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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sarkozy defeated 51-49

Many of us saw this coming.  Europe is a mess.  It is a mess because they have no government with guts enough to say no to the welfare/giveaway policies.  The people like Sarkozy, President of France since 2007 and others, are being booted because they were trying to save the continent from bankruptcy.  The austerity programs will be tossed and the Europeans (well maybe except for the Germans) will return to their old ,monetary ways.

Here is a comment from an article which tells us all we need to know about the mess of Europe and Sarkozy's narrow defeat.

"He is the latest European leader to be voted out of office amid widespread voter anger at austerity measures triggered by the eurozone debt crisis."

HERE  is the full article.

America is headed in the same direction and really fast.  I read the "economists" views about our country every day as I am sure most do.  The politicians and the bloaks in the Treasury really do their best to downplay the mess.  I would suspect they know the country would go ballistic once the loaf of bread starts costing 10 bucks so they keep the real truth under wraps.  I think that is what will be the so called "tipping point" for the dumb-ass people who vote in democrats.  When their tomato and bread are ten bucks apiece, they will do something about it.  It will be too late though.

Mitt Romney has stated during the promary campaign for President that he may be a one term President because Obama has things in such a bad state that he, Romney will be forced to make very difficult changes to save the place with the result American voters will not want him back.  This is what has happened to Sarkozy and some others. 

The left messes everything up so badly that the "white knights" who come to save the place will be turned on.  Those Knights will put in place austerity and the people will not like it.  Tough love is no fun.  Hell, I may not like it either, but what do we want?  America lasts a bit longer and then becomes what?  One thing about the Puritan founders and the running of the colonies for a long time before the Revolution was they knew about sacrifice and hard work.  We seem to have a bunch of lazy ass baby boomers, spoiled by our "greatest generation" parents and we have become 76 million pikers!

I guess our baby boomer self esteem will suffer if we can't have it all our way.  When WW2 ended, Winston Churchill was booted from office by the British people in a election the summer after Hitler was defeated.  I guess the "austerity" Churchill imposed on the people was just too tough.  To tough to survive the Nazi's?  Too tough to save themselves from slavery of the "master race"?  Amazing, have we not learned anything from our parents sacrifice and "austerity"?  I guess not.

So, down goes Sarkozy and soon there may be more.  The spoiled French who we saved from Nazi oppression (I do thank them for their helping us during the Revolution though) have learned nothing.  Hell, the Foreign Legion is even a bunch of wimps on pensions now!  The thing I watch when it comes to the Euro economy is how will those "banks" react.  Tomorrow we will see.  Maybe the banks, full of all those smart people who know numbers, will still make money hand over fist while the hard working saps from the mass of the regular people struggle to buy a ten dollar loaf of bread.  Then they will see a revolution and it won't be about pensions.


  1. Perhaps Sarkozy was defeated because German enforced austerity, as predicted by at least one Nobel Laurette in Economics for a great while, was doomed to failure; "Spending cuts in a depresed economy just make the depression deeper." And claims that austerity have revived the Irish economy are false, as "Irish borrowing costs remain much higher than those of Spain or Italy." This from Paul Krugman who knows more about economics than you and I put together.
    Who is the soure of the cited article? Simply calling those people voting Democratic dumbasses, demonstrates not a wit of insight, but perhaps some self revelation.
    Romney isn't a fixer. He just fires people and doesn't come close to McCain in character. The mess is Bush's legacy which needs bipartisan effort to clean up. But Republicans have made it clear--even Mitch McConnelly--their interest is in regaining power rather than enacting legislation to benefit the country as a whole rather than small percentage of interests. And make no mistake, so much hate of Obama is due to his not being a member of the WSP ruling elite.
    Todd, your a baby boomer, so does that mean you're a lazy ass. I never was, nor my sibilings, still working and both older. Baby boomers are retiring now, or dying off. That paragraph made no sense.
    Reread, if you have ever read anything on Churchill or the election of '45. A great war time leader, but telling the English people--whom he had been talking too as one polity for so many years--that if his opponents won the elections, then the Gestapo would be needed, did not go over well.
    And, of course, we, including my father, assisted in liberating France from the Nazis. Eight out of ten Nazi soldiers were killed by the Soviets, and even after D-Day, the battles on the Eastern front dwarfed those on the Western front. Every battle is terrifying within its limits, but make no mistake, the Soviets chewed up the bulk and most of the best German units.
    And if a revolution comes, it will be because of continued disparity of income due to modern day robber barons, ALEC, Citizens United and those that subvert our system with cash under the table.

  2. Ed, your remembrance of history is rather made up don't you think? I have read different books it appears. Democrats are dumbasses and that is proven almost daily. A federal convict running for office in West Virgina beat Obama yesterday. Explain that for us please.

    You said Romney isn't a fixer. Have you missed the Olympics fix? How about Bain Capital? Romney created over 100,000 jobs and billions in American wealth for all with his abilities. Seems Obama has done the exact opposite.

    ALEC is a organization of American companies that employ a gazillion people and you seem to not like them. Why? Because don't they have a say in the country? Citizens United was a great decision. Corporations are made up of people aren't they? Why can't they have a say in their country? That seems to me to be anti First Amendment.

    You seem very proud of your papa for serving in WW2. Well so am I. I think trying to leverage their service for some current political point is wrong and you should rethink that.

    So Ed, it would appear you are from Mars and I am from Venus regarding politics and isn't that what make America great? As long as my side can keep the lefty/socialists out of power and away from my pocketbook, America will last a long time. If we can't, the place is no better than Greece.

  3. Todd, you miss all the points made. And most of my generation's papa's as you snidely refered to him, served. Stating a simple fact, and your using it as ammo, reflects upon you, not me. The point was the usual assertion that "we" saved the French--unsaid as usual was we alone. You didn't name the source of the article. And I don't just rely on memory, I check my vast, personal library to freshen up on details.
    You need to read history written by scholars in their fields, and lots of it. This is something you obviously don't do. If you did, you wouldn't have entered that piece, especially w/o a name.

  4. Ed I think you must be talking about someone else. I certainly answered your questions and upped the bet and you have failed to meet the minimum criteria of credibility. You need to read more of your vast library and then use your comprehensive ability to understand what you read.

    My papa was on aircraft carriers in the Pcific as was his brother. They volunteered seven days after the Pearl Harbor attack. He was waiting for Truman's decision anchored at Okinawa and being kamikazed So don't preach to me bub.

    My hisotric accuracy is without questiuin much more accurate than yours. Regarding the French. If America had not helped the British with Lend Lease, they would be speaking German right now. With our assistance and the blood of our troops, we saved the dumbass French from the Nazi's. For you to say we didn't simply shows your ignorance of the facts.
    It is obvious you have a problem with the facts so perhaps a bit of tutoring by a teacher would help you. I do enjoy a history smackdown of folks that make stuff up though.

  5. No bub, you're wrong and I ain't preaching. You are so far off in your facts you are not worthy in this discussion. Much more went into saving the French than U.S. troops, but it is your ignorance, not mine that prevents you from grasping this. And if you knew your history, the Nazis never posed a credible threat of invading England. If you want to try and smack me down, come on over. You never cite sources and still haven't. It was a mistake to think there was anything intelligent, sentient, or reasonable in your personage. I've forgotten more about US and world history than you'll ever know. And know more about sourcing facts and finding truth. You have zero credibility and your writing jumps all over the place. Good bye and good riiddance my Mr. Knows not what he talks about.

  6. Ed please get things straight and stop embarrassing yourself with lousy history. This venue may be too difficult for you so think harder when you pop out your so-called "facts". Your WW2 views are truely scary. Ever heard of the Battle of the Bulge? Sheesh! Also, ever heard of Operation Sea Lion? Apparently not.

    EdP, you would not stand a chance in a debate, you are too immature in your responses here. Too bad you can't take the heat of the bogus history you try and foist on the readers. But hey, adios, go over to the liberal blogs where your views will be adored.

  7. You have a high school depth of knowledge of history and no understanding of historiography. Of course I know about SeaLion my sarcastic amateur. It was merely a plan to invade England, first proposed by ADM. Raeder, but Hitler vaciliated with his support. Anyway, besides the problems of transporting troops by barge which meant command of the seas by an inferior German navy, the crucial factor was control of the air, which the Luftwaffe failed to achieve during the Battle of Britian. And much of Hitler's vacilation over this operation was because he admired the British and didn't put them in the same class of untermenschen as thr Poles and Slavs of Russian. And it was Russia that was increasingly occupying his attention. The RAF ruined any chance for success of the half-hearted, and inter-branchs of the German military squabbling over planning the operation and its timing, for the Luftwaffe never gained air superiority. Hence, Operation Sea Lion was never a serious threat.

    As for the Battle of the Bulge, this was Hitler's last gamble, opposed by just about every reputable general left in the Whermacht, except the toadies Keital and Jodl. The attack hit two green, weak American divisions, anf failed to achieve its minimum goals, as predicted by even the German generls. It was a desperate but foolish move to split the western allied forces and it failed miserably.

    And Todd, you are so superficial. You are not in my league, not even close. You haven't a clue about proper research methodology and historiography. In fact you should be allowed to discuss history, as your ignorance of how to address this subject comes through in every sentence. And your continued refuseal to name the author of the article in the begining of this blog suggests you are ashamed of his/her credentials.

    In these debates, it's like a boxing match between Lou Costello and Muhammad Ali, and I'm Ali and you're the laughing stock. Somethings just are what they ae . Accept your limitations and stop thinking you're an expert on everything.

  8. EdP, you are not in the same league as me regarding history, especially military history. You just repeat wikipedia while I have studied the hardback books. So please stop embarrassing yourself. When you get educated try again. I just hate taking candy from a baby. It just ain't right!

    You seem to lack critical thinking as well. I explained in adequate detail my positions and a eight year old should be able to understand yet you don't. Perhaps some tutoring would help you.

  9. Todd, my unlearned pretender, I don't rely on Wiki. And you are no judge of critical thinkiing, nor have you demonstrated ANY in depth knowlege of military history. Like I said, you know nothing of historiography nor sourcing and research. You have made a few trite general statements that are on par with a high school student's superficial understanding of WWII, nothing else. What you wrote would receive a D- at best in my history class. When you're inducted into the International History Honor Society, and the International Social Science Honor Society, then maybe we can talk again. And I'll wager, I've read thousands upon thousands more pages of scholarly works on history than your misinformed mind can even imagine. AND YOU STILL WON'T DIVULGE THE AUTHOR OF THAT RIDICULOUS ARTICLE THAT BEGAN THIS DISCUSSION. It must have been you. Living here In Nevada Co. most of your life has given you a stunted outlook and is nothing to brag about. Leads to a small mind.

  10. EdP, why do you keep coming back here for a thrashing? You obviously have very little knowledge of military history and your ignorance is certainly plainly visible.

    You would be receiving a F for critical thinking but I would give you an A for bloviation and number of words. You must have written some papers in elementary school which were graded for number of words?

    I would suggest you start citing your authors and sources since I can't seem to find any here in this thread. Bone up on WW2 bub.

  11. TJ, when you are cited in the foreword for thanks for helping in researching a scholarly book on military history involving the Korean War, and when you have your own book, with much research on military affairs published--not self published--then you can talk to me. You say nothing but things to enhance your overblown ego. Just because you write a blog doesn't men you can write good prose which skill eludes you. You don't even know what historiography is. In fact you are not only ignorant, you are stupid.
    Since I've read just about every major work of Churchill's, that's a source. Many others, you have probably never heard of, because there are no editions in the Classical Comic books. You have put forth one idea. You mentioned lend lease and you think that's critical thinking. If your so smart, explain the battle of Kursk, in detail. Explain the beginning of the Soviet terror in the thirties. Tell me about the plot to over throw FDR. Tell me about the River War. Discuss the role of Chechnian terrorists in the Moscow apartment blds. bombings. Discuss the role of socialism in the Nazi party. Discuss Constitutional sections attributing coporations personhood. How did Shaka turn his sect of Zulus into the Empire they became. What was the result of the end of the warring states era in Japan? Why was the Iroquois Confederation formed? What skirmish, led by whom, set off the French and Indian War? What was French the basis of French military thinking in WWI? What role did a type writer play in the cold war? Site examples, names, consequences, etc. You have done none of this except ridicule me. Your lack of education shows and I'll bet you didn't qualify for even community college, based on your non responsive answers and continued refusal to cite the source of the article in question.

    And since you enjoy being nasty, you say your father was waiting for Trumans decision off Okinawa. Truman's decision for what, Certainly not dropping the bomb. That was top secret, known to very few, not scuttlebut talked about on ships. And speaking of kamikazis, over the 21/2 months of the battle, losses were high, for once, even for the navy compared to ground forces. But, thankfully and obviously, your father wasn't hit by a kamikazi pilot. What does the term mean and whence does it originate? Perhaps you might know this one.

    Todd for people that know me, very smart people, I am a source. In all of your posts you have exhibited no knowledge what so ever of military or any other kind of history. Bloviation is what you do, every day with all your nonsensical rantings.

    And one more thing, as a complete novice, I rescued our land development project run and financed my my rich partner--founder of Golf Digest--whom had worked with my father, which was $600,000 to $700,000 in the red in 1980 in VT ski country, when nearly in tears he begged me to quit my job, leave my lady and move to Killington and try to straighten it out. No snow, construction money at up to 23 percent, many unsold units, and I learned quickly and turned the project around. When we sold it, it was for a profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I guess I got you beat in your own field too, Mr. man who thinks he knows it all.
    That's it. You are all mouth, no substance. You belong on the monkey bars arguing with five year olds. I won't demean myself anymore debating with a fool.

  12. EdP, you are just a long winded bloviator and if the number of words were dollars you'd be the richest man on earth. What it takes you para after para to say I do it in one. So please, stop your preaching. Your historic record must be from some other planet. But you're no different than any other liberal in your self aggrandizement. You say people are nasty to you but it appears to me you should read your derogatory terms for others. Read some more history and then try again.

  13. Yo,Todd,I just happened to stumble on to your give and take with EdP, not really being up to speed on what is going on in Neva
    da County these days.
    Am I correct in assuming the County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance, or whatever, to allow growing MJ on their own property?
    Back in the 1960's up to the 1980's not having an ordinance didn't seem to stop too many from tending their crops. As a surveyor I came across some pretty elaborate farms with highly sophisticated irrigation systems.
    Besides stumbling onto some dude's hi-grade, there were the bandits gold dredging in the Middle Yuba, where even the Forest Service rangers feared to go.

  14. Yep,the BOS passed an Ordinance recommended by the Sheriff this last week. Pot is ow on the local books.

    1. Hey, Todd, my name is Pete Scribner and I knew your dad and your uncle when I worked for TH McGuire and Son.

      I moved from Grass Valley to Livermore in 1985 because that was where I worked.

      Over the years the Nevada County Board of Supervisors have done some strange things, particulary at the times when they had some strange folks sitting on the board.

  15. Well hello Pete. My Pop and my uncle are both gone but thanks for remembering them. Regarding the BOS and the strange ones. Got any details?

    1. I don't want to carry tales out of school. But one thing that used to really bug me was that County Counsel would tell the board what to do, and they would just go along, instead of exercising their fundimental right, as well as obligation, to legislate as they saw fit.

    2. Well it can only be a tale if you give us some examples.

  16. Todd, how do I get my photo to show?
    Thanks, Pete Scribner


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