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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rants for the Moment

This may be a bit tough since I got good news about my recovery today.  But, the ever present "but".  What the hell is going on out there in the world.  I give up the reins of power for a few moments and the nutballs run berserk!  You would think the planet is good riddance!  I have to say the only reason it might is the LIBERALS are still big mouthing disaster and "cliffs" again.

Sure Obama won reelection by using personal smears and living buttwipes like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, but we Americans will outlast the temporary usurpation of the American dreams by a socialist and his groupies (media slime included).  America only missed sanity by 1 or 2 percent.

I have decided to be a bit more optimistic today and so I say to those fear mongers from libville, SHUTUP!  You are scaring the kids and the kitties!   Global warming is on hold, look out the window and watch the Weather Channel.  Oil is still the master fuel source, Planned Parenthood has destroyed another 1 million conservatives in the womb and AB32 will only cost each Californian $5,000 a year.  Lighten up!

Watching the political crap in DC has given me a few new jokes about humans.but I cannot repeat them here.  The absurd world of 536 people unable to make the machine work is fascinating.  Many conservatives try and are fully capable of making the place hum along just fine but we got stuck by the new MORON Party (the old democrat party) a bunch of mental midgets with a moron President who knows nothing about economics.  Well he and his wife do know how to spend our money on vacations.

If we do not change a few things soon, there is a possibility our country could be screwed forever, but hey, here are a few of my  solutions to the fix.  Well at least for this week.

1.Ban tenure in eduction and Civil Service and public unions.
2.Remove the EPA, Education and Energy Departments, maybe Commerce and the NLRB, EEOC and hell, I need my full list to then drop these unconstitutional things.
3, Require a balanced budget with no gimmicks allowed (like California did over the years).  If not balanced then the Congress forfeits a YEARS pay!
4.No more grants except for research and development.  All others to be disallowed. (I am sure there will be exceptions)  This would keep us from filling the pockets of lawyers and freeloading liberal rent seekers  and eco and do-gooder groups with our money.
5.Loser pays and no judicial enabled laws.  All laws passed and implemented by elected legislators.
6 Make me KING
7. Institute the draft and require all men and women 2 years military training

Oh hell, I have more but this is enough for now.  All these things added together (and many more I suppose) may save our poor country from ruin.  We are one generation from WW2 where they thought they saved the world from tyranny.  We boomers have mucked the place up in a very short period of time.  For that I personally apologize to my kids and grand kids and to those yet born.  Sorry my brethren have placed 100K on you and hell, they better stop all these abortions or there will be no one left to pay the bills!

I am going to take a nap

Adios for now.


  1. Todd, there are medications readily available to help you with these hallucinations. Ask your doctor.

  2. Never use medication Michael but it appears you are. Is it meth or coke you snort for hallucinations?

  3. My favorite hallucinogen is reading this blog. Talk about going down the rabbit hole!


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