same times but they were raising us.  We had no cares and we liked school!  We survived on mac and cheese, tuna fish and pork and beans with wieners.  Milk was retrieves in a gallon jug from the neighbors and their cow.  I am a sap for the past but I still like the present and the life and friends I have made.  Here are some things to remember from my old friend Brad.

25 cent gasoline

Santa selling cigarettes

I had an erector set

We all cried for the mutt

I watched this on Saturday mornings

A little dab will do ya!
At midnight this was the TV screen

Auburn and Marysville had these theaters

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