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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

America is ideologically divided, even at the local level

America is at a crossroads in my opinion.  We have arrived at a place contrived by people over time that do not have the best interests of our freedom experiment in their hearts and minds.  It is a monumental struggle between the people that want government to be the ultimate master of us and those opposite.  We are in a battle of wits and the wits of the left are going to lose.

I was watching some CSPAN panels over the last couple of nights and got to see first hand how these people from the left, mainly academics and mainstream media types, think and believe.  They would be considered aliens in the view of people of freedom and those that practice our US Constitution.  These people have nothing good to say at all about anyone who is a Conservative or a Republican for that matter.  Last night I listened to Leslie Stahl, Joe Klein, some Yale history professor woman and a old fart academic from a major college.  It was a panel discussing history in America which morphed into a bashing of Mitt Romney and anything conservative.

I listened as they discussed the "gender gap" and abortion (contraceptives) and other issues of the day.  They were all in deep liberal mode.  Their world is totally different than mine.  These people are in the tank for the left and they have positions of authority that scares the hell out of me and any good American.  These people think Greece is mo big deal and that the French left are the future of the planets governance.  Yikes!  After listening to the old fart academic spew his ridiculous points of view (he seemed as if he was a bit incoherent but hell, aren't all liberals?) he accidentally let the New York audience know his daughter was a speech writer for Obama!  This was a necessary piece of information to be exposed at the beginning of the panels discussion don't you think?

Joe Klein of Time Magazine is irrelevant in my view.  He is a beltway big mouth working for a magazine that has become nothing more than a cat litterbox liner.  He was so proud of himself that he travels around the country and talks to those "little people" of Arkansas or Ohio, he in my view has no clue of what he is hearing from them.  Simply the act of making a effort to go to a Tea Party meeting and chatting with a little old lady and then disclosing the lady is just "scared" of the changes  in America because the Medicare she receives (and paid for)  is under attack gives Klein a worldview of all Tea Party folks!  Please Joe Klein, you can't really believe that can you?  Well, yes he can.  He actually said the Republicans were to blame about the attacks on Medicare yet wasn't it Obamacare and the democrat party that passed a 500 billion dollars theft of Medicare funds?  Sure it was, but Joe Klein would never say that so his credibility is sealed.  He writes crap for the left. All so he can attend those liberal Greenwich Village cocktail parties I suppose.

Leslie Stahl is so in the tank for Obama that her eyes had stars in them after she told everyone what a hunk he is.  Sheesh!  But these so-called panels that are advertised as "purple" are nothing of the sort.  The mainstream media and the academics of America are solidly liberal and push their leftwing agenda  every chance they get. 

That is the same function of the liberals at our local level as well.  They claim "middle" and are really "hard left".  They are so convinced they are representing the middle they are laughable.  Many of them even think they are smart but when I read their screeds they are simply bloviators, hot air, no substance. I actually think they are delusional, maybe enhanced thinking from illegal substances?

Locally, the elections will be a mixed bag of philosophy about life and how we will be governed.  We have Judge candidates that are pretty symbolic of the differences we see in the society.  One candidate wants more social programs for offenders and the other wants stiffer punishments in the clink.  One says it is the Judges obligation to sentence people while the other says he has no choice under the law.  The people will get a chance to decide which philosophy suits them.  The drawback to all this though is the education of the voter.  Will the election reflect a real analysis of the candidates and their views or just a beauty contest?

When I ran for Supervisor i the mid 80's, the blossoming liberal opposition called me a "good ol' boy" candidate.  Now when they said that I just laughed since I was never involved in politics or public office before and I was certainly not in the system of "good ol' boys'.  But that did not stop the liberals from saying the lie over and over.  Because I was a general building contractor they made the lie I was going to "pave " the whole county.  Rampant growth advocate, I would build the pig farm next to the residential neighborhood.  Wow, I never knew I was so terrible!  But that is what the left does.  Scare tactics mainly.  Here at the local level they did heir best to make people want to vote against the conservative with the result a vote by default for the liberal. Hasn't worked to a large degree yet thank goodness.

Obama on down to the school district elections are all the same for the liberal.  What I heard on CSPAN was being used here in little Nevada County.  It is the liberal strategy for victory.  When Sarkozy lost this weekend to the socialist in France, we go  to see the worldwide socialist/liberal plan.  They are all birds of a feather, those lefties. We saw a split in the French electorate that is reflected in the American split.  Almost 50/50.  The takers and the makers.  This election season especially at the Presidential level has already been scoped and named by the liberals.  A "cool" Obama versus a "droll" businessman Romney.  We will see how the American people take this all in and what they will do about it.  My guess, Romney 55-45.

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  1. So true...and as we look back at the last century, and our civilization's present situation... history does repeat over and over. Different costumes and window dressing, but same lying, destructive political science.


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