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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

House Republican 2013-14 Budget Proposal

I watched the press conference led by Paul Ryan dealing with the Republican budget proposals for America.  I will leave the details to others but I was impressed with parts of the budget details.  Obamacare would be booted and Ryan says the budget would be balanced by 2020 or so.  I found Ryan's answers to the press' questions articulate and understandable.

What I was listening for was the lapdog democrat press members slant (except FOX News).  It was right there for all to hear.  Never mind the Harry Reid democrat Senate has not had a budget for over four years, the press stenographers for the democrat party were ready to pounce on the only people trying to do their Constitutional job.  Pass a freaking budget!

Of curse I knew the major question would come fast and it did.  One stenographer said "hey, don't you know you lost the Presidency and did not get the Senate"?  "How come you just don't rollover and shut up"?  Well, something like that anyway.  Ryan had a great comeback and put the lamestream stenographer in his place.  Ryan said, "well, why would we not pursue our principles? Why would we do that"?  He said the R's had retained the House and therefore the American people wanted divided government.  The R's retained the second largest majority for them in 60 years.  I have to agree about the division of government.

Obama had a 2.8% victory margin nationwide (shame on the 4 million R's who stayed hoe).  This is no mandate even though his lamestream stenographers dreamed it so.  America is a 50/50 country right now.  But as the Republican budget points out, we are out of money and we are screwing our kids and grandkids by borrowing from them to live our lives today.  That is not at all sustainable and if things are not fixed now, America is in terrible jeopardy of failure.  A country's economic health has to be maintained or it will be a footnote in the history books.

So, now we will get to see the democrat party spending their campaign cash showing Ryan tossing grandma off the cliff again and the dutiful liberal stenographers reporting the ads as news.  How the heck did we come to this?  I am 62 and my dad's generation fought tyranny to ensure the viability of the country they loved.  Millions of people dies to keep us and the world free and we children of the greatest generation have squandered their sacrifice.  We have a country filled with takers and the press has given up their First Amendment protections.  The people that want to fix the problems are demonized and the press and the left attack our economic system as if it were worse than fascism.

So sit back and watch the institutions we have granted protection insured by the blood of patriots toss that into the liberal abyss.  A budget for our people is the best example of the priorities of our people.  If the Republican budget is defeated (and I think it is purely a "good start"), and we allow the left to win, America will be no more.


  1. Todd
    Obama was 51.06 Romney 47.21 which is a 3.85 margin, Try using your calculator and see what you get. Either you have a math problem or you are in denial. Get over it. It's 2013

    I can say that to Ryan. Presenting the same losing budget six month after a rout in the national elections is astoundingly stupid. You can't make this up. The Pubsters continue to be on the path to throw the elections this time in '14. Unbelievable actually

    1. It was 2.8 percent PaulE. You need to do better research. Why you keep bringing this up says a lot about you psychologically. I think you have a problem that could use a lttle help. Perhaps a psychologist in Nevada City?
      Regarding the budget by Ryan's committee. He has learned something from you liberals. Keep bringing it back and eventually you wear out the opposition and it passes. I learned this from the pals of yours running this state. So, I have no problem with him returning the same common sense budget.

  2. Here's more about the rout.

    "The Los Angeles Times said Saturday the Election Day margin of just over 2 percent has gradually widened out to nearly 4 percent.

    The Cook Political Report Friday gave Obama 50.97 percent of the popular vote to Mitt Romney's 47.3 percent. The totals include 47 states where the results have been certified as final.

    Cook's David Wasserman told the Times the majority of the estimated 413,000 uncounted ballots were mainly in New York, a state that leaned heavily Democratic.

    The Times said if Obama surpassed 51 percent of the popular vote, he would be only the fifth president in U.S. history to win election twice with 51 percent of the vote.

    The last president to accomplish that feat was Dwight Eisenhower. The others included Franklin Roosevelt, Ulysses Grant, William McKinley and Andrew Jackson, the Times said."

    Read more:

    1. PaulE, we know what you read and that is why you are usually wrong.

  3. Usually wrong? Who was right in the last election Todd? Who is due one corn dog due to a lost wager? Can you provide documentation on you're 2.87% It may have been that when you and the other Republicans went home early on election night. Obama's margin increased if you would have paid attention but I know it was depressing.

    The California Dems (not necessarily my pals) fulfill their agenda by winning elections. The Pubsters incredibly think there will be a change of public mood from the '12 debacle. It's quite unbelievable and stupid. Polls are going the other direction if you have the stomach to look.

    ABC News/Washington Post Poll. March 7-10, 2013. N=1,001 adults nationwide. Margin of error ± 3.5.

    "Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Republicans in Congress are doing their job?"

    Approve 24% Disapprove 72%

    President Obama: Job Ratings
    ABC/Washington Post
    50 46 4


    Here's more grizzly details

    1. PaulE, yes wrong. Please list the winning candidates you voted for in the last election. I simply lost one, and my guess is you did not win any.

  4. Wow! What a surprise, you voted for Diane Feinstein.

    None of the Republicrat candidates met my criteria for independence and honesty. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.


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