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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Sad day for one half of America, a handout for the other half

The commenter-in-chief was sworn in and is now on to another do nothing four years of governance.  America will outlast all of the attempts to make it into Europe though.  I listened to a few excerpts of Obama's speech and shook my head in disbelief.

I especially liked the part where he was asking a "rodney king".  He was complaining about the partisanship and heated political climate (not the hoax of global warming).  Wasn't this the same man who had his butt kissers out there making up all kinds of crap and lies about the opposition?  Yep.  He won on the negative, not the positive.  America is overall a positive place and sooner than later, it will shrug off these negatory ( a Bushism) people and send them back to the hell hole of Chicago.  There they can do as many drive by's as they want and no one, not even even the mass media, will care.

So four more years of mediocrity from Obama and his minions.  It is his right to have a puffy chest I guess, but to me, he is simply a diversion from the unique quest started 250 years ago in Philadelphia by a bunch of white, bible thumping, property owning, gun owning  men who envisioned a free country for all people.  Sure it took a while to right the wrongs from the beginning nut if every American, no matter what color or where they are from, would stop whining and asking for a gimmee gimmee gimmee and started living as our Founders envisioned we would certainly be a better place.  So all you welfare queens, race hustlers, and socialist lovers, listen up.  Four more years of pain and then a elixir will arrive.  A knight of peace, strength and love will set upon our land and restore us to greatness.

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