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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poor Jeff Pelline, he keeps giving away his secrets

I was alerted that another hit piece by Jeff Pelline (I'll call him Mr. Purple) was posted today.  So, I traveled to the darkside to read the screed and it truly was a pile of doo.  The reason the man is so nasty to Mr. Ackerman is unknown to me but the Mr. Purple is not putting any sweetener out there.

The article was a criticism of Ackerman letting, GASP, a editorial be published in the Union!  Pelline then criticizes the article, the author and Ackerman to such an extent I had to turn my eyes away from the heat.  Within the criticism from Mr. Purple was some Journalism 101 pointers he recommends to Mr. Ackerman.  Notwithstanding Ackerman has been in the business and is much smarter than Mr. Purple.  I laughed my ass off!

The article by a Mr. Grenz from Nevada City apparently offended Ms. Senum (who I have never met) so I have no axe to grind here.  What cracks me up about Mr. Purple and his five commenters is their anger at free speech.  I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut Mr. Purple wrote many scathing editorials when he was employed in the newspaper business.  I bet he never pulled any pinches especially when it came to a conservative.  Yet here he is trying to give us all a journalism 101  education on etiquette!

Mr. Purple's view that every editorial needs a another one from the other side printed on the same or opposite page at the same time  is also a bogus argument.  Why is that necessary?  Ackerman lets the left post and we see a return argument down the road, sometimes weeks later.  So this equal time crap is just a jab at the Union's policies, nothing more.   Mr. Purple boots any contra points of view from his blog and he can certainly do that.  I just find it terribly humorous that the master of moderation has the gall to criticize a full, free speech editorial in the newspaper.  What a crock of purple goo.


  1. The Union is a better community paper since Pelline was let go in 2009. Pelline starts lashing out when his numbers are going down. Probably a good short-term growth strategy but eventually you shoot all of your readers. More and more irrelevant. It is like watching a car should not slow down to look but you just cannot help yourself.

  2. Mr Purple?? Jeff Pelline drapes himself in purple for the same reason that GIs wear camis.

  3. jeffpelline, on April 15, 2012 at 6:00 pm said:
    With Todd Juvinall, “George” (Rebane) and “anonymous” (sure writes like Barry Pruett) coming to Jeff Ackerman’s defense over at Sierra Dragon’s Breath(e) this afternoon with their nasty personal attacks, you know Jeff’s built a winning team! Just don’t tell all the locals who are posting just the opposite message on Facebook.
    Did you ever notice that this little kabal never achieves what they set out to accomplish? The ex-CABPRO director, the losing clerk-recorder candidate in every precinct and the ever-hopeful planning commissioner. But they still keep yapping at all of us like they were important.
    I figured they’d all just disappear from the scene, but they still hang around like a “shadow” (with Grentz, Judi “Agenda 21″ Caler and Pruett putting on this public spectacle for the BOS). Read “This time it’s personal” here if you haven’t:
    BTW, do you notice how Todd selectively enforces his “real name, thank you” policy that you must sign your name?
    The community is changing before their eyes, and the “old boy” tactics — bullying, name calling, personal insults — just don’t work anymore. “Anonymous.” LOL! No wonder so many people are jumping to Reinette Senum’s defense even if they don’t agree with her politics. They’re sick and tired of it. We’re a diverse group politically.

  4. Thin skinned with an axe to grind against his former employer...and giving journalism lessons?! Priceless.

  5. I think Mr. Purple is basking in his own sunlight in his living room again. He thinks he is important but we all know he is just a bloviator. I hope his neck veins don't pop. What I wrote is totally correct and as Mr. Purple complains about personal attacks, he personally attacks. What a hoot.

  6. One last point, I almost forgot. Mr. Purple, you and your five posters are the minority. I and my pals are the majority. You need to except that or you will pop a neck artery. LOL!

    1. --Except you spell "accept" as "except,"an exception that drives me crazy, whether god's on your side or not.


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