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Monday, April 16, 2012

Socialism made simple

A friend of mine sent this to me and I must admit, it will be panned by the left for its accuracy exposing them.  To all the Ben Emery's and his fellow liberals over on the "purple" blog.  What a hoot!


  1. Yes, Todd, it will be panned as being totally inaccurate. Finally watched it--in bed--and I feel, as an intelligent person, that you too know it is nothing but a parody for the audience who shares your politics.

    It has 40 years since, in a college course I had to read The Communist Manifesto, but what I remember of it has never been implemented anywhere, certainly not in Soviet Union.

    And the credibility of Reagan--whom I once voted for--giving a class on political theory is akin to Christopher Hitchins giving a sermon on Paul and Jan Crouch's telethon.

    But the producers of this short digital comedy do express concern for an unhealthy practice--however removed from socialist peicipals it is--i.e., the trend of awarding school children of all levels of achievement, awards for just about every thing they produce, in class or in competition, so that no ones sense of self is bruised.

    Otherwise it is meant for the few, but it is quite nonsenseical, but will probably be an enjoyed by the base.

    1. You should lighten up before you get an ulcer EdP. I think the video is fun and everybody should see it.

  2. Todd.
    You can't see the whole sky looking through a bamboo tube

  3. But you can shoot a dart through the tube and paralyze the thief.

  4. Didn't think I was harsh; recognized it for what it was. Gets boring laying in bed so much, so just surfing around decided to throw a comment your way and since my ex wife of the common law variety always addressed me as Professor, in the state from which one of your idols resides, Mr. Bernie Sanders. and as a retired Correctional Ed. teacher of very hard core gang kids in Santa Ana, I have a tendency to want to educate those whom have strayed in their understanding of isms and how to shoot weapons more lethal that darts. Perhaps a stuggle session is in order, after which you'll admit your right deviationist tendencies and you can be accepted back as a good Teddy Roosevelt Republican. And if you do that, I shall explain to you the flaws of dialectical materialism how liberalism created the United States in spited of spirited opposition from the conservatives.

  5. correction

    and how liberalism created . . .

  6. correction---and how liberalism created . . .


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