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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obama is detached from reality and is a spoiled man-child

President Barack Obama plays pool at Wynkoop Brewing Co. with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, rear, on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
Washington Times Photo

I shake my head in disbelief almost on a daily basis regarding the lack of leadership and balls shown by President Obama.  The latest outrage is his "visit" to Texas.  He spent most of his time, paid for by the taxpayers of course, doing nothing but goofing off and fundraising for his crony capitalist friends.  This is nothing new of course, and many of us said this was really what the man was all about back in the 2008 race for the office. (voting "present" all the time) The lamestream media still props this sorry excuse for a President up and a pox on all of them.  There are a few outlets that get the truth out to the people and my hat's off to them.  Of course they are awaiting audits from Lois Lerner's minions at the IRS.  And the EPA and the EEOC will be knocking on their doors too.

There is a manufactured humanitarian "crisis" at our borders and Obama refused to go take a "up-close" and personal looksee.   The closest he got was a short "closed door" meeting with Governor Rick Perry.  Perry (HERE and HERE) later said he did not understand much of what Obama was yapping about.  But hey, the man met with the enemy and though Perry did not make the mistake of hugging him, all of America could see the dodge.  This influx of illegals can be tied directly to Obama;s Executive Order to allow those illegally here but under 18 to stay and begin the process of staying permanently.  Using a Bush era law designed to deal with pedophiles, the kids of south of our border saw one of those "unintended" consequences of a law and flooded here.  Another reason to force the Congress to read a bill before signing off I guess.

So back in January the feds were looking for some cheap buses to move some expected kidlets around America after they arrived across the Rio Grande.  We are all trying to find out how Obama knew this was coming.  But like Benghazi, it is all Bush's fault.  So we have a President and a sycophant butt kissing media denying America the information we expect under our Constitution.  We get a pool playing, beer drinking foray into Texas to get some dollars for nuts like Sheila Jackson Lee etal, and nothing for the good people of Texas except a thumbed nose and an Italian salute!

While Obama is giving the country the finger and making speeches whining about the Republicans in the House (never a word about the prostitute Harry Reid in the Senate), these little munchkins are being bused all around the country.  They are spreading their illnesses everywhere!  And we taxpayers are paying for it all.  Obama wants three billion in emergency funds to house feed and give these kidlets lawyers!  Hell, it would cost maybe ten million to gather them up, take them to the airports and send them home.  We could give each one five thousand bucks as well.  That would be way cheaper!  Then the worried parents could get back ten to one their investments with the coyotes who escorted these kidlets across Mexico!  Great return of the dollar eh?

This is just one of the many acts of a man who has no clue on how to lead and protect his own country.  He mocks those that disagree and refuses to bend one iota in compromise.  Of course, the lamestreams say it is the Republicans who refuse to compromise therefore protecting their boy.  Our boys shrink into the fetal position when they get accused of "racism" if they argue for the truth against Obama.  But that didn't stop a woman of color down in the south of telling Obama what the truth is.
She was upset that the money Obama wants should be used for Americans.  What a thought eh?  America is in deep "middle class" trouble and all they get is a set of promises and "hash tags" to cure what ails.  But that is the mindset of a liberal like Obama.  Throw money at it, overwhelm it with more and your intentions get you a pass on the responsibility scale because you/he, cares!  He caused all this and now he wants us to bail him out while he excepts zero responsibility on both ends of the deal!  Of course Bush was reamed a new one by the same lamestream media on a daily basis about Katrina.  Even though he acted damn quick and secured billions for the rebuild.  But, he was not a liberal of course.  The reality is all this whining by Obama looks bad to Americans and it looks bad to the rest of the planet's people.  American Presidents were usually pretty good at leading and getting things done during a crisis.  Now we are stuck with a man-child (he is a true metro-sexual male) who takes no responsibility for anything unless it makes him look good.

America deserves better leadership and we need it right now.  The systemic corruption Obama has brought to the Executive Branch has to be curtailed.  All the things he stands for makes many Americans who voted for him very sorry they did.


  1. "America deserves better leadership and we need it right now" are, of course, absolutely correct. What I find interesting is the number of Obama supporters now coming forward and expressing their regret for voting for the man. He will, in fact, prove to be one of the worst presidents we have ever had by the time he finishes up his term.

  2. Morning Mr. Todd. This immigration fiasco has gotten me all riled up. need to take a chill pill cause I am hotter than a goat's butt in a pepper patch about our new policy to unsecured our borders. We aren't even trying to pretend to fake it. Here is what is going on on the busiest human trafficking route in the world:

    As far as the pow-wow between Gov. Perry and our Constitution Shredder in Chief, it was a telling moment of who cares and who does not give a flying leap.

    Bill Tozer

    1. We are in agreement about the goats and the Der Leader Mr. T. Every day is a new outrage and somehow we have to get this under control or America will end up like the first fifteen minutes of the D'Souza movie "America".

    2. Wow, what a funny little right wingers blog I stumbled onto.

      D'Souza, now there's a credible voice. lol.

    3. Did you fall down and hurt yourself when you stumbled?

      D'Sousa is a brilliant fellow. Thanks for the support.

  3. Read em and weep, climate denial freeks! Massive hot year in 2013.

  4. Read em and weep, climate denial freeks! Massive hot year in 2013.

    Well I guess it sucks to be California climate is just dandy thank you!

    1. What I find fascinating about the AGW crowd is how easily they are fooled. We should start a "investment" company and I bet they will make us rifh.LOL!

    2. funny to watch your dinosaur deniers in action!

    3. Dinosaur deniers? Now that's funny. So define that would you please?


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