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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cement? Who would have guessed something so simple was so scary to democrats, HR2681

The EPA is at it again and the democrat big government lovers are in almost full support of the biggest job killer in America.  The EPA seems to be peopled by deaf, dumb and blind people, out of touch with reality.  The department needs to be booted from existence and common sense returned to our country.  The EPA seems to me to represent what is wrong with the whole federal government (and the abuse of the Commerce Clause).  Of course I don't give the weasel democrat politicians any sympathy and now that Obama is in charge, we get to see the real reasons big government must be stopped.

The EPA has been circumventing the will of the Congress, at least the common sense members, and making rules affecting all parts of American lives.  All under the guise of saving us from ourselves.  They use the mantra of "clean air and water" and whatever scare dejour they conjure up to justify more control over us.  The cement manufacturers are the latest.  The EPA made new stringent rules on particulates form cement plants which are so difficult to meet many plants will shut down for inability to comply (this followed 1999 and 2006 rules).  The reason?  The EPA says 2500 chillin will die across the country (or get asthma) if these rules don't go into affect!  The source of the numbers?  Some guesses by those "smart" people in DC.

Well, the Republicans in the House of Representatives decided this was just plain nuts.  They submitted a bunch of bills to boot this ridiculous attempt by the EPA to destroy, literally, the foundation of our country!  What a fight on the House floor!  Democrats, mostly urban, came to the podium one after the other to decry the terrible cement industry and how they were gross polluters of the environment and had no conscience for the chillin.  What a crock!  I was fascinated by he leftwingnut Congressman's use of the eco extremist playbook's talking points.  It was obvious the democrats were doing the bidding of their campaign donors, the unions.  Many cement manufacturers are not union.

The Republicans parried the crap from the left quite well.  The arguments were never personal on the floor and the R's never called into question the democrats motives.  The democrats did though.  They characterized the R's as uncaring for the chillin, the environment and the clean air and water.  On and on the democrats droned the evil R's were just tools of big cement.  Well, I watched and listened to all the amendments posed by the democrats (the R's let them all be debated, unlike Pelosi and Steny Hoyer who did not allow that at all when they were in charge) and I watched as all the democrat amendments were defeated.  Then the final vote.  262 to reign in the EPA on cement and 161 not to.  237 R's and 26 D's beat 156 D's and one R.  It looked to me like a bi-partisan vote to tell the EPA to butt out!

What was evident to me in the debate was the stark difference between an urban democrat and any Republican.  At least the R knows the thing that holds the house up off the ground contains cement.  The democrat thinks it is a government bill.  Subsidized as well. Oh, and we all know the bill will die in the Harry Reid, democrat controlled Senate don't we?


  1. Todd,,RJ Miles here is union.
    Or is this targeting cement at the source, like limestone Quaries?
    Like the one outside Auburn. They are union too.

  2. Walt, it is where they make the cememnt not the concrete.

  3. First power plants, now this. That next cement truck that someone orders is going to cost PLENTY.
    The cost of just footings for an avarage home just got a lot more expencive.
    Better get to home depoe and get whatever your truck can carry.

    Don't they realize that most of the concrete workers a Mexican these days?

  4. That's funny Walt. I never thought about it that way. Well at least they can get in state tuition thanks to Moonbeam.

  5. Back when I was working in the valley, we needed an interpriter for every 4 we hired.

  6. Walt, perhaps you missed the hilarious irony of your last post?


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