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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Race and Racism, my peasant views of race hustlers and other charlatans

Michelle Alexander
I was watching some C-SPAN while I was convalescing and ran across this black woman/author/lawyer, Michelle Alexander ding a book report to an audience.  Her book, The Next Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the age of Colorblindness, is a opinion piece on why blacks fill the jails of America.  They are a disproportionate number and she has her reasons why this is.

I listened to her speak, and she is very bright and articulate, a well educated woman, but in my view just plain wrong.  HERE is the video of her presentation January 22, 2013. I watched her and listened to her analysis and came to the conclusion that she has no clue really why her fellow black men are in the jails.  But it did not take long for me to hear why she thinks the way she does.  She blames all of us white people and white people's laws.  Same old crap, spewed by another whiner.

I heard her state her statistics which in my view exonerate my fellow white people.  Black on black crime, 70% out of wedlock births, mostly to children, drugs and self loathing seem to be to me a bit of a problem she refuses to accept.  (I bet I get called a racist for this. whadda ya think?).  No, it is the "white man", his laws, his imperialism and his racism that are the reasons.  I don't recall her accepting any responsibility for the problems.  It is all another races fault.

Well, looking at her resume' I would say she is a tad ungrateful for her success here in America.  When I listen to people like her blame their ills on me I simply think of Justice Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Alan West, Tim Scott and other successful blacks in our shared country.  I never hear them whining and complaining.  They faced the odds and won.  Ms. Alexander should direct her anger at the race hustlers if she wants to see success for the bulk of blacks in America.  The hustlers never accept responsibility for their position or condition.  It is apparently my fault.  But wait!  I have never owned another human being!  I have worked with many people of different colors and was treated as an equal by them as I treated them.  Colorblind!

I watch and listen to the successful blacks in America and I truly believe they are amazing people.  Not only is it difficult for any person of any color to succeed but the blacks who do are usually skewered by many of their fellow race as "uncle toms" or "trying to be white".  When they succeed educationally they are treated like crap.  I saw what happened to my friend Ward Connerly.  He is a mixed race man but has dark skin.  He was a primary author and supporter of Proposition 209 here in California and other initiatives across America.  I watched him be called every vile and disgusting name in the book for his position against "quotas" in granting contracts and college slots.

Every race hustler with something to lose attacked Ward Connerly.  He had to have bodyguards because of the death threats.  It was unbelievable that a black or mixed race man would be attacked because he wanted his fellow people to succeed (unlike Obama's disregard).  They apparently thought his recipe for success would cut them out of their taxpayer largess and redistribution of other people's money.  Ward Connerly is a true American hero and because he takes the crap with no hatred in return, he will be honored by history while the accusers of his race will be forgotten.

Getting back to Michelle Alexander.  While listening to her I thought I was hearing the female version of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  Those people made their fortunes by extortion and threats against people and business.  Jackson by accusing business of racism and if they did not start knuckling under he would sue and scream racist!  Well, unless of course the business paid a bunch of money into his foundations.  Sharpton, the big mouth hustlers, made infamous by the Tawana Brawly case, is even worse than Jackson.  She (and Sharpton) has apparently never paid the judgement he lost in the Brawly case.  Not only is he a liar but a piker on his debts.

Alexander is actually a more educated race hustler in my view.  She went to Stanford and Vanderbilt for law, and is at Ohio State as an employee.  She gets money from George Soros and has worked for the ACLU.  She has devoted her life to suing and what she is winning is anyone's guess.  It seems to me she could have went the path of a Clarence Thomas but she chose the "whining" path.  I just can't believe a person who has been given so much in America would be on the attack of the very country as she is. The following is an excerpt from Wiki which sums her up in my view:

Alexander now holds a joint appointment at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity and the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State.[2]
Alexander has litigated numerous class action discrimination cases and worked on criminal justice reform issues. She is a recipient of a 2005 Soros Justice Fellowship of the Open Society Institute.[3]

 What a way to spend your life eh?  I for one am tired of these race hustlers making anyone who has no pigment in their skin some sort of "devil".  This seems to be the MO of these hustlers now.  Whether it is Louis Farrakhan or the self proclaimed commie Van Jones from the Obama Administration.  These people keep race hatred alive and stirred up.  If they just shut their mouths and tried to make the world a place where we can all just be fellow human beings, all on the path to success, then I would not think twice about writing this kind of article.  But these people can't.  They have to have a boogeyman and that is the "white" race.  It makes them money and allows them to deflect any responsibility for their failures as a person or a group.  

The prisons are full of people who break the law and have been prosecuted.  There seems to be a propensity of black criminals because, GOLLY!, they commit crimes in a disproportionate manner.  Alexander seems to believe it is my fault.  No, madam, it is the fault of the perp.  Simple as that.  People can chose to be a criminal or they can be a Clarence Thomas.  It is not anyone's fault except the law breaker and it would seem to me that you should stop making excuses for the crooks and start helping them find a better way to live.  America is the land of opportunity but you hustlers just can't accept that.  Too bad for you because this country is the greatest place on the planet for equality of opportunity.


  1. I believe the system is set up to incarcerate men/women of is a fact! It's like the little mouse on the wheel in the cage..grow up in college..maybe have to support mom and siblings..commit a crime..go to prison..get job because you are a felon. Simple and true! I agree more should be done in the community to guide young people to a higher place. Some are doing that but not enough!

    1. I disagree about your racism comment. Break the law, get caught, go to jail. If blacks and other minorities are breaking the law would you not want them incarcerated? If they burgled your home, mugged you or raped you would you not want justice? Color is not the issue.

  2. I believe that the racism part is only true for whites. When whites get arrested they usually go to prison for a long time and never get jobs again.


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