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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dick Cheney, the liberals nightmare, is doing just fine

The former VP of our country made an appearance in his home state of Wyoming to attend the Republican convention.  The R's picked some delegates, all committed to Mitt Romney and Cheney answered a bunch of questions.  He appeared pretty healthy to the folks and one would be hard pressed to know he had a heart transplant three weeks ago.

HERE is the AP article.

Cheney has been called many derogatory names by the left yet he shrugs all that off without a hitch.  I remember "darth vader" was used by his detractors in a lame attempt to denigrate the man.  I just laughed at the left because they were never able to beat him politically.  Now with a heart transplant, maybe we will have him around to drive the liberals crazy for many more years.

Cheney has also never relented on his view about "waterboarding" the terrorists trying to kill us.  I agree with him that a little "enhanced interrogation" is necessary when the terrorist need to have their tongues loosened.  Isn't it interesting the liberal will send in the "food" swat teams to protect us from ourselves here in America but scream to high heaven that waterboarding a terrorist who may have a nuke is "unAmerican"?  I just can't figure that one out.

I have respected Mr. Cheney since I first started paying attention to politics in the 70's.  He is a great American and to me he seemed to place his country first in all he did.  He was the Defense Secretary under Bush One and he kicked Sadaam's ass pretty good wouldn't you say?  Of course the left would trot out their time worn criticism that Cheney never served in the military to try and convince Americans he was not worthy to lead, but it never worked.  I don't recall Cheney losing an election, but I could be wrong.  He was at the center of power most of his adult life and he had the best interests of we the people as his center philosophy.

I am personally glad to see him doing so well.  He appears to have regained good color and endurance already from the transplant.  He will not release the donor and rightly so.  The press would probably destroy the family of the soul of the person who gave up his heart.  Judging from Cheney's past treatment by the lamestream media, he is correct on his silence about the donor and the family. 

So go getum Mr. Cheney.  I for one appreciate your views.  You reflect a lot of the same values and policy issues we conservatives love.  Being from Wyoming, one of the smallest population states has formed your views as a conservative and honed your wit.  I am so glad you were not a Vermonter.  Hell, you'd be hard pressed to be an American if you were from Vermont!  But glad to see you doing so well Mr. Vice President-retired!

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