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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ted Gaines Wins the Senate One Seat and in Truckee Too

Senate District One was decided on Tuesday and conservative Republican Ted Gaines whipped democrat Ken Cooley. With all 514 precincts reporting as of 11 p.m. Tuesday, unofficial results show Gaines received 81,945 votes (63.2 percent) and Cooley received 47,743 votes (36.8 percent). Another conservative wins big in our county.

Although the leftwingnut bloggers in our area and some delusional liberals from the Truckee area try to put lipstick on the democrat pig, claiming there is some sort of color change to purple here, the results are undeniable.  Nevada County is a red county on both sides of the Sierras.

Gaines won in the Eastern County 55 to 45.  The turnout was 22% or thereabouts (look here for the county results) and it was mail ballot I believe.  Mail ballot is so easy to do and yet 22% chose to vote.  That is a travesty but the results are just fine.  So, once again republicans win and the left cry's a river and performs funny dances.

Good for you Ted Gaines, now we have to elect another conservative to the Assembly seat and we will.


  1. Todd: There are more Democrats in Supervisor District 5 than Republicans (not an exact match of Gaines' district) and there are far more Democrats than Republcians in Truckee, yet Ted Gaines, a conservative Republican, won the race.

    Looks like the local lefties are losing the center.

  2. Then we are getter redder in Truckee, that is a 180 from the radical wingnut Pelline's assertion. Thanks.

  3. Clearly, decline to states are voting conservative. Nevada County passed 7 of 9 ballot measures in favor of conservative principles. Independents in Truckee just elected Gaines by a wide margin. Regardless of a low turnout, 10 points in a highly Democratic area is a conservative blowout. The big guy can spin it all day...but that dog don't hunt.

  4. It appears the chubby one has no idea about statistics. Indies are going conservative everywhere.

  5. The Chubby one...? Maybe you should look in the mirror my chunky friend, as you ain't no baywatch lifeguard yourself!

    Ed Johanson
    Grass Valley, CA

  6. Look at your wife then look at my fiancee'.

  7. Don't you think that the pseudonyms are getting old? Jeff Pelline or Gloria Zane or Kate Hancock or Mr. Johanson, whichever: I assumed that you were more mature than that. LOL.

  8. They are phony here and in real life so that is just them.


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