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Friday, April 19, 2013

One killer down, one to go. UPDATE 6PM April 19

Black hat dead, white hat on the run, Wash Post credit
Looks like the killers are brothers from an area of Russia close to Chechnya.  That area has spawned many killers of Russians and has been fairly quiet I thought.  It will be a while until we hear the full story of why these two brothers would do such a horrific act.  The younger brother is on the run but my guess he will be captured or killed by the end of the day today.

Here is a current news story from FOX News..HERE is one from the Washington Post.

It is a testament on technology and people's memories in the identification of these men.  Memories in that a passerby remembered them and technology in the capture of their images. Law enforcement has many tools and criminals are in their cross-hairs.  These two men were identified very quickly and they are the ones. My guess is there are many others behind them who will be involved too.

The news stories this morning say the older brother is now dead  and that a running battle was fought with authorities.  There is some concern the younger brother who escaped may have a explosive vest on.  Boston is in lock-down. hopefully the police can neutralize the monster before anyone else is harmed.

What is their motive?  Are they Muslims?  They seem to be white men, so my guess is the press will somehow try and tie them to the "Aryan Brotherhood" and try to paint all white men as extremists.  Probably claim these men are Republicans.  Sorry to make those statements but that is what usually happens.  Lefty politicians have already made some of those outrageous innuendos.  Liberal commentators on TV always make snide remarks that R's and the Tea Party have somehow inspired these people when the truth is the opposite.

If these men are Muslims and are doing it to "get back" at the evil west, will the press barrage us daily with that slant in the articles? Hardly.  If these men are doing the bidding of "Allah", will that be reported?  Hardly.  No, what the press will report, especially since these men appear to be "white" is they are part of the evil cabal of white males infecting the planet.  I am not and never have been a person who judges people by the color of their skin but by their character and actions.  Yet, if you listen to the lamestream media, the liberal commentators and the race baiters of all colors, you would think I personally roam around the planet and enslave and degrade people "of color".  Well, I say to those who spew that hatred, I am not biting your crapola of hate and racism.

If these two men are murdering our fellow citizens because they will become martyrs and get 72 virgins in their "heaven", then their religion is crapola.  My religion is filled with the people that sacrificed their personal safety to help those these monsters maimed at the blast site.  My religion is one of love and peace.  If these two monsters are doing the killing in the name of their GOD, my religion says they are going to HELL?  And not to soon!

UPDATE Friday April 19, 2013, 6 PM

Well they got the other killer and he is alive. Maybe some "waterboarding" is in order? Both brothers are Muslims apparently and they were practicing Jihad.  So, we have two white guys that are Muslims doing terror.  Maybe the PC crowd will shut up that we are racists against people of color (anyone but a Caucasian) and realize how foolish they sound now that that stereotype has been debunked.  GO America!

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