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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The movie "Promised Land" a bunch of hooey

I went to see the movie with some friends the other day.  There were a lot of folks in the theater and looking around it seemed as if every liberal in town was in attendance.  Matt Damon was the star and the topic was "fracking".  HERE is a excellent article on the movie and it's hooey.

"Econuts "Devil"
Of course the movie had a purpose.  I don't usually go to a movie on topics such as fracking because Hollywood is simply doing propaganda.  Hollywood is mostly a liberal looney bin and when they do these kinds of movies they always exaggerate the facts or simply make the facts up to make their point (see any Michael Moore or Al Gorezeera  movie) .

Damon is a salesman for a natural gas company and his job is to secure leases from locals so wells can get to the gas. The premise is money for leases and damn the environment.  Well the movie producers left out the real facts and replaced them with the BS from the movie "Gasland".  That movie's facts were debunked by experts and thank goodness it was not widely viewed by the "moron" party types of America.

The company Damon works for clandestine sends in a shill disguised as a "environmentalist" who runs around the town and the local schools burning fake farms with the results of the drilling.  All the time stealing away Damon's love interest.  It was all I could do to not yell at the screen.

Fracking is now the straw man for the eco nuts.  Even though it was pushed as the intermediate darling of energy by these eco nuts.  They need something to use as the devil to destroy capitalism and free markets. Overall the movie is well acted and and entertaining.  It does have a "Mr Holland's Opus" at the end where Damon has his "come to Jesus" moment in front of the town council and it;s citizens.  So predictable.  Business bad, business greedy, business doesn't care about the little people.  Hooey!  So if you want to waste your money go see this piece of propaganda.   If you fall for the lies and obfuscations of the script, then you are a dumbass. 


  1. Its actually true, capitalist businesses do not care about little people. All true.

    Hey, the New York Times will probably win a Pulitzer for their in-depth, factual coverage of fracking and its impacts in 2012. I think I'll go with them over the gas industry! :)

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